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Teams asking about Dolphins locker room at Combine

You know that the Indianapolis Combine gives teams a chance to meet with college prospects and in those meetings the strangest questions get asked. My particular favorite this year is one player was asked which team he picks to play as in Madden and why.

Well, as the Dolphins harassment scandal was a top issue around the league last year, teams apparently are wanting to gauge how potential draft picks would handle being in a similar situation. That is why multiple NFL teams asked prospects how they would handle being put in a locker room situation like the one in Miami.

One player who was asked about the Dolphins locker room situation was Florida Gators defensive back Jaylen Watkins, according to OnlyGators.com.

"They also ask personal questions about your family, how you would conduct yourself in the locker room," Watkins told the website. "A lot of teams asked about how I would handle a situation like what happened with the Miami Dolphins. They're trying to get a feel of how you could react to certain situations being in a locker room with other players who might have different perspectives, be more aggressive or more passive."

Players this year were prepared for questions about Michael Sam, the first NFL prospect to announce he is homosexual. Watkins was ready for the questions about possibly having a gay teammate. But no one went there, according to him.

"I was prepared for them to ask questions about Michael Sam or handling a situation like that in a locker room, but no one brought it up or asked about it," he said.

I can understand the questions about the Dolphins situation. But here's my opinion:

The Dolphins locker room dynamics between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was an outlier. In that one situation you had an extremely volatile player who has a history of drug and alcohol use and an inability to control himself -- against anger and other undisciplined behavor -- on the one hand. And on the other hand you had an extremely sensitive, weak and (now we come to find out) depressed individual with little self-esteem.

And those two were brought together, indeed, pushed together because they played on the same side of the offensive line and needed to work together and be together. And as time passed, each player's greater instincts got stronger.

Incognito became more aggressive and over-bearing. Martin became more isolated and unable to impose his will on the situation.

And what looked outwardly like a friendship of some sort was actually a freakship that no one really understood -- perhaps not even the two guys involved in the relationship.


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Who the **** would ever be stupid enough to associate Pouncey with the rest of the losers on that line? He is one of the better centers in the league, period. He can't blanking block everyone on his own, and if you would watch the games you would see him constantly breaking off of his assignment to try and help the rest of the bozos stinking the game up. BLAME IRELAND! He drafted a pampered, decadent, soft, baby Huey in Martin who is also a drug addict. He signed a useless RT in Clabo who was BENCHED because of his play. GERMANS DON'T KNOW **** ABOUT FOOTBALL THAT MUCH IS CLEAR!

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 27, 2014 at 05:16 PM

Well you could say the same about any o-lineman SAm. We can all see them for our own eyes and call it from there. Tackles are easier to judge as there assigned DE or OLB is coming from the outside or clear enough to watch the battle. Pouncey would normally be double teaming with Jerry or RI/Garner. MP to my eyes didn't do that great a job all year. Compared to him brother or Max Unger he just can't block as well.

With awful coach he may well too be a victim of the whole mess. I actually though he played much better in 2012 and though he would become our center for the next 10 years. Lazor may well get the most out of him as a progressive OC. Looks like he was just partying last year.

Have a good evening....

I should be in the bed...but not sleepy tonite.....

Have a great evening gentlemen, time to go.

You are getting distracted again Mando…move on from this story…stay focused on the football issues.

When will Hickey jump in and start taking action? Who will his first commitment as the new GM be extended to?

Make a call on that would you please?

Not only was JMART a whimp, but apparently most of fans who on here are also. All he had to do was just what Ireland said and know Richie on his ass. Instead, the cry baby literally made a federal case out of name calling. What a big vagina he is.

Who gives a rat's azzabout this shizz. Lets talk about the draft and free agency.

Mando should have mentioned that any prospects at the combine would also be thrilled to be drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

What can be more useless than talking about the draft? It's a miracle if the experts get even one pick right per team, especially after #5.

So....moron Incognito destroyed his own Ferrari with a baseball bat? LMFAO

A Ferrari to a millionaire is just a toy. It's like most of us destroying an old boom box.

The poor little, 6'5" 325lb, black boy, being crushed by the 6'3" 300lb white boy, how sad, the poor little black boy doesnt have any friends except for his mommy. Im so sad for the poor little black boy, and the little white boys mommy should spank him.

Armando, you call Jonathan Martin extremely sensitive and weak. Martin protected Andrew Luck's blindside for a couple of years at Stanford. You've got to be strong and tough to do that. In fact, Luck just stated publicly that he'd like to have him on the Colts. Coach Harbaugh, one of the toughest guys around, also disputes your assessment. When his Stanford teammates were interviewed they also said he was tough and they didn't see any of that from Martin. Perhaps, it was the two years of harassment and bullying he received in the sick culture of the Dolphins locker room that made him crack. The latest reports about Incognito demonstrate what a sick and unbalanced guy he is. How would you like a co-worker like that?

sorry mando. You're back-peddling here. They were friends. period. In no way did JM ever indicate to RI they weren't friends and JM was someone that RI couldn't count on. Three weeks before the meltdown, at the height on the fins winning streak, it was JM pressuring RI to get his a-ss off the couch and go out to strip joints and clubs to celebrate the undefeated streak. It's one thing to feel pressured to go with the 'gang' and do something you don't like, it's quote another to instigate conversation and hang out -- something JM did AS MUCH as RI did well into the summer and fall of 2013 That is a fact, according to all the text transmissions. JM wa smore than a willing partner in this relationship - period!

Jeff, that is seriously one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read on any message board. Armando was quite clearly referencing Martin's mental and emotional state, not his physical toughness. You obviously don't have much by way of mental strength if his point was lost on you so easily. Ever heard someone say "That's just not getting it."

I love how the media reports that Incognito destroyed his Ferrari with a baseball bat and the sheep just ignorantly sponge it up and believe this claim to be a fact.

Just too easy.


Tannenhill is another weakling, depressed and pyscho player who needs to go!

Lets see what Matty ICE Moore can dO.

Hickey is a 1 season bandaid and Philbin and Tannehill are on the final string before falling into the Abyss.

Bring on Jim Harbaugh in 2015, and give him total control.

Jeff at 8:24 sometime in the distant past.
In case anyone actually goes back to this blog, chaco out how many times Andrew Luck took off with the ball, due to the horrible pass protection from Martin. A LOT.
Yes, Luck likes to take off, but seriously, watch some film. I believe it was either a UCLA game or Oregon Lucks final year at Stanford. Luck desperately running for his life.
Luck saying the right things, protecting his standard buddy.

sheesh, the damn spell check around here. Stanford, not Standard. You leave off a cap, the spell check goes nuts.

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