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NFL Network: It's possible Martin returns to Dolphins

Not long after the problems between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin surfaced it became obvious neither player had a future with the Dolphins.

The Dolphins wanted to divest from Incognito and had no intention of bringing him back. That was reported in this space early on during the scandal.

Soon, it also became clear Martin's future could not possibly be with the Dolphins, either. Players in the locker room were divided on him only in that some didn't care if he returned while others saw him as something of a quitter or worse and wanted no part of him on the team again.

No one actively campaigned for bringing him back. No one.

And it was reported in this space that Martin indeed would not be brought back but rather he'd be either traded or perhaps released. That was confirmed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross a couple of weeks ago when he was asked if either of the two players would play for Miami again.

"I don't believe so," he said.

But now this ...

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said on Wednesday night's Total Access that Martin may return to play for the Dolphins.

"As far as Jonathan Martin's future, I am told he does in fact want to play in 2014; he is excited about it and I am also told that his people have been in contact with the Dolphins on some level over the past couple weeks," RapSheet said.

"At the beginning of this, we all thought that there was no chance Jonathan Martin would return to the Dolphins because of the atmosphere. Now that the atmosphere has changed, I am told it is not outside the realm of possibility that Martin does return to the Dolphins when it's all said and done."

Pardon me while my mind explodes.




Composing myself ....




Still gathering ....




Alright, let's attempt to analyze this. First, with respect to Rapoport and his outstanding reporting, I don't believe Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again.

There has been a change in general manager but no change in atmosphere. Sure the next gathering of Dolphins players in a locker room will not include Incognito. Indeed, four-fifths of the offensive line might be gone next season.

But Mike Pouncey is still around. Brian Hartline is still around. Ryan Tannehill is still around. Players that were bothered, if not wholly angered by how Martin and his camp conducted his departure from the team and then slimed the team afterward are on the team. That has not changed.

Secondly, how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we'll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready.

I am not doubting the reporting here. I am doubting the agenda of the source, however. It's simple: The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that. Ross let that slip and then tried to take it back during his press conference (Ross doing Ross) but that's not how it works. It was transparent that Miami wants to go in another direction.

So how does one rehabilitate that?

By saying, through sources or back channels, that Martin might return. By reaching out to Martin and letting him believe he has a future in Miami. By selling the idea that you, the Dolphins, may not necessarily trade this really good, really valuable left tackle after all.

There are only two small problems with this: 

It is not likely to work unless you sell it really hard -- as in having general manager Dennis Hickey actually saying on the record the Dolphins might keep Martin and then actually letting him join the team for whatever work players will gather for in the early offseason. (Yeah, that would really help team chemistry and bonding.)

Secondly, you would have to be really dumb to keep this wound open and festering rather than simply cutting out the infected area and saving the rest of your body.


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THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR PRESENT OFFENSIVE LINE. When Matt Moore or Pat Devlin came into the game; the offensive line held without issue EVERYTIME! (Check the preseason and regular season games) This fact will help discerning individuals to see clearly where the problem lies! IT IS TANNEHILL, PEOPLE.

Posted by: bond, david bond | February 13, 2014 at 01:33 PM

see above idiot

The two biggest idiots of "NFL Insiders" Jason La Canfora and basically ANYONE that works for the NFL Network.

jim harbaugh and andrew luck have both said glowing things about johnathon martin. both said they would welcome him as a team member. i respect their opinions and concur. incognito has been a total jerk everyplace he has landed going back to his college days. ross was silent after the golf course incident when he(incognito) should have been prosecuted.

Bond, go back to school, Tannehill outproduced Moore in two consecutive preseasons and the line only looked worse when Moore played in that time...

incognito = jerk

martin = pussy, quitter, weirdo, loser, mama's boy,

yeah stupid homrs
evry1 elses
fault xcept

the ol's fault

greg z,

I doubt the 49'rs would give Martin the time of day. All Harbough and Luck were doing was giving Martin a pass since they coached or played with him. They did not want to throw the kid under the bus. (Like Martin and his camp did with Incognito).

Has anyone ever remembered a single thing that anybody posted here two minutes after reading it?

Why do some of you write these long-winded novels that nobody cares about or will even remember? What a total waste of time.

Mark its not bond its marco acting like his british hero david bond....a fake hero at that. don't you brits have any real heroes?

If Martin returns to the Dolphins, then this will be the last thing required to classify this team as the worst in the NFL as management concerns.
None of these two morons (Martin or Incognito) deserves to play again in this team. They can have second chances in a different one, but impossible in the Dolphins. Unless of course the staff wants to keep a rotten atmosphere, gossip, stigma, etc etc in the locker room. No way !

idiot, david idiot.
British heroes? Does Mr. Bean count?



COGS is a jerk....has been kicked off of just about EVERY team he played for.....including college......the only team he probably wasn't kicked off was his little league baseball team.....coached by his father...who also sounds like a complete jerk.....

Martin may not have handled the situation the way some of you or I would have...but he HANDLED IT NONETHELESS.....

Results....by any means necessary.....COGS showed his true colors with his recent tweets....he isn't even smart enough to wait for the report exonerate him (or NOT)....

If you truly support COGS.....it speaks VOLUMES of your CHARACTER.....even on on the net....

greg z,

I doubt the 49'rs would give Martin the time of day. All Harbough and Luck were doing was giving Martin a pass since they coached or played with him. They did not want to throw the kid under the bus. (Like Martin and his camp did with Incognito).

Posted by: albert | February 13, 2014 at 02:16 PM

I agree for starters Martin couldn't crack a back up job on that 49ers OL. In the NFC Champ game after Lupati went down they had that Guard Snyder come in and do a great job for most of that game. The Tackles are Staley and Davis both Pro Bowl players. He may have a shot in Indy were the OL is horrendous and maybe Luck could get him a job but out of need given our cast off Guard D.Thomas is one of there starters and Costanzo is terrible to mediocre in a aspects.


It's simple: The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that.
- Mando

Mando believes that trade value is due to secrecy but it is not: trade value is a function of supply & demand. The NFL has to start 64 tackles every week that is the demand. There are X number of tackles qualified to start every week, that is the supply. If I need a tackle everybody knows it already there is no secrecy involved.

Martin comes from a family of lawyers. How can you believe anything he says. Ross bringing Martin back into the Dolphin locker room would fit his wit perfectly. Ross has not done anything right so far.
Good luck Incognito.

just an example of a biased media pushing the envelope hoping thats what they do.

Its all about hating Miami in the end.


Was revealed by Incog's lawyer (sandpaper condoms) that paved the way for Michael Sam to come out also.

Kris, I'm still waiting to see what exactly it is that Cogs did to martin... all I've seen is an exchange of tweets on the same level between two guys. In poor taste yes, but each gave as good as they got.

I understand where you're coming from but I'm not sure any evidence exists to support martin's claims.

It's not about agreeing, or disagreeing with Mando about a Martin return. What Mando is doing here is exposing the ever continuing missteps of a dysfunctional organization. This is (yet again) another perfect example of a consistent and perpetual pattern of miscalculation.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | February 13, 2014 at 01:11 PM


I guess I'm in the minority that sees Starks as a special player. I have seen him have some take over the game moments.

I wonder what would happen if we took a different approach and acted like we really wanted him on this team.

IMO that would create the kind of leaders we need on the field.

Not always worrying about market value and how many years they may or may not have left.

Maybe I'm seeing it wrong but it looked to me like we created the early season rift with him by giving him a take it or leave ultimatum on his contract.

There is a fine line between winning, keeping the players you need, and keeping your financial house in perfect order. There are times your going to have to splurge if you want to win.

Why not sit down with him and say we wnat you to be here what can we do keep you??

It seems like thats a better approach than take or leave it.

I had more intelligent and mature conversations in 7th grade than the moronic discourse between Martin and Incognito.

It's just "jock talk?" No, more like mouth breathing IMBECILE talk.

Miami, wash your hand of BOTH of these juvenile clowns.

Who cares. This topic is boring and old!

Mondo your whole writing careeris based off anonomous sources so don't rag on Rapoport for doing what you do best!


Is the Cuban born custodian at Dolphins HQ

That being said, Cogs tweet about suicide was a total dikk move.

That would be great if he returned. It would show the locker room is cleaned up.

Phibin wants Martin back too.

Armando has the best connections on the Dolphins. He proves that time and time again.

GET RID OF HIM!!! He does not have a future with the Dolphins. If you read the tweets between him and Incognito you realize that he, or his people, looked for some excuse to be paid. HE PLAIN AND SIMPLY QUIT!!! He knew that he couldn't do the job asked of him. Also, Ireland when he scouted the guy should have realized how weak he truly was. Does anyone remember that the guy barely got through 20 reps of 225 lbs. at the Combine? And finally, how could anyone in the Dolphin locker room welcome him with unbiased feelings? Does they come up to him, hug him and say, "Hi, Jonathan, how are you feeling? We missed you. Please, please if anything is bothering you, make sure you let us know because we don't want you to f***k us over like you did Richie." GET RID OF HIM ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Jonathan Martin can be a solid starter for us for the next 10 years.

Does anyone here really expect this NFL report by Mr. Wells to be nothing more than an "NFL" cover up and a "politically correct" manuscript? I think the "Truth" will be so far down the line of priorities that it may never be known what actually happened. I have no doubt that the delay of this report being made public is due to the "NFL" having every attorney in their employ reading and re-reading the report before it goes public so it is politically acceptable and not offensive to any minority group/gender or sponsor.

I'm a 5'3" female and I think I could play offensive line better than Martin did if I had some coaching. I would give myself up to protect my quarterback. Besides, will the guys in the locker room ever trust him?

I think the report will result in a drug investigation into Incognito.

If so, it would be ironic because in the tweets between the two it was Martin that acknowledge that he had been doing drugs.


I think there is plenty of evidence...more to come tomorrow...its 9:30 here..time for bed...

I'm sure Martin will improve without that jackass being next to him.

Ron Son,

Martin Sucked at RT also. I guess John Jerry is also a jackass. (By the way McKinnie a 12 year veteran stated that he enjoyed playing next to Incognito. I have yet to hear from anybodey say that they enjoyed playing with Martin)

Incognito seems to be losing it as he realizes his NFL days are over.

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Although counts vary, most historians and family members agree that Aunt Bee actually killed at least 17 people over a period of 21 years.


Incognito will be in a NFL team this year. I'm not so sure on Martin. Incognito is a Meat head. No doubt. BUT you know what you have and in a veteran locker room he can be controlled. The thing with Martin is that he is a quitter. And quitters always quit at the most difficult of times. Don't need that.

I have yet to hear from anybodey say that they enjoyed playing with Martin)

Posted by: albert | February 13, 2014 at 03:27 PM

Guess you havent read Andrew Luck's positive comments....after 4 years with Martin. McKinnie and Incognito? What 1 game? LOL

Get Sense,
College vs NFL. Kids Birthday party VS Cage Fighting.
Common Man! Name ONE Dolphin player that has said anything positive about Martin. ONE! Andrew Luck? Please!

Martins college coach Harbaugh talked very favorably about him also.

Name ONE Dolphin player that has said anything positive about Martin. ONE!

Posted by: albert | February 13, 2014 at 03:40 PM


Um, actually Richie Incognito. MULTIPLE times.

That said, good riddance to both.

Never did trust that conniving Aunt Bee. You could see the evil in her eyes.

you forgot that fast,

Yeah you are right. And what did that get Incognito from Martin and his camp? Yeah, hell of a guy that Martin!

Martin is a hero for helping to stop racism in the NFL.

haha "Secondly, how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we'll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready."


You my friend are an IDIOT. The Dolphin locker room is 80% Black. They all sided with Incognito who is white. No one has kept in touch with Martin. PLEASE show me the racism?

Hey, lay off Aunt Bee. She may have been a thief and a serial killer but she also had a mouth like a Hoover.


Number one two different coaches. Williams left because of Wanstadt and was admitted back by Cameron.
Number two, Williams was a hell of a RB.
This is the same coaching staff number one and number two Martin is an awful offensive Lineman

Got to go. Goodnight everyone.

The Dolphins should do the right thing for the team and organization and just cut Martin. This situation has played out long enough and helped cripple a once promising season. No one player is bigger than the team and this is a chance to show the rest of the team thats the case.

If Hickey has any sort of power as GM, then allow his first move to be cutting Martin and moving past this problem with Martin/Incognito.

Right now Martin has no value to the dolphins both in trade and on the field. He quit once and history always has a way of repeating itself. Let him go and get the help he needs and find a new team

Let's see, who do I believe? The dolphins owner who does not him back or a reporter from the NFL network?

"Indeed, four-fifths of the offensive line might be gone next season."

That is needed fro sure.

A lot of ink. The team will not go there. Cut him loose, would you want this guy covering your back in combat? Bill

The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that. Ross let that slip and then tried to take it back during his press conference (Ross doing Ross)

this team will never be anything much with this owner.

"JUST CUT MARTIN"! Think about it for a moment.

Roger Gooddell:

"In THE 2ND RD of the 2012 draft, Miami Dolphins select: JONATHAN MARTIN, Stanford University.

Now let "PRETEND" we never had a 2012 2ND RD pick. Exactly would the "sum of the situation" would be if we "JUST CUT MARTIN"!

So, how do we get dividends back for the 2nd rd pick expended? Everyone knows we're going to JUST CUT MARTIN. Here's how:

Create a new reality. Put it out there on the back market we're possibly planning on keeping him. I mean if we're really planning on releasing him, why not create a "new reality" that we may not.

Then sit back and see what type of "feelers" or offers for Martin we receive. I'll bet my last dollar this was "an organizational leak" designed to be our gun sounding "hail mary" for the best offer on Martin that we could possibly receive.

My gun is going to be sounding "Hail Mary" soon, too, Sam. (((wink wink)))

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