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Peters signs extension, affects LT market

Left tackles are going to be a big deal in the next couple of weeks as teams either lock up the good ones they have before the start of free agency March 11 or chase the best ones on the market for what is sure to be a lucrative amount of money.

Today the left tackle picture came into clearer focus when the Eagles signed Jason Peters to a four-year extension worth $41.3 million with $19.5 million of that guaranteed, according to ESPN.

Getting  the ol' trusty calculator and ... that averages out to $10.35 million per year.

And there you have the starting point the coming free agent tackles will shoot for and try to surpass. The reason that is the aiming point is they will argue Peters signed an extension with a year left on his contract. They will say he took less money for the security of staying with his current team.

They will say that players are worth more once they hit the open market.

Obviously, teams may counter that some of the tackles in free agency aren't nearly as good as Peters. And the agents will counter that most of the free agent tackles are younger than the 32-year-old Peters.

The point is the back and forth will still center around the $10 million a year and $20 million guaranteed mark.

That's what Branden Albert, Eugene Monroe, Jared Veldheer, Anthony Collins and others will be aiming for at the beginning.

That, by the way, assumes any of them reach free agency. Why is that a question?

In recent days there have been numerous reports about the salary cap rising. First the report it was going to $130 million. Then a report it was going to $132 million. Lately some media outlets are suggesting the cap number will be higher than $132 million.

And with each reported rise, if true, the chances teams keep their outstanding left tackles increase. Suddenly the cap-strapped Baltimore Ravens may have more of a chance of keeping both Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta.

Suddenly, the Chiefs may be able to rethink the idea of keeping Albert.

The next two weeks should be interesting.

[Note: My column in today's Miami Herald explains how Dolphins owner Stephen Ross feels about the possibility of chasing unhappy San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh now. It also lays out what might happen after this season. Check it out.]


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No big deal in my opinion that Peters got around 10.3 million a year. Albert and Monroe I'm guessing will be in the 9-10 mil a year range.

The team will have to slightly overpay again because the O-line is so weak. The same thing happened last year with WR unfortunately. The good news is we have plenty of cap, so its not the end of the world.

Jonathon Martin - 4 years $12.5 million

Armando is wasting article space assuming two possibilities. One, that Harbaugh wants to coach anywhere other than in the SoCal area and that the 49ers would actually let him walk. HAHAH!
Posted by: deity | February 26, 2014 at 12:21 PM

If the lt are gone in FA, we are doom

Dickey will be underwhelm in the draft

Russell Wilson also needs to slow his role.

Don't forget dickey record the last 5 years 28-52 and last year 4-12
oh and the last (and only) candidate who would take this job. So far the reports are he is aponte bh

I am not sure about you guys, but those facts do not give me much hope.

FA are easier to evaluate than draft picks. If the FA do not come out, I feel this draft would be too much for dickey...I can see an oline full of Dallas Thomas

Troubling times dolphin nation

Go gogo, you were out with Sherman. So what are you doing around here?

When you have a lot of your own FA to sign , the cap space figure might be a misleading number

Deity: Failbin confirmed to me that the Go gogo will live strong every Sunday in the memory of Sherman

Mando congratulations on breaking Failbin and made him apologies to us.

You did it.

Estamos orgulloso de ti, mi hermano

Mando 1 Failbin 0

Go gogo you don't even know anything about th guy and already predicting doom for Fins.
The problem is not only the franchise, it's the fan base who actually loves to suck.
They wanted Ireland gone, he's gone.

Why so much gloom?

Hey, I don't suck. I will show you guys what a real GM looks like.....as soon as Dawny gives
me the list of players to select in the draft

Who said baltimore was cap strapped? They have $22M available in cap space...

Well, Fk it joe.

The POINT being. Harbaugh aint going anywhere.

When talking about the OL, you don't need great players. What you need is players who are competent, that's all.

The great players you need are the one's at the skills positions.

Dolphins OL last year was not competent, we need to replace them with competent people, not with all-pros anyways.
Case in point Jason Peters, he is good, even great sometimes, but Michael Vick and all other Eagle's QBs were getting killed even before he Peters tore his Achilles. They plugged in a back-up and no one noticed a drop off. I don't understand why they paid him all this money at 32 coming off a torn Achilees heel.
They should have resigned their WRs first.

Baltimore was a bit cap strapped earlier in the offseason, but they restructured Suggs and then the cap went up.

Still, I'm really hoping Monroe hits the market.

Also, a nice article from Barry Jackson on the Dolphins o-line options.

Marios: He worked for Tampa 17 years, 17 years, the same position was open over there and they did not even consireded him a candidate.

So he was not a candidate in his own organization, the team had a horrible record under his watch and on top of that he was the 8th (last and only) candidate for our gm job

I am sorry, but the best way to predict the future is analyzing the past and that past screams this guys SUCKS

We downgraded with Dickey and trust me I was no Ireland fan either

If Hickey is a downgrade from Ireland I predict we will have a new GM and head coach for 2015.

Also, if the team doesn't get one of the big free agent left tackles for whatever reason I hope Hickey rolls the dice and trades up into the top 10 to get one of Robinson, Lewan, or Matthews.

Thanks for the heads up NeMo, I will check it out - Jackson is usually better at these things than Salguero - but I already personally have a few options in mind already.


Not sure who said the Ravens were cap strapped but they were before they re-negotiated with Suggs. And I don't mean they had zip for cap space, I just mean they don;'t have a whole heck of a lot. They will sign their LT that is their main reason for re-doing Suggs contract.

### Long snapper John Denney, the Dolphins’ union representative, hasn’t read Ted Wells’ 144-page report on the team’s bullying scandal and didn’t read media accounts of the report. But he nevertheless discredited Wells’ findings.
“I have a hard time believing,” Denney said, “that you’re going to pay a guy good money to take his time to do an investigation, spend three months on it --- All of us can agree he’s not going to walk out of there and address the table and say, ‘I’ve got nothing guys, sorry.’ You’ve got to come up with something. They’re paying good money to come up with something.”
Denney said he didn’t want to hear about the details of the report because “I’ve been in the middle of it, so I’ve got nothing to read or see or hear…. This whole thing nauseates me,” he said.
Why? “Because it’s a little too much. Everything has been blown out of proportion from my perspective.”
What about Wells’ claim that several players were harassed, not only Jonathan Martin?
“Ted Wells can go into any one of the 32 teams in the entire league and he is going to come out with the same investigation, same results,” Denney said. “Every single player in this league has been bullied if that’s what bullying is defined as. I was bullied as a rookie. Every one I’ve seen has been bullied as a rookie.”
Denney, who came into the league with the Dolphins in 2005, said he never witnessed any conduct that he considered to be over the line.
"If this is something that needs to be addressed, this should have been addressed my rookie year because nothing has changed since Day 1 that I’ve been in the league,” he said. “It hasn’t escalated. If it was bad now, it was bad then.
“I came from BYU. When I came in the league, the environment was a complete shock to me. It wasn’t something I was used to. I felt like it was something I could manage and it didn’t affect me. Everyone is affected differently. This is no blanket cure-all because everyone reacts differently to different situations. There’s no right or wrong. It depends on the person that’s been affected.”
Does Denney blame Martin because this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t left?
“You answered your own question,” he said. “You know the answer to that. I’m not answering that question. It’s a little obvious.”
Would Martin be welcomed back to the Dolphins’ locker-room in the unlikely event it happened? “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Denney said.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/02/grimes-optimistic-on-contract-dolphins-union-rep-rips-wells-report-tannehill-opines.html#storylink=cpy

Texas, this above from our blogger Salguero...

"And with each reported rise, if true, the chances teams keep their outstanding left tackles increase. Suddenly the cap-strapped Baltimore Ravens may have more of a chance of keeping both Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta."

I agree, Monroe won't hit the market.

Good C&P MIT.

With the CAP number reortedly going to hit 135 million that will give the Fins approx. 40 to 41 Million CAP space. Now if the Dolphins release or trade Patterson they save 5.4 Million and if we're able to trade QB Moore (for whatevs) we save another 5.5 Million. If we release Moore we save 4 million. Those to deals alone save another 10 million plus.

Jmart trade will save 1 million CAP space. If release he'll cost 900K. If we can't get a 7th or anything else then I try and trade for a team PS player that played for league minimum and has no dead money if released.

So if ALL that can be done Miami will be sitting at approx. 52 million in cap space. Sign Grimes and we're down to approx. 43 Million. Go after Albert and we're getting back to 33 million. I say we go after Mack from the Browns if he's not tagged. That would cost what? 7 Million?

If 7 Million is the cost for Mack then that leaves 26 million for some depth and the draft.

We have a left tackle and his name is Bryant McKinnie, what is everyone crying about?
Granted he's 34 years old, but he's 6'8" and 360lbs.
Forget free agency, grab a true LT in the draft and let him sit behind Bryant and learn the ropes.

With the departure of Ireland, Sherman & Turner...we should be able to draft someone decent for a change.

I am pretty sure the going rate for LT's when the Fins were flirting with Albert and Long was about the same amount $10m-$11m. Not much seems to have changed in year. Except that the FA's are all another year older and took on the wear & tear of another NFL season.

I just don't see why they would pay $10m for a LT when they have a deep OLINE draft class. Draft picks are much less costly with the new salary structure. I would use my top 3 picks on OT's and a G.

I would use my available FA $'s for Grimes and Solai. Mabye a G and RB at the right costs.

Need to remember that THILL is on his rookie contract and the teams will have to pay him like a starting QB shortly.

Ad before anyone tells me we can't go with that many draft picks on the OLINE just remember how well it worked out when Shula picked Webb and Simms in rounds and 2. They developed chemistry together, grew up together and protected Marino for many years while they went to the Pro Bowl together.

The strength of this draft is with Offensive Tackles and Receivers so we have a good shot of getting starters in round 3 if we had to. I would not trade all our picks away to move up in round one to get a tackle, stay where you are and pick the best player available. Championship teams are made through the draft not Free Agency. We spent all that money on two LBs and two WR's last year and what did tnat get us? Don't overpay for one of these LT's, and look to build in the draft.

Like I said...with Ireland, Sherman & Turner gone we may actually have a decent OL draft this year.

Great post Marios!
Another blog based on other reporters work. Classic & normal!

Keep McKinnie...draft a stud, spend the FA money to keep Grimes & Patterson. Dump Moore & draft a QB to push Tannehill

Im no draftnik, but you guys do realize there are 31 other teams in the league that pick players, right? No draft can be but so "deep".

Dickey is going to fail soon, don't tell me I did not give you a heads up

Remember you heard it here first

Go gogo,

Quite a few people said that before you. But thanks for playing! Appreciate it

My plan this offseason:

Patterson - Cut him - save the $'s - injured too often and need to get the young CBs on the field. We also brought on a couple of vet CB's last year at the end of the season who showed well (remember the final draft in game two against the Pats).

Carrol - Cut him - always just mediocre and that is what Hickey needs to get rid of - mediocrity

Moore - Not sure if this $ is gauranteed but if not $2m is too much for this shaky player. I'd rather trust Devlin as the back up for a year or get another Vet cheaper for insurance purposes.

Grimes - sign him to a 3 year deal and pay him what he truly deserves - it's alot but you just saved getting rid of Pattersona and Carroll.

Solai - much more flexible than Starks - Sign him to a long term deal.

Starks - if Solai stays he is likely gone - I'm fine with that.

Do NOT sign a LT in FA for anything more than $8m per year. I'd rather go with the draft.

Sign a RB in FA - bruiser who can pass block and consistently gain the tough 1-3 yards when needed. There are a few nice options in FA and Hickey needs to get this done.

Keller - if he can run sign him to the minimum and give him shot while the others show what they can do for the new GM.

Guard - get one in FA for a solid and fair price to compete with the current bench players.

Pick #1 - Top OT available
Pick #2 - Top OT or Guard available
Pick #3 - Top OT or Guard available
Pick #4 - Top LB available
Pick #5 - Top DT or CB available
Pick #6 - Top DT or CB available
Pick #7 - Top FB available

You get skill players from the draft and o-linemen from free agency.
By 21 you are pretty much as fast and quick as you will get but you get stronger with lifting and by 25 26 you would be much stronger than when you were 21.

Texas, you can reduce the cap hits of those big tickets vets you sign by moving salary to back years while moving the guaranteed money up front. The signings won't eat up the cap space as much as you put in your entry - especially when you consider that the team expects to eb aggressive - they will want to massage the hits as much as possible. Move the big years abck to win the cap # will be higher - makes sense.

Im no draftnik, but you guys do realize there are 31 other teams in the league that pick players, right? No draft can be but so "deep".

Posted by: deity | February 26, 2014 at 01:58 PM

Yes, we all get there are 31 teams. But there are also TOP 10 players at the following positions:


That is Top 10 at 12 positions for a total of 120 TOP RATED PLAYERS. That leaves 20 top rated OLINEMAN for the Fins to chose from. Given all the diverse needs of the different 31 teams there is a real chance the Fins could get 3 of the top 20 OLINEMNAN in the first 3 rounds.

All the 'draft gurus' are saying it's a deep OT class so there may be Top 10 OG's and Top 15 or 20 OT's worth considering in the first 3 rounds.

JPAO....think you forgot RB somewhere between the 2nd and 4th.

You will not get a starting left tackle at pick 19 let alone in the third round. There are some guys like Bitonio that will be starters at left tackle eventually but no the first half of next year. it's a big step from playing for Nevada to the NFL. this DEEp class for offensive tackles is a bit overstated. The first three guys are definites but after that - it's same old, same old.

The starting LT NEEDS to be from free agency. Don't discount Roger Saffold. he can play a respectable left tackle or a very good right tackle. i hope they sign him regardless of signing Albert or whomever.

I will like Eric Ebron,Sammy Watkins, or Justin Credible Gilbert with the first pick. If they are all gone then safety Ha Ha Ha from Alabama.

Scary thought but if the dolphins traded up to 3 this year- they could probably snag Jadaveon Clowney! What a difference a year makes. There are many wishful thinkers on here as far as free agency goes. I think it is troubling that the salary cap keeps going upwards- thats going to ruin free agency this year leading to more FA being resigned by their current teams.

Two things strike me about some idiotic comments on this blog. Dennis Hickey was with TB for 17 years. Granted, he was never the GM, but 17 years at one job in the N(ot) F(or) L(ing) I think says a lot. He stayed on through 5 different head coaches bc he isa good personnel man. Guess what the Dolphins have grossly needed for decades- a good personnel man!

The other thing is that Ross wants the OL fixed. Can you disagree with him? The OL was horrid last year. It will be hard for Hickey to do his job if free agents don't become available due to the new found increased salary cap. If no free agents become available, then the team is going to have to trade up and thats going to cost high picks to do it. Mckinnie would need to be resigned if no FA can be signed for LT.


If Ross puts a high priority on winning next year we will more than likely hit FA to help repair the OLine. I'm sure since both Hickey and Philbin's jobs depend on a playoff run or at the very least a 9 and 7 record. I would say the reason is there are 3 LTs that could come in and start at LT right away. All those will be gone before 19. Can I guarantee that, no but it is highly probable.

Is McKinney and the draft the answer? I don't know if McKinney will be back. He is a FA and could retire or sign with the highest bidder.

I say the best opportunity is to go FA LT and possibly an interior lineman. Also pick up OL in the draft at round 3 or greater. Unless Lewan or Robinson fall in our laps.

go finssssss

Rookie LT normally take a couple of years to reach their potential. Long, Webb and Thomas are exceptions of course and all top 10 picks. If we get a LT at 19 no doubt he takes at least two years to get going.

Albert is the clear choice. At 29 he still has another 3-5 years left of pro-bowl level play. The only way Thill has a chance is if he has Albert this year, or Monroe, but he is likely gone. McKinnie would have to be the best plan C, but I'd have to see a shift to the power running game, with the best rookie run blockers left on the board and big back.

albert is the wrong choice now. next year is wasted, by then he would be in 30-'s and misses games every year. at this point they need to look much younger

CJ Mosley in the first round.

He brings an immediate impact and is a player that can be a leader and bring an identity to this team.

Cyrus Kouandjio looks the part of a fat o lineman that will rely on his size his whole career and basically will be a one trick pony as a run blocker. And shocking, he's under-performed at the combine

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 26, 2014 at 04:07 PM

No Albert is healthy and we can't afford to have yet another OL draftee bust. If Thill gets a weak LT, he won't progress, if indeed that is possible.

Albert can play for another 3-5 years. If you take a rookie they normally take too long to mature, we don't have that time for Thill. We are desperate for stability from this position. We can get a rookie RG and RT but LT is much more difficult to play as a rookie dustin.

With Philbin as HC it doesn't really matter much, he has the uncanny abilty of making players worse !!!

DawnJoe in flight, truly pathetic. I have some hop in Lazor though, maybe we have our new HC in him ???

dusty, if you don't mind, some of us would still like to give this team a fighting chance this year. the team last year wasn't a disaster and has the promise of an improving qb - so why not load up as much as we possibly can on talent that will be here for the next few years.

I mean the way you surrender, are you French or something?

I think McKinnie would like to stay in Miami.

he would be a fall back option...

Wait did a CANADIAN just make fun of the FRENCH?? Tell me wahy friggin wars have you EVER won or even fought in ALONE??????

I haven't given up on the players just the HC. Our O can improve through Lazor decent LT and a new RG and RT. As we have all debated a big workhorse back is a must. Thill should only be asked to pass 30-35 times a game max.

With a ball control unit we give our D some rest and keep ourselves in more games. Finesse doesn't work in Miami, its too gaye to bear.

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with loading the team up with good talent. I'm not ready to tank 2014 thats for sure.

marco go get a solid lt, just make him much younger than albert

Posted by: Marco | February 26, 2014 at 04:28 PM

Is that your real name ?

lol nice dig at the french mark i liked it. not saying dont try, but dont waste money on older guys. albert shouldnt be an option for this team now, go get a much younger version

thats the point marco, we all know how awful philbin is. so wont really matter who we have till hes gone after season. so least keep the cap in good shape for 2015

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