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Hickey and Philbin on the same page so far

If this morning is at all similar to the ones that dawned over the past six or seven days, new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin will spend it together.

The two men now atop the football side of the Dolphins organization have spent their mornings the past week or so watching tape together. They've spent it dissecting both college and pro prospects. They've been obviously prepping for the coming NFL combine. And they've been grinding on potential unrestricted free agents.

The idea behind this setting of four eyes on the same material at the same time?

Cohesion. Agreement. Collaboration.

In other words some of the stuff the Dolphins haven't always had the past few years.

I'm told Hickey and Philbin are on the same page so far. They buy into each other. (I'd make an innocuous Valentine's Day joke but in today's society it would be taken the wrong way.)

The coach and the GM are working to strengthen what was already a solid relationship even in its infancy. You see, in 2012 before Philbin became the Dolphins coach, he interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Hickey was already working for the Bucs at that time.

And Hickey, according to a source, strongly backed Philbin's candidacy for the Tampa Bay job. Obviously, the job went to Greg Schiano. And Philbin landed the vacancy in Miami. But the bond was formed then.

And that, I'm also told by another source, is one reason Hickey was attractive to the Dolphins for the general manager job. Owner Stephen Ross, aware of internal friction within his organization, wanted to smooth things out going forward.

He doesn't want stories like the ones that leaked about the last couple of years repeating. You know the stories ...

... Dissent and disagreement between the coaching staff and personnel department about playing time for young players.

.... People not communicating with one another.

.... Stories praising or blaming either but never both the coach and GM for mistakes or good calls made on players. You'll remember the one where Philbin reportedly wanted to get rid of Richie Incognito after the golf course incident but couldn't -- a narrative I find hard to believe because Incognito not only wasn't cut then, he remained in 2013 and became a team leader under Philbin's watch.

... There's also a story out there that Philbin wasn't sold on last year's No. 3 overall selection Dion Jordan. Find that one also hard to believe.

The point is Ross doesn't want this kind of stuff getting out because, well, he doesn't want this kind of stuff being anywhere near true anymore.

With both Philbin and Hickey finding agreement on what players they want on the team it becomes impossible for one to disengage from the other if things go poorly. It also becomes impossible for someone to take credit to the exclusion of someone else.

One right, all right.

One wrong, all wrong.

(This, by the way, makes things easy for folks such as me and fans such as you. If there's success, we know it was fathered by both Hickey and Philbin. If things go wrong, neither can claim the failure is an orphan.)

It is in both Hickey and Philbin's best interests to find agreement and unity and be of one accord. It's good to find out that's exactly what they're already trying to do. 


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*There should be a rule...

..Dashi..Flacco was very good 3 years in a row in the playoffs. Should have been in the Cup 2 years in a row except for a dropped pass. Outplayed Ben in the AFC Championship the year before as well. All I am saying...Flacco has played large in big time spots. Tannehill..Not so much. You can argue that the Ravens had better teams..blah blah blah. But when it mattered, when the team needed him to play big. He has.

I hope Tannehill can be at least a Joe Flacco type of player. You can win lots of games with this level of quarterback play. The Ravens defense of the last 3 years wasn't the Ravens defense that was a dominant group of the early part of the decade. Flacco like it or not put this team on his shoulders for stretches over those last 3 years(minus last year..He was brutal. I get it).

Again. If Tannehill can be Joe Flacco. We made a great pick. Right now we don't know who Tannehill is.

You are too young to make accurate judgments about things past(and, except for Eddy Lacy, present ones it seems), Dashi. Answer mw now!. I have to go.

Next season is all about T-hill and Lazor. If they can get him to be a top 10 QB then hickey will get some more time to add all the pieces in subsequent years. Most draft years take time before they add value. FA class is below average until we see the full suite of salary cap causalities

Otherwise we could be looking at a new QB, GM and Coach reset in 2015.

Philbin should read every book possible about being a leader/motivator over the summer.

there is a really bad lack of that in the dressing room

...Gotta roll. Dashi..Catch up later..BTW Agree with you on Carlos Hyde. Over-rated IMO. I do not know why so many people are in love with this dude. So many big backs that will be available that IMO are better that can be had later in the draft...


Also if you see the highlight I posted and pay attention to the top left corner, in the 4th qtr he was breaking big runs because the defense would just quit. He broke peoples will like Ricky use to.

The one thing I loved about E.Lacy last year. Yeah, Lacy isn't a burner, but by the time the 4th qtr came around the opposing defense was jUST so tired that after Lacy passed the line nobody wanted to tackle him. Ricky was the king of that.

You too slow, man.

2 watt was on fire, lol, till he mentioned Foles.

2 twitty, please copy and paste your notation of Nick Foles.

You must be a miserable SOB if you still worried about the neck brace midget in
the snow from the last decade.

2 twinkies to dumb to realize Philbin already said competition is coming for Tannehill.


Young, slow and Dominican, you are really fukkkked.

Being Old doesn't equal knowledge.

Was Mozart to young to play the Piano?


You must have forgot all those years when Ray and Ed Reed will blame Flacco for losing the playoff games.

Ahh man, I dont eva get to suck no knob:(

Well Flacco got to straight AFC Championship games, he won a Super Bowl. You can say he rode the coattails of Ray Lewis all you want. Maybe he did. But fact is, he produced.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 12, 2014 at 11:02 AM

I don't buy this argument either. The truth is Flacco went Inter-Gallactic IN the Ravens S.B. run of 2012. He was hitting pass after pass in that Post-Season that just left you asking yourself when the MOJO would run out, hard to sustain that level of play consistantly but he did and they won! He seems to also show up in the Post-Season because if not for a Lee evans drop the Ravens go to back-to-back SB's! He isn't the only one either in 2010 Aaron Rodgers had himself (maybe) the GREATEST Post-Season I EVER SAW out of a QB! Ray Lewis was an insperational figure on the Ravens but in honesty a mere shadow of himself in those 2 runs were he was coming off the field on obvious pass plays.


This makes a lot of sense. Tannehill is just like 90 percent of all young guys that play the spot. His inexperience is probably more of the reason we were a poor screen team then the playcalling.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 12, 2014 at 11:17 AM

That's a good explanation from Saturday but in the 90's the Pack under Holgrem ran alot of screen from design with the pick-prone young Favre at the helm. You must remember all those screens again by design to Dorsey Levens with Aaron Taylor pulling out in front with FB William Henderson? It always seemed it took a Yr. to develop and they ran it no less than 5 times a game! Yet it always went on at least one occasion for a big play and forced the opposition to defend the perimeter with the OLB's keeping them honest and Favre clean.

What Brady or Manning do with so many shifts at the line is what separates them from the rest. Brees and his Coach are actually a bad analogy here given they wasted the ability of Bush here and if you watch them and some of the quick count you know the screen to Pierre Thomas was a design given there was no audible or shift pre snap.

DD, Tannehill had a better year than Flacco - we know that much. And much more was expected of Flacco than Tannehill. That's indisputable.

And being a Cuban Coward makes you tough GTFOH!!

Name 1 Cuban guy that has played in the NFL?

Don't want to hurt your old ass feelings but my island has produced more football players than your island ever will.

I have second cousins that have played in the NFL. L.Castillo.

I bet there is more Haitian players in the NFL than Cuban ones.

So your old ignorant Cuban ass better stay in your lane.

*I bet they're...

(F'ing autocorrect)

My cousin Kiko Alonso plays for the Buffalo Bills.

Pat Devlin was better than Flacco at Delaware.

Yeah, but we are beautiful.

Hate to break it to you Kiko isn't Cuban. And while I speak the truth! We both know nobody in your family amounted to nothing.

I understand why you are mad. Dominicans are Athletically Superior to Cubans in every way. Must be the perfect balance of Mandingo and White man us Savage Dominicans have.

And very, very smart.

F4L, While lack of development might be a whole other issue, IMO the lack of creativity on Coyle to get Jordan's play making ability in the game was the big issue. I think Coyle is ok as DC but not getting Jordan in the game more last year was a mistake. Maybe they had concerns via his shoulder or something so I want to see what happens this year.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 12, 2014 at 11:18 AM

I don't believe the 2 issues so seperate. You can't develop a kids talent at the NFL level if you don't play him and see what he excells at! I believe playing Jordan as a DE is a waste of his unique skill set. Were talking about a kid who covered slot WR's in College meaning he can get inside coverage swing his hips and run. Not saying he should cover anybody in the slot!

I after all saw Jesse Armstead do this at the U were he exposed just how slow David Klingler's run-n-shoot Houston WR's were! It did however show what he would be in the NFL though which was a BIGGER than usual (almost 6'4") coverage WOLB. In reality he could play all 3 LB spots but why keep him up around the line when he can drop with the T.E. or rush up field? The Giants maxed his talents and the only reason he was there for them Rd-6 was because of a real BAD Knee injury Vs. FSU.

There's a tonne of players of haitian descent that play professional football. Good genes for the sport - fast muscle twitch - some have even played hockey -Georges Laraque for one.

Beautiful in your own eyes you old coot.

Not to hate on Cuban women. Cause Dashi loves all women. And I don't mind Cuban Chicks cause they are as dumb as a rock and like it in there ass.

But only Venezuela has won Ms. Universe more time than DR in the past 20 years.

Look at Michael Jordan. He has Cuban twins now.


Let them run their mouth. Notice that whenever their feelings are hurt the first thing they run to is to insult a persons country of origin.


They are real smart, when they only know 5 insults and repeat them ad nauseum.

And I bet those will be the only two to never play basketball.

2013 was a HUGE TRANSITION YEAR for the Baltimore Ravens. You guys picked a great time to blame ALL OF THEIR ILLS on Flacco.

Lewis/Reed gone on defense. Boldin on offense. Then "pepper in" injuries. Not to mention McKinnie playing LT so badly they brought in Monroe from Jax.

Ravens problems went FAR DEEPER than Flacco. Repeat after me:


But, but, I had a Dominican chick that liked it up her a-s also; ugly as a dog, though.

Michael Jackson had 3 kids doesn't mean one of them will be a pop star.

And I am the slow one?

Your brain must be stuck on pause for the last century.

You want another joke?

A Cuban Doctor.

That is how I know you ain't ever banged a Dominican Chick. They don't like it up there ass. They can suck the skin out your dick though.

*up their ass.

No easy pickings of beautiful women in San Pedro de Macoris, I tell you.

- That's enough, Oscar. - Ok, Paul.

Hey now, let's go easy on the Cuban women...

As far as San Pedro goes, some of the best Toronto Blue Jays hailed from that town too.. George Bell, Tony Fenrnadez ... childhood heroes ... be easy...

San Pedro de Macoris was founded in the late 19th century by Cubans who were fleeing their country's War of Independence.-Wikipedia

So we aren't that much to blame as you are Oscar.

Oscar let's go back to football. If you want to go back and forth on country superiority I can stop by later on tonight.

You are ruining good football talk.

Was neither shocking nor surprising the things we saw on offense and defense, given it's now revealed coaching staff/fo's little private "GRIDIRON CIVIL WAR".

Ireland did not give them what they wanted. They didn't give Ireland what he wanted. And it even spilled over into the playcalling.

I posted during the season I did not believe Ireland/Philbin were on the same page. Some here brushed me off as a lunatic, as usual. But, he who laughs first, often doesn't laugh last.

Still, I find no humor in laughing at anything the involves the team I love being a "loser". Hopefully, "unification" of our fo and and coaching staff will transform us away from our "losing ways".

So it's ok to make excuses for a 6th year vet qb who is paid handsomely at his position but not for a 2nd year qb?

How now???


Tony "Cabeza" Fernandez. One of my childhood heroes also. One of the best defensive shortstops of all time.

The Blue Jays were also one of my favorite teams growing up.


Some people here will never be happy.

They are actually mad to hear that our coach is getting along with our GM. Isn't that we wanted?

Even Salguero sees this as a good thing. As progress in the right direction.

Wow, Michael Sams makes his "gay announcement" without first making the revelation to his father. Imagine, your son announcing he's gay and you finding out through the media.

So, as his father, now there's the embarrassment of friends finding out before be prepared aforehand. Michael Sams really should have let his father know before going public.

This now may be a "permanent rift" between father son. Not because "he's gay". But, because of the manner in which he excluded his father.

Look at the passion of winning coaches,caroll,the harbough boys,that flows over to the players and team.look at the passion and excitment of joe phillbin and how that transferred to our players and team the last 3 games. Hope i am wrong but wake up joe,drink some coffee or something to energize your self and team.

MIT, no excuses for Flacco, just observation of the "extenuating circumstances" that were out of his control.

I say it now, and will continue saying it until this one thing changes about Tannehill. He needs to prove he can consistently be clutch. Being one of the league's "poorest rated 4th qtr qb's", has "red flags" flying all over it.

I will "lead the charge" in saying Tannehill is not a bust. I will lead the same charge in saying he hasn't proved to be "definitive clutch either. Flacco has already "fully proven" that he can be "clutch".

So, Flacco has "earned benefit of doubt" for having at least one "down season. This is a point Tannehill needs earn his way to get to.

Ms. Ross would welcome the gay players with open anus.

Tannehill needs real NFL QB coaching, Sherman and this flunkie son in law are not NFL grade and could ruin anyone.

Cant wait for free agency. It will give the "damage assessment" of our "seemingly bungled" GM search.

Signing Branden Albert would go "a long way" in determining the Dolphins are still a franchise good players want to play for.

It would also lay the formidable foundation for a "great 2014 draft".

Dashi, the Blue Jays were one of the first teams to really develop the farm that is the DR baseball academy. Eppy Guerrero is a legend in these parts for his help in bringing two WS titles (the only world titles the city has seen since 1967) to Toronto.

Now that I can agree with - if we go into the draft NEEDING to pick a LT at 19 - we are done.

"The two men now atop the football side of the Dolphins organization have spent their mornings the past week or so watching tape together. They've spent it dissecting both college and pro prospects. They've been obviously prepping for the coming NFL combine. And they've been grinding on potential unrestricted free agents".

That's good but wonder how much time Hickey has spent looking at Dolphin tape? Seems to me that's the first step.

cocoa, from clippings that i read about the GM job search - I believe each candidate had to have an intimate knowledge of teh current roster and present his own way of improving it.

I remember this because one candidate said that one of the big deal LBs (geez, I imagine which one) is so far bad that he probably wouldn't be on the roster, let alone starting next year.

I can't wait to get my Sam Phins jersey.

There is a foolhardy way of tossing about unsubstantiated information Armado sometimes wields like a kid who just found his dad's gun. How does Armando think it will effect a young player being developed by these very coaches when he reads, or is told about a story claiming his head coach didn't want him on the team..? Whether true or untrue, once spoken it takes on life of its own. There is no proof, not foundation, no substantiation. But once again Armando makes himself the true enemy of the franchise. It is one thing to inflame the fan base to start your "click on" numbers spinning. It is even understandable to call into question decisions and moves made by the franchise. But once you've pounded too many fried bananas with pork & rice to not have the good sense to not stir desent or question in a player that Miami has that high of an investment in. Then you have no business covering the team. I've seen egos bloat in my years... But I have rarely seen one that is left as unchecked as his. If I were Ross I'd devote enough resources into his demise to make it worth the cost. Question him, second guess him, complain about him. But stay out of players heads Armando. It makes you look "oh so low".....

Having Hickey and Philbin on the same page is a start but there are other big factors that will effect rather or not they can right the ship:

1. The strategy for free agency and the draft. We have some holes to fill. They can't be tiptoeing around it.

2. Can Philbin get the players to buy in? If the players don't get on "Team Philbin" we're screwed.

3. Can Coyle get the run "D" shored up?

Of course thats a pretty wide spectrum but it is what it is and I neglected to mention Tannehill progressing. One would think a better o-line would go along way with helping that.

Dashi, WELCOME to Fantasy Island,this is where the # 17 throws for 90,000 yards and 110 TD's a season.Tatoo is baking up some more crack for you.

Albert has to be the main FA signing. Grimes at worst will be the franchise player, but Im sure they can secure his signing.

McKinnie would be a decent back-up plan if we can't sign Albert. Jerry may be gone or Clabo to be honest, unless they can play for less. We could land a pretty solid RT or RG with the 19th pick, if Hickey doesn't blow it. Bremner is in with a shout at the LG job as is Garner. I can see us going for another o-lineman in the second if the best backs have gone. Sadly we really need help and FS too. Jones was a major problem last season.

ghey day
coming soon
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hey mark,
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This now may be a "permanent rift" between father son. Not because "he's gay". But, because of the manner in which he excluded his father.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 12, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Blind-Sided the Old Man who has ripped him in serious fashion!! Micheal Sam Sr. said that he did not condone the life-style and didn't want his Grand-Children (from siblings) raised around it.

I just don't see anything in Tannehill that makes me believe he cares about winning. He is too nonchalant and shows little passion about winning or losing for that matter. He isn't a football fan, as we saw when he was drafted, not knowing the rest of the teams in the AFC EAST. My 9 year-old knows the teams that are in the AFC EAST. That was a big red flag folks. Does this kid have what it takes upstairs to be a champion? Is there a fire in there somewhere? Same for the HC

This just in...Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin are getting married on Valentine's Day. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

I'm waiting for Miami to draft Sam just to prove to the world how their locker room isn't the way it has been portrayed by the media. That would be a typically Dolphinseque move. Then they'd offer bonuses to the players who allow Sam to smoke their polls.

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