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Hickey and Philbin on the same page so far

If this morning is at all similar to the ones that dawned over the past six or seven days, new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin will spend it together.

The two men now atop the football side of the Dolphins organization have spent their mornings the past week or so watching tape together. They've spent it dissecting both college and pro prospects. They've been obviously prepping for the coming NFL combine. And they've been grinding on potential unrestricted free agents.

The idea behind this setting of four eyes on the same material at the same time?

Cohesion. Agreement. Collaboration.

In other words some of the stuff the Dolphins haven't always had the past few years.

I'm told Hickey and Philbin are on the same page so far. They buy into each other. (I'd make an innocuous Valentine's Day joke but in today's society it would be taken the wrong way.)

The coach and the GM are working to strengthen what was already a solid relationship even in its infancy. You see, in 2012 before Philbin became the Dolphins coach, he interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Hickey was already working for the Bucs at that time.

And Hickey, according to a source, strongly backed Philbin's candidacy for the Tampa Bay job. Obviously, the job went to Greg Schiano. And Philbin landed the vacancy in Miami. But the bond was formed then.

And that, I'm also told by another source, is one reason Hickey was attractive to the Dolphins for the general manager job. Owner Stephen Ross, aware of internal friction within his organization, wanted to smooth things out going forward.

He doesn't want stories like the ones that leaked about the last couple of years repeating. You know the stories ...

... Dissent and disagreement between the coaching staff and personnel department about playing time for young players.

.... People not communicating with one another.

.... Stories praising or blaming either but never both the coach and GM for mistakes or good calls made on players. You'll remember the one where Philbin reportedly wanted to get rid of Richie Incognito after the golf course incident but couldn't -- a narrative I find hard to believe because Incognito not only wasn't cut then, he remained in 2013 and became a team leader under Philbin's watch.

... There's also a story out there that Philbin wasn't sold on last year's No. 3 overall selection Dion Jordan. Find that one also hard to believe.

The point is Ross doesn't want this kind of stuff getting out because, well, he doesn't want this kind of stuff being anywhere near true anymore.

With both Philbin and Hickey finding agreement on what players they want on the team it becomes impossible for one to disengage from the other if things go poorly. It also becomes impossible for someone to take credit to the exclusion of someone else.

One right, all right.

One wrong, all wrong.

(This, by the way, makes things easy for folks such as me and fans such as you. If there's success, we know it was fathered by both Hickey and Philbin. If things go wrong, neither can claim the failure is an orphan.)

It is in both Hickey and Philbin's best interests to find agreement and unity and be of one accord. It's good to find out that's exactly what they're already trying to do. 


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Why would you find it hard to believe that Philbin was not sold on Jordan? There were needs on the offensive line and the Dolphins could have and should have gone in that direction. Ireland has been poison for the Dolphins. He had all the power that he wanted to keep and did not know what to do with it. Obviously the Dolphins were not represented well with his talent acquisition. There are a multitude of examples; the offensive line etc....The need on the OL was so profound that going with a DE who could not get on the field (they traded up for him) had to play into Ross taking away Ireland's power and control. Ireland may work again in the NFL but he will never again have sole power as many GM's have. His track record in the NFL is rather infamous. I wrote many times on this blog that Ireland should at the very least have his power taken away. Now the wicked witch is dead to ask no more if someone's Mom is a prostitute.

Of course Hickey will be on the same page as Grandpa Philby. He knows that he was brought here to be a "team player" i.e. be a yes man for Ross' favorite son...Philbin. The team is run by Philbin now, sink or swim this is his franchise. Why ? That's anyone's guess. Ross is a clueless moron. That's the safest guess of them all. There is nothing on Philbin's resume to suggest that he should have the type of power within a football organization that he now has with the dysfunctional Dolphins. This is doomed to fail. People will long for the days of Jeff Ireland and his 7-9 mediocre teams. It will get worse before it gets better. Green Bay was irrelevant in the 70's and the 80's. They had twenty years of irrelevance. The Dolphins are in that type of situation now. It'll take ten years for The Dolphins to ever regain any sort of NFL prominence. It certainly will not happen under Philbin/Hickey/Aponte, and it won't happen under Ross' ownership.

Anyone here want Michael Sam on The Dolphins ? With SoBe so close by ? However he would look perfect in The Dolphins gay new logo and uniforms.

Asked what he thought of The Dolphins uniforms he said "Oh they're just darling."

Don't ask don't tell...

F this 2014 liberal b.s..

What are kids supposed to think ?

I like the way everyone agrees and likes Sams coming out. Are you kidding me as soon as someone objects they will be branded a bigot ,racist or something! This is just not right! This political correctness bs is ruining the country if the guy wants to smoke a pole and be gay I REALLY do not need to hear about it! I guess Sam will have to shower in the cheerleaders locker room! What a crock!

Its a good sign. I am hoping this continues. Cannot wait until FA begins and Miami begins signing players.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Dolphins are going to be mediocre for another 5 years. There's no way this duo is going to outcompete 31 other duos in the NFL. They're just not that good.

Hickey and Philbin are working together well now. That is until Hickey realizes what an idiot Philbin is.

promichelle is still struggling to make a worthwhile post.

Who knows, Philbin might be the second coming of Ozzie Newsome. He rejected many Players that Ireland brought in.

promichelle has still not gotten over a gm asking a ghetto kid if his mom was a ho after he said his mom worked for his pimp dad. does michelle have any life experience?

None yet,

You should hurry so your not late for school. You Mother will be angry if your kicked out of school again.

One thing I noticed about Lamar Miller this past Season is that he gets to that corner as fast as CJ and Reggie do. Now, once there, he doesn't have the moves of the other 2 to make things happen, but he's bigger and supposedly stronger than them. There must be a way to incorporate this talent in the playbook.

Yeah, that's the way most women finish when they have been with me, exhausted. hehehe


There is not one example which you can go by how philbin/hickey will have this organization regress. I understand your opinion but it's jus waaay too early to start bashing these two. Yes, their credits might not look so good on paper compared to others but at least they are meeting with each other every morning on a daily basis trying to catch up on things and at the same time finding that chemistry with each other. It's music to my ears ( and I'm sure for a lot of die hard fans as we'll) when u hear both GM and HC sitting down and evaluating prospects. Let's jus wait patiently to see what the outcome is and then that's when u can start voicing out ur opinion! Jus WAAY too early ( no pun intended) to start talking like that......

Ross, Philbin & Hickey, even the 3 stooges would be embarrassed by these knuckleheads.
Why Surtainley!
Nuck Nuck Nuck........

I agree with that guy from NH.

So what happens when Hickey figures out that Philbin doens't have a clue?

Blind... Hickey runs to Aponte who runs to Ross who then runs around in circles drooling on himself looking for Parcells phone number.

Missing on caserio was a big mistake....I mean if it would be easy to understand if it was Shula at the helm, but Philbin..please

What did he do while we were losing those last two games? The same thing we all did, he watched it happen

Does anyone remember any adjustments or game plan that jumped out during a game created by Philbin? I sure don't

Personally I think it was Sherman the one really making the calls, Philbin seems tobe in charge of coordinating agendas and making sure the players are on time, but football decisions, I have not seen one yet

And the fact we had to settle.for dickey was horrible, an 8th place candidate is not a formula for winning in the nfl, we got two very average at best is the two most important positions in a team

And tanne, I was believing in him until those two last games.....if say by game 6 his long ball and pocket presence does not improve, it is time to move on

So far the formula of 3 average guys (at best) at the top positions it is screaming for a record with the ceiling at .500

It is obvious Ross struggling with football decisions, his lack of football knowledge shows by keeping guys that are not that good way too long, the problem is that he does not see it, any fool talks to him a bit about football and he thinks he got the best guy in charge.

Philbin is nothing special and the Dickey hire was an embarrassment and that love for aponte is very strange (perhaps those trips in his private plane might be the explanation)

Hickey and Philbin on the same page so far

Both are losers.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Dolphins are going to be mediocre for another 5 years.
Posted by: mike | February 12, 2014 at 06:36 AM

Well, mediocre would be a big improvement from the last 5 years!! LOL

I hope these two gel and gel well.

Is this actually news of something positive happening within the Dolphins organization? Why would anyone report on that?

i wonder if most of the comments here are from Jets and Pats fans. Any outsider would be hard pressed to think otherwise at first glance.Doesnt seem like the phins could make ANY choice and it would always be wrong.

The phins were 8-8 last year and people act like we have the #1 pick.People wanted ireland and sherman gonw, now they whine about their replacements. Seriously?

I've been critical of Philbin on this post more than a few times...I was especially harsh after the last game when he was just standing on the sideline paralyzed by the situation...unable to rally his troops to do anything positive, causing me to question his ability to lead men in battle (which is exactly what football is).

...But, after looking back over the entire season there are many instances where he did lead the team to victory and the Colts, Bengals & Falcons games come to mind.

My comment is this: We've all been in bad relationships with people, unable to change until they are no longer in our daily lives.
Let's give Philbin the benefit of the doubt that Jeff Ireland was the bad seed in their relationship and Philbin will now rise to fulfill his potential with Hickey.

"One thing I noticed about Lamar Miller this past Season is that he gets to that corner as fast as CJ and Reggie do. Now, once there, he doesn't have the moves of the other 2 to make things happen, but he's bigger and supposedly stronger than them. There must be a way to incorporate this talent in the playbook.


This is why we are bad.Fans think back up players can still be starters, like Moore and Miller.Fans that still want more wr's.Fans that whine about the money on the oline, then whine when we dont draft another lineman.Nobody is ever happy....

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Dolphins are going to be mediocre for another 5 years.

Posted by: mike | February 12, 2014 at 06:36 AM

Uh, mediocre would be great news for these cellar dwellars.

You sure Miller is a backup RB, corners? I know Matt Moore is. Then draft Carlos Hyde.

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

c'mon hix
get the phinz
a qb

Well, we are still in Time. Draft Carlos Hyde, the next Eddy Lacy.

Jameis Winston, 2 watt, draft Jameis Winston in the 2nd Rd.

So this year's draftees or FA signings can not be blamed on Ireland. This will all be on a new regime.

I don't care what people say about getting Jordan I like the kid and if Coyle would find ways to use his talents the D would be in a whole lot better shape.

corners = Marco = SAM69wich

Get Mike Wallace a real QB.

2 watt never answered, yey or ney. Can't waste my time here. I need instantaneous answers.

2 yes men = a NO in my book....

Hickey should be making sure the noose around Philbin's neck feels nice and snug....while @ the same time....giving him just enough rope to hang himself....and NOT hickey....

Rex Ryan may not have come here to "kiss Belicheat's rings".....but he spent most of last season kissing his new GM's @ss....even to the tune of a job CEMENTING @ss kicking over our FINS....

Hickey needs to assert himself as the man that Phibin needs ti impress....not his drinking buddy...

Oscar, take a qb every draft early until u find *it*

mike Wallace
" I should have had 10-15 td's last season ".

were those
goodyear or
Goodrich tires on
m w's bus?

mike Wallace
" I should have a better QB ".


These guys have no choice but to work together. neither of them will probably have another head coach/gm opportunity. THis is it, now or never.

Take it easy Kris, you should know more than anyone based on your rate of being WRONG that you post is way off base. Since when is working together as a cohesive team a bad thing? Drinking buddies? A bit of a stretch don't ya think?

I agree Texas, whether anyone thinks taking him was the right move or not is not the issue. It's obvious Jordan has talent - he made several game changing plays in limited snaps. it's a big coaching fail not to find a way to get that playmaking ability on the field more often.

coyle should get a rai$e
having a top 10 d
to hold things
with that pathetic !
paxxing o

Would Don Shula have benched tannehill in the Jets game ? Bet your ass he would have probably in the second half

Now that doesn't mean that tannehill isn't our starter because he is

only if duh wanny
pix trent green
in lieu of
he would have had
an sb ring
with that d and
running game
probably 2 or 3
fax jax

Ryan is an outstanding but very young and sometimes raw talent but it's time to grow up this is his make or break year it should be a big leap year for hime

I support ryan and I believe he is the answer you may disagree but you are wrong

To early for any friction.

Ryan was sacked so so much it's a wonder he didn't regress this kid is tough as nails just wait and see

still have visions
of fifi throwing the
ball to that midget
lb from ne 4 a pix six

jamarcus russel
was tuff as Jaime nails 2

2 watt, i have to ask, you ever get tired of being such a knob?

i mean nobody hear communicates with you except for me and yet you spend all day posting here.

I couldn't think of a more fruitless exercise.

What is a big jump for T-Sizzle?

5000yds 50TDs 5 INT?

The kid doubled his TD total while having the worst O-line ever.

I'm just saying, What are your expectations for T-Hill?

To me if T-Hill throws for 4000yds 30+TDs 10-15 INT. Dashi will be happy.

And that is actually reachable with the way he has been progressing.

People picked us to win 5 or 6 games we could have won 11 no problem and our o-line handicapped us all year long fix that mess and the sky is the limit

how 'bout u'r qb
being smart
"don't slide b4 the 1st down marker
how 'bout u'r qb being
able to connex on the bomb
when u'r wr's r wide fkn open
instead of just being tuff?

Dashi I'm with you brother right on man

no !

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