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Teams asking about Dolphins locker room at Combine

You know that the Indianapolis Combine gives teams a chance to meet with college prospects and in those meetings the strangest questions get asked. My particular favorite this year is one player was asked which team he picks to play as in Madden and why.

Well, as the Dolphins harassment scandal was a top issue around the league last year, teams apparently are wanting to gauge how potential draft picks would handle being in a similar situation. That is why multiple NFL teams asked prospects how they would handle being put in a locker room situation like the one in Miami.

One player who was asked about the Dolphins locker room situation was Florida Gators defensive back Jaylen Watkins, according to OnlyGators.com.

"They also ask personal questions about your family, how you would conduct yourself in the locker room," Watkins told the website. "A lot of teams asked about how I would handle a situation like what happened with the Miami Dolphins. They're trying to get a feel of how you could react to certain situations being in a locker room with other players who might have different perspectives, be more aggressive or more passive."

Players this year were prepared for questions about Michael Sam, the first NFL prospect to announce he is homosexual. Watkins was ready for the questions about possibly having a gay teammate. But no one went there, according to him.

"I was prepared for them to ask questions about Michael Sam or handling a situation like that in a locker room, but no one brought it up or asked about it," he said.

I can understand the questions about the Dolphins situation. But here's my opinion:

The Dolphins locker room dynamics between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was an outlier. In that one situation you had an extremely volatile player who has a history of drug and alcohol use and an inability to control himself -- against anger and other undisciplined behavor -- on the one hand. And on the other hand you had an extremely sensitive, weak and (now we come to find out) depressed individual with little self-esteem.

And those two were brought together, indeed, pushed together because they played on the same side of the offensive line and needed to work together and be together. And as time passed, each player's greater instincts got stronger.

Incognito became more aggressive and over-bearing. Martin became more isolated and unable to impose his will on the situation.

And what looked outwardly like a friendship of some sort was actually a freakship that no one really understood -- perhaps not even the two guys involved in the relationship.


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I wouldn't take Manziel in the first round at all. I know some poor team will though.

I agree with Jaws on ESPN on this one.

SAM I AM....

To many CURRENT and FORMER players have already stated that what happened in the FINS locker room was NOT what happened/happens in their own....

Jokes between professionals are one thing....

ridicule comming from a sociopath....quite another....

Incognito got 3 people fired and 2 or 3 moved from the team. He's been kicked off EVERY team he's EVER been on!! That wasant a red flag for Irescum? Are u F'N kidding me?


I use to think Albert was a sure thing to not be back in KC but I am not so sure any more. I read somewhere that KC wants him back.

The FINS are great @ making a SPLASH @ the combine...

first Ireland and his his insult to Dez Bryant....

and now this...

WTF man....WTF??????

Thank you Mando.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with our locker room- just a few bad apples in Cogs, Pouncey and Martin.

There is no harassment, there is no racism. So says every Dolphins player in that locker room whose name is not Johnathan Martin.

Cogs and Pouncey are idiots, Martin is a wuss. That's it and that's all. Nothing wrong with our locker room.

Manziel will be the 1st pick and deservedly so. This kid is great. Nick Saban said he's the best college QB he's ever seen.


If we're going to talk "grooming a LT", the guy may already be on the team. Dallas Thomas maybe a year or two away.

If going the grooming route, just resign McKinnie for two years. No, he's no longer "pro bowl" quality, but, sufficient enough 1-2yr stop-gap.

Thomas doesn't look like he's coming around quickly enough camp 2014, draft a LT 2015. Grooming = Stop-gap for now. Mckinnie's sufficient enough for this cause.

That not what they told the Warden Aponte's....

They just all need to save face now that the report is out....cause they are a bunch of puss's....

I hope Hickey realizes it...and gets all of these WEK character...double taking cowards off our team....

Texas....but KC drafted Eric Fisher and paid top dollar for that #1 pick. Why keep Albert for another year?


Those never in a sorts locker room make biggest deal of this. They havent a clue and it sounds more horrible than truthfully is.

If you're not the Pillsbury doughboy, then you've truly never experienced what its like to be "dough".


I have a feeling that will come from the owner. That is why I keep talking about Mack from the Browns and trading Pouncey. Pouncey is a really good center, could be a better OG but I have a feeling Ross will ask him to be traded for whatever Miami can get.



That is the part I don't understand unless they don't have another LT or RT on their team and they must be thinking SB run for next year. The report I read came from the KC GM. I think it was on the PB Post.

...and to think we had a shot at Lane Johnson with the #3 pick last year and coughed it up for Dion Jordan.

Maybe if we drafted Lane he would have stood up to Cogs and the whole nightmare never happens?

Trading Pouncey would be bashing nose to spite face. Why create yet another starting oline vacancy that can not possibly be filled in a single offseason.

Trade Pounce, and may as well blow up the entire team except for maybe 3-4 starting positions. Then, you need bulldozer, not a gm.


I hope so...we need to start fresh....and dealing Pouncy will show the the TEAM...the LEAGUE...and the FANS that Ross was is serious...and not just giving us ;ip service....

SAM I AM....

Pouncy is JUST a name you know....

and Pouncy's name should ALWAY's be synonymous with the WORST O LINE in FINS history....

That is Pouncy's legacy....

If we could still get a 3rd rd pk for Pouncey we have to take it.

Cue the clown music
Enter Ross.


When announced we traded up to the #3 spot, I was preopared to puke all over myself, because I thought the announcement was going to be Lane Johnson. Now you suggest it should have been Lane Johnson.

The Commish could have announced the pick was Elmer Fudd and I would have been happy as long as we didn't trade up to #3 to select Lane Johnson. He may have a better hopme at RT with Eales than LT.

Eagles did sign LT Jason Peters to a contract extension just yesterday right? Says a lot about how they presently feel about "RT" Lane Johnson right?

Johnson drafted top 5 to play RT. Jonathan Martin drafted "2ND RD" to plat "RT". ENUFF SAID.

Is this SAM I AM, Mike?


I have never been in a PRO locker room....

But HOF SHannon Sharpe has....

and 3 time SB champ Teddy Bruske has....

and 2 time SB champ March Sclerth has....

and these guys...along with various others condemn our locker room to no end....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | February 27, 2014 at 04:39 PM

I agree Kris. Pouncey is seriously over-rated. How he made his first Probowl last year was a mystery. We couldn't run up the middle all year and he got whipped by most ILB's let alone DT's. I accept he is our best o-lineman, but he really doesn't lead the team or blow people away. I just don't see what the fuss is about. Last season he did some good things but then Bremner, Garner and McKinnie had some decent games too.

Kris @ 4:39, I disagree. Was Walter Payton synonymous with losing? How about Barry Sanders? Not6 placing Pouncey in the same company.

Just, very good players can be surrounded by losers. OPline's a position where "ALL PLAYERS" have to do their jobs at a high level for OVERALL SUCCESS.


All those you named were talking heads. Obviously, Sharpe did his job at a "mediocre" level himself. Burger King awaits. No need for fluent English.

Just say, "add fries" plainly, and you're hired.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 27, 2014 at 04:35 PM

That move killed Ireland, plus letting Albert go and taking Martin instead, a monumental dissaster by Jeff.

Firing Ireland was the second best move of the closed season, getting Lazor was the best. Oh and how can I forget the whacking of Sherman and Turner.

Pouncey needs to be drug tested.....often.

Pouncey's easily a top 5 NFL center, not even a debate. Yet you pilfer that he isn't clearly the game's best.

Guess you guys have long forgotten the days we would have stroked ourselves just to have a center in the bottom top 10 of conversation.

Have you guys really examined the nature of this franchise lately? Have you really come to a conclusion we can afford to devoid ourselves of "real talent"?

I agree with Marco (who btw agree's with me)....

Sam I am......

I like you're post...but its hard to justify that leap.....

its almost like that clip the republican or democrtas play every election year to fire up their people (BTW..they are both the same)....

""Senator," he said, "I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy."


SAM I AM...."I know Mike POUNCY.....and MIKE Pouncy is ni HOF (er)"....

Same fans knowing this franchise still has long ways to true success. Talent starve roster you're you're willing to render "more talentless".

One step forward, 2 backwards. Is this truly what dolfans love?

Pouncey is a locker room cancer. He is toxic not to mention way overrated. I wouldn't give him away but would accept any fair trade. Dont want him on my team.

Pouncey needs to be drug tested.....often.

SAM I AM....@ 4:54....

Its like you say....we are YEARS away....POUNCY...Wake....these guys won't be around when its "our time".....

Get a draft pick for him now that may be around when that time comes...


Then who's your Pouncey replacement?

Better yet, have we been able to trust our fo to bring in the right players, replacement or otherwise?

That's what I'm talking. Get rid of Pouncey and we're more likely out of the frying pan into the fire.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 27, 2014 at 04:48 PM

I'd love to see Sherman and Turner in Good Burger II, complete with red baseball-caps, aprons and badges that say Trainee, ha ha.

"How may we help you today....sir ?", look at our menu

58 Sacks Burger with Thill Fries $3
Whopper of Lies with Thick Ritchie Shake $4
Philbin Wrap, no guts and no backbone $1
Flame Grilled Ireland Balls with sauce $0.50
The King Ross DawnJoe sandwich comes as
double act, index card sauce + BS $ Free in 2014

Kris, I get your point on Wake, but Pouncey is 24. If he keeps his nose clean he will be playing for a long time.

Garner, get Garner in there, Otherwise, test Pouncey for drugs, often.

Contrary to poplar belief, on run or passing downs, the most "critical pressure" would be that which comesfrom "the middle" not outside. Pressure from the middle makes the defense outside(DE/OLB) extremely easy. Pressure in the middle blows everything up offensively.

When the center sucks, you haven't a prayer on offense. Replace Pouncey with a mediocre center and then you will see.

SAM I AM....

I'm not even going to pretend like I watch enough tape (pros or college) to know the answer to your question....

but I do know that I have to trust the guys that do (Hickey and crew) to be able to answer that question for you/me...

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 27, 2014 at 04:57 PM

Sam I respect your opinion but all year long we struggled to run up the middle on 3rd and short. With a top 5 center you at least run up the middle and get more of those than we did.

I know that the guards didn't play well and Jerry was useless, but Pouncey should at least be able to clear his blocker out of the way for the back to punch it in behind him and get the FD.

Also if Pouncey was so good don't you think Sherman would have ran more QB sneaks ? I keep him, but he is not a top 5 center IMO. Maybe top 12.


I mean that Pouncy has no interest in playing for the FINS....he is leaving as soon as he is a FA...and I pray to GOD we don't franchise this whack job....

Pouncy will not be around when its winning time....


You do not have to trust the guys on the oline. The qb and rb's do. When's the last time you took a sack for Tannehill, or took a 3yd loss as a dolphin rb?

Youre interjecting yourself into false realms of none reality.

Sam, its all about the QB these days. The OL isnt that important in todays NFL.

ALSO....Sam I am....

Our line had one or two of their best games with Pouncy out.....

Pouncy is a body...as far as I can tell....plug him with another body....and the drop off isn't that great....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | February 27, 2014 at 05:04 PM

Pouncey is always going to be seen as Ritchies go to guy and a bully himslef. The guy is not a leader of men and I would trade him for a 1st or high 2nd to be honest. We need a vet probowl player that is a good guy and great leader... ah Albert welcome my friend.


Zone blocking schemes requires smarts and right personnel. We were challenged in both. Especially at the OG positions. Cogs neither Jerry are Zone blocking OG material.

So, you expect Pouncey to make up for deficiency of both?

I only have 1 question for everybody. If hearsay evidence is inadmissible in a legal courtroom, they why is it allowed in this Ted Wells report ? It is totally clear of the things that were said by all the parties, but yet everyone in the Dolphins organization other than Jonathan Martin view all this as harmless fun between buddy's (except for Jonathan Martin again). I still insist that Jonathan Martin is a 2 faced softy that didn't have the balls to face up to the situation like a man (ONLY BECAUSE HE WAS SEVERELY STINKING UP HIS JOB & WAS ABOUT TO LOSE IT ).

SAM I AM....

I didn't take any of the 58 sacks that POUNCY helped give up this year...the MOST in FINS history BTW.....

Nor did I have to take any of the HITS behind the LOS as the RB got hit time and time again on 3rd and short.....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | February 27, 2014 at 05:07 PM

True. Garner played as well as Pouncey when he came on. Pouncey lead the o-line to 2 yards against the Bucs, an all-time low. In the same game, he also started a fight that cost us 15 yards and set the tone, hurting us early. a selfish child with no control or top tier talent.


Its about consistency and game planning. Takes a couple weeks for defenses to get tape on the "TENADACIES" of the replacements.

That's why they can look like "worldbeaters" for a couple games in a row, then afterwards go from sugar to sht.

In the NDFL its all about "identifying", then attacking an opponents weakness. Did not Brenner suddenly look like "TOTAL CRAP" by final game? That's why.

Pouncy isnt the brightest bulb in the closet lol

WOW, its very comforting to know that Pouncey is responsible for the other 4/5th of our 2013 oline not going right. WOW!

IM out, the ludicrousy is even too challenging for me.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 27, 2014 at 05:09 PM

No Sam. Against his own assignments he came up short far more than a top tier center should. Look he is our best o-lineman, but not by too much.

Did you see him play in the Bucs game or the others where we couldn't get over 30 yards ? Did you see us trying to run behind him on short yardage up he middle ?

A top 5 center doesn't ever give you 2 yards running. Even Garner could have done better. Why do you keep defending him, as the leader of our line he did nothing. Sorry I know you like him, but I can't see his value the way you do. We should agree to disagree then my friend.

Dwight Stephenson, HOF center, greatly associated as the most run challenged oline in dolphins history(Marino). Could not it have had a little to do with the "other 4" olinemen he was surrounded by by?

Did Pouncey lead a great running game? Passing game?

No and no.

SAM I AM....

No need to get upset....we are just having a discussion......


Im not upset, just really have to go, something important to go do.

Have a great evening guys.

and SAM I AM.....

I am not a fan of Pujncy's play...but i dislike his toxic attitude even more.....

"We can't win coach with'em.....can't paly wth'em....can win with'em......can 't do it...WON'T DO IT"......


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