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NFL Network: It's possible Martin returns to Dolphins

Not long after the problems between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin surfaced it became obvious neither player had a future with the Dolphins.

The Dolphins wanted to divest from Incognito and had no intention of bringing him back. That was reported in this space early on during the scandal.

Soon, it also became clear Martin's future could not possibly be with the Dolphins, either. Players in the locker room were divided on him only in that some didn't care if he returned while others saw him as something of a quitter or worse and wanted no part of him on the team again.

No one actively campaigned for bringing him back. No one.

And it was reported in this space that Martin indeed would not be brought back but rather he'd be either traded or perhaps released. That was confirmed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross a couple of weeks ago when he was asked if either of the two players would play for Miami again.

"I don't believe so," he said.

But now this ...

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said on Wednesday night's Total Access that Martin may return to play for the Dolphins.

"As far as Jonathan Martin's future, I am told he does in fact want to play in 2014; he is excited about it and I am also told that his people have been in contact with the Dolphins on some level over the past couple weeks," RapSheet said.

"At the beginning of this, we all thought that there was no chance Jonathan Martin would return to the Dolphins because of the atmosphere. Now that the atmosphere has changed, I am told it is not outside the realm of possibility that Martin does return to the Dolphins when it's all said and done."

Pardon me while my mind explodes.




Composing myself ....




Still gathering ....




Alright, let's attempt to analyze this. First, with respect to Rapoport and his outstanding reporting, I don't believe Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again.

There has been a change in general manager but no change in atmosphere. Sure the next gathering of Dolphins players in a locker room will not include Incognito. Indeed, four-fifths of the offensive line might be gone next season.

But Mike Pouncey is still around. Brian Hartline is still around. Ryan Tannehill is still around. Players that were bothered, if not wholly angered by how Martin and his camp conducted his departure from the team and then slimed the team afterward are on the team. That has not changed.

Secondly, how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we'll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready.

I am not doubting the reporting here. I am doubting the agenda of the source, however. It's simple: The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that. Ross let that slip and then tried to take it back during his press conference (Ross doing Ross) but that's not how it works. It was transparent that Miami wants to go in another direction.

So how does one rehabilitate that?

By saying, through sources or back channels, that Martin might return. By reaching out to Martin and letting him believe he has a future in Miami. By selling the idea that you, the Dolphins, may not necessarily trade this really good, really valuable left tackle after all.

There are only two small problems with this: 

It is not likely to work unless you sell it really hard -- as in having general manager Dennis Hickey actually saying on the record the Dolphins might keep Martin and then actually letting him join the team for whatever work players will gather for in the early offseason. (Yeah, that would really help team chemistry and bonding.)

Secondly, you would have to be really dumb to keep this wound open and festering rather than simply cutting out the infected area and saving the rest of your body.


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This is a complete non factor. he won't be good enough to play for Miami next year anyway after the draft and free agency. Unless he wants to play left guard... but he may accuse Sam Brenner of tickling his balls next year when he finds out he won't be playing tackle.

I'm interested in what the free agent market for Martin would be.

The guy had a decent pedigree coming into the draft (LT on those Andrew Luck Stanford teams) that led to the Dolphins taking him in the 2nd round.

However he has never demonstrated anything close to starting LT talent (or RT talent for that matter). You didn't need to be an OL coach to notice how Tannehill was being thrown around like a rag-doll or that the Dolphins couldn't run to Martin's side.

Now add to this the Incognito stuff. Even if you are one of the dwindling few who believe Martin's side 100%, you are still dealing with a player who, quite uniquely, quit on his team-mastes and publicly betrayed their confidence by airing the organizations by airing dirty laundry in public. I don't doubt that more than a few NFL players would want no part of jonathan Martin in their locker room.

Backup-level talent + perceived quitter + record of betraying internal confidence does not = big FA offers. He'll be lucky to get a one year deal at the veteran mininum.

This is a complete non factor. he won't be good enough to play for Miami next year anyway after the draft and free agency. Unless he wants to play left guard... but he may accuse Sam Brenner of tickling his balls next year when he finds out he won't be playing tackle.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 13, 2014 at 12:20 PM

Nice. Martin will never be a starter in the NFL again. He may pick up somewhere as cannon fodder, but that's about it. 1. he's not any good. 2. no locker room will trust him, he'll have few friends and that can't be good for his play. 3. Can you imagine the sort of trash talk he's going to hear on the field? I would pay to hear what opposing Ds are going to say to him? If Cogs' rather innocent mom and sis cracks were bad enough to make him snap and supposedly check into a hospital, what's he going to do when D linemen wear his family, proverbially speaking, on their heads like hats? What a joke

We need depth on the O-line, keep him as a back up and let the locker room work out their issues.
We'll know early in camp if there are any problems.

The more we hear about Incognito the more we realize what a total jackass he is.

I agree Gary - he's been the worst tackle in the league two years running - then you add in all the whistle-blowing ... he's done.


I agree with you 100%, you cannot let this guy back. He quit on the team, threw his teammates under the bus, and brought a rediculous amount of negative scrutiny to the franchise when the team was poised for a playoff run and further hurt the most underperforming unit on the team.

My only disagreement with you comes with the sound logic you propose when you state;

"Secondly, you would have to be really dumb to keep this wound open and festering rather than simply cutting out the infected area and saving the rest of your body."

I am sure in hindsight you may agree we have seen enough from this "leadership" team that doing "really dumb" things is not out of the realm for them. Wish it wasn't true!

f4l, I was almost snickering typing up about Barr because he is pretty similar to Jordan - including size in college and backgrounds as former TEs.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 13, 2014 at 12:09 PM


When I post that Barr is better than any OLB on our roster I do so with the understanding that Coyle is still the DC and he's hell bent for whatever reason into turning DJ into a one-dimensional pass rushing end.

I'm not an NFL G.M. but if I were it would only make sense to me (especially in the FA ERA) to plan my picks thinking a few moves ahead. Something lost on Ireland when you simply analyze the fiasco of moves that made the Pouncey pick a need.

I would take Barr at 19 (although got a feeling he's gone in Top-12) to pair with DJ at OLB but in a move back to the 3/4. In this scenario Barr is my WOLB (Rushing LB) I watched him Vs. a good Stanford OL BLAST QB Kevin Hogan repeatedly. DJ is my WOLB (Plays over T.E. and must cover) were I use his coverage ability to free up my F.S. Centerfield.

I then move Misi into the middle (been saying it and called crazy for it) were you use his tackling skills to plug while I groom J.Jenkins to be the SAM LB eventually replacing Ellerbee jettisoning both he and Wheeler before 2015 in turn freeing up CAP Space.

In this scenario resigning Solia is priority then looking to draft Oregon DE Taylor Hart Rd-4 to replace the departed Starks. If not there Bama's Ed Stinson is a player as well as Cal's DeAndre Coleman. In these moves you may add a stop gap DE while working the Rookie in but you maybe give yourself the best set of OLB's with Bigger ILB presence.

It also looks at freeing up an additional 14 Mil. by 2015. But like I said not my job and someone will post it reminding me that I know nothing!

The more we hear about Incognito the more we realize what a total jackass he is.

Posted by: Shula 73 | February 13, 2014 at 12:36 PM

Right. Like probably half the players in the NFL, past, present and future. So his crime is being a a-hole meathead. Like he's the first or last. Read all the 1,000-plus texts. I did. JM did a damn good 'Cogs' jackass impression in those conversations. And don't say he was pressured to talk like that. Just as many times it was JM initiating conversation and rude talk and volunteering details of his exploits without being asked. wake up

So, mando...
You think the Fins are trying to build a case for a team to trade for Martin, and you want any prospective traders to be certain, Martin is actually going to be cut, and there is no need for some other team to give up any compensation to the Dolphins for him.......
I'm sure all of us fans and the Dolphins appreciate you pointing this out...

What a guy!!

That's why we all think so highly of you...

I say bring him back. We burned a second round pick on the guy. He has talent and good potential ( size, goot feet, moves well , intelligence) . OLine is a huge weakness. Bring the guy to camp and let him compete. All of the locker room stuff it B.S. These guys are professionals and they need to get over it ( and they will). All professional environments have issues with interpersonal relationships. It will blow over and if the guy can develop, we can have a solid player for many years to come. Five years from now, it will be a footnote.


ESPN actually were the 1st to report this last Night! Caught it after the HEAT Vs. Suns game (Did any of you see LeBron hit that Ice-In-his-Veins 3!) The report says and I quote!

Jonathan Martin wishes to resume NFL career, status in air as Miami Dolphins retain exclusive rights for 2 Yrs.


If Rappaport later added the twist or it circled in the air, I chalk it right up there with the Skip Bayless report that the HEAT were attempting to trade LeBron James before he opts out to Clippers for Blake, so he could go play for good buddy Doc!

I'm sure Riley got a real chuckle out of that one like the one I get from this report!

"how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room?"

I think the way they've comported themselves in the last several years answers that question...

f4l, if only our coaching staff had the same vision you did. The reason coaches like Belicheck and Harbaugh are the best at what they do is not because they are married to a system and refuse to bend until the y have the players to play it - it's because they take what they have and use it to their maximum. how many differetn offenses and defenses have the pats ran in their current Brady-Belicheck 12 year run? Many...

Man, a Barr-Jordan OLB tandem could be legendary - but our DC can't find a way to get this guy on the field with underperforming players ahead of him ... woe is us.

F4L what about D. Ford in that same role you mention for Barr?

I hope they sign a free agent LT and Guard.

at pick 19 i really hope Z.Martin is still there. this would really solidify our line and Garner and Brenner can battle for the remaining spot.

Then in round 2 or 3 Daquan Jones from Penn State to replace Starks or Solia.

After that MLB and FS.

would like to see them make a run at FB John Kuhn from packers.

Just cut Martin right after the report comes out and close the wound. We can't trade him..

BTW, I've mention the same for Misi. I've never seen him be any good rushing the passer and has good covers skills and good run D skills. Putting him inside is a no brainer IMHO.

Excuse me the HEAT played Golden St. last night, the Suns and Trai-Blazers before!

I'd bring Martin back also. He started his 1st 2 years and he'll just get better given the better environment around him. He could end up starting for another 10 years.

I'd put Martin on Ebay and start the bidding at 7th rounder.

Ricky Williams quit and came back very effectively. J Martin will also IMO. It may or may not be for us.

Martin was terrible even when he played as we all know. See if they can get anything for him if not let him go and end this fiasco.

Misi is definitely our best tackler. That tackle he made in the Jets game on the fourth and short was some sweet action.

F4L what about D. Ford in that same role you mention for Barr?

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 13, 2014 at 12:52 PM

D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E-D in BCS Title game Vs. a good FSU OL! Although Barr has better size to be a 3/4 WOLB. My only hang up on Ford would be the run game in that D but I believe he will be a very good pass rusher in the Pro game as well.

Yeah mark, I don't think Misi will light up many highlight reals but he's a very solid player.

I agree on Misi; I thought he was an inside backer from the get go. Also like Martin in the first, he looks like a pro already. I would go ahead and get a guard in this draft though. If you can't afford to get one early, Linder looks good late.

I hate Coyle's D. The soft corner play especially.

Shula diff is Ricky is one of the best to ever play the position (even if stats don't back that up - never thought I'd say that) and martin is one of the worst. Talent gets you a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance.

Personally I would let Starks walk and trade Wake while he still has value. This frees up a ton of cap space which should be used partly on the best MLB or OLB available in FA. Then we need to get our 2013 #1 pick into the mix. Get Jordan on the field.

Mark I pretty much agree and I love Ricky, the difference is I think Martin can be an average RT in another year or two and you dont.

Mando is spot on the money here. This as a face saving measure to try to generate interest in a trade for Martin.

Not to mention, Martin was not one of philbins "guys" according to reports. He wanted Albert at LT. Martin represents an "Ireland" pick and that is further reason that the team will distance itself from Martin but not without trying to recoup a draft pick for him.

What makes anybody think that Martin could walk back into the Dolphins locker room?? This is national media no news fodder. It is some idiot with dumb speculation. Martin will never wear a Dolphins uniform, officially anyway what he does with his gay self at night is beyond my scope of thinking, again!!

Dolphins sure to pick best power forward they can...this team is so screwed up...not even a shadow of its former self.....

Of course the defensive failures fall directly on Coyle as they should. He got the players he wanted in FA and was responsible for the scheme and calls. He failed miserably as the 2013 D was worse than the 2012 D. We spend over 60% of our cap on the defensive side of the ball. Just not acceptable.

I cannot believe I am stuck in NYC when I should be about 1 hour outside of Rome, Italy by now....being grounded SUXXXX!!
This storm steals about 2 days from my European tour. Italy for 7 days, France for 3 days. Then 2 weeks in Spain and Portugal, incl the Azores of course!!


Just this very Yr. we saw the Pats perennially 3/4 D go 4/3 after Wilfork, Mayo and Co. went down. They 1st played Hightower at MLB then moved him back out plugging J.Collins inside. They also moved Nincovich from OLB to DE in the scheme with C.Jones sliding inside and out platooning with A.Carter at DE. It really was something watching this but then you must remember that before N.E. Belichik played a predominantly base 4/3 going back to his Giants days when he used LT and Carl Banks at OLB with Harry Carson followed by Gary Reasons and Peper Johnson Inside.

In 91 Giants SB run I remember them going HYBRID in S.F. with Peper inside with Reasons and Leonard Marshall (who BLASTED Montana into outer-space that day) at NT after they lost Jim Burt. I've seen the hoodie do it time and again with last Yr. his MASTERPIECE! A balanced attack at the onset Baby-Stepping Brady in 01 to pass happy machine to run-oriented last Yr. Our Coaches would be lost en-route to a 2-14 finish if saddled with all the injuries they had last Yr. We couldn't even make adjustments at the half this Yr. which were the difference in some tough losses to Baltimore, Carolina and Buffalo at home without mentioning the adjustment to the D Vs. Atlanta which nearly lost that game!

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the idea of Martin returning to the Dolphins. Why? Ross is uber-concerned about 'what he perceives' the team's image is.
Consider, he suspends (indefinitely) a starting LG without any investigation but "invites" the NFL to do their own investigation. Later on he then comes out of left field with a statement welcoming M Sam. Why? Pretty simple to me, he's an idiot who thinks this PC crap is going to make everything alright.

Write this on your chalk board....Martin will NEVER don a Dolphins uniform again! He is hated in that locker room. He quit on his brothers. He is a RAT. He has zero cred in the Dolphins locker room. In fact he will have issues in any locker room he winds up in. He will never be trusted 100% or accepted.

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I have donated my customary hour or 2 to this wonderful blog. I am outta here. Gotta move snow around my car so that when the airport is open I can run. Have a good few weeks guys. I will be busy and will not be on here until Im back in March!

I say bring back Martin and McKinnie. They are both good players. I would let Matin play the right tackle again and Mckinnie the left side. Martin can be the backup to the left tackle position, should Mckinnie get hurt. Folks, you may not believe what i am about to say; but I am going to say it anyway. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR PRESENT OFFENSIVE LINE. When Matt Moore or Pat Devlin came into the game; the offensive line held without issue EVERYTIME! (Check the preseason and regular season games) This fact will help discerning individuals to see clearly where the problem lies! IT IS TANNEHILL, PEOPLE. His awkward play calling among other issues is retarding the entire offense. I believe that we have invested enough time into this Tannehill project. When all is said and done, we all will see that Tannehill is a lesser clone of Chad Henne. I say lesser, because Chad Henne can throw the deep pass. Tannehill is tough player but he is a backup at best. He will not play any better next season than he did the past season. Everyone thought that Henne would make the next step in his 3rd season. I knew that he would not and neither will Tannehill. However, I am fair. There needs to be a real qb competition. If one is held and enforced; Pat Devlin will likely win, with Matt Moore being the backup. We have sacrificed two seasons to the Tannehill project. It is time to move on. If Philbin continues to try to force the qb circle into a qb square with the qb situation, becuase Tannehill was a 1st round draft pick, then he deserves what he is going to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That has to be the dumbest post we have ever seen. we all though marco and marc were bad. holy cowwwwwwwww

Bill, yes, he is a rat of the worst kind. And yes there would probably be a revolt in the locker room. But I wouldn't put anything past Ross. He's more worried about the teams image (and by extension, his image) than W/L


If the Miami Dolphins even let Jonathon Martin within 10 miles of their training facility we, as fans, should boycott every single Dolphin game as long as that sorry ass quitter is with the team. I cannot fathom the Dolphins allowing Martin in the locker room again. For that matter I cannot understand ANY other team wanting this soft, fat, quitter on their roster. If the Dolphins have any BALLS, they would release Martin the second that the Wells report is made public.

Yeah mark, I don't think Misi will light up many highlight reals but he's a very solid player.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 13, 2014 at 01:09 PM

At 6'3"/255 Pds Koa Misi would be a presence Inside, I like a few here have posted also believe him one of the surest Tacklers on our team . When he has his guy in front of him Koa usually puts him down on contact begging the question of having him explode into a hole on a ball carrier. I also like him dealing with shedding Guards at his size and strength in the 2nd level. If you guys paid close attention to the Ravens 2012 Post-Season run you know that when Ray Lewis came back it was Jameel McClain who went to the bench while they used Lewis as a plugger from Tackle to Tackle allowing SAM LB Ellerbee to roam back in coverage.

This is were excelled, Dannell's agent and him saw Dollar signs and who can blame them but he didn't factor playing a completely new position. We signed him and moved him into a completely different role were he needed to read the run and react to the pass as opposed to playing the pass on most downs. Heck when in long down and distance they pulled Ray off the field altogether and let McClain play the pass roaming underneath Ellerbee.

I saw it Vs. the Broncos, Pats and S.F. in the SB. The one time the 49ers caught Lewis on the field Kaep failed to hit Delaney Walker on what would have been a huge play! I believe in the 3/4 with a bigger Backer roaming underneath cleaning up the run game Ellerbee is an asset back in coverage. I just feel Coyle is lost without Zim and in over his head scheme-wise. We don't have the Bengals personnel up-front and are better suited in the other scheme almost man for man!

Oscar used to stare me down in the shower when we were in the planning stages for the attack on the Moncada barracks.

Te recuerdas Oscarito?


Ay, como te estraño

still need
a qb

Somebody please give bond, david bond a drug test. Let's all hope he fails it. As it would explain the dumb ass post he just posted.

Hey Idiot.Idiot; idiots dismiss the obvious. If someone is willing to provide viewable facts that can be seen by everyone, why would any logical thinking person refuse to view it and consider it!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh the ole "viewable facts" gee funny that is the same exact line marco always uses. now we have CONCRETE evidence that you are marco/bond, david bond.

viewable facts that can be seen by everyone. gee now marco speaks for everyone. is JJ, Terry Bradshaw, Parcells, Ireland, Philbin, Sherman, Gruden, Marino, Cowher, Dungy, Hickey, Evans...everyone? cuz they all agree that Tannehill can be a starter in the NFL. so do we listen to some anonymous troll on an internet blog or do we listen to the experts?

if Martin comes back so does all the attention again....

cut him...cutcutcutcutcutcut

Will someone please tell me where the logic is in dismissing logic! If the OL is the issue then it would continue to be the issue no matter who is quarterbacking the team! However, if the OL struggles ONLY when a certain person is quarterbacking the team;(Tannehill); then what should any logical thinking person conclude?


bond, david bond = marco

Posted by: bond, david bond | February 13, 2014 at 01:33 PM

dumb, very dumb....

My kittycat is named 'Mister Sprinkles!' He is so funny!

Shula, that I can't argue. i don't believe that Martin will ever amount to anything more than a cheap mexican food induced turd on the front lawn of Dolphins headquarters as far as a football player goes...

Bond just lies with NO facts. he said that devlin and moore had no sacks in pre season and OL played well!!

Dallas 3 sacks TH-0 Moore-1 Devlin-2
Jax 2 sacks TH-1 Moore-1
Texans 6 sacks TH-2 Moore-4
Bucs 4 sacks TH-1 Devlin-3
Saints 4 sacks Devlin-4

so your BS lies are just that bond/marco

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