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Hickey and Philbin on the same page so far

If this morning is at all similar to the ones that dawned over the past six or seven days, new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin will spend it together.

The two men now atop the football side of the Dolphins organization have spent their mornings the past week or so watching tape together. They've spent it dissecting both college and pro prospects. They've been obviously prepping for the coming NFL combine. And they've been grinding on potential unrestricted free agents.

The idea behind this setting of four eyes on the same material at the same time?

Cohesion. Agreement. Collaboration.

In other words some of the stuff the Dolphins haven't always had the past few years.

I'm told Hickey and Philbin are on the same page so far. They buy into each other. (I'd make an innocuous Valentine's Day joke but in today's society it would be taken the wrong way.)

The coach and the GM are working to strengthen what was already a solid relationship even in its infancy. You see, in 2012 before Philbin became the Dolphins coach, he interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Hickey was already working for the Bucs at that time.

And Hickey, according to a source, strongly backed Philbin's candidacy for the Tampa Bay job. Obviously, the job went to Greg Schiano. And Philbin landed the vacancy in Miami. But the bond was formed then.

And that, I'm also told by another source, is one reason Hickey was attractive to the Dolphins for the general manager job. Owner Stephen Ross, aware of internal friction within his organization, wanted to smooth things out going forward.

He doesn't want stories like the ones that leaked about the last couple of years repeating. You know the stories ...

... Dissent and disagreement between the coaching staff and personnel department about playing time for young players.

.... People not communicating with one another.

.... Stories praising or blaming either but never both the coach and GM for mistakes or good calls made on players. You'll remember the one where Philbin reportedly wanted to get rid of Richie Incognito after the golf course incident but couldn't -- a narrative I find hard to believe because Incognito not only wasn't cut then, he remained in 2013 and became a team leader under Philbin's watch.

... There's also a story out there that Philbin wasn't sold on last year's No. 3 overall selection Dion Jordan. Find that one also hard to believe.

The point is Ross doesn't want this kind of stuff getting out because, well, he doesn't want this kind of stuff being anywhere near true anymore.

With both Philbin and Hickey finding agreement on what players they want on the team it becomes impossible for one to disengage from the other if things go poorly. It also becomes impossible for someone to take credit to the exclusion of someone else.

One right, all right.

One wrong, all wrong.

(This, by the way, makes things easy for folks such as me and fans such as you. If there's success, we know it was fathered by both Hickey and Philbin. If things go wrong, neither can claim the failure is an orphan.)

It is in both Hickey and Philbin's best interests to find agreement and unity and be of one accord. It's good to find out that's exactly what they're already trying to do. 


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So much hate for Miami why smh

Now to me the big mystery is Daniel Thomas we need more competition for him we need a big back that could bang it in there . Lamar is Lamar I have no problem with him he's 20 years old with a bright future

Tannehill is better than Flacco by a Mile. And gets paid 10 times less.

And don't give me Flacco won a Superbowl. Ray Lewis inspired the Ravens to win a Superbowl for him. Flacco was playing with the fear of god during the playoffs. I can only imagine what Ray told him. (Screw this up white boy and your ass is mine)

Flacco is mediocre. And the extension they gave him will go as an example. You don't reward a mediocre QB when the team wins the title. At least you don't make him a Top 5 paid QB.


Dashi, 2 watt wouldn't know a qb unless his knob smacked off his forehead.

Know your audience.

It's obvious to anyone reasonable that he got better. Good enough to get another shot. I stopped repolying to the Tannehill nonsense long ago. We have a qb that accounted for 25 tds in his second year with no run game and no o line.

Many people couldn't remember the last time a Miami qb accounted for 25 tds - here's a hint - it was in the mid 1990's.

Does he have areas to improve on - yes indeed he does - but last year was a positive step no doubt.


I am unsure where the problem lies but up above you also see Oscar mention Miller was always quick to the outside and while he's correct we also never saw a pitch to him to get him even more a head start. It seems Miami does not use players talents or skill set to our advantage.

On D I would have loved to see this as front 7 more than the other guys.

Wake, Starks, Odrick, Vernon, Jordan, Ellerbe and Misi. The other guys come in as relief and get limited playing time. I felt like that was our best 7 up front.

If us fans notice this then why don't the coaches!!!

The kid threw I for 40000 yards yet they talk about his lack of a deep ball imagine if he hit half of them he'd have 5000 yds and people would still have a problem with him , remember the deep ball is a low percentage play , I am not worried about his arm he has plenty of arm

Smoking Rocks if you think C.Hyde is the next E.Lacy.

5'8" 190lb Tre Mason runs harder than C.Hyde.

C.Hyde = D.Thomas

Look at a C.Hyde highlight reel.


9 times out of 10 the first guy brings him down easily. F'ck C.Hyde give me the OSU O-line. He didn't have an alley to run thru. He had a 5 lane Highway to run thru.

Ryan is a young, very promising talent and is a bright spot on this team. Ryan Tannehill in his 2nd year was THE offense for Miami last season and while the offense was average at best how many other 2nd year QBs were asked to shoulder their team and bring some success to the team? Especially a RAW QB talent like Tannehill who by MANY wasn't considered to be "ready" to hit the field until his 3rd year. Ryan Tanehill has EXCEEDED all expectaions up to this point. So long as he continues to ascend, Miami Dolphins FANS should be happy with his selection. Anyone that hates on RT is just a hater and will hate at all times just for the sake of hating.

that's good


Agreed. That always dumbfounded me about Sherman. 3rd and 1, he tosses the ball to the outside with D.Thomas. Why not use L.Miller on a toss? L.Miller could reach the corner on anyone. And L.Miller is even a better between the tackles runner than D.Thomas.

Also, thanks for the C.Chambers video yesterday. It is always great to hear from somebody who has played the position break it down.

Daniel Thomas showed some good things last year, barring 2 long runs from miller. I don't think our unning back situation is bad at all. I would like to have a veteran 3rd and lose Thiggy or Gillisee.

Our line was not consistant for a QB or a RB. It is hard to get a pulse on the play makers if there is not consitancy to make plays.

Just my opinion of course. I liked what I saw from Daniel Thomas when he had a chance to make a move or find a hole. He needs to get stronger though.

I least I have a track record that you can compare and contrast Obi....


Your just a figment of some sick person's imagination @ best...a delusion @ worst...

Love how people are still lamenting not getting Caserio from the Pats. What has the man done in NE? Other than get coffee for BB, absolutely nothing. BB picks all the groceries and cooks them up. Why can't Philbin and Hickey succeed? I agree Jordan was a bad pick. You don't take a tweener pick that high in the draft, only home runs. Let's give these two a shot before we hang them.

We will win the afc east next year I have no doubt

Texas, to take it one step further, I would love it if our LBs were Ellerbe, Jordan, and Jenkins or Jordan, Jenkins, Misi.

Next year would be ideal if it was Jordan, Mosley, jenkins.

The coach doesn't notice because he's a knob (word of the day). he's to passive - he coaches that defense not to lose the game instead of imposing it's will on the offense.

The Gm built the team for the defense to take the lead and coaches coached the team for the offense to take the lead.

I just wishe we had coaches who coached to their roster's strengths instead of coaching their systems and intent on losing until we completely turn over the roster.

Hey buddy, are you always such a C U Next Tuesday.

I actually like the way this is all playing out. Philbin now has no excuses, no fallbacks. If he wants to be a coach in this league he needs to get better. Collapsing against the Bills and Jets won't last very long. Maybe he turns it around? If he doesn't then at least we know. Stranger things have happened than the Dolphins winning the AFC East. Show me year for Philbin and Tannehill. Do or Die.

I'm not your BUDDY....

Your first post to me made that pretty clear...don't you think.....

Now to me the big mystery is Daniel Thomas we need more competition for him we need a big back that could bang it in there . Lamar is Lamar I have no problem with him he's 20 years old with a bright future
Posted by: Marc from nj | February 12, 2014 at 09:47 AM

Two words........ cut him!


Dolphin fans are failing to realize that Tannehill is the 2nd best QB to put on a Dolphins uniform.

I know some will say what about Bob Griese? What about Bob? Put Griese on the 2013 Dolphins and he would like Matt Moore. Put T-Hill on the 72 team and the Dolphins would be undefeated for half a decade!!

SHULA ALWAYS THREW THE BALL!! Even in his younger days as a coach.

Remember Shuls had Unitas before he came to the Dolphins. Shula just knew Griese wasn't talented enough to carry a team by himself, good enough to manage a game just not enough to carry a team on his arm.

Heck, the Dolphins were still undefeated when Griese went down. Why is that? Cause the whole team was good.

Griese wasn't even a Top 10 player on his own team.

Oh, and last time I was at the HOF in Canton I did not see the bust for Ray Farmer, Nick Caserio or any of the other jerks who didn't want any part of us.

Texas that was my dream front 7 last year. The rush defense will be fixed.

Yeah, D.Jordan might not be able to set the edge as a DE. But as a 4-3 OLB. Doubt you will find someone bigger in the NFL to set that edge. You would have basically 4 DEs on the field at the same time. You can run all types of blitz and coverages.

Very True Dashi. We had one of the best WR's in the game in P. Warfield during the Griese years. He was good when DB's were allowed to abuse WR's all over the field.


Coyle is the biggest KNOB on the team. ;-)

Daniel Thomas showed some good things last year, barring 2 long runs from miller. I don't think our unning back situation is bad at all. I would like to have a veteran 3rd and lose Thiggy or Gillisee.
Our line was not consistant for a QB or a RB. It is hard to get a pulse on the play makers if there is not consitancy to make plays.
Just my opinion of course. I liked what I saw from Daniel Thomas when he had a chance to make a move or find a hole. He needs to get stronger though.
Posted by: Poizen | February 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Poizen, Daniel does not have that instinct a RB should have. All he is is a bruising runner who doesn't see or look at the next level while he's running and it shows. Same goes for Miller. We need to maximize Miller's strength and by doing that we need to create open space for him to let him run loose. We all saw what he can do in open space, ala, Mike Wallace. Why not use him the same?????? I say we draft a RB ( lesean mccoy type) and have him battle thigpen and gillislee for number one spot.

Dashi, that we will always agree on @ 10:16


I respect Griese. And I understand and cherish the history of this franchise. But the truth is the truth. Griese was more T.Dilfer than D.Marino.

I actually like to listen to Griese call Dolphins game. Most the time I mute the CBS announcers. It is like all those ex-qbs are scorned from losing to the fins in their playing days so all they do is rag the Dolphins during the game. Starting with that Clown that use to be a QB for the Chargers, Dan Pouts.

Warfield was so nice that they name the trophy for best WR in the country after him.


The fins should draft A.Williams from BC. Pair him up with L.Miller. Thunder & Lightning.

I actually wanted the Fins to draft E.Lacy last year to pair up with L.Miller. But someone here thought E.Lacy was going to be a bust like M.Ingram.

A.Williams was the best RB in the country last year. No O-line, No QB. He still rushed for 2000+yds. You would've put him at Auburn or OSU and he could've easily gained 3000yds.

Dashi, return to the plant and resume folding cardboard boxes.

Dashi, the Greek slang word for dick is Pouts (pronounced poots or pootso). Still fits. just some useless information for you..

Guy Benjamin was the finest Quarter Back to ever don the aqua and orange.

Also, Jim Karsatos.

loso204, I felt the same way you did about DT his first year. I distinctly remember some great 1st moves from DT last year that got him 4-5 extra yards. He also had his moments after the 1st hit driving and falling forward. I see your point, drafting better players should always be a goal. And competition.

I think it is way to soon to quit on DT. I would love to see an old dog back there with Thomas and miller, for lack of beter names. What could a Portis, Mcgahee or MJD (to expensive) do to help the two young kids learn a few extra tricks. It is old school thinking so I could be way off. But I ghope we give DT another year to comopete for the job.


This is what you call running with power. 9 times out of 10 the first guy can't bring him down. And you could see where guys are afraid to tackle him. A.Williams has that R.Brown Shoulder with a Ricky like Stiff Arm.

He will be available in the mid rounds because of lack of production and injury concern. But when you put the tape on you can't help but fall in love with his running style.

This story only Re-Affirms what we all knew after the (FAILED) G.M. search and that is that Hickey was hired to play nice with the Coach who will have alot of over sight in the selection process for the roster while being a Mr. Untouchable for his G.M. should things get rocky and are there really any wonders why the other candidates rejected this job?? I for the life of me wonder why Hickey attached himself to it? I understand he was going to be let go in Tampa but with 18 Yrs. NFL F.O. Exp. I personally would have waited out another opportunity.

It's not like he's the G.M.! He holds the title on paper but he will need to run the draft past Philbin while having zero over-sight on the Coach should it all go SOUTH on them. I understand some will sight the relationship between Pete Carroll and Shneider but there's is functional because at the end of the day it's Shneider doing the shopping while Pete develops the talent. They agree fundamentally on a philosophy but outside of that they form a structure, our model isn't like this!

I directly blame Philbin (and his Coaches) for not developing players like D.Jordan,J.Taylor and W.Davis! Our top-3 picks had NOTHING to contribute at all! Everybody really want to lay that at Ireland's feet?? He missed on all 3 picks?? No buying it!! I believe here the Coaches failed the Org.! I think Philbin should have been put on notice not made to feel so warm and fuzzy the way Ross did! I believe R.Farmer would have been good for the job injecting some life-blood into the Org. but he turned down the gig as offered as I would hve done if in that situation.


Thanks, It isn't useless. We have a couple Pouts in here.

Thanks for remembering.

Re-sign Incognito. Don't bow down to the social pressures and DO IT. RE-SIGN him b/c otherwise we're not only in need of a Tackle on the line, but another solid-playing Guard as well. Resign him. Get it done. He is respected by his teammates and was clearly misjudged. He's not perfect but he's a solid football player and we need him.

Dolphin fans are failing to realize that Tannehill is the 2nd best QB to put on a Dolphins uniform.
Posted by: Dashi | February 12, 2014 at 10:09 AM

Dude you must be 15 years old. tannehill can't carry Griese's jockstrap. why would he throw when he had Zonk & morris. Besides Warfield, his receivers were Howard Twilley, otto Stowe, karl noonan and Marlin Briscoe all scrubs. Tannehill wishes he was 1/2 as accurate as griese. You should go to the corner with your dunce cap.

Can't move to 3-4 unless Soliai is re-signed or a true NT is drafted/signed. What would you do with Vernon? He's not a 3-4 DE and not a LB. Wake would have to move to OLB. Starks will not be re-signed, that is pretty much guaranteed. So then the 3-4 DL would be Soliai, Odrick, and who else? Shelby is not a 3-4 DL either.
Just can't see it happening with this coaching staff.
If Mosley falls to 19 that would be great, but he's gonna get picked earlier.

Hey You guys(said in Sloth voice)

I found this part of Barry Jacksons blog very interesting

Former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland had no interest in short, light linebackers (Miami’s lightest linebacker is 240 pounds) and was disinclined to make exceptions to his size/weight prototypes at other positions.

But whereas new GM Dennis Hickey prefers big players at certain positions, he has no stringent requirements if he likes a player. So Hickey appears far more likely to draft some smaller, playmaking linebackers than Ireland would.

Case in point: Hickey strongly advocated Tampa Bay’s decision to draft 6-1, 233-pound Lavonte David, who was far better than any Miami linebacker this past season.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/02/criticism-aside-jose-fernandez-isnt-changing-hickeys-draft-thought-lebrons-future-um.html#storylink=cpy

Does this prove that Ireland wasnt about BPA? I mean how can you draft a BPA if you are so particular about size? Am I over emphasizing this?

I'm excited to see that everyone is happy at Dolphin World in Davieland, I hope this continues and we have a very successful 2014 season. I wonder what would be considered a "successful" season by Ross standards. Playoffs and that's it or 2 or 3 games into Playoffs or will it be getting to the Big Dance? We'll see!


That is a great point. Ireland sometimes Overlooked talent to satisfy his size craving.

From what I hear Hickey is big on BPA. Even if it doesn't fill a need.

This off season is exciting. Hickey is the great unknown for us fans right now. We need to see what he is capable of.

...Everyone wants to play nice at first..Lets see how this plays out under crisis.

Dashi...Why is important to make comparisons between proven players and what you hope one player may one day be? Saying Tannehill is better then Joe Flacco accomplishes what? First off he isn't, second he isn't.

Flacco had a bad year this year. Had to throw it over 600 times, got sacked close to 50 times. They had their issues over there as well. You say the Ravens made a mistake paying Flacco that big contract. Perhaps. But that was reward for the Super Bowl and the prior 2 seasons. Where Flacco played big time in big moments. Tannehill has yet to prove he can elevate himself to that next level when it matters. It is actually a concern that he may be a choke artist in quartebacks clothing.

Lets see how the development goes. The Phins are going to have a huge choice to make in a few years? What will we do if say Tannehill gets us to a playoff game, even wins 1. Will he be worthy of a huge extension? I'm sure many will say heck yes. Well Flacco got to straight AFC Championship games, he won a Super Bowl. You can say he rode the coattails of Ray Lewis all you want. Maybe he did. But fact is, he produced. Tannehill hasn't done squat. He is still a bottom feeder until he can prove otherwise. Talk about mediocre. We are staring it right in the face.

You are not my buddy but I am yours! You cant make me NOT be your buddy ;)

If Tannehill had names like Langer, Little, Kuechenberg, Moore and Evans playing in front of him I suspect he'd look pretty damn good, too.

See, it kind of helps when you have the league's BEST offensive line on your side, rather than its WORST.

I know. Weird theory.


I am unsure where the problem lies but up above you also see Oscar mention Miller was always quick to the outside and while he's correct we also never saw a pitch to him to get him even more a head start. It seems Miami does not use players talents or skill set to our advantage.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 12, 2014 at 09:50 AM

I was always waiting on that and some designed screens! Everybody kept talking this B.S. that we couldn't run screen plays because of the up-field rush of the base D leaving the LB's a clear path to blowing it up ect... I watched some Pats games this Yr. and felt they ran some of the nicer designed screens you'll see outside the G.B. Packers (Circa 96-97) taking alot of HEAT of Brady!

If you saw the AFC Title game there were a few perfect examples when they started to try and make a run.The interior OL kept getting thrown back in Brady's face and they went I-Back with pulling Guards and the T.E. out in front of Vereen were upon replay you could see the pretty design with the WR's blocking as well which they ran 3 or 4 times in the 2nd half netting them a couple of 1st downs along the way and then the one play which Vereen nearly breaks.

Everybody will quickly say we don't have the Guards but again we drafted a very athletic kid who you NEVER heard of after Pre-Season and picked up a another in FA Brenner while having the best pulling (only really I ever saw) Center with some pretty athletic T.E.'s of our own to get out in front of a play! It's just a matter of NEVER actually even having the play in our Play-Book better to just run Go-Routes and hope Tannehill can squeeze the extra second while throwing an accurate pass before we run more high % stuff!

Moving Jordan and rolling him from WOLB (Rusher) to SOLB (Coverage LB) even out of the 4/3 would have lent itself to at least forcing the other team to account for it and maybe confusing the other QB into a mistake or 2. The other thing is Coyle plays his DB's in a Zone (all the time!) His zone cover scheme is the reason Grimes was so off S.Smith on that 4th down play which lost us the game Vs. Car. but if the zone does anything it allowes ahtlete's to play in space so why weren't our rookie DB's ever on the field?? Just about everytime you see rookie CB's on the field it's out of zone coverage were they have Safety help?? Our 2 picks (and I loved J.Taylor before the draft!) had such sub-par talent that we made a hero out of a S.F. Practice squad player who came in and was on the field in a week because of the very fact we were in zone? JUST HEAD SCRATCHING STUFF??!!

To some players from their childhood will always be the best. Cause it reminds them of a happy time in their life. But the truth is the truth.

Griese Accurate?

Griese almost threw as many INTs as he did TDs for his career.

The man averaged about 15 INTs a season, and he played when they only played 14 games.

151 games started, 172 INTs.

I hate to shatter peoples idols. But some retards need to be put in their place.

I know that the older generation always feel that it was better in their time. But reality is reality.

There two RB that the Dolphins should look into

Jeremy Hill 6-2 235 LSU

Terrance West 5-11 223 Towson

There is some ? with Hill's history in College, but he is that good to take a chance on

Archie Manning had more pure talent in his pinkie than Griese had in his entire body. If Manning Sr. had played for the Dolphins of that era...or the Steelers, Raiders, Vikings...any of the good/great teams back then...he would have excelled and would be enshrined in Canton today.

But he played for the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL at that time, the Saints. An then finished up with teams in Houston and Minnesota that were abysmal when he got there.

Nobody from that era (especially other players and coaches) would ever dispute that Archie Manning was one of the most gifted players in the game.

Yet he never even played on one winning team...let alone a Super Bowl contender.

Yeah, QB is important, but without a surrounding cast NOBODY can get it done---even the most talented. If they could, Dan Marino would never have been part of a 6-10 team. But he was.

Ryan Tannehill played behind the WORST line in football last year. A line that could not run block to save their lives and more often than not had Tannehill under assault as soon as he took the snap.

And some of you expect great results with that kind of ineptitude going on? Did you start watching football last week?

Gove the guy at least a RESPECTABLE line and then judge him. Considering how atrocious they were last year I give him credit just getting through the damn season alive.


Flacco has had a Mediocre career. He had 1 good playoff run that was it.

I could care less about flacco. But that is all you heard last year from some people on this blog. Flacco is better than Tannehill will ever be. While I clearly told people that the reason the Ravens won is because of Ray Lewis leadership.

Flacco himself thought he was the reason for the ravens ssuccess his first 5 years in the NFL.

I liked foles
and u dumb homers didn't
even kno who he was
coming out
how do u like me now
jax axx?

Even more than Lavonte David, i remember us passing over navarro Bowman a few times because he was too light. INstead we ended up with AJ Edds a round later (about 20 picks). We were definitely in the hunt for an ILB in that draft and I remember discussing Bowman who was a secret to nobody as his talent flashed plenty. But I remember one poster (NFPHINFAN - great poster who moved to the Sentinel) and I distinctly had a conversation about bowman and he told me it won't happen because he's too small.

..fin4life. On the subject of screens, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.

Jeff Saturday was asked why Peyton Teams have always been great screen teams. What he said was insightful.

He went on to say to be a good screen team. Your quarterback has to be good at recognizing the defense. You can call some screens, and they may even work. But there is a reason that it is rare for teams with young quarterbacks to be good screen teams. Most of the time the screen is a play changed at the line of scrimmage. Not plays called from the sideline.

The reason Brees, Brady, Manning teams are all very good, better then most at running the screen game. They have seen, and understand more about what the defense is doing to take advantage of the situation when the situation is begging for that call.

This makes a lot of sense. Tannehill is just like 90 percent of all young guys that play the spot. His inexperience is probably more of the reason we were a poor screen team then the playcalling.


Yep, I agree on Williams and would rather see us take a shot in the 4th on Williams than an early pick on Hyde. Plus there is something to be said for a guy that likes beating up on DB's. He's got that high knee action plus power combo that DB's will get punished when attempting a tackle.

F4L, While lack of development might be a whole other issue, IMO the lack of creativity on Coyle to get Jordan's play making ability in the game was the big issue. I think Coyle is ok as DC but not getting Jordan in the game more last year was a mistake. Maybe they had concerns via his shoulder or something so I want to see what happens this year.

Hickey can work together with Philbin and what not but it doesn't get us past Philbin not really inspiring his team without a speech written by Aponte.

You look at the coaches that are successful and they energize their team, not Philbin. Ross should have cleaned house and offered full control to someone IMO. He thinks we're closer than we are.


Also, Tannehill led a couple comebacks this season on crunch time. He is no Chad Henne.

Flacco didn't win those games as much as his Kicker and his defense did.

Their should be a rule into what is considered a comeback. No QB should be given a comeback victory if the Kicker is the one that puts them ahead or the defense made the play to clinch the game.

Plenty of times Flacco has thrown a 4th qtr INT and the Ravens defense by Ray has held for the victory.

He didn't have that luxury this year and you saw the real Flacco.

C.Henne is just as talented as Flacco. Henne just didn't have the Luxury of Ray Lewis saving his asss every time he screwed up in the 4th qtr. He had Dansby. Who would quit and give away leads in the 4th.

Plus, you think R.Lewis will allow B.Marshall talk down to Henne and the team the way Dansby did? Doubt it.

congrats 2 watt, you get to suck another knob as reward.

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