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NFL Network: It's possible Martin returns to Dolphins

Not long after the problems between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin surfaced it became obvious neither player had a future with the Dolphins.

The Dolphins wanted to divest from Incognito and had no intention of bringing him back. That was reported in this space early on during the scandal.

Soon, it also became clear Martin's future could not possibly be with the Dolphins, either. Players in the locker room were divided on him only in that some didn't care if he returned while others saw him as something of a quitter or worse and wanted no part of him on the team again.

No one actively campaigned for bringing him back. No one.

And it was reported in this space that Martin indeed would not be brought back but rather he'd be either traded or perhaps released. That was confirmed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross a couple of weeks ago when he was asked if either of the two players would play for Miami again.

"I don't believe so," he said.

But now this ...

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said on Wednesday night's Total Access that Martin may return to play for the Dolphins.

"As far as Jonathan Martin's future, I am told he does in fact want to play in 2014; he is excited about it and I am also told that his people have been in contact with the Dolphins on some level over the past couple weeks," RapSheet said.

"At the beginning of this, we all thought that there was no chance Jonathan Martin would return to the Dolphins because of the atmosphere. Now that the atmosphere has changed, I am told it is not outside the realm of possibility that Martin does return to the Dolphins when it's all said and done."

Pardon me while my mind explodes.




Composing myself ....




Still gathering ....




Alright, let's attempt to analyze this. First, with respect to Rapoport and his outstanding reporting, I don't believe Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again.

There has been a change in general manager but no change in atmosphere. Sure the next gathering of Dolphins players in a locker room will not include Incognito. Indeed, four-fifths of the offensive line might be gone next season.

But Mike Pouncey is still around. Brian Hartline is still around. Ryan Tannehill is still around. Players that were bothered, if not wholly angered by how Martin and his camp conducted his departure from the team and then slimed the team afterward are on the team. That has not changed.

Secondly, how stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we'll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready.

I am not doubting the reporting here. I am doubting the agenda of the source, however. It's simple: The Dolphins have zero leverage in trying to trade Martin. The entire NFL knows they want to do that. Ross let that slip and then tried to take it back during his press conference (Ross doing Ross) but that's not how it works. It was transparent that Miami wants to go in another direction.

So how does one rehabilitate that?

By saying, through sources or back channels, that Martin might return. By reaching out to Martin and letting him believe he has a future in Miami. By selling the idea that you, the Dolphins, may not necessarily trade this really good, really valuable left tackle after all.

There are only two small problems with this: 

It is not likely to work unless you sell it really hard -- as in having general manager Dennis Hickey actually saying on the record the Dolphins might keep Martin and then actually letting him join the team for whatever work players will gather for in the early offseason. (Yeah, that would really help team chemistry and bonding.)

Secondly, you would have to be really dumb to keep this wound open and festering rather than simply cutting out the infected area and saving the rest of your body.


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Dashi, I know that you sacrifice chickens and goats to your Yoruba deities and that your home has that sickly 'Mistolin Lavender' aroma that is so common in low class Miami.

Thank you Mr.Ross. I can't wait to join you, Michael Sam, and Jonathan Martin in the shower.


You must really hate when you feel that your boss is dumber than you, but he picked a better profession so he gets to tell you what to do.

Whippie you write code for a living. You weren't the guy who created the patent for the chip.

If you were smart enough you would create your own chip and sell it to the company. That way you can really get paid.

That is what I would've done if I studied what you studed. But I didn't. I studied B.A. So I can be the boss and hire intellectuals like you to do all the work, while I take all the credit.

Luxurious wooden slats. Old Vietnam. Ham Ham ham Ham Ham.

Wonders of giraffe spit.

Bring back Richie. Dolphins mishandled this fiasco. What a joke. Pathetic.

Thanks for reminding me why I don't blog after dark on this blog. You don't want to talk football, you want to talk Dashi.

Where's the poi worshipping weirdo, haven't seen that crazy in a while.

Ok, Dashi. I understand the explanation.

Signing Incognito was just another example of poor judgement by Ireland.

Bond or whatever your stupid name is I guess Tannehill is the reason the line routinely misses blocks in run game and the backs get hit before they can even make a cut. Dumb ass. Tannehill had 4 come from behind wins even though he got battered behind thus line. Moore is a solid pro but not the savior. When he came in he aired out one deep pass and on the next play threw it right to their linebacker while under immense pass rush.

Only the most gifted of Throwers, Marino, Namath, could stand in the pocket under a fierce rush and wait to the last second to deliver the ball accurately with that ultra-quick release and strong arm. Joe Namath sukkked? You go tell Don Shula that.

Of all the QBs in this Draft, Johnny Manziel is the most complete one and accordingly, should go first among them, if not overall. Guy has everything, arm, accuracy, touch, a great scrambler while keeping his eyes downfield and a terrific competitive spirit which would make a winner out of the worst bottom-feeder. That he's cocky? Of course, he's a QB.

Sorry I woke up so early but I have things to do.

Not a good idea to go into the Season with a rookie at LT unless he is named Matthews, or Robinson. Bring back McKinnie and draft a developmental T, Lewan, Martin, Kouandijio.

oscar, 3:30 in the mornin? in the offseason?

The snow has finally stopped

C'mon, c'mon, don't torture People anymore and release the god-amed report Today.

Marc, 12 inches in D.C. (I meant the snow, not what I'm packin' in my shorts). I must've shoveled 1 cubic ton of the stuff yesterday. But Mark wouldn't know anything about shoveling. The government probably does that for them in the Peoples Republic of Toronto!

Speaking of Mark, how about Jonathan Martin round 2 buddy? Would you gouge your eyes out? LOL!

What a mess....

C'mon, c'mon, don't torture People anymore and release the god-amed report Today.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 14, 2014 at 08:13 AM


My theory ... The report won't be released until negotiations between the NFL and the Dolphins are complete. If Miami agrees to draft gay-Sam, if he is still available, with their 4th or 5th round pick, then the Wells report will be less critical of the Dolphins. Goodell and the NFL cannot allow Sam to go undrafted. The NFL cannot "afford" it because of the everyone-is-exactly-the-same,PC, liberal driven BS agenda.

Lookidat, they don't let me post in El Nuevo Herald anymore. Me, the #1 gusano in the World. How about that, Fidel, are you so unstable?


I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart. Excellent theory. Honestly, if we get the SEC leader in sacks in 2013 in the 4th or especially, the 5th, I won't complain in the least gay or not!

And BTW, incognito is a friggin idiot. His latest rants on twitter make him seem like a bully type, which is the perception he is trying to fight! He went from apologizing to women and welcoming Michael Sam to announcing Martins suicide thoughts and saying how martin will be buried. Any positive momentum he was building, he lost bc once a bully/idiot, always a bully/idiot. I would be so mad If i was cogs lawyer right now.

Oh and any team that signs cogs, be prepared for the refs to tag him with as many penalties as they can tag on him.

I'm not a martin fan either and don't want him back. So I don't want you cog supporters thinking I'm a martin guy. I'm a NEITHER guy. Good riddance to both of them.

Richmond Webb was a pretty darn good rookie LT. So was Long. If they are good enough and pick up the scheme fast enough (they have all of camp and preseason) a rookie LT can start from day 1. McKinnie wasn't very good last year. He was better than Martin but then again so was a phone booth.

IMO, only 2 ready to start OTs in this Draft are Matthews and Robinson and neither will get to us. Besides, if you go BPA at #19, better think a S, a WR, there.

Still snowing here in Mass. Over 14 inches and counting. But we get this stuff every year so are well prepared. 2 stage snow blower an absolute must.


I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart. Excellent theory. Honestly, if we get the SEC leader in sacks in 2013 in the 4th or especially, the 5th, I won't complain in the least gay or not!

Posted by: Frank from PA | February 14, 2014 at 08:53 AM


I'm sure the players realize that there are gay players, and may be one or more on their team. The thing is, if there are, that player or players don't announce it and the players don't think about it. So, how they "handle" an openly gay player on the team and in the locker room will depend largely on the make-up of the players personalities, beliefs and attitudes. It could go south on one team and be fine on another.

Whether "they" like it or not, people will NEVER be the same. They wont think the same, act the same or believe the same things. Every gay player coming out before entering the NFL will never change that. Ultimately, it will come full circle and gay players wont bother proclaiming their gayness. It wont be because homosexuals have "won" anything. It will be because it's football and sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Football players want to focus on football.

The media and liberals may be thinking that Sam is some type of hero when he really is just a distraction. There is no need for heterosexuals to proclaim their straightness, there should be no need for homosexuals to proclaim their gayness. It makes for a "good" political distraction though ...

Perhaps a RB, Hyde or Tre.

Now I've heard it all. An American claiming a Canadian doesn't shovel snow? Well, first of all, most of us own snow blowers. I don't because I live in a townhouse so I don't have that much to clear.

But anyway, we went without power for days just before Christmas because of winter storm. And it was business as usual for us. If it happened in New York, there would be a telethon, R Kelly would sing a song, people would donante money so people could buy gas for their generators...

J martin, to do what? Guy can't play. he's a quitter and a rat on top. And he lifts like a girl. Pfff, worst football player ... EVER!

Grier and myself jointly developed that whole Sam-Wells report tie in.

ETF, I'm very disappointed you didn't beat us to it...

Big difference between a LT who is picked first and one who is picked 19th...

Hard players- Starks-Solai-Incognito That's really it.

The NFL will make the Dolphins draft Jonathan Martin again in the 2nd rd. this year...


That's even worse than losing your 2nd round pick as penalty - you have to pay him again too!!

No way Martin is back, he might want to come back to the Dolphins but I don't think the Dolphins want him and I am not sure anybody else will either after he quit on the Dolphins. Martin may not play at all next year would you want him on your team so when tough times come he will quit on you like Armando said just cut the guy and forget about, move on. Martin was not that good anyways.

These guys are grown men! That get paid well to show up and play football. Get over the soap opera! He's under contract so the Dolphins will have to pay him and the guys in the locker room have got to start behaving like adults. If he can play and add value to the squand then move on and play ball!

are the Dolphins for sale yet??


Maybe all J. Mart needs is a visit to the Psychiatrist Sergeant Ermy to get him toughened up. NA! just trade him for the last pick in the draft, Mr Irrelevant.

Get ready for it Mark. Next year's OL: Martin, Brenner, Pouncey, Jerry and a new RT.

New team same as the old team. 8-8, HERE WE COME!

Well, if Ross can bring Martin back then he wouldnt have to face a big lawsuit.

We could draft Sam for Mr. Irrelevant and have 2 parades.

And in the Hammer and Sickle Toronto bloc, the job of clearing snow is generally given to the Mounties. Except you now just give the Mayor a straw and tell him God belched out a coke storm.

I'm predicting right here and now that Martin comes back and becomes the new Incognito, Mr. Enforcer. But mid-season Tannehill smacks him on his ass coming back to the huddle after giving up a sack and Martin walks off the field and into the waiting limo of his loving mother and cries in her lap that the bad man hurt his bottom. And Tannehill faces a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

This is no different than Ricky Williams returning after quitting. Its ok.

These guys are grown men! That get paid well to show up and play football. Get over the soap opera! He's under contract so the Dolphins will have to pay him and the guys in the locker room have got to start behaving like adults. If he can play and add value to the squand then move on and play ball!

Posted by: pujo | February 14, 2014 at 10:19 AM


Obviously you haven't played a team sport. At any rate, NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. He keeps what he has already been paid, other than that, they can release him and it's over. Miami takes a cap hit but they don't pay him the rest of his contract.

If Martin comes back here Cogs will sign with the Jets and ask to play D.

There might be a sellout for that game.


Monte, shame on you. Don't equate Ricky Williams with Jonathan Martin, it's blasphemy. Ask ANYONE in the NFL who played with him, they'll say Ricky was one of the toughest RBs to bring down. He was the best player on MULTIPLE teams he's played on, won top honors at his position, did everything the team asked of him on that gridiron.

Jonathan Martin is a vagina in the form of a doughy bi-racial grown baby. He is the first football player in history to have higher estrogen levels than testosterone. He's a medical marvel, yes. But he's no way, on any level, comparable to Run, Ricky, Run! You should punch yourself (like Fight Club) for that ridiculous thought.

Texas, you're a college "scout" (at least as far as the blog goes). What do you think about that Carr kid from Fresno St. (I think). Is he anything, or just another Locker, Henne, Weeden washout?

DC, you trying to make me cry or something?

I do think there's a chance Brenner starts though. Dude should've been drafted.

Grier and myself jointly developed that whole Sam-Wells report tie in.

ETF, I'm very disappointed you didn't beat us to it...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 14, 2014 at 09:35 AM


Yes, we did. Conspiracy theorists, unite. Although, I think this theory is pretty plausible.

Martin was not that good anyways.

Posted by: scott | February 14, 2014 at 10:12 AM

He was one of the few Ireland draft choices that started on day 1 and played everydown. He's not that bad either.

DC, the city of Toronto only called the army once in their glorious history to clear the snow and we are still living it down to this day.

In our defense we had a rich jewish mayor at the time and how many times do you think he cleared snow in his life? Poor guy had no idea what to do....

This is no different than Ricky Williams returning after quitting. Its ok.

Posted by: Monte | February 14, 2014 at 10:30 AM


Seriously? Williams didn't drag a fellow Dolphins player and the entire organization through the mud. It isn't anywhere near the same thing just on that one fact alone.

Mark, I was half-joking, but the way this organization has been run last few years, I wouldn't put it past them.

Though I agree with Mando, this is a half-hearted attempt to walk back the owner putting his foot in his mouth and trying to get something for Martin.

Don't think it'll work, they should cut him (or didn't they say it would cost less if we did it in the summer?). If so, keep him 'til then and drop him like a bad habit.

DC Dolfan,

Just like with Martin now, everyone hated Ricky for quitting on his team. But we accepted him back and forgave him. We will do the same with Martin.

DC, I'm a little upset you didn't ask me about Derek Carr - anyway - my two cents and Texas is as astute as anyone I've ever talked to about college ball so he can chime in and disagree but here it goes ...

Protypical size adn can make all the throws

Carried his team at Fresno St - he would not be adverse to eventually carrying a pro team

But due to lack of competition, he is still raw and will not set the world on fire in his first year. he would actually be closer to our Qb in terms of development - it will take time.

This was exposed in the LAs Vegas Bowl when it looked like USC was just having a good time playing ball and Fresno St was trying their arses off to make a point that they could play - and they couldn't.


Honestly I haven't seen enough of him but in the limited amount that I've seen him I would say he's got the arm but his accuracy was a little inconsistent. So basically for me to say whether or not he could make it in the NFL as starter I couldn't tell you. He will be drafted later that his bigger brother. I can tell you that.

Definitely a trade value move - but what would you give for martin? You know what i would give ... and I'm about to go drop it in the toilet...

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