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Mike Pouncey is in the Dolphins future

In the days following the release of the Ted Wells report there were questions what the Dolphins would do with center Mike Pouncey.

Would they trade Pouncey because he was implicated, along with Richie Incognito and John Jerry, as the alleged tormentors of Jonathan Martin?

Would they cut Pouncey?

Would they bring Pouncey back regardless of possible NFL sanctions (read suspension) for his part in the scandal?

Well, we have the answer, beyond the idea that Pouncey is not on the trade block, which I reported Feb. 17 wasn't an immediate issue:

The Dolphins are committed to Mike Pouncey. Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey told WMEN's Orlando Alzugaray Thursday that he has spoken with Pouncey in the past month and "is excited about the future."

And according to a club source, both Hickey and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte met with Pouncey's agent Joel Segal while at the Indianapolis Combine last week and shared a similar sentiment from the club.

That doesn't mean all is settled.

Right now, Pouncey is scheduled to hit the final year (2014) of his fully guaranteed $9.259 million rookie deal. That deal will pay Pouncey $1.63 million in 2014. But the Dolphins are able to pick up an option year on Pouncey in May that would tie him to the team for a fifth year through 2015.

The Dolphins fully intend to pick up that option, according to a club source.

But here's the thing: Pouncey, perhaps the second-best player on the Dolphins offense and the only player left from the offensive line of the past two seasons, doesn't necessarily want to play under his rookie deal for a fifth year.

Pouncey will want an extension.

So what will happen at that point?

Two options: The Dolphins, not needing more holes on the offensive line, will have to entertain the extension idea (very likely). Or the Dolphins might consider trading Pouncey then (not very likely, but it's an option that cannot be dismissed).

All that isn't an issue now but the matter will have to be addressed before the 2014 regular-season begins.

The key short-term issue is waiting on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to see if he hands down any disciplinary action against Pouncey -- not to mention Jerry and Incognito -- to determine if the only remaining starting offensive lineman on the Dolphins roster will have to serve a suspension.

On that issue, Pouncey has heard unofficially from the NFL Players Association that he is not likely to get suspended, according to a source. But, of course, the NFLPA doesn't determine whether there is or isn't a suspension from the league.

So that remains the most important question on the table. Until it isn't.


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1) He should be back and 2) he should not be suspended; all is as it should be regarding Mr. Pouncey. Keep your nose clean son...no more free Hernandez hats...go out, play your game and get paid. That is all.

So....moron Incognito destroyed his own Ferrari with a baseball bat? LMFAO

Trade HIM eH?,Get something for the bag of steaming KRAP eH?

Mike Pouncey is in the Dolphins future??

The guy is clearly doing drugs....

Rightfully so Pouncey is too good to just trade. Our line will at least need some cohesion, and Pouncey is the ticket! Hopefully he will not be suspended, but that's wishful thinking. I can see Pouncey,brenner, and garner getting there chance to play in our line next year.
Of course we will still need both Tackle positions,and that is where we have many sifferent options.

2014 is already a WASTE for the barbies,GET rid of the dead weight eH?Birds of sht are sht eH?,Send TCHOKE away too eH?

Pouncey is facing a 2-4 game suspension.

No reason to trade the guy in any case or suspend him. The BS Bullgate scandal is pure hype and a fantasy like point of view from Martin to justify being a quitter. Wells report was hardly impartial and just more BS piled on top of Martins BS.

Why do you femmes continue to comment o the media bullygate nonsense? There is nothing more to be said because there was never anything worthwhile to be said. Give it up already.

Move along now.

we sign anyone yet...

eagles signed 3 of theirs...

Doesn't matter who we sign or who we draft. No way this team has success in 2014. They enter the season going backwards and with only 1/5 of an oline. Now is that the profile of a team ready to contend?

Philbin will resign by Thanksgiving. Next another rebuild.

should never have been a question about whether Pouncey is staying or going…..right, like they want/need to trade their best Olineman and one of their best players…..who is young and cheap….because he was a meanie in the locker room--seriously, gimme a break

Good news! The Ted Wells report was a report based on an agenda to destroy our team and to turn the leagues tuff guys into a bunch of soft women. Guys like Martin are gonna start to spread around the NFL like a STD. The NFL is going to have a month where all teams will suit up in rainbow socks and shoes. It's hard enough enduring a month of grown men in pink. The CFL might end up on top of the NFL at this rate of PC football.

Football is already a pussy game for ghetto dumbos.

wally…..thats fine but what the heck are they thinking giving Cooper 5yrs/25 mill…..seriously? averages 2.9 catches/game, bloated stats with that Raiders game against an awful D/CBs…..some players and many fans still havent (and wont) forgiven him for his ridiculous racial outburst--wow

Pouncey has to stay!!!
Its about time we build a football team, If they can somehow sign and draft enough players to make a solid offensive line and we can hold on to one of the D-line free agents…we will be ok.
For those that want to say goodbye to Pouncey….a team full of church choir boys will not make it very far, but it would be a clean well spoken group.
Lets move forward, get the toughness back, and move forward,.

so what, Monte….even if he's suspended for a few games, how does that change his status with the Fins, or their plans for him?--gives him most of the season to play, plus next year at least…..will likely extend him….if he's suspended for a few games, so be it……but its a nonevent regarding his standing on the team….

Richie Incognito damages Ferrari with baseball bat?


benz is so dumb he responds to the mummy troll Monte.

Pouncey, zack Martin and either Monroe or Albert next year. Perhaps Mkinnie in the right side.

i'm bored

We need four starting linemen , do you really think that's going to work out hmmmmmm no

We might be just a little bit screwed

Isn't pouncy brother a free agent

No he is not

McKinney is a left tackle period


The above line is the size of Marc from NJ's pecker.

He's a thug, but...so were most of the Raiders in the early 70s and they were tough to beat. We need....tough to beat.

Does Philbin Milk Toast Panzy Boy - all talk no action - fit the mold of SB winning coach?

He conveniently takes responsibility for the future but not the past. Gee. Might as week be a Christian sinner and just ask for forgiveness every day,

Ross is throwing a season away on 18 year bum Hickey and wimple wart Philbin.

If Pouncy gets suspended, I would sue the NFL and Ted Wells if I were him, he would win. Also to say that Pouncey is the 2nd best player on the team, is applying that Tannehill is the best offensive player on the team. I was listening to a Tampa sports radio station who had a guy on from WQAM who covers only the Dolphins. He said that the majority of the media in Miami (and Armando should know this already) on't say in print but seriously doubt if Tannehill is with the Dolphins after this year. They have seen anough.

mike, people talk, it is all nonsense. don't be naive.

football fans are the most gullible gossip queens

Oline is oh-oh - o NO ...here is a plan
Mr.Hickey-dickery dock:

Albert LT/Z.Martin/LG Pouncey/C Brenner/RG A.Collins RT

Sure, have to spend $$ for both Tackles, but Phins did not do so last year, and look what happened. Another year of getting killed and Tannehill will be David Carr revisited, growth / improvement forever stumped...and that is if he lives!

As for the draft, here is my two cents...two cents is more than Ireland had:

1st Round - Z Martin
2nd Round - Safety playmaker to start with R.Jones
3rd Round - RB to start, share with Miller, Thomas gone
4th Round - Oline Depth- Guard
5th Round - Dline Depth- DT
6th Round - LB depth
7th Round - whatever...

Other: get rid of Wheeler, groom and start D.Jordan as OLB, sign Grimes and Soliai, play last years rooks,including Dion Sims as 2nd TE... Let's go..!!

you all need a lesson on how the media works. just because it is on the radio or tv or website doesn't make it any more valid or true than street corner trash talking.

what you silly fools don't realize is that the media is the entertainment business, including the news. the only real news you get is about bad weather. everything else is manipulation or fantasy crap just to hold your attention.

Hypocrisy! Keep Pouncey but suspend Incognito? Philbin is a hypocrite, and a crappy coach. Pouncey should be traded to the highest bidder. Brand new o-line made up of FA, rookies and Garner/Brenner.

Pouncey is overrated trash

TannePuke will be a Jags backup after next season

….even if he's suspended for a few games, how does that change his status with the Fins, or their plans for him

Posted by: benz | February 27, 2014 at 09:06 PM

It doesn't at all some fail to understand that even "IF" Goodell went this route Pouncey can still attend OTA's and Training Camp as well as play in all 4 Pre-Season games before he's forced to sit out the Saturday the week before the Regular Season is set to start. I guess nobody here pays much attention to the rules per the CBA or the way they were enforced on the Saints with everybody eligible till the week before the 2012 Season.

The significance for us is we'll have the heads up on his status and can split his Pre-Season snaps with the player who replaced him this Yr. and did well in his absence while Pouncey sat a couple of games with that gallbladder infection. That player was Nate Garner who can hold the fort for a few weeks if need be! The suspension being handed down now would still allow us to prepare Pouncey physically for when he is re-instated.

This is such a Non-Story from were I sit, this kid will be a Dolphin for most of his career and the best Center we've had since they carted Dwight Stevenson off the field Vs. the Jets on Monday night back in the 80's! Since we've lived with the very mediocre Tim Ruddy as the best to handle the spot and some on here are actually postig about trading him for a 3rd Rd pick, no offense but LMFAO!

Trolls rejoice

Keep Pouncey but suspend Incognito? Pouncey must go. Trade him if we can and cut him if we cant. Either way he needs to be gone.

Whatever Tony. Pouncey is a stud and trading him would be completely stupid. Most football players are a holes. He picked on the closeted homo and he's a jerk, but he's one of the best players on the team.

Personally, I would try to sign him to a long term extension now while his value is the lowest. Might be crazy and blow up or it might be worth the gamble.

I couldn't care less about 'bully gate' as to keeping/not keeping Pouncey. What I do care is his performance on the field. His play this passed season was not all that great. How he was selected for the Pro Bowl, I'll never know. But that was then and this is now and now he needs to step it up a notch.

Resign me, i promise to play better.

Pouncey should be traded, if only to prove this organization is serious about improving the perception among the league. Jerry won't be back, along with Incognito and Martin. Incognito was suspended BEFORE any report came out. Said report also implicated Pouncey, so why should he be kept, when he could be traded for something of value? He's not that good... As much as I disagree with Martin the Ultra-sensitive, pampered, coddled, mentally and physically soft marshmallow puss, this team needs a clean slate.

The thing is even without the Martin scandal this was the worst o-line in the NFL and had to be completely rebuilt anyway.
Pouncey is good but if you can get a #1 or #2 pick you trade him immediately, he is very immature and will never be a team leader.

Pouncey is a top 5 center in the NFL. I can hear it now... there are those who are bloviating about "Get rid of him"... then a year from now the same morons will be saying "Miami trades all of it's talent" It seems all the wannabe managers here in Miami would just "Can It" and enjoy the show while discussing the details. Miami isn't going to trade Pouncey. He's a top 5 center in the NFL by every credible measure. They will pick up year 5 and ring up and extension. There is one Offensive line position the Miami franchise has always been loyal to. Miami has put 2 Centers in the HOF and have had 1 or 2 more very good ones. Pouncey is a player who is good and still getting better.

This whole "Wells Deal" will have blown over and be a memory by draft day 1. Only Talking heads without anything else to discuss will rehash this matter... It's in the books...

trade him if you can get multiple high picks

Pouncey should be in jail with Hernandez getting butt fu@#ed!


The Dolphins should bring back Pouncey and McKinney also due to the many other needs on the OL. It will be expensive to get a good LT so give McKinney the job for one more year. In FA the Dolphins should be able to get a RT and RG. Then draft a stud LG in the 1st or 2nd round.

promichelle is to stupide to realize Armando never reads his posts. Haha.

as always, she can never post anything better than stating the bland obvious,

well, my mommie is tying my shoes now so i have to get to school now. bye.

duh the moron,

Please get ready for school so your mama does not have to spank you.

so promichelle thinks we should address the oline?

interesting thought.

There is something about this kid that leads me to believe he is not going to be a top center and is more likely going to end up in trouble. He just seems like a wanna be thug. That is not the reputation or character you want to build for yourself at this stage of your career. He has clear talent but he doesn't seem to dominate each and every week. He is inconsistent.

I'd try to determine what is a reasonable cost to keep him here but do it after the rest of the OLINE takes shape. If we can fill the holes this year with solid players and IF they play well together as a true unit then I would be more inclined to extend Pouncey's contract longer term.

There is something about this kid that leads me to believe he is not going to be a top center

Posted by: jpao | February 28, 2014 at 06:16 AM

He already is a top center, and getting better. Come back after you wake up.

Hey moron,

now known as 'born two seconds ago' try and write something funny instead of stupid, well perhaps not......

so promichelle thinks we should address the oline?

interesting thought.

Posted by: born two seconds ago | February 28, 2014 at 06:11 AM

I think if we can play better offense, better defense, and better special teams, we can win more games this season.

Looks like we have a lot of FAKE FANS who think trading Pouncey is a good mind boggling stupidity from this extremely DUMB fan base who doesn't understand football.

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