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Hickey and Philbin on the same page so far

If this morning is at all similar to the ones that dawned over the past six or seven days, new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin will spend it together.

The two men now atop the football side of the Dolphins organization have spent their mornings the past week or so watching tape together. They've spent it dissecting both college and pro prospects. They've been obviously prepping for the coming NFL combine. And they've been grinding on potential unrestricted free agents.

The idea behind this setting of four eyes on the same material at the same time?

Cohesion. Agreement. Collaboration.

In other words some of the stuff the Dolphins haven't always had the past few years.

I'm told Hickey and Philbin are on the same page so far. They buy into each other. (I'd make an innocuous Valentine's Day joke but in today's society it would be taken the wrong way.)

The coach and the GM are working to strengthen what was already a solid relationship even in its infancy. You see, in 2012 before Philbin became the Dolphins coach, he interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Hickey was already working for the Bucs at that time.

And Hickey, according to a source, strongly backed Philbin's candidacy for the Tampa Bay job. Obviously, the job went to Greg Schiano. And Philbin landed the vacancy in Miami. But the bond was formed then.

And that, I'm also told by another source, is one reason Hickey was attractive to the Dolphins for the general manager job. Owner Stephen Ross, aware of internal friction within his organization, wanted to smooth things out going forward.

He doesn't want stories like the ones that leaked about the last couple of years repeating. You know the stories ...

... Dissent and disagreement between the coaching staff and personnel department about playing time for young players.

.... People not communicating with one another.

.... Stories praising or blaming either but never both the coach and GM for mistakes or good calls made on players. You'll remember the one where Philbin reportedly wanted to get rid of Richie Incognito after the golf course incident but couldn't -- a narrative I find hard to believe because Incognito not only wasn't cut then, he remained in 2013 and became a team leader under Philbin's watch.

... There's also a story out there that Philbin wasn't sold on last year's No. 3 overall selection Dion Jordan. Find that one also hard to believe.

The point is Ross doesn't want this kind of stuff getting out because, well, he doesn't want this kind of stuff being anywhere near true anymore.

With both Philbin and Hickey finding agreement on what players they want on the team it becomes impossible for one to disengage from the other if things go poorly. It also becomes impossible for someone to take credit to the exclusion of someone else.

One right, all right.

One wrong, all wrong.

(This, by the way, makes things easy for folks such as me and fans such as you. If there's success, we know it was fathered by both Hickey and Philbin. If things go wrong, neither can claim the failure is an orphan.)

It is in both Hickey and Philbin's best interests to find agreement and unity and be of one accord. It's good to find out that's exactly what they're already trying to do. 


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I can see us going for another o-lineman in the second if the best backs have gone. Sadly we really need help and FS too. Jones was a major problem last season.

Posted by: Marco | February 12, 2014 at 01:15 PM

R.Jones played F.S. in his break-out 2012 Season but was moved to S.S. in 2013 to give support Vs. the run and his play slipped because of it. C.Clemmons in contrast had a decent 2013 playing more center-field at F.S. What we need is a Bigger more physical S.S. moving R.Jones back over were he excelled under Coyle (his one reaaly good move) at F.S. The knock on the very athletic R.Jones coming out of the Univ. of Ga. was that he was to agressive and tended to over run plays when not taking bad angles. This was worked out under Coyle's scheme and he was quietly becoming a very good F.S. This yr. due to the issues against the run and how WEAK Clemmons actually is here they were flipped and the experiment was a disaster!

On the draft we should get a SOLID RT in a deep class coming into this draft at #19. In honesty I like the upside on Kouandjio but we don't have time to develop given a day-1 need making N.D.'s Martin the more secure NFL ready pick at either RT or RG. Kouandjio's issues lie in needing to fix shoddy footwork, he tends to get caught off balance but the upside on his freakish athletic ability and nasty attitude are enticing.

The Guards also bring a host to choose from on BA basis from 3rd on with Su'a-Filo, Yankey (the Stanford pick we sould have!), Steen, Jackson and Linder. This draft is deep at Guard and RT! Don't lose sight of N.C.'s James Hurst either if we go Guard RD-1. Even taking Martin in RD-1 he could slide inside with a very athletic Hurst at RT. Alot of moves here were RB can be had in RD-3 and beyond.

back to football:

I hope they sign a free agent LT and Guard.

at pick 19 i really hope Z.Martin is still there. this would really solidify our line and Garner and Brenner can battle for the remaining spot.

Then is round 2 or 3 Daquan Jones from Penn State to replace Starks or Solia.

After that MLB and FS.

would like to see them make a run at FB John Kuhn from packers.

Would also like Charles Johnson DE from Carolina then Jordan can be traded or play LB.

If Jordan is not Philbins guy maybe they could trade him for a top of round 2 pick, or package him with a lower round pick to move up into first round.

Gotta sign Grimes and Starks or Solia. I think Solia would come cheaper.

i would definitly look into Byrd as well.

The greatest Cuban NFL player was LB Ralph Ortega Dolphins 79-80 and Falcons prior 4 years, he played at UF.


I'm with MIT on this one. If we go into the draft looking for an O-linemen in the first, we did something real wrong in free agency.

I would fire Hickey if his first pick were to be a RT.

Guys complained for years here saying that they hated Ireland drafting linemen in the first. Now we are going to applaud the next guy for doing it.

Sam likes to bring up a point that you only draft Tackles in the Top 10. I disagree but I get what he is saying. If you want a Tackle to start from Day 1, you better pick him in the Top 10. Tackles that are drafted late in the first or later usually take at least 1 season to develop into starters. We don't have that luxury.

Now a LG or RG at #19? Maybe. But I still would prefer a playmaker. A guy that scores TDs or gets turnovers. I would even prefer Hickey draft a TE in the First round, and everyone here knows how I feel about taking a TE in the first.

Grier, don't be surprised if it's part of the deal with the NFL ... one of those nudge, nudge, winnk wink sort of deals.

Posted by: Dashi | February 12, 2014 at 01:53 PM

wrong, Martin at RT would be a great piece to complete the O-line and could take over at LT if the starter gets hurt.

Yes i will applaud the pick!!!

They they will give me a honeymoon suite at the Marriott for life if I maintain my 2 Dolphin season passes, Then I found out it was a Stripper motel in Palm Bay, they just wrote Marriott in crayon over Bob's Motel

2 watt, why do you keep asking me to be gay with you?

If Soliai is resigned, I really hope they don't draft a DT early. Already have Odrick and Soliai (if resigned) as starters, so any DT picked would be a backup - a part time player. This team really needs to stop drafting backups in the early rounds.
Now if Soliai is not resigned (Starks is gone, believe me), then it's a different story. And a big mistake.


It isn't even funny how much influence the MLB has in DR. Every town has at least 3 academies in it. Even the little league is sponsored by the MLB. Something that they don't even do in this country.

I feel the biggest advantage prospects in DR have over kids growing up here, apart from the coaching, is you learn to hit with a wood bat at an early age. Hitting with a wood bat is a totally different beast than using an aluminium bat. The sweet spot on the bat is way different. And you can feel a bad swing way more with a wood bat.


I will feel safer if we sign B.Albert and E.Monroe in free agency. Then you can draft Martin and move him inside.

Also, the fins should stay far away from any linemen with the last name Martin for the foreseeable future.

Dashi, I agree with the RT thing. I mean RTs are drafted in round 2 all the time. I mean taking the fourth or fifth best tackle at 19 just sounds so wrong. i'd rather take the best guard. But preferably it's a WR, TE, ILB, or FS... heck even a dynamic DT. Almost anything but an OT at 19. Unless Robinson suddenly falls from the heavens...

Posted by: Dashi | February 12, 2014 at 02:15 PM

OH I agree with signing a LT and Guard in free agency. see my post above, but i think this kid Martin would complete the line and now a weakness is fixed and other areas can be addressed. definitly sign 2 free agents though.

If the fins draft M.Sam, Hickey should be fired. He apparently hasn't looked at the Dolphins roster.

I like the PR move from Mr. Ross though. The PR guy he hired from the Jets has really been doing a nice job this offseason.

Ha, we already drafted a corner named jamar last year.

Might as well get another OT Martin...

Well our number one problem is o-line...

2 free agents and a first round pick should settle it.

wally, you shouldn't go into the draft to fix weaknesses, you should be looking for the ebst football players. let's face it, these kids you draft are not going to be world beaters year one anyway. Much more effective to use vets to fix the cracks in the roster..


when you have the opportunity to completly solidify the o-line you take it. especially if the player falls to us like Pouncy did.

like i said sign 2 free agents (O-LINE) and a first round pick and now it is a strenghth of this team.....

You guys missed the operative word in my post @1:35 and that is in taking a Day-1 starter at RT at pick #19 not a LT. I clearly said that I like N.D.'s athletic Martin at that slot to man either the RG or RT Spot's depending on were we project him because I can also see taking him there and grabbing someone like N.C.'s James Hurst in Rd-2 whose a very athletic Nate Solder type to play RT.

Our FA pick up is a NO-BRAINER! We all know with Philbin now having input that our player will be B.Albert. I have NO-DOUBT we sign this player even over-paying for him but if we do then OUR OWN FA's take presedence and we grab what we need (our remaining holes) in the draft. There will not be any playmaking types added in the draft because (and I truly believe this!) you build up-front in the trenches through your draft 1st and foremost!

This was the undoing of Shanahan in Wash. and what's made Harbaugh in S.F. (HE INHERITED A SOLID GROUP ON BOTH SIDES!) Given our needs and the hole Ireland and Parcell put us in up front I can't see us not drafting on the line while adding a FA but not a group of FA's just the one to man the LT spot. I have my bilief here! In 2010 given the OL showing IN 09 I knew Pouncey was the smart pick but not my fav. pick GIVEN play-making needs. This Yr. given the mess up front I can't see going in any other direction!

I would take Martin or Gabe Jackson (if there) at #19 then move on the next BA in Rd-2 be it either Su'a-Filo or Yankey if G.Jackson is my 1st pick or a player like Hurst if Martin is the pick or maybe a RB but I'm mindful of D.Freeman and Wilder in the later Rds. along with Seastrunk who should all be there in Rd-4 and beyond making my priority what it is and respectful of yours!! I'm just remembering when Wash. needed OL and tanked up on Play-Makers while the Nolan led 49ers went Staley followed by Lutui in consecutive Yrs. and of course "The inconvenient truth" Gore in Rd-3 (still NEVER forgive Wannstedt/Mueller for passing here!) Making them a POWERHOUSE the Seahawks need to remember in 2014!!

Hey Armando, Without naming names, why not drop a number of the approximate number of Gay Dolphin players in last 20 years? The 197 Dolphins2 ha a Gay that should have been obvious to everyone in North America.

wally, if he's the best player out there, then fine. But is there a "Pouncey" at G or OT available at 19? A guy that will be considered among the best at his position in a few years?

Or are you drafting a Vernon Carey because you want an offensive lineman and forgoing the opportunity for a 5 time pro bowler and borderline hall of famer like Vince Wilfork?

This is the mistake this team has made WAAAy more many times than any other.

FIRE ROSS - you're a closet homo. Don't ask don't tell only an ass backwords hick would say that crap. did you celebrate when that rich kid got off on killing 2 people too? Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger!
d - you're just an ignorant fool!

You two should get together and pound one out. This is a Dolphins blog. Take your polotics to Fox News

Why Lou? Looking to meet some new people?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 12, 2014 at 11:48 AM

Mark, Haitians kick *ss! Had the stones to stand up to Napolean and beat him when others were getting their arses beat like drums from him. And therein lies most of Haiti's problems. Napolean put an embargo around Haiti (sound familiar Cubans) and strangled the island's finances because he was embarrassed. And the US and other countries obliged so the slave revolt wouldn't reach their shores (they finally did). But if anyone cares to visit Savannah, GA, they will see a dedication statue to the Haitian militia that helped the Americans fight the British during the American Revolution.

So learn your history folks, and bow down. Little Haiti might be poor, but they're proud, and should be. The world owns them a huge debt of gratitude.

Grier, don't be surprised if it's part of the deal with the NFL ... one of those nudge, nudge, winnk wink sort of deals.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 12, 2014 at 01:58 PM


That wouldn't surprise me either. But if the Wells report rips the Dolphins then why bother to bend to the will (pun intended) of Goodell. However, it could be kinda interesting that Sam emerges from his closet shortly after the announcement of the delay of the Wells report. Tinfoil hat stuff? Probably. But thinking with the tinfoil hat on, maybe the Wells report is being amended to be less damning because Miami agreed to draft Sam, if he is still available, in the 4th or 5th round.


I understood your post. And I get that you were referring to him as a RT.

My point is we need to fix the line now, Free Agency. Not hope that we hit on a rookie and he can play from day 1. Definitely not at Tackle.

I hate to bring it up. But remember J.Martin. He was a 4 year starter at LT in Stanford.Was ddrafted by the Dolphins as a RT, that will switch to LT in the Future. And what happened?

Now, you can also say look at N.Solder from the Pats. Who was asked to do the same thing, and succeeded. But you have to remember that N.Solder struggled his first year in the NFL.

Get guys that are established at the line. Specially at Tackle. We need guys that we can plug in and not have to worry for the next 4-5 years at the position. Guys that are already established professionals.

DC @3:12.

Totally agree. And this is coming from a Dominican.But they love to throw stones in a glass house.

Anybody can be tough on the internet. Specially when they know in real life they will get their ass handed to them.


It isn't a conspiracy.

J.Martin wears his earring on the wrong ear and applies way to much lip balm.

Didn't want to go to a strip club. Even though Incognito was going to pay his way.

And then when you hear him speak, that answers any doubt. Not all gay people talk funny. Just most of them.

Take M.Sam for example. You can hear the sweetness.

If we land Albert at LT then you could argue that Albert, Garner/Bremner Pouncy is solid overall. Now that leaves Jerry and Clabo to both be replaced. I think you offer them both less money after poor seasons, but not launch them into space, as we have little depth within this unit. I would rather keep Clabo as Jerry has tanked and still has consistency issues and was little help on those 3rd and short situations.

Zach Martin gives us options as he can play either RG or RT adn seems a great fit for LazorBall, as he is mobile. There are a couple of options for the 2nd and third rounds for either more o-linemen, but with Albert and Martin on the o-line we should be much more effective at running. Im a Carlos Hyde fan and would love to add that kind of power to the new look Miami offense.

Incognito dropping bombs on Twitter.

Haitians are greatly appreciated in Dominican Republic.

I agree Dashi and Mark,

Fix the glaring weaknesses in FA and then the draft is your smörgåsbord. Plus then to add to all Mark's and Dashi's points you can draft to the strengths of the draft much easier. If you hard pressed to fix needs then you generally get desperate and make poor decisions.

If Aaron Murray drops to the 4th I think Lazor would be on that one. The myth that you have to be 6'4" and 225 to play QB are long gone.

If you talk BPA, none of the top LTs will be available at #19 and the R tackles will go 2nd Rd. Think S, WR, perhaps RB or maybe even a QB.

Grier, the NFL can't afford the embarassment of not having Sam drafted. he's no Clowney or Robinson that it's not a worry about him being drafted.

last year, a first round talent in Da'Rick Rodgers went undrafted because of concerns about his person - granted different story but the lesson stands. The NFL more than any other sport will steer completely clear of people if they don;t think they would fit in.

Now the NFL can't force a team to draft Michael Sam - but they certainly wouldn't be above using this situation in Miami as leverage to save face.

Like you siad, tinfoil hat stuff but if he ends up a Dolphin, nobody could convince me this wasn't part of the entire settlement with the league.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 12, 2014 at 03:33 PM

Yes the draft is the foundation, but LT has to be solid for us this year. There is so much on Philbin and Thill being successful this year that the LT position is critical. Its highly unlikely that we will land a LT at 19 that could bring the guarateed level of play that Albert could. The last thing we need is a rookie LT learning the position as Thill gets even more uncomfortable playing QB in the NFL.

RT's in this draft that will start right away in the Dolphins offense could be.
Moses - might be able to play LT after some experience
J. James
Henderson - Home town Miami grad.
Gates from Georgia - can be had later in the draft and could move inside to OG.
Britt from Mizzu
Mewhort OSU
Richardson UTenn might be possible in the 2nd be more than likely gone.

And an OG that I like but not sure anyone else does. He's a guy that will give his all on every play and leave some marks on the D. Plays with fire and an attitude and could be a much needed leader on the oline. He could be hate very late in the draft.

Mason Walters OG Texas.

Obviously there are some other OG's I like but I think this kid is going to be a starter for many years in the NFL.

He could be had very late in the draft.

Dear Jon Martin..... The truth is going to bury you and your entire "camp". You could have told the truth the entire time.
It's Martin Gay?


I like A.Murray but he is a INT machine. He needs to sit for at least 2 years behind a veteran.

A.Murray is a poor mans M.Stafford.

I would rather draft J.Franklin than A.Murray. Even though Franklin is returning from shoulder surgery.

ever heard of the log cabin organization? its a large group for gay conservatives. so stop trying to make micheal sam playing football a liberal issue. look at how many jesus freaks and serving congressmen were publicly against homosexuals but secretly gay. all social and political conservatives.

only difference on this issue is liberals can't be called hypocrites!!!
mens room foot tapper? conservative.
megachurch with gay prostitutes? conservative.
mchelle bachman with a gay husband? conservative.
congressman hitting on male interns? conservative.


If you are here from the other blog, your last post mentioned Clinton-Dix being a second round talent- not true in the least! Clinton-Dix has been rated by most publications as a top 15 pick. Not sure where you got your information from.

Grier, the NFL can't afford the embarassment of not having Sam drafted. he's no Clowney or Robinson that it's not a worry about him being drafted.

last year, a first round talent in Da'Rick Rodgers went undrafted because of concerns about his person - granted different story but the lesson stands. The NFL more than any other sport will steer completely clear of people if they don;t think they would fit in.

Now the NFL can't force a team to draft Michael Sam - but they certainly wouldn't be above using this situation in Miami as leverage to save face.

Like you siad, tinfoil hat stuff but if he ends up a Dolphin, nobody could convince me this wasn't part of the entire settlement with the league.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 12, 2014 at 03:38 PM


Agreed. My point is that there is no incentive for Miami to draft Sam in order to help Goodell and the league save face IF the Wells report is going to rip Miami a new one anyway. It may only seem like tinfoil hat stuff NOW. I would have no problem believing that Ross made a deal with Goodell for a less than scathing Wells report in return for agreeing to draft Sam if he is available.

Lets see ... "we" have a delayed Wells report, Sam coming out of the closet, Dolphins already with a sheite locker room reputation and now, Ross saying that he would happily welcome Sam aboard.

Keeping the theme going ... yes, I will absolutely believe that there was some mutual lubing going on between Ross and Goodell if things "happen" to work out.

Texas, MIT, Dashi, fin4life, Marco, wallyfin, DC, and whoever i missed ..Massdolfan,

I like all your plans. Sounds very good. Just get that info to Hickey and Philbin and tell them not to screw it up!

Another season like this one and someone will have to kill FIRE ROSS.

Mason Walters OG Texas

looks like a player...4th round on

if he impresses at the combine then he will move up.


Hopefully that is how Hickey answers the O-line problem. How he handles this off season will say a lot into what type of GM he is going to be. If he is anything similar to how they drafted and do free agency in Tampa. He will fix problems in Free Agency and BPA in the Draft.

The Dolphins could vindicate themselves by becoming the black gay team.

Wow no one remembers Ralph Ortega, at least i thought Mr Canosa would?


Draft Johnny Manziel or stink forever!!

Incognito is on drugs.

They're all on drugs

Rick, you amy be joking there but another malaise season and I think it may happen where he removes himself from the operation or done another way employs one guy to report to him instead of having three and lets that person make all the decisions on coach/gm/cap vp.

7th consecutive losing season coming up for these turds.

I was not against the Hickey signing. I think 16 years of watching film and selecting players makes him a good if not great pick.

I question Philbin's leadership abilities. Once again, I was not in the locker room and there wasn't a player in their capable of taking the team to the next level.

As much as I liked Cogs he was not a leader. A leader picks the team up without making people on the team feel bad about themselves.

So we need a player to help the team create an identity. It doesn't seem like Tannehill has it, yet but wait and see. 2 years and he has played some really strong games.

Get him a line, get a back that can break some tackles and try and keep the current team together. We are 10-6.

And please hit on a pick this year.

Screw owner Ross.
We need to start a petition to re-sign Incognito. You need some flavor and funk on a team too.

Martin wanted to kill himself in 2012. When Jake was still on the team. This isn't about him quitting because he got demoted.

This sounds more like a guy who was depressed about playing away from home for the first time in his life.

Remember, Martin went from the Cultural Epicenter of the United States, to playing in a 3rd world county with savages. It was just to much to handle for the young honey bear.

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