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Incognito: Jonathan Martin pondered suicide

Richie Incognito seemed to be in a good mood when he greeted the day about an hour ago -- he's on the West Coast so maybe he slept in. He said on his twitter account, "What's up twitter!!! Happy Hump Day!!!"

And then Incognito went on a rant that will likely be deleted from the account soon but, alas, too late for it to have caught the notice of media and people following him.

It began with a jab at Jonathan Martin that, arguably, is true:

"I'm ready to move on with my life and career.  I've been dragged through the mud for months by my "best friend". #betrayed #railroaded"

Then this:

"Dear Jon Martin..... The truth is going to bury you and your entire "camp".  You could have told the truth the entire time."

Then this that brought Kenny Zuckerman, one of Martin's agents, into the mix:

"Jon Martin---you started all of this when Kenny Zuckerman released the VM to ESPN.  The same VM we joked about with @brianhartline"

Then Incognito went after Zuckerman full tilt:

"Kenny Zuckerman from Priority Sports.... What do you have to say for your actions? Why did you release the VM.  What was your goal ?"

Then Incognito presented his defense:

"I'm guilty of being a loyal friend and good teammate. I apologize for my poor language and rude remarks.  I've never denied it."

Then Incognito turned his sights back on Martin while sending a message to NFL Network reporter Albert Breer:

"the truth will set me free.  I can't say the same about Jon Martin.  The truth is what he's hiding from."

And then came the bombshell allegation that may cause Incognito some problems unless they are proveable:

"FACT: Jonathan Martin told me he thought about taking his own life in MAY 2013 b/c he wasn't playing well.  Told me he felt worthless."

The tweet that followed was Incognito shutting it down and encouraging media to call his lawyer.

But the deed was done.

And here's the thing: Incognito obviously has stuff he wants to get off his chest. All the previous well-wishing tweets toward Martin lose any meaning in light of this rant. Today's tweets give the previous tweets the feel of public relations work.

The problem for Incognito is his timing couldn't be worse. He must realize that the Ted Wells report is dropping soon. He must realize that he has basically grinned and beared it for nearly four months and he's near the end, near the finish line to his nightmare.

And he will soon be able to return to his career if he just keeps cool. But saying his former -- think that's a fair adjective -- friend pondered suicide because he wasn't playing well is probably not the direction a club would want him to go. And, by the way, is it true?

Why would Martin feel bad about how he's playing in May?

The 2012 season had been over for five months. The tough start to his career finally hit him then?

Today's outburst and allegations make Incognito seem angry (which he may have a right to be, but is the wrong message to send a potential employer.)

The point is Richie Incognito probably feels better about showing his feelings. But it probably wasn't wise.




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Incognito: Dumb
Martin: Wuss

Why don't you do some work and get one or the other to leave a comment? We all read the tweets. Do work son

Hard to root for either one of these idiots ... Glad they're both in the rear view soon.


Dansby $13M

134 Tkls
1 Sack
0 FF


Ellerbe $1M

101 Tkls
1 Sack
0 FF

Dansby got cut because he didn't want to take a pay cut from being the highest paid MLB in the NFL. And we got almost the same production for 13 TIMES LESS!!

Plus, Ellerbe actually won games in the 4th qtr, instead of bending over and letting the other team QB shaft him in the 4th.

We never beat the Pats with Dansby on the team.

Maybe Incognito already knows what the Wells report has.

I would find it weird if they didn't. That would be bad protocol by the NFL.

Mr. Ross, Incognito and his crew, and J.Martin and his crew should definitely be the first to know.

I doubt that Incognito would go on a rant with not already having some knowledge of what is on the report. He hasn't all this time. Doubt that out of the blue he wants to ruin all the good work he has done since being suspended. Just to let off steam.

That is an ignorant assumption to make, Incognito doesn't know what will be on the Wells report before the general public.


2013.... 101 tackles and 1 sack in familiar 3-4 Arizona system...

Dansby's first year in Miami... 2010...

78 tackles and 3 sacks... Mediocre.... 1st year in new system...

Ellerbe's first year in Miami.... 70 tackles and 1.0 sack....

Come back spouting stats when the player (Ellerbe) has been around long enough to compile them in a known system... Not after 16 games.......

That is an ignorant assumption to make

Posted by: Dashi | February 12, 2014 at 05:23 PM

Just as 98% of your assumptions are ignorant and wrong LOL.

BTW... that was NOT a cut against YOU... Dashi.... But the Idea of some believing Ellerbe is a washout after only one season....


Nah, I agree with you totally. That is also why I also posted the salary. Ellerbe did about as good as Dansby did in year 4 with the fins, at 13 times Cheaper. Yet, Dansby had the best season of his life, and we should feel bad. Child Please!!

Same thing with Reggie Bush. Can someone please tell me what he did his first 7 years in the NFL before he joined the Fins. And he has an Average season for a RB in one of the most potent offenses in the NFL. And we should cry that he is gone. Child Please!!

Dashi you're an ignorant slob who is always posting ignorant fallacious nonsense...and you are consistently proven wrong.

You seriously need to get a life and stop posting here because football is beyond your comprehension.

However I know that you and many of the other no lifers here have a need for cyber friends.

Daryl Dunphy "Get back with you later man."

Roflmao how pathetic.

Almost as pathetic as the attempted logic behind your posts.

You can't go by numbers retard.

Ellerbe was frequently out of position.

He was the main reason why your sorry a s s Dolphins couldn't stop the run.

Phins gave up two 4th quarter game winning drives at home in 2013, mostly on runs.

One to The Bills, the other to The Panthers.

...and your boy Ellerbe was trailing every play.

By your logic if he made the tackle seven yards down the field then he did a good job.

Get real already.

You're the biggest douche who posts here.

Always acting like your the smartest guy in the room, then the play on the field wipes egg on your face.

The epitome of a douchebag is a guy who is a douche but doesn't know it.

That would be you.

Somebody should have slapped you when Jeff Ireland got fired.

You need a wake up call.

Hopefully, Wells releases his report soon and we can close the books on "The Young and the Restless" and move on to more important things.

People act like Dansby was a Pro bowler as a Dolphin. DANSBY WAS THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT AS A DOLPHIN.


My bad to many also

The other sad part of firing Sherman is we may never hear his side of the incognito vs. martin saga. remember he promised to share his thoughts, all of them, at the appropriate time.


Oohh!! My feelings are hurt. Now I want to go kill myself. What should I do.

So when you are wrong 100% of the time what do you chalk that up to? Trolling.

Also, you are out of character Fire Ross. You usually drop the "Comprehension" and "Dashibag" schtick under a different Alias. The Fire Ross chracter is usually like 2watt and Aloco. You almost sounded like a regular person there Buddy. I must've pressed that Big Red Button that I love to press with my second post.

Hey, at least I wasn't the one telling you to do some real work.

Ellerbee's still "a work in progress at" the mlb position. Ray Lewis was the "mlb" for the Ravens. Ellerbee played far more olb when he was with the Ravens.

Crazy, but, the entire "trifecta reign" failed to get us a TRUE MLB, with 6 seasons in charge. Dansby was more olb than mlb too when he came from the Cardinals. Truly strange why Parcells/Ireland would do this.

We have not had a true mlb in Miami since Zack Thomas. Just olb's in training to become mlb's. Maybe now that we have a new fo, within the next year or two, this will change.

Dashi tell us again how Soccer players are not athletes. LOL.


Get Incognito into drug rehab QUICK!


Head on into a tree

Crowder was suppose to be a MLB.

But agreed. For someone who always had a good MLB in his defense, Parcels did a horrendous job finding one.

To me the biggest blunder on passing up on a MLB falls on Can't Cameron. He passed up on P.Willis for T.Ginn. He could've had Willis and Zach in a 3-4 for a couple seasons til ZT retired. Zach was already at the end of his career.

Incognito belongs in jail with A Hernandez. No team is going to take him now.

Dashi, Spo has two back to back NBA titles. Remember how many times you told us he couldn't coach? I do.

MLB Crowder was actu8ally pretty good stopping the run. He just couldn't rush the passer or cover worth a crap.

Spo still can't coach. He should have 3. 4 years and the Heat still can't run a half-court offense. 4 years and the team is actually playing worst than the first year of the big 3.

Soccer players aren't athletes. They are just a bunch of cross-country runners. Give me a team of Kenyans and a Week and I bet I could win the UEFA triple crown.




And Crowder couldn't win a fight either. That had to be the most embarrassing moment for a Dolphin defender. It wasn't even like the fight was 50/50. Crowder got his ass whooped. You can tell he went to UF and not UM.


I guess you saw this from that article --

Overall, I think it’s a bad idea to put Tannehill on a short leash. Although he didn’t make the strides many expected, Tannehill did improve in nearly every major statistical category in 2013. He also did it with an awful offensive line and a poor running game.

Best American Soccer Player Ever

Olindo Mare

The worst oline in team history, maybe NFL history AND the worst group of RB's in team history.

Tannehill is in the top 5 of QB's drafted in the last 8 years. Easily.

Pay no attention to Dashi, YG, he knows not what he talks about(98% wrong).

Bring Incognito back. Just to prove to the loser Martin that his antics wont work in the NFL. Most if not all of Incognito's teammates liked him. He is very good at what he does.

Tell Ritchie that the Ted Wells report will not be published for one more month.

Haitians have greatly contributed to the population of Dominican Republic with Dashi being a shining(or darker?) example.

Martin Cogs has to be the most boring and overblown story I can remember. Who cares about such petty nonsense?

- Oscar... - ok, ok.


Head on into a tree

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 12, 2014 at 06:01 PM

That's why you shouldn't text and drive! Haha. In all seriousness though, it sucks to wreck your ride... my guess is that it's a 2 wheel drive truck?

We have a lot of work to do with this team

It's hickeys time to shine


Don't drive in ice dude it will never turn out well

I just read Hickey likes them small, RBs I mean. Both Martin and the other good back in Tampa are 5'8". Then Dashi will be right our pick will be Tre Mason.

Dashi has admitted many times that he is no longer 98% right, Dashi isn't even 95% (Last Year) right anymore. Going into this Off season Dashi is 90% right in his own opinion.

Dashi has admitted this many times. When Dashi is wrong he is wrong. Reason you only have about 5 things that Dashi is wrong about. Well over the years it has gone up to maybe 7. But per year, Dashi admits to being wrong once or twice a year.

Dashi has never admitted to being the smartest man alive(not even the smartest man on this blog), Just to being smarter than your old ass.

Copy & Paste or Suck & Swallow that all you want. That is the last time I am going to correct you on the false 98% accusations.

Did the Dashi dribble just for you, Douche. I know how it pushes your buttons.

Threat of suicide should be a serious thing for whomever hears it. Like, why didn't you tell anybody about that? His family, the Team? This guy is desperate, probably without $$ and sinking himself more and more.

Tampa also drafted M.James in the 6th round last year. 5'11" 230lbs. B.Rainey is 5'8" 212lbs, D.Martin himself is 5'9" 225lbs.

Difference between being small and short. Tampa likes Stocky RBs. The Mason is small, not stocky.

W.Dunn and B.Sanders are both 5'8". B.Sanders was Stocky for his size, W.Dunn was small.


Then its Carlos Hyde. he's only 6'0"

242 lbs.

You were right once, Dashi, with Eddy Lacy, you were right. We certainly don't want to demean you.

btw, how are your Haitian cousins doing?

Spo still can't coach. He should have 3. 4 years and the Heat still can't run a half-court offense. 4 years and the team is actually playing worst than the first year of the big 3.

Soccer players aren't athletes. They are just a bunch of cross-country runners. Give me a team of Kenyans and a Week and I bet I could win the UEFA triple crown.

Posted by: Dashi | February 12, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Hi Dashi, ¿Do you ever play soccer?.
Here in Mexico soccer is very popular, so I play it, I do not like it because the lack of honor from many, many of the players, but let me tell you that soccer requires much more individual tecnique than football, it's easer to throw the football with accuracy than kick a soccer ball with accuracy. In Europe it's more speed and strength (more athletes), in others places more endurance and contol.
But I preffer much much more football or wushu or basketball than soccer, if I had a son, I will be more pleasant if he choose football over soccer.
But, come on, if you are not expert on a topic, do not exaggerate man.

One thing that intrigues me about Hickey, He spent the past 16 years drafting for a Cover 2. Which I don't care what Coyle says, The Dolphins run a Cover 2 or Tampa 2. Plus he has experience drafting for a WCO.

That was also one of the things that killed Ireland. After building the Team to run a certain system he goes and hires a coach which runs a completely different system. Forgetting that he was on the clock.

Hopefully, Hickey leaves a mark on the Dolphins this year.

What is wushu? I like to learn.

These Olympics have been the most boring that I have ever watched, just like the Place they are originating from.

Hola Oscar,

Me dicen que tu estas de acuerdo con que los Dolfin escojan a el muchaco Michael Sams en el draft.


Yo siempre sabia que tu eras tremenda rabi-rubia!

Have you ever known a funny Russian comedian?

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