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Mike Pouncey is in the Dolphins future

In the days following the release of the Ted Wells report there were questions what the Dolphins would do with center Mike Pouncey.

Would they trade Pouncey because he was implicated, along with Richie Incognito and John Jerry, as the alleged tormentors of Jonathan Martin?

Would they cut Pouncey?

Would they bring Pouncey back regardless of possible NFL sanctions (read suspension) for his part in the scandal?

Well, we have the answer, beyond the idea that Pouncey is not on the trade block, which I reported Feb. 17 wasn't an immediate issue:

The Dolphins are committed to Mike Pouncey. Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey told WMEN's Orlando Alzugaray Thursday that he has spoken with Pouncey in the past month and "is excited about the future."

And according to a club source, both Hickey and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte met with Pouncey's agent Joel Segal while at the Indianapolis Combine last week and shared a similar sentiment from the club.

That doesn't mean all is settled.

Right now, Pouncey is scheduled to hit the final year (2014) of his fully guaranteed $9.259 million rookie deal. That deal will pay Pouncey $1.63 million in 2014. But the Dolphins are able to pick up an option year on Pouncey in May that would tie him to the team for a fifth year through 2015.

The Dolphins fully intend to pick up that option, according to a club source.

But here's the thing: Pouncey, perhaps the second-best player on the Dolphins offense and the only player left from the offensive line of the past two seasons, doesn't necessarily want to play under his rookie deal for a fifth year.

Pouncey will want an extension.

So what will happen at that point?

Two options: The Dolphins, not needing more holes on the offensive line, will have to entertain the extension idea (very likely). Or the Dolphins might consider trading Pouncey then (not very likely, but it's an option that cannot be dismissed).

All that isn't an issue now but the matter will have to be addressed before the 2014 regular-season begins.

The key short-term issue is waiting on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to see if he hands down any disciplinary action against Pouncey -- not to mention Jerry and Incognito -- to determine if the only remaining starting offensive lineman on the Dolphins roster will have to serve a suspension.

On that issue, Pouncey has heard unofficially from the NFL Players Association that he is not likely to get suspended, according to a source. But, of course, the NFLPA doesn't determine whether there is or isn't a suspension from the league.

So that remains the most important question on the table. Until it isn't.


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Again if Coyle is not going to play Jordan we may as well get something for him.

I can't believe Coyle said he prefers Misi against the run. Meanwhile running backs are running free in our secondary and we can't stop them.

Jordan = Another Irescum bust

Anyone else read the CBS report that the Fins are looking to trade Jordan, Wake & Wallace?

Rebuild year 7.

Anyone else read the CBS report that the Fins are looking to trade Jordan, Wake & Wallace?

Rebuild year 7.

Posted by: nyfinfan | February 28, 2014 at 03:40 PM

wallace is useless without a qb.

Anyone else remember that article with La Canfora bashing us despite all the cap space.

I think this is just speculation. At least I hope it is anyway.

La Canfora mentioned Misi as a D-End, so I'm hoping he's just really uniformed.

2 watt,

Kind of funny how these players flourish elsewhere and come to Miami and tank. Point was I'm sick and tired of rebuilding.

Guess Philbin has more say than Hickey and they are going to stick around for while if they are letting them blow things up.

Man, everything points to a big fukkk up our way


Misi played DE before they moved him to LB. He's a better run stopper than coverage guy. A "C" guy.

Anyone else read the CBS report that the Fins are looking to trade Jordan, Wake & Wallace?

Rebuild year 7.

Posted by: nyfinfan | February 28, 2014 at 03:40 PM

Ross wants 70 mill in cap space to put in his pocket.

From LaCanfora:

"Speculation will immediately turn to Philadelphia, since Eagles Chip Kelly used Jordan to such great impact at Oregon.

But it should mostly stand as a reminder of the continual dysfunction in Miami, where the constantly changing courses keep them from ever pointing in a straight line."

Even the Cleveland Browns think the Dolphins are a dysfunctional mess. :)

At this rate, we may become a playoff team, around the time Ryan Tannehill announces his retirement.

This is probably the year with the most holes to fill since I have been a dolphan (30!)

I don't think we got the right people in place to handle a job of this magnitude

I predict doom days for th fins

A fukkk up is coming!

A fukkk up is coming!

Be strong dolphans, darker times ahead

That is not right. If Incognito got suspended and Jerry looks like will be suspended, then the third "Tormentor" of "Baby Cakes" Martin should also be castigated in some way. Incognito, it looks to me, got the raw end of the deal on this one. Without a trial or even an investigation he got suspended and had to fight to get his pay. While the other two"Tormentors" got away free and clear. That ain't right. If that was to happen I hope Incognito sues the NFL, the Phins, Coach Philbin and Ross and anybody else he can think of. What happened to Incognito is blatantly unjust!

Shopping Dion Jordan vehemently signals one thing:

"The Ireland/Philbin Rift Hit Its Peak Draft Day 2013."

The same moment Roger Goddell announced:

"The Miami Dolphins have traded up to the #3 spot, and select.........."

Wow, if you're announcing you're looking to trade your #3 overall pick one season after drafting him, you're lucky to get a "3RD RD" pick in return, at best.

Teams just do not put #3 overall picks on the trading blocks "single season" after drafting them unless something's "seriously wrong. Trade partners out there know this too.

Another HUGE FINS BLUNDER. Now, we basically trade a 1st and 2nd rd pick, to recieve a "3rd rd pick" at best in return. Wow!

Looks like the Dolphins were in FAR BETTER SHAPE during their EXPANSION SEASON than they are now.


I would take our 1-15 season over what we have become now. :)

LOL at people who think the Dolphins are really going to trade Jordan. Pre draft smoke screens.

They need to shop TannePuke too before he's as worthless as Henne became.

Post removed?? For calling Martin a "Momma's boy"? really? Martin created this nonsense because he wanted to get closer to home on the west coast. Politically correct idiots at the Miami Herald cannot accept the majority viewpoint of fans---you do not walk out on teammates during the season. Martin, that clown almost caused a complete collapse of our OL and Tannehill was already being hit too often--especially without giving them a chance to correct the problem. Why delete my post, (ahh! poor baby, that Martin) when everyone knows Martin cannot possibly return to the Dolphins' locker room? He's not wanted and his play does not warrant dealing with the headache. I, like many people and players around the league--say Martin can take his butt back to the west coast and should have stood up, and not taken this lying down. He's not wanted here and this mess is indeed overblown. So we're bad people here because Martin suffered some verbal taunts and inappropriate, over-the-top sexually explicit speech and taunts in a NFL locker room??? I'm sorry, I forgot how mediocre NFL wages are to put up with nonsense. I also forgot just how important NFL play was to the security and welfare of the nation.

Concerned neighbors called police to the home of Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito Wednesday after seeing a baseball bat laying next to his battered new black Ferrari FF. They feared the football player had been the victim of a vandal, when actually it was Incognito himself who trashed his own car.

CBS Miami reported Incognito took the bat to his car in a fit of rage. There were red shirts hanging from the car with Incognito's name written on them, according to TMZ. Fox 10 reached out to Incognito for an explanation as to why he would batter his own luxury sports car.

"Oh that was that was just me venting, that was self expression, that's a piece of art," Incognito told Fox 10.

Incognito has struggled with anger management issues in the past. He wrecked his car just weeks after an NFL investigation found him and two other offensive linemen had engaged in harassing fellow teammates. In 2009 he was named the NFL's 'dirtiest player.' Incognito was suspended from play in November.

Man we are looking to trade the best talent for what ?

Hickey to try his luck on the rookie roulette table. Its a nightmare FO and HC that we have here. Why get rid of these good players to get picks for a guy that pplayed his part in a 17-52 Bucs side ?

Hickey is a rookie GM witha pathetic records as a pro personnel director. Hickey makes Ireland look good and we wnat to throw Wallace, Wake and Jordan away for 2nd and 3rd round picks for Hickey to play with.

What message does that send out to other young players. Jordan wasn't even given a chance, becuase Philbin wanted to make Ireland look bad. WE all know DawnJoe puts his personal feelings before the good of the Dolphins: See Mike Sherman, Ritchie and Turner.

What a cluster fuc !!!

So if dion Jordan is the big impact player a lot of people been saying he is, looks like it will be for another team. Lol. What a joke this once proud franchise has become a huge joke

Jordan at OLB or Tweener could still be a force. Other teams bring their talent along, we sell ours down the river. Philbin man you are the pits, a joke of a coach that can't control his players or get them motivated.

Philbin is so much worse a coach that Ireland was a GM, or Thill is a QB.

The Fish get rid of their best players every year. This is nothing new. Welker, Marshall, Long, Dansby, Bush, Smith, Carpenter.

Posted by: CHEAP FISH | February 28, 2014 at 04:37 PM

Maybe Hickey can get a 7th rounder for Charles Clay or a ^th rounder for Vernon. No control over the team, zero leadership or brains a truly pathetic combination.

The only way I could see us getting rid of Jordan is in a 1st rd pick swap (so we can get a LT) and an extra 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

The problem is their are a lot of good 3-4 OLB's in this draft. It could be a good move for us given all the solid Guards in rds 2-4.

Maybe they use Jordan to move up to draft Manziel

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 28, 2014 at 04:55 PM

So we get stuck with Wheeler and an untested Jenkins. Jordan was also injured last season too. Coyle doesn't have much of a clue and Philbin is lost in space. Dr Smith had more balls than Philbin.

Slowly it has become evident that Ireland was the worst thing ever to come through our organization.

One would hope Goodell would deal with the Ray Rice and other thugs arrested recently BEFORE dealing with Pouncey.
Of course, worth Goodell soundly in the corner of Robert Kraft, anything is possible.
Guilt by association, innuendo, not exactly the American way.

Pouncey has some problems that need to be worked on, BUT, any intelligent club official should be fired if they suggest that the Dolphins give up on Pouncey.

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