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Teams asking about Dolphins locker room at Combine

You know that the Indianapolis Combine gives teams a chance to meet with college prospects and in those meetings the strangest questions get asked. My particular favorite this year is one player was asked which team he picks to play as in Madden and why.

Well, as the Dolphins harassment scandal was a top issue around the league last year, teams apparently are wanting to gauge how potential draft picks would handle being in a similar situation. That is why multiple NFL teams asked prospects how they would handle being put in a locker room situation like the one in Miami.

One player who was asked about the Dolphins locker room situation was Florida Gators defensive back Jaylen Watkins, according to OnlyGators.com.

"They also ask personal questions about your family, how you would conduct yourself in the locker room," Watkins told the website. "A lot of teams asked about how I would handle a situation like what happened with the Miami Dolphins. They're trying to get a feel of how you could react to certain situations being in a locker room with other players who might have different perspectives, be more aggressive or more passive."

Players this year were prepared for questions about Michael Sam, the first NFL prospect to announce he is homosexual. Watkins was ready for the questions about possibly having a gay teammate. But no one went there, according to him.

"I was prepared for them to ask questions about Michael Sam or handling a situation like that in a locker room, but no one brought it up or asked about it," he said.

I can understand the questions about the Dolphins situation. But here's my opinion:

The Dolphins locker room dynamics between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was an outlier. In that one situation you had an extremely volatile player who has a history of drug and alcohol use and an inability to control himself -- against anger and other undisciplined behavor -- on the one hand. And on the other hand you had an extremely sensitive, weak and (now we come to find out) depressed individual with little self-esteem.

And those two were brought together, indeed, pushed together because they played on the same side of the offensive line and needed to work together and be together. And as time passed, each player's greater instincts got stronger.

Incognito became more aggressive and over-bearing. Martin became more isolated and unable to impose his will on the situation.

And what looked outwardly like a friendship of some sort was actually a freakship that no one really understood -- perhaps not even the two guys involved in the relationship.


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Trade Pouncey and our locker room will be clear of the discrimination and harrassment.

COGS is an @ss....

how any of you can stand with him is beyond me....

The DAMAGE he has done to the FINS is far reaching and willl take 5 years minimum to FIX....

Give me JMART 10 times out of 10.....

and I bet the NFL Gms will speak with the same voice come FA period....

Incognito did as much damage to the Dolphins as Ireland did.

Agree cogs is an ass....he probably smashed his Ferrari because after he bought it he found out he could not fit into it

Let's try for the record and see how many days in a row we can have irrelevant and pointless Jmart discussion. LOL

The only thing that was CLEAR about our locker room was this....

COGS had all those BI@CHES holding his pocket.....

they we all Jonathan Martin's....all of them PUNKED by COGS.....

The differnce.....Martin decide to stop being COG's bi@tch.....

the rest still are...even to this day....

Trade Pouncey and our locker room will be clear of the discrimination and harrassment.

Posted by: AtlFin
Trading Pouncey would be the single DUMBEST thing a team has ever done. I would protest. How can anyone in their right mind think that would be a good thing to do!?!?!?!


No GM will go near Incognito with a 10 ft pole.

It is actually a blessing this happen so this way we are force to clean to sorry ass OL we had that year, had not it happened coach male blow doll turner might had fooled failbin once again that "everything is fine, nothing happening"

Agree cogs is an ass....he probably smashed his Ferrari because after he bought it he found out he could not fit into it

Posted by: Go gogo | February 27, 2014 at 03:04 PM

That has to be POST OF THE BLOG.......

"I know nothing"
Joe Philbin

Paint Incognito an a ss because he is. But Martin is the softest, girliest waste of DNA ever to wear an NFL uniform. If he'd simply told the truth to the people instead of being afraid of INcognito, this would never have gotten very far.

No doubt jsy....

as far as COGS is concerned....."nail...meet coffin"

Reflect on this Dolphin nation:

Dickey in Spanish means pinguilla

Coincide, I think not

How in the world does Philbin still have a job?

Mando, what is the witch up to these days? We have not heard anything lately about her. Something got to be cooking

Keep an eye on her Mando, she is trouble you know it.

Dawn Aponte was at the combine. YIKES!

Agree cogs is an ass....he probably smashed his Ferrari because after he bought it he found out he could not fit into it

Posted by: Go gogo | February 27, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Don't know if you caught it but that's apparantly exactly what occured.

From the web
12:54 p.m. EST, February 27, 2014

TMZ.com is reporting that Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito himself damaged his new Ferrari
with a baseball bat.

Scottsdale Police Department said Richie early Thursday acknowledged taking a bat to his own car, TMZ said.

According to a recently released NFL investigation, Incognito was the primary antagonist in the Jonathan Martin harassment scandal on the Miami Dolphins.

To read the full report, click here for tmz.com


Why arent we acknowledging COGS mental issue. We make excuses for Jmart with his issues. This car thing is a cry for help, but since he is a dikk no one cares and just chalk it up as "Thats just Richie!"

Think about it, cogs is big and fat, Ferraris are small

It's all about the talent in the eye of the beholder.

Ireland sees an acorn that may mature into a mighty oak.
Hickey sees an acorn and passes...

I saw some real talent in the combine coverage this past weekend and am excited in knowing that Jeff Ireland is not making draft choices this year.

...trading up to get Daniel Thomas, HA! No wonder we've never had a real running same since Ricky left town.

Come on Hickey....get me some real running backs in the draft and watch this team take off!


COGS mental issue is the same as Brandon Marshall....


No cure for that....

Looks like the Ravens just cut Vontae Leach and Jameel McClain to clear cap room. I'm still holding out hope that Eugene Monroe hits the market.

Back when this whole story broke last year....

I posted a link from an ESPN article from a reporter that did an IN DEPTH background search on COGS....

This dude is a dik because his dad is a dik....on other words....SPOLED BRAT.....dad living thru his kids life....

want to know what's wrong with COGS...look no further than his his dad...imo....

Now we are the benchmark of how not to run a team. Philbin is the standard to which other leaders will be compared if they suck. Ross has really piut us back light years and made other coaches and players stay away from here for many years to come.

Kris are you sayin Incgonito doesnt have mental/emotional issue? Is it ok to make excuses and be concerned for JMart and not for COGS?

One of these guys will be our new starting LT...which one do you want?

1. Jake Matthews | 6'5, 305 pounds | Offensive tackle | Texas A&M
2. Cyrus Kouandjio | 6'5, 312 pounds | Offensive tackle | Alabama *
3. Taylor Lewan | 6'7, 310 pounds | Offensive tackle | Michigan
4. Antonio Richardson | 6'6, 332 pounds | Offensive tackle | Tennessee *
5. Cedric Ogbuehi | 6'5, 300 pounds | Offensive tackle | Texas A&M *
6. James Hurst | 6'7, 305 pounds | Offensive tackle | North Carolina
7. La'el Collins | 6'5, 315 pounds | Offensive tackle | LSU *
8. Cameron Erving | 6'6, 320 pounds | Offensive tackle | Florida State *
9. Brandon Scherff | 6'5, 315 pounds | Offensive tackle | Iowa *
10. Ju'Wuan James | 6'6, 324 pounds | Offensive tackle | Tennessee

NH, I pick Ja wuan James as our RT

Rdubs...they say Scheff from Iowa just wrecks on run blocking...bowling defenders over.


That is exactly what I am saying.....

COGS makes a choice to be a dik.....and he chooses to be a dik to other's.....he prey's on the weak....

When I was younger....I would stand up for the weaker guys....I would make guys like COGS my buisness....even when they told me that "I got no problem with you Kris"....well you do now....

Its not my fault guys like COGS suck as human beings....but I can @ least help to make sure that they don't make others as well....

Cogs = Hitler....prey on the weak.

All it would have took for one of the sorry @ss beach muscle Dolphin players to put a stop to it....

but none of the had any balls...

The black guys should be the most ashamed....letting COGS run wild with the N word in ear shot of them...

They are all JMARTS as well....they just don't know it....but the teams that take their lunch money every Sunday and MONDAY NIGHT do....

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 27, 2014 at 03:34 PM

Nah we are going for a vetern FA. The rookie LT's are weak by the 19th pick and we haven't got the time to wait for them to develop. Philbin gets the least from his talent so vets at least gives us more hope until a real coach gets here.


I get what your saying. But Jmart and COGS isnt quite the same deal. Cogs thought Jmart was his friend. This is debatable and probably affects your outlook on the whole thing. If you were just a completely horrible azzcrack, I dont think the entire team would stand up for him.

The problem is both Martin and Incognito have severe mental issues and neither of them know how to deal with them. They will both exhibit the same behavioral traits until they both figure out how to deal with them

Dr.Rdubs Canosa

Marco, just because Mel Kiper says the LT's are weak by the 19th pick does not make it true.

I can't truly believe there are NO starting LT's available after #19.

Rdubs Canosa....

LOL....and probably easily as credible...


but at the end of the day. They are done in Miami and hopefully Hickey can do some good. He seems to be a very likable, thats a start

Duane Brown #1 Ranked LT - drafted 26th pick
Joe Staley #2 Ranked LT - drafted 27th pick
Andrew Whitworth #5 Ranked LT - Drafted 5th pick

Point being, there are great LT's that go early on and rightfully so...but there is plenty of talent that's available when we pick at #19.


Andrew Whitworth #55th Ranked LT - Drafted 5th pick

got it right this time...5th ranked...55th pick

Andrew Whitworth #5th Ranked LT - Drafted 55th pick

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 27, 2014 at 03:48 PM

I didn't know thats what he said. However historically its rare to get a LT that late that can go on to be a standout player. Even if they are a future pro-bowler it normal takes 2-3 years to blossom, our line needs leadership and a guaranteed player to hold the unit together.

A rookie will have to learn from who Pouncey ? The less said about Pouncey as a man the better. Albert gives us a sure thing, or as close to it as we can get. Im all for trading the 19th pick to later in the first and picking up a good RT or RG, then getting a powerback in the second.

We should pick up an additional 3rd for dropping down where we can go S or ILB, our biggest defensive woes. We have 2 top draftee CB's that we have to play next year after we have invested in them no ?

everyone knows cogs is a complete jerk with mental issues. philbin,with complete knowledge of the golf course incident, had cogs on his leadership council. he isnt head coach material.

Yes, an explosive situation, but there was no other way out(for Jon Martin)(you know, the rat in the cage, you know....) Yes.


I am switching from "meh" about Hickey to slightly interested.....

My Fandom will continue to grow as the further from the last game played....a LOSS to the jets.....

i'm gonna be sick....

Marco...Is Albert $8M better than McKinnie? because that's the gap between what Albert wants vs. what McKinnie will probably get in a one year deal.

I'd say keep McKinnie and let him start...then mold/teach that stud LT we draft at #19.

Make deal with Falcons, #6 pick, take Sammy Watkins. Move Hartline to slot(possession wr.)

#19 pick take a LT, or OG, if LT signed in fa.

Watkins and Wallace on the outside would be shades of Duper/Clayton. Hartline4 in the slot.

Places enough pressure on defenses to allow your "secondary attack" pieces to thrive, that includes your run game.

Kris, teams won't touch cognito cause of the media blitz that will ensue.

Football teams and football culture prefer dogs like Incognito than snitches like Martin, overall. If Incognito were Martin's age he would find work easily (he did after his tirades on the Rams and Bills)

Who cares about Cogs/Martin right now. Get what we can for Martin right now, then move on.


Has nothing to do what the Dolphins need to do to MOVE ON. "Moving ON" is key to "Not Looking Back".


McKinnie was decent, lot better than Martin thats for sure. However McKinnie is 37 and really questionable to hold out for the entire season ? McKinnie is going to want close to $5-7M to play next year, Albert maybe $9-10.5M. Also Albert gives us security at the position for the next 3-5 years so we can begin to address the RT and G's.

I like McKinnie but last year he began to lag a little, but then he had awful coaching and had to learn a brand new system. If we can't land Albert then yes go McKinnie before Monroe. I have looked at some of his game tape and he really takes a few plays of and doesn't look much better the the Big Mac, but light years away from Albert.

Just pray Hickey "hit the ground running" this offseason. That's far more beneficiary to us than what happens to Cogs or Martin.


When the owner has a very high opinion of win now, YES, Albert is 8 million better than McKinney. I would agree with you if we were either starting a rebuild this year (coaching and everything) but we're not. Philbin's and Hickey's career are dependent on these choices and it isn't their money.

If it were your 1 year and you had to make the playoffs to keep your job. Who do you choose? I choose Albert. Plus Albert has 4 years still in him. That is 4 drafts we can get a tackle to groom, not 1.

Exactly Sam, trade Martin for a 7th in 2017 for all I care or cut him if we can get nothing for him.

I'm hoping Hickey can do a decent 1 year O-line rebuild and we keep Grimes this free agency.

And the other would be if Miami was coming off a winning season where all the other pieces were in place except LT.

Who Dat...

I agree with that....

Manziel falls to #19, I would highly consider taking him. Tannehill or no. LT need or know.


Posted by: SAM I AM | February 27, 2014 at 04:15 PM

Maybe Sam, but its harder to find a weaker leader in the NFL than Philbin.

Hey what was up with that Troll Bill last night,he has the hots for us my friend. A perverted sicko or what ?


Bill is "terribly mentally disturbed". The defcom warnings flash every where. No on to a much better subject than the mentally challenged.

"Real Football".

Ok...guys are making sense on the Albert vs McKinnie battle. Mc is cheaper, but lack durability. Albert has more left in the tank while our new LT is groomed.

I just hope he's available.

"now on"

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