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Mike Pouncey is in the Dolphins future

In the days following the release of the Ted Wells report there were questions what the Dolphins would do with center Mike Pouncey.

Would they trade Pouncey because he was implicated, along with Richie Incognito and John Jerry, as the alleged tormentors of Jonathan Martin?

Would they cut Pouncey?

Would they bring Pouncey back regardless of possible NFL sanctions (read suspension) for his part in the scandal?

Well, we have the answer, beyond the idea that Pouncey is not on the trade block, which I reported Feb. 17 wasn't an immediate issue:

The Dolphins are committed to Mike Pouncey. Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey told WMEN's Orlando Alzugaray Thursday that he has spoken with Pouncey in the past month and "is excited about the future."

And according to a club source, both Hickey and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte met with Pouncey's agent Joel Segal while at the Indianapolis Combine last week and shared a similar sentiment from the club.

That doesn't mean all is settled.

Right now, Pouncey is scheduled to hit the final year (2014) of his fully guaranteed $9.259 million rookie deal. That deal will pay Pouncey $1.63 million in 2014. But the Dolphins are able to pick up an option year on Pouncey in May that would tie him to the team for a fifth year through 2015.

The Dolphins fully intend to pick up that option, according to a club source.

But here's the thing: Pouncey, perhaps the second-best player on the Dolphins offense and the only player left from the offensive line of the past two seasons, doesn't necessarily want to play under his rookie deal for a fifth year.

Pouncey will want an extension.

So what will happen at that point?

Two options: The Dolphins, not needing more holes on the offensive line, will have to entertain the extension idea (very likely). Or the Dolphins might consider trading Pouncey then (not very likely, but it's an option that cannot be dismissed).

All that isn't an issue now but the matter will have to be addressed before the 2014 regular-season begins.

The key short-term issue is waiting on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to see if he hands down any disciplinary action against Pouncey -- not to mention Jerry and Incognito -- to determine if the only remaining starting offensive lineman on the Dolphins roster will have to serve a suspension.

On that issue, Pouncey has heard unofficially from the NFL Players Association that he is not likely to get suspended, according to a source. But, of course, the NFLPA doesn't determine whether there is or isn't a suspension from the league.

So that remains the most important question on the table. Until it isn't.


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Try and write something funny and not just stupid. Good Luck, you should have stayed in school....

Let's be clear on the Incognito-Martin issue: 1)The Wells Report states that the bully-culture was endemic to the OL- it WAS NOT team wide; 2)Several veteran players on the OL units from 2012/13, who had experiences in other NFL locker rooms, thought the "harassment" of Martin more in the line of good-natured kidding than malicious; 3)both Incognito and Martin were "off-scale" in their respective roles in reacting to NFL locker room culture.

If Pouncey's role was lesser than either Incognito's or Jerry's- and the Wells report seemed to indicate that he typically followed rather than led- then in the absence of Incognito and considering his half-black heritage, the worst of Pouncey's "harassment" may pass for fun in any NFL locker room. Consider further: while Pouncey didn't deny his role in the scandal, he did deny many of the mother/sister derogatories attributed to him by Martin. Wells didn't give Pouncey the benefit of the doubt though.

Pouncey is unquestionably the best player of the 3 Martin "tormentors". He will be given opportunity to redeem himself and be retained by the Dolphins mostly because of his play on the field. However, the Dolphins can only hope his leadership and judgement improve in the future.

For the OL:
1) sign Monroe or Alberts at LT
2) draft Martin at RT
3) promote Garner at RG
4) sign a stop gap LG like Wharton (CAR) or Smith (STL)
5) keep Pouncey at C

trade pouncey for draft picks; we have several holes to fill. resign soliai and grimes. we need to "build" a team.

everyone who says trade Pouncey should be traded themselves for true fans. Nate Garner is a horrible OG so anyone who says start him is out of their minds the dude got benched for a UDFA jesus.

Mando, does Dawnho-joe pull Hickey around by his Johnson, every where they go?

Where is the clown now? Into hididng as usual.


Dashi said it when the report came out. When you had someone and his friend on here for 2 weeks straight. TRADE POUNCEY, CUT POUNCEY!!

Elite Centers aren't as easy to find as some of you thing.

32 starting centers in the NFL, about 5 real good centers. The Pouncey Twins, A.Mack, N.Mangold, and someone else. Center is the hardest position to fill on the line. Rarely do good one come out high in the draft. And rarely do good centers hit free agency.


Great point.

I just have one thing to say, it is about Pouncey.

Pouncey is a twin. And in twins you usually have one that has led his whole life, and you have the other one who has followed his whole life. Apparently Mike Pouncey was the follower.

I believe it is hard to change someones behavior after they have grown up. Supposedly, Any kid after 10 it becomes increasingly hard to modify behavior.

Not saying he can't change. Nothing is impossible. Just that it will be extremely difficult to change. Like you can't change Incognito from losing his temper, and you can't change J.Martin from being such a Momma's Boy.

Ok I can see Pouncey moving over to Guard and we sign Center Alex Mack and than sign a Tackle and then try to fill in the other holes via the draft and another FA.

Mike Pouncey had a mediocre year at best. His PFF rating demonstrates that. If he spent more time on football rather than harassing and bullying other teammates and assistants, maybe he would have performed better on the field. Hickey's statement that he is excited about Pouncey's future with the Dolphins is hypocritical. Team ownership keeps saying they want players of high caliber, yet Pouncey's statements were termed "not credible" in the Wells report. And, his behavior was seriously called into question in that report. Of course, he also was called to testify in front of the Grand Jury in the Aaron Hernandez case, who is now suspected or accused of murdering people in multiple states. Pouncey was a good friend and roomate of Hernandez. Who was who said, "You can tell a lot about a person by the friends he keeps."

1) Garner is not horrible, he's average
2) it is impossible to revamp the OL in 1 year only through FA or draft: at least one in-house low profile player like Garner or Brenner or Dallas will start next year

Pouncey staying...that's good as we need an anchor on that O-Line and Pouncey is they guy. Good for Tannehill to as the C-QB exchange is important.

Hey, can we pick up Leach now that the Ravens have release him? Guy is a wreaking ball of a lead blocker and can pick up the blitz better than any FB in the league.

we sign anyone yet...

eagles signed 3 of theirs...

Posted by: wallyfin | February 27, 2014 at 08:51 PM

What's the rush to sign anyone from a team that hasn't finished above .500% for 5 straight years?

Incognito suspended and may never play football again. Turner fired, O'neil fired. Pouncey no ramification, Jerry no ramification. Is that fair?

My trade Pouncey posts were only if we got Mack from the Browns in FA. And it was a thought that it seemed Ross was driving all the releases. The Oline coach and trainer release was driven by Ross as you guys know.

I still wouldn't mind going after Mack and moving Pouncey to OG. Having an OG that could move right into Center if saomething happens to Mack would be another plus for that deal.

The reason I thought Ross would want to get Pouncey traded is due to his alleged involvement plus the pot implications from Cogs release of the text messages. That pretty much drove my theory. It had nothing to do with lack of talent. He's a very good center and I think he could be a great OG in the NFL.

Albert Breer is reporting that the Cap is going to be set at 133 million. I believe that gives the Dolphins 39 million under the cap. Plenty of money to play with.

Hickey, GO PLAY!!!

Dashi, I agree. Good centers are hard to find and Pouncey is one of the best. Even so, I wouldn't condone keeping him on the team if his transgressions were serious.

I do think his part in the Incognito-Martin scandal was a result of his immaturity, however. Remove Incognito and you have behavior from Pouncey that is acceptable. He is not a locker room cancer or troublemaker. His judgement and behavior may be questioned at this point in time but I think it will improve with age.

Pouncey is young and talented, it's best to keep him and build around him. Keep in mind, these guys are still young. We all made mistakes at their age. You didn't bust your buddies chops at 24? Come on, we still do it now! Philbin deserves a second chance which he is receiving. I think Hickey will prove to be a good addition as GM and hopefully these two have great success moving forward. Looking back at the drafts the Ireland coordinated, he really did not have a good eye for talent, he missed on a lot of picks. So let's see what kind of groceries Hickey will be shopping for. Go Dolphins!

I am gonna go ahead and say it. I dont like the Eagles moves! Kelce is fine, but 25 million to Riley Cooper is a joke and extending Jason Peters was way too much. Why do you draft an LT t #4 and then resign a LT you already have for so much money? Everyone knows you dont draft a RT that high.

I think the Phins should makes offers and let the market dictate what we pay our FA's. I think resigning them now would just cost us more money. I guess you can alos argue that if they hit the market their price can go up. We all love Grimes, but this draft class has a lot of good CB prospects and FA is filled with good CB's. Lets not forget Grimes age and he has missed 2 full seasons due to injury

Dz What?

With a looming suspension and reports of harrassment and drug use I doubt anyone would give more than a 3-4th rd pk for Pouncey.

He's a good football player and that is the bottom line. I could care if he is a serial killer like his peep Hernandez. Either keep him with the intention of extending him or get a first round pick from the Pats and continue to get your butt kicked for the next 6 years. Also, I would like to get through one Effin blog without someone talking about "He who shall not be mentioned". Let's move on...Shall we?

Has Philbin been fired yet?

This is a 6'5", 300lbs center with terrific athletic ability whose only shortcoming is his possession of a Dim Bulb. What to do in order to keep him? I don't know, remedial classes, other.

Pouncey is going to stay, he is the only sure thing on the OL right now.
In regards to FA, the issue with letting your good players sign with other teams is now you have another hole to fill, and if you have to use a draft pick to do so, that leaves other needs unadressed. That leads to the team not improving or even moving backwards. Alot of FAs will sign with their own team at a somewhat discounted price (Soliai did so a couple of years ago, Moore did so last year) rather than test the market. The best plan is:
1. Resign you own FAs that you want to keep.
2. Sign FAs to fill certain holes.
3. Then use the draft to fill any other holes and focus on BPA.
4. Make any trades that really help the team.
This years draft is very deep, no need to move up to get anyone, it would be more prudent to try to get more picks this year, even if it means trading Wake.

Idiots talking about trade him?

We need more like him on the team.

Trade Hartline. Or should I say Flatline how he plays dead after every catch.


Pouncey could easily wind up in jail like his buddy A Hernandez. Is it worth the risk?


I would bring back Incognito if we can't find an upgrade. Which will be hard to do.

This is football? Right?

Solai over Starks.

LT Monroe, Albert then McKinney. In that order.

All of the o-line from free agency.

Even though I have love for Grimes I wouldn't give him a long term deal. Maybe 2 years tops.

FS Byrd,Ward, Clemons in that order.

I will wait on the LBs until next year.

Trade up for Eric Ebron.

Use Clay as a jack of all trades. Fb,Te,and split him out in the slot. He's in every play.

If you are going to go o-line then go all in.

Trade up for one of the best. Trade back into the first for another. Then pick one with the next pick.

I never really liked the jumping around thing.

What ever is the most pressing needs are go get it out the way.

I still hate our receivers.

Wallace is fast but he isn't a playmaker.

Hartline can catch but he isn't a playmaker.

I been dying for one forever.

Trade both Hartline and Wallace for draft picks.

Go get Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham.

Two playmakers on both sides.

My name got messed up

because you change it

Dashi wouldnt mind trading Pouncey for a RB.

I love Pouncy.

He's gotten much better much stronger and he's young.

I'm glad he didn't apologized for the free Hernandez hats.

Stand by your friends and family thru thick and thin.

His brother was a coward and like most people just do what people tell them or what society says is right or wrong.

Some of you are those fake people I'm talking about.

Make it bad for strong men. Most of you in the world are Martin.


Incognito didn't do anything wrong. I called a close friend gay slurs.

I been called gay slurs.

Man up America.

Well, if Ross wants to avoid a big lawsuit and bring J Martin back then he has to trade Pouncey.

The Wells report verified the discrimination and harrassment and provided ample ammunition for a big lawsuit.

Tired of the Dolphins always getting pennies on the dollar for their players. Lets see there was Satele. Drafted second round and then traded for a sixth. Vontae Davis drafted first round and then traded for a second. Marshall acquired for two seconds and traded for two thirds. This isn't how you build a championship team. Its not how the Pats do business.

You don't draft Pouncey 15th overall and then trade him for something else. This guy is one of the top centres in the league. He used bad judgement when it came to Martin. Hopefully he'll learn from this experience.

By the way, I think guys are kidding themselves if they think Alex Mack comes available. He'll be franchised or signed longterm. Cleveland has lots of cap space and won't let him walk.

Pouncey is too young to give up on. But, as with EVERY player, if a trade can be made that really helps the team I am all for it. I would not take less than a 1st rd pick, or another pro bowl calibre player for him.

The Dolphins have one of the worst head coaches in the NFL in terms of leadership and innovation. They have a GM whose record is worse than Ireland's record. They have a part-time owner. They have a lack of talent throughout the roster. They have not had a winning season in half a decade or won a playoff game in fourteen seasons.

They have messed up every opportunity to improve. They have a very unproven QB. The entire 2013 draft class may be a bust.

This is not a team ready to contend. This is not a young team in need of more talent. It is a team that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up by a competent GM and Head Coach.

2014 is going to be a dreadful season.

Pouncey at RG, yeah. But he was tried there last off season and Philbin apparently didn't like the result.

2014 is going to be a dreadful season.

Posted by: Sigh | February 28, 2014 at 10:35 AM

The team stinks ever year lol

Craig is Back!

Where ya been?

Typical Dolphins, will not do anything and will eventually lose him for nothing next year when he signs elsewhere. So much for the great capologist we have here. This has been a horrid practice this team truly excels at. We lost Long rather than trading him for some value.

This is yet another example of why this team needed to be blown out and restarted from zero, and that includes PLAYERS! I love Miami but it is not a place where a pro sport team can afford players with character issues because Miami as awesome as it is, it could also be a place where people with such character issues will not thrive. Pouncey is one of them.

I know it is painful to trade a guy with such talent otherwise but since we are in the process of rebuilding the entire OL why not trade him for much needed value and start bringing guys that can work as a unit. Look at NE for chrissakes, that is how it is done.

Yes we will lose a pro bowler but in all honesty we still had the worst OL in football because those guys did not work together and because of poor coaching, which brings me to Philbin. What a poor excuse of a head coach he is. I hope I am dead wrong but methinks this team will finish 8-8 again. That result must be unacceptable if indeed it happens and hopefully then Ross will mercifully sell the team or finally clean house and bring an analytic, younger and respected guy like Louis Riddick as the GM and Harbaugh as HC.

Because the draft can be such a crap shoot, I'd always lean towards keeping an established pro-bowl calibre player over draft picks.
The Brandon Marshall trade is a great example. The Bears go a pro bowl receiver, and the Phins got what with those picks?

Hickey will focus on the OL and CB with a RB thrown in at some point. They may try to sign a LB as well.

The result will be a defense ranked about 17th and an offense ranked about 28th. The record will be about 5-11. The DawnJoeHickey team will get another chance in 2015.

This is an early preseason prediction. I wish it were not so, but the state of the Dolphins is not good.


CNNSI had Chris Clemmons as a top 20 available in FA this year. I strongly disagree.he had a decent year last year but we could do better. If he expects to be paid as one of the better free agents this year, you let him walk. Also thinking we could replace a guy like Starks with a cheaper, younger DT. There are options out there.


Been busy,man. Lots going on. Been following from afar but I'm taking more of a wait and see approach with Hickey and Philbin right now.

One thing that GMs seem to lose focus on is that draft picks are given to each team FREE OF CHARGE. 7 free draft picks each year. So to trade a valuable commodity (an established player) away for something the other team gets absolutely free - there has to be a very compelling reason to do so. Some of the trades I've seen where teams get draft picks for already established players, they basically get almost nothing in return as the picks turned out to be duds.

I also think it would be a mistake to add a running back in FA. Add a cheaper, younger back with less mileage in the draft, say second or third round. Guys like Tate and Moreno are always nicked up and will be looking to cash in. Get your LT in FA, maybe Monroe or even Albert (although I like the kid in Oakland and Collins in Cinci) and look to draft a guy like Martin and play him at guard. By all accounts he'd make one Hell of a guard.

Sounds to me as if most commenters on here are Bills, Pats, and Jets fans...snow birds...yep, a bunch o' birds...anyone saying anything reasonable on here is wasting their time. To heck with fire Philbin or Hickey or Tannehill or Pouncey or Wheeler...heck fire the whole team, then Ross moves it to LA. Because very few on here deserve a football team. Trolls--90 percent of you. The other ten percent need to totally ignore these folks.

We should not overpay for free agents like we did last year. Any OL in Free Agency is available for a reason or their old team would have locked them up. Build your OL through the draft at the tackle position, add a guard in FA. They shoudl bring Delmas in for a look. You can draft a great RB in the third or fourth round rather than signing a FA with no threads left on the tires. FA's should compliment a team not establish a foundation.

Craig M,

I have read that the Browns are more likely to tag TJ Ward instead of Mack. Doesn't mean they will it is just what I've been reading.

Does it mean Miami goes after Mack, no! But Mack would be a very good and not overly expensive addition.


I like Mack a lot. He'll be expensive. I don't think. He'll be there but we'll see.

Jordan douche,

Perhaps the fans want Pouncey traded simply because he's a scumb@g.

He was in on the Cogs deal, smoking crack, and also wore a certain cap that only a lowlife would consider wearing.



Oh yeah, he also happens to be highly overrated.

Can't block for s h * t at the point of attack.

Watch him on any 3rd and short.

I told you guys they'd keep Pouncey. Pouncey is a great man in the community and among the best in the NFL at short yardage, FIRE ROSS you're an idiot. I played the game, could have turned pro if not for my mom. I was an ace punter in pee wee football, averaged 12 YPT, that's yards per punt. I remember once scoring on a fake punt, when the ball sailed out of my hands and out of the back of the endzone. I was clearly the best punter in all of Frog City, population six. I know more than all of you about this game. If you haven't played the game at a high level like I have then kindly STFup.


The last 2 Dashi post aren't me.


So Mike Pouncey's supposed to do it by himself? Here's the ignorance of this guy. Five guys on a line and it's Pouncey's fault that the line was brutal last year. Guess you've never watched football,bud....he's ONE of FIVE guys....

And why are you here? You're not even a fan of this team?


I wasn't referring to you with my first post. You made a logical argument into trading Pouncey.

I'm talking about the clown who impersonates Dashi. And who Called me an idiot cause I said I wouldn't draft a linemen. Even though I have explained myself plenty of times.

And I believe now that Hickey will at least draft 1 linemen. Probably a RT in the 2nd or 3rd.

Trade Pouncey? Are you kidding?

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