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NFL Network: It's possible Martin returns to Dolphins

Not long after the problems between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin surfaced it became obvious neither player had a future with the Dolphins.

The Dolphins wanted to divest from Incognito and had no intention of bringing him back. That was reported in this space early on during the scandal.

Soon, it also became clear Martin's future could not possibly be with the Dolphins, either. Players in the locker room were divided on him only in that some didn't care if he returned while others saw him as something of a quitter or worse and wanted no part of him on the team again.

No one actively campaigned for bringing him back. No one.

And it was reported in this space that Martin indeed would not be brought back but rather he'd be either traded or perhaps released. That was confirmed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross a couple of weeks ago when he was asked if either of the two players would play for Miami again.

"I don't believe so," he said.

But now this ...

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said on Wednesday night's Total Access that Martin may return to play for the Dolphins.

"As far as Jonathan Martin's future, I am told he does in fact want to play in 2014; he is excited about it and I am also told that his people have been in contact with the Dolphins on some level over the past couple weeks," RapSheet said.

"At the beginning of this, we all thought that there was no chance Jonathan Martin would return to the Dolphins because of the atmosphere. Now that the atmosphere has changed, I am told it is not outside the realm of possibility that Martin does return to the Dolphins when it's all said and done."

Pardon me while my mind explodes.




Composing myself ....




Still gathering ....




Alright, let's attempt to analyze this. First, with respect to Rapoport and his outstanding reporting, I don't believe Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again.

There has been a change in general manager but no change in atmosphere. Sure the next gathering of Dolphins players in a locker room will not include Incognito. Indeed, four-fifths of the offensive line might be gone next season.

But Mike Pouncey is still around. Brian Hartline is still around. Ryan Tannehill is still around. Players that were bothered, if not wholly angered by how Martin and his camp conducted his departure from the team and then slimed the team afterward are on the team. That has not changed.

Secondly, how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we'll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready.

I am not doubting the reporting here. I am doubting the agenda of the source, however. It's simple: The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that. Ross let that slip and then tried to take it back during his press conference (Ross doing Ross) but that's not how it works. It was transparent that Miami wants to go in another direction.

So how does one rehabilitate that?

By saying, through sources or back channels, that Martin might return. By reaching out to Martin and letting him believe he has a future in Miami. By selling the idea that you, the Dolphins, may not necessarily trade this really good, really valuable left tackle after all.

There are only two small problems with this: 

It is not likely to work unless you sell it really hard -- as in having general manager Dennis Hickey actually saying on the record the Dolphins might keep Martin and then actually letting him join the team for whatever work players will gather for in the early offseason. (Yeah, that would really help team chemistry and bonding.)

Secondly, you would have to be really dumb to keep this wound open and festering rather than simply cutting out the infected area and saving the rest of your body.


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We "sat on Martin" for nearly a half season in 2013 still paying him for absolutely nothing. So why not sit on him until the trading deadline in 2014?

By trading deadline 2014, somebody somewhere, will have a "tackle" go down left or right. That's how we get our best return on Martin.

After all, "he quit on this team". So why "reward him with exactly what he wants, an early free release. With the operative word here being "early".

Hold is quitter ass until trading deadline 2014. Getting back as much of our "initial investment" in him as we possibly can. Cutting him early gives him exactly what he wants and actually rewards "the bad behavior" he exhibited by quitting on the team.

sam martin will not be here. bad attempt now at trying to con teams into thinking we keep him so they might offer something. wont happen.

Yeah bring him back and send him to the practice squad. After preseason practices and work outs. Just keep pretending he has a chance.

Cogs is a jerk but Martin...nothing describes that sorry excuses for a human being.

Back to his bench pressing in the combine. Maybe Ireland should have been asking why he didn't even try during the combines instead of wondering if someone's mama is a ho.

The Dolphins should go on strike if Ross brings back Judas Martin

Lick my bed sores. They are oozing.

Offensive line biggest priority in the draft. DUH! Hopefully the new GM will take care of her these problems.

The Dolphins being in contact with Martin's camp "on some level" does not exclusively mean to bring him back. That "level" of negotiations could mean a myriad of other things, Armando. You know that fully well. You ready for the Ted Wells report tomorrow? You might become famous, you might be considered in that report, on some level, hehehe.

armando tried to make himself famous when he tried getting everyone fired up about him being a replacement on the hof voting


The Chargers should draft Mann, sign Tebow and trade for Martin. That way along with Manti Teo they will have all the overblown media headaches in the NFL on one team.

One thing at a time. First the Ted Wells report. Then FAgency. Then the Draft. That's the way it should proceed.

Oh, Jeff! You little vixen! Tee Hee!!

wells report meaningless now. lets get grimes signed, only couple days left till they have to use tag on him


Like a man

Not so meaningless, they might penali$e the Dolphins.

Besides, Hickey might not like Grimes as he is an Ireland's "find". I'm sure you know how those things are, dusty.

there is no penalties and course hickey likes the number one rated corner in nfl last year. he will be franchised

You sure you're dusty? You sound too positive about the Dolphins. (You see how easy it is to change these posters here mentality, hehehe)


That's why we hold him until "final trade deadline" 2014. A team has a "right or left tackle" go down before trading deadline. No way they pass on giving "their best offer" for a "a proven" starting caliber lt/rt. They haven't much choice.

Desperation breeds strange bed-fellows. Plus, it's "sort of punishment" to Martin for quitting on us in 2013. He doesn't get to walk away feeling like he cummed all over our faces.

It's sort of like keeping him to punish him, with possibility to get rewarded. If we can not trade him in 2014, cut him at year's end.

There's not exactly going to be a very eager market for a player who hasn't played in a year and half. This what I would do were I our gm.

Dr. Canosa, Grimes is not "an Ireland find". He was a free agent. Free agents are not finds, Dr. Canosa. :)

positive yes, ireland is gone. philbin gone after this year. then finally maybe we can become legit franchise again. im excited for future

sam u dont waste a roster spot on a clown like martin no chance he comesback

Dusty, Martin is "cheap enough" to keep "under our own terms". Under our own terms do we keep Martin. Under our own terms do we let him go.

Absolutely do not let him go "under his terms. Which would be "right away" and "choose his own team" in which to play. Then, for Martin, it's "win-win-win"!

Martin should get cut almost certainly, but maybe the Wells report is so damning the Fins need to show they have transitioned to a safe workplace and let the injured party return. Like in an abusive manager scenario in regular business.

Forget about what really happened this looks like another Ross PR move if this is serious.

a wasted roster spot isnt cheap by any means


it's a 53 man roster. How often do you play the 53rd man anyway? A team only dresses "48 PLAYERS" for a game.

He was on the 53 man roster in 2013 and was "INACTIVE" for all the remaining games. It didn't "hurt" anything. So why not do it again in hopes of getting "our best offer" for Martin. Underneath "our terms" not Martin's.


The "53rd man" on a 53 man roster is no different from you or I on "gameday". Except, he gets to sit on the couch and "stroke himself" while still getting paid.

Martin counted as a "roster spot in 2013", yet it changed our win-loss status not one iota.

The NFL is about the "FIRST 48" not the "FINAL 53". You can only "dress 48 for the game. Eh?

Sam, you are an old nanny goat. I'll bet you eat tin cans, too.

bs sam dont waste a spot on him. glad hes gone

Plus, the Dolphins have put it out there Martin "will never play" for the Dolphins again. They can still accomplish this by "holding him hostage" on the roster until they get the best offer possible.

Being on the roster does not mean he's actually, "playing for the Dolphins again". We would be sort of "locking him away" in our "player dungeon." :)

yeah great idea sam, so he can run and tell on us some more

dusty, just open your mind and "see the light". The 53rd man goes "AN ENTIRE SEASON" never playing even one down, O, D, nor ST's.

Martin's 2014 salary is cheap enough to do it. Maybe even get a 2nd/3rd rd pick if a team becomes desperate enough when their starting OT goes down to injury.

Cant be "a whimp" as a gm. Gotta play "hardball". This scenario is "playing hardball" to its fullest.

Only the Dolphins would consider getting rid of a Pro Bowler in Cogs who his team mates loved and keeping a puss who everyone hates. I can actually see this team doing this. BTW, the Dolphins informed one of my friends they were moving him from his upper deck tickets to the other side of the stadium because they are shutting that entire section off for games. Get out the tarps because ain't no one going.


Run and tell what? Cogs released texts reveals more of a "buddying" not "bullying" situation. Martin doesn't have much "credibility" at this point.

Right now, he seems more like "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf".

2nd or 3rd rd pick??? u have zero chance on a ny planet of getting that for him. wake up

course he is sam martins garbage, cant wait till hes cut

Worst news ever. Martin just needs to go away and lets resign Incognito.

when will go return to games bobbyd

sling just for show, nothing more


Even without the Cogs/Martin ordeal it was "highly unlikely" Cogs would ever play for the Dolphins again. Cogs will be 31yrs old this season. Still a good, not great player, and can not pull anything except one of his own muscles.

Age factor alone, Dolphins could have chosen the draft, going "youth movement" to replace him. Cogs is "old and slow" now. Plus, he's far less than ideal fit for a zone blocking offensive system.

Cogs days in Miami looked "numbered" even before the Martin incident.

dusty, we'll just agree to disagree. I do not want to see Martin play for the Dolphins again. Just want to see them play hardball and come out of this thing not looking like Martin came all over their faces.

That's all.


Tell everyone how big my machete is..... you've seen it!

Tremendo hierooooooo!!!

Why in the world chance bringing back Martin and disturbing the atmosphere? He wasn't that good and was in fact so bad they had to...I mean had to trade for Big Mac. Philbin, Philbin, Philbin if this is true...I'm really starting to lose faith in you. Not mention I just despise the actions of Martin. I could never respect that guy again on any level.

The Wells Report leaked;

A Big Nothing. The hole in the donut without the donut.

J Martin should come back. He's one of the few Ireland draft choices that actually plays.

We need an overhaul. Needed one last year, and got everything except a quality offensive lineman via either free agency or the draft. When NE faced the Hernandez scandal, what did they do? NE didn't try to get a 7th round draft pick out of him. They severed ... shattered ... detonated their relationship with him. It sounds like, based on Incognito's tweets, that the report will be favorable towards him and damning towards Martin. We ... the Dolphins ... are allowing this cancer to perpetuate by even hinting Martin might be kept. If we want to beat NE, let's emulate them. Cut Martin loose and be DONE with this mess.

they will bill, just trying to see if any teams had interest


Hernandez was accused of first degree murder. Don't ya think that is a bit more extreme than Martin's situation?

I'm just hoping the phins can pick-pocket some sort of draft pick from another team 4 duche martian.

As of today, if Jon Martin returns why wouldn't Incognito also return?

Tracing back this episode in my mind now, was a reason ever given why Incognito was suspended from the Team?

We are looking for just reason here. Aside from the Wells report, you can either, get rid of both or bring back both, as both can play in the NFL. You get rid of one and not the other, you better have valid reasons in your hand to explain why so.

oscar cogs is a fee agent

Hickey has to say he will let Martin come back to the team, this is a PR move. Ross is so PR sensitive after the fact. He already let still his real intensions during the flying visit on EarForce1 earlier this year. StevieBaby let slip both players would unlikely be back.... both unlikely will return.

If Martin does come back then see if he can win a spot on the team. I doubt it as he really stunk in most of the games I've seen him play.

Tracing back this episode in my mind now, was a reason ever given why Incognito was suspended from the Team?

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 13, 2014 at 06:52 PM

Yeah, racism, discrimination, bullying, and extortion.

Oscar, in today's hostile Politically Correct (anti-First Ammendment) society, if you publicly use the N word, your employer has to distance themselves from you. They would rather have kept Cogs, but it would have caused too much bad publicity for a team already drowning in bad publicity.

In Bill A s sburgers world, he's a cop, a hero, and a world traveler. His life is so grand he can't wait to let all of his cyber friends know about his big plans i.e. delusions.

oscar, yeah let RI try out for the team too and cause Philbin to run away to Sherman for help... oh yeah he can't now. I guess Dawn will have Joes back. Another fine mess !!!

This is puff Salguero when the Frick will the Wells report be out then we will see what Rap-a-ports agenda was.

Every time Ross makes an appearance or opens his mouth it's bad publicity.

Dashi doesn't like bad publicity.

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