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Peters signs extension, affects LT market

Left tackles are going to be a big deal in the next couple of weeks as teams either lock up the good ones they have before the start of free agency March 11 or chase the best ones on the market for what is sure to be a lucrative amount of money.

Today the left tackle picture came into clearer focus when the Eagles signed Jason Peters to a four-year extension worth $41.3 million with $19.5 million of that guaranteed, according to ESPN.

Getting  the ol' trusty calculator and ... that averages out to $10.35 million per year.

And there you have the starting point the coming free agent tackles will shoot for and try to surpass. The reason that is the aiming point is they will argue Peters signed an extension with a year left on his contract. They will say he took less money for the security of staying with his current team.

They will say that players are worth more once they hit the open market.

Obviously, teams may counter that some of the tackles in free agency aren't nearly as good as Peters. And the agents will counter that most of the free agent tackles are younger than the 32-year-old Peters.

The point is the back and forth will still center around the $10 million a year and $20 million guaranteed mark.

That's what Branden Albert, Eugene Monroe, Jared Veldheer, Anthony Collins and others will be aiming for at the beginning.

That, by the way, assumes any of them reach free agency. Why is that a question?

In recent days there have been numerous reports about the salary cap rising. First the report it was going to $130 million. Then a report it was going to $132 million. Lately some media outlets are suggesting the cap number will be higher than $132 million.

And with each reported rise, if true, the chances teams keep their outstanding left tackles increase. Suddenly the cap-strapped Baltimore Ravens may have more of a chance of keeping both Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta.

Suddenly, the Chiefs may be able to rethink the idea of keeping Albert.

The next two weeks should be interesting.

[Note: My column in today's Miami Herald explains how Dolphins owner Stephen Ross feels about the possibility of chasing unhappy San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh now. It also lays out what might happen after this season. Check it out.]


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Human sacrifice sounds good

Report: Richie Incognito's new Ferrari bashed with baseball bat in Arizona

Report: Richie Incognito's new Ferrari bashed with baseball bat in Arizona

Posted by: LOL | February 26, 2014 at 11:31 PM

He's a racist pig. Glad it happened.

#3 overall pick, Dion Jordan, either he is or he isn't. If indeed he is, and Vernon emerging, Dolphins would be baffling fools not to explore what can be obtained for Wake this offseason.

Your #3 overall pick can not be a part time defensive player 2 years running. That's admitting to a humongous screw up at #3 overall drafting.

Si, senor Eglesias!

A couple of choices that would work well in the first round for me are:

DT Aaron Donald from Pitt. Blazing quick, ran a 4.68 40 at 285?!?!...crazy. Great motor and pass rush skills. Low center of gravity and bull strong with 35 reps. It seems we will probably lose Starks so this would be a great replacement.

Also S Calvin Pryor would work for me. He is a Ronnie Lott style enforcer and will generate fumbles with his bone jarring hits. Its been a while since the Fins have had a true grit, tough as nails Safety that lays the wood every hit. When Pryor hits people they stay down and I feel he is better playing the ball in the air than given credit for.

Good players find a way into the line-up and Pryor will be a stud.

On another note...Dion Jordan may become a good player but it seems like he was not worth the #3 overall. I'm definitely not writing him off...Vernon grew leaps and bounds in his second year.

fin4life, I think Johnson will end up being a good OT. Also "IF" the Fins chose Fluker they would have gotten to keep their 2nd rounder they gave to Oakland in the trade. Fluker plus an early 2nd seems like a better combo than the DJ pick imho.


Hello fellow Fin-fans

Less not get carry away with Offensive Tackles?

To acquired O/T does it include given up around in the Draft?


A good GM can fine two good tackles without the drama?


1st round 19th pick (Really should it go for offensive Tackle? Or draft the best player/BEST VALUE/BEST TALENT/FANS WOULD PAY TO SEE PLAY? IF THAT PLAYER HAPPENS TO BE AN OFFENSIVE TACKLE THEN DRAFT THAT PLAYER!

Aaron Donald is some kind of talent. Nobody can block him 1 on 1 he's so quick and strong. The U did a fair job by double teaming him but that's it. Definite nab if he's there at #19.

Players that aren't reaches that could be available at #19 (at least 1 of these guys will be)

1) Eric Ebron-TE
2) Taylor Lewan-LT
3) Aaron Donald-DT
4) Zack Martin-LT/LG (may be a slight reach but he is versatile and fills a huge need)

If we can land Albert or Monroe I would love to see Ebron fall into our lap. If he is gone then Aaron Donald would also make a lot of sense. The draft is very deep with OG's and RT so there is no reason we can get a couple of starters on our Oline from rds 2-5.


Joe P. is the Head coach this season (He can succeed By:

Getting the Offensive line fixed! without giving up draft picks.

I still think the Fins should Draft!
extremely talented, disruptive DT with plenty of upside and should merit first round consideration.

Florida State Seminoles star defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan number 8

2nd or 3rd round Draft CLEMSON QUARTER BACK TALJ BOYD/// who threw for 11,904 yards and 107 touchdowns in 40 career games at Clemson.

I like Mat Moore but he does not challenged Tannehill? Dol-Fans A smart head coach will not die with his quarterback.

Fourth round or fifth round A 230 lbs Tailback (play maker/ Defensive will fear to tackle? A Natron Means or Ricky Williams type. This will make the dolphins tough and respected.

SDOT I not understandable.

Always impressed to anything Louis Riddick says, IMO he would have been a tremendous hire as a GM, but I digress.

Wed AM on the Herd with C. Cowherd, Riddick gave two potential gems: Odell Beckham, Jr. from LSU, not really a gem but someone who may fly under the radar, a kid who runs very polished routes to go with his speed at 4.40 and decent size at 6', who could pair very nicely with Wallace, and Pierre Desir, from Lindenwood, Div II-A, in MO, a CB projected in rounds 3-4. The guy is 6'1", something we need in our secondary: size, 4.51 but plays faster on the field and a tremendous leaper with top vertical at the combine.

That is the kind of GM I would have loved for clueless Ross to hire. This year unfortunately would be a giant waste thanks to Ross lack of executive fortitude. Look forward to yet another 8-8 season, only hope it's that then he would finally blow this whole crap up and rebuild accordingly with a new, younger GM, and HC.


Good read. Another guy I like is Joel Bitonio (OT/OG). I took notice at the combines and it made me look at his film. The guy would be an excellent LG for us and could play LT in a pinch. He has good speed and more importantly, he moves fast to the second level for blocks while keeping his pad level down. IMO, he is the same player as Zach Martin but projected to go in the mid 2nd to early 3rd rd.

Well the Canadians put a better show in 1812 against you Yanks than the French did in 1940 against the Germans.

What's funny is that people would come on here to down Manziel before he has even played one game in his PRO CAREER....

talk about his size..and measuarbles...and strength (or lack therofe for the basher's)....

and you fail to mention that his college career has DWARFED our QB's to this point....just like another QB that you love to complain and nit-pick about because of his measuarbles....the haters will call him a game manager...I call him SB Champion Russel Wilson.....

Maybe Manziel flames out like Tebow....

Maybe he lights it up like Wilson....and before we start talking stats....I'M TALKING ABOUT WINS....and Wilson is among the TOP 3 QBS in WINS for the amout of starts he has....

I know when we all want to talk about 4,000 yard seasons....and number of drop backs....

but in the end...its all about WINS....and WILSON now has a SB that nobody can ever take away from him....something only a FIN FAN born in the 60's can truly apperciate....and I mean like 61 or 62....@ least....cause those if us born in the 70's....are way to young to porperly apperciate 1972-73.

Yes. Go First Class, always, if you can.

OK whoever on here that took a baseball bat to Richie Incognito's car...NOT COOL BRO!

Hola Oscar,

Otra noche solo en el blog de los Dolfin, e? Jajajajajaaa, por eso tu mujer te dejo!

Bueno, eso y la salchichita que tienes.

btw, those interior linemen of the U looked pretty good vs Donald even if they were double teaming hi. Perhaps one of those in the lower Rds?

Did they look as good as my furry coconuts and my fire hose in the shower, all those years ago?

Di la verdad, u were staring....


Now Albert and Monroe have a playoff team that they can go to which puts more pressure on the Chiefs and Bal to franchise Albert and Monroe. Only 1 has to get franchised in order for us to miss both.
Example: Bal franchises Monroe and Albert goes to a playoff team.

Should've signed Jake Long last year. This year Free Agents are going to get paid. A lot of Cap Space.

Grimes is going to sign for about franchise money 3yr/$32M. 1 of the Top 3 FA LT is going to cost over $11M a season.

The Dolphins should've Cut Incognito last year. For his performance. He has been fat and slow for the past 2 years.

But to the present...


LT E.Monroe
RG J.Asamoah


Trade up for T.Lewan, if not use a 2nd or 3rd on a RT. Not a big difference between the 4th and 8th Tackle in the draft. The Top 3 LT are real good, then you have a gap in talent. Z.Martin will be better playing OG. He is to small to be a Top of the line LT in the NFL.

Joe Flacco also won a Superbowl.

Russell Wilson isn't even the 5th best player on his team.

Ryan Tannehill is the Best player on the Dolphins.

Just like Luck is on his and RG3 with the Redskins.

If you have been a Dolphins fan for the past 30 years, YOU KNOW a Team Wins the Super Bowl, Not the QB. Cause a lot of Mediocre QBs have won a Superbowl over the Past 30 years. While the Dolphins had the Most Prolific Passer in the game for 15 Years and couldn't reach 1.

And Peyton the Current Most Prolific Passer in the Game, has only won one. P.Manning has never had a real coach. J.Mora is the closest he has had.

You need a Team to win a Superbowl, and You NEED AN O-LINE TO HAVE A FUNCTIONING OFFENSE.

Just like you need a GM to be under the coach.

I take that back. Tom Moore is the closest thing to a Coach, P.Manning has had.

J.Manziel shouldn't even be drafted in the 3rd Round. R.Wilson can at least throw from the pocket.

He will get drafted in the 1st, because of hype. Tim Tebow was a 1st round pick. Doesn't mean he should've been. Akili Smith, Tim Couch, etc.

I am not saying Manziel is going to be that bad.

He is going to be more like Vince Young.

Not too much longer before free agency starts. Hard to talk about the draft until we see what happens in free agency.

There doesn't seem to be alot of optimism for this group Hickey/Philbin/Tannehill so maybe we'll be surprised.

The sense of urgency is obviously there so they'll either sink or swim.

The hope is if they indeed fail they won't leave us in salary cap hell and add more duds to the roster.

IMHO we need to be pulling for them to succced. The bleeding has to stop somewhere. The way things have been going there is no reason to believe we would hire a better coach or find a better QB if this group fails.

Miami Dolphins Report: Richie Incognito's new Ferrari bashed with baseball bat in Arizona

Dooshy, tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith! LMAO!

Manziel, best QB coming from college in the last 10 years.


Its not coaching....

Marino had the best coach since Lombardi...and he has zero rings....

It has do do with the PLAYER'S DNA....

Manning, P. doesn't have IT...and neither did Marino....the BIG game was to BIG for them...

Not a knock...it happens...

You wittnessed again last SB Sunday....

even in Mannings win...he looked like crap...

Its the PLAYERs play...coaches coach....

and Dashi...

I have done the LEG WORK to many times to do it again....

you need to RE-DEFINE your definition of mediocre....

Almost 70% of QB to win the SB in the past 30 YEARS have been RD 1 QBS....so MEDIOCRE things were not expected of them....

If it wern't for TOM BRADY and Montana...those numbers would be closer to 85%....and now...maybe Wilson helps to skew the numbers a bit for this generation....we will see....

The best thing that Tanne brings to the table...is that he was taken in the 1st RD....and having a first RD QB starting for your team brings the percentages of going to the play-off's and WINNING the SB increase dramatically.

Did you guys see a picture of Incognito's Ferrari? It was smashed.

Dooshy, tell us again how Chad Henne is our franchise QB lol

This is an example of another timely article by Armando that shows his great forsight and insight. Great stuff, Mando.

"Ryan Tannehill is the Best player on the Dolphins"

That's just ridiculous. Wake, Pouncey, Hartline, Clay, Soliai, Starks, Grimes, Odrick are all better players right now that Tannehill. Hopefully, this coming year Tannehhill will become the best.

D'Qwell Jackson was released by the Browns yesterday and I think the Fin's should give him strong consideration right away. This 30 year old ILB will be pursued by others. He is really solid and could be a big help to a struggling and thin LB squad. If and Ellerbe patrolled the middle it would put a lot less pressure on Wheeler who could focus on a smaller portion of the field in a 3/4 scheme.

"Ryan Tannehill is the Best player on the Dolphins"

That's just ridiculous. Wake, Pouncey, Hartline, Clay, Soliai, Starks, Grimes, Odrick are all better players right now that Tannehill. Hopefully, this coming year Tannehhill will become the best.

Posted by: MassDolphan | February 27, 2014 at 09:57 AM

I actually don't see this statement as being ridiculous. Look at the impact THILL has on this team. As QB he has made this offense go. Hartline and Clay don't look good without THILL. Pouncey as a center is clearly not the best player. Wake's numbers were down last year, he wasn't the most productive DE on the team last year (Vernon was). Solai, Odrick and Starks are good solid DE's but not the best players on the team.

Grimes - I think he is the best DBACK and maybe the best player. So, maybe THILL is behind him.


Dqwell was almost as bad our LB's at stopping the run.....NEXT!

What difference does it make if we trade up in the first round. Our team of "buffoon" decision makers will probably draft another Dion Jordan type(can you believe they picked him at #3?). We have no one who can evaluate talent. Philbin has no clue, he doesn't even know whats going on right under his nose. We definitely need OLineman, linebacker with some coverage skills and a safety. We have lots of $$$, its just will we be able to convince any of the free agents to come and play for this train-wreck of a team.


Its not coaching....

Marino had the best coach since Lombardi...and he has zero rings....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | February 27, 2014 at 09:31 AM

This of course will be the question that haunts Marino till the day he dies but as someone who sat through his entire career I disagree and always will!!

The reality is Marino's D was ranked 22nd or worse for 14 of his 17 Yrs. in the NFL! Take into account that there were 30 teams for 15 of his Pro Yrs. and it puts that in proper perspective. The occasions his D finished higher in ranking was due to JJ on he back-end of Marino's career! Have some of you simply forgotten that we needed to maintain pace down 3 to 6 points hoping Marino would get the ball with at least 1 Minute and 40 seconds to go in order to have a shot at the win??? It was nerve racking!!!

There was NEVER an attempt to put a rungame together while Danny played. I saw many an interview were Shula admitted that he felt he was giving the opposition a break by handing it off so he had Marino throw every down. We all know that it makes for exciting Reg. Seasons but when the opponents get better in the Playoffs in the unforgiving North East Winter weather balance is a key! I also saw an interview with Jim Kelly who says he laughed every Yr. with the comments about being serious with the rungame by Miami and he and Bruce Smith knew if they shut Marino down the Dolphins had ZERO SHOT!!

You lay this at the feet of the Coach no 2 ways about it!!!

The whammy was the drafting which saw a parade of busts while the Robbie's/Wayne let Shula pull double duty as Coach/G.M. on past glory with the ICON status I believe to this day it's on Shula the G.M. as well as anybody we didn't win a Title with Marino!! 15 freakin drafts and outside one attempt with Sammy Smith the best he could do at RB was the UPS guy Parmalee!!

Had Dan been QB'ing the 49ers of that ERA or the Giants, Bears or even Redskins he's a perennial S.B. Champ!!!

You make an argument for Wilson but it can now be said that Pete Carroll came out of USC with the Jimmy Johnson plan in place and proceeded to draft alot of lesser known talent in the mid to later Rds stacking his deck and they are the difference with the deepest team/bench the game has seen since JJ's Cowboys, example the SB MVP who alot on here hadn't heard of before the NFC Champ game. I truly believe that over half the QB's in the NFL would have won the last SB given the lopsided affair it was! One team a pass happy bunch Vs. the best D and balanced O, no contest! Same story it always is in those types of match ups!!


This offense hasn't "gone " anywhere...

they were worse last year PPG than the year before...and has only improved fractionally (not even marginally) since Tanne's time under center.....

again...not knocks...facts....

Can he get better...does he appear to have potential...sure...I think so....

but to date...in terms of PPG...or 4th Quarter scoring....meh...

I will concede thqat Tanne had that RED ZONE offense hummung for a minute...but then that fizzled out....


Your points may be counter to mine...but still a GREAT post....really a good read...

Kris - I am not saying THILL is great. I am saying it's not a stretch to say he is the team's best player. This was an 8-8 team they are not great. The result is mediocre and most of the players are not great. Grimes is the only one right now that I could be the 'great' tag on by position. So, to say that THILL is currently the team's best player it's not too far from being accurate.

Monday is the deadline for franchise tag. We'll see if Grimes gets tagged, not tagged, or tagged and then subsequently signed long term.
I don't think this team can afford losing him.

I said with P.Manning it is coaching.

With Marino it was that he had nobody around him. Zero Run Game, Mediocre Defense. Don Shula is the greatest coach of all time but he was at the end of his career when he got Marino. He got lazy.

Fin4life - We had pro bowlers like Mark Higgs and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, too! With talent like that in the backfiled Danny had no excuses!

Yeah, I think it's pretty much a fact that the only reason Marino did not have multiple SB rings was he had crappy teams around him. He never had a running game and only had a good defence towards the end of his career, and by then the receiving corps sucked. He carried this team on his back pretty much his whole career.

A lot of 1st round QBs are mediocre.

I judge QBs by what they do on the field, over the span of their career.

How many of those QBs were league MVP the year they won the Superbowl. Or have won a League MVP in their Career.

You know carried the team.

The Elite QBs have been the best player in the NFL at least once in their career. The real good ones more than once.

That is how I rate a QB. By his personal Achievement. You don't judge one person by the actions of others. You judge them for what they are responsible for.

The Coach is the only that can be judged by the Action of the whole team.

Agree with MassDolphin on Grimes...

I think Hickey will be off to a BAD start with the fans if grimes walks...


Explain how we don't need an O-line to have a functioning Offense.

Just cause Dan Marino didn't need an O-line to win. Doesn't mean that you don't need an O-line to win.

I am also concerned with what appears to be a 'wait and see' policy Hickey and Co. seem to be taking with the Phins own FAs. That is a good policy to drive your own FAs to other teams. Players want to feel wanted both emotionally and money wise.


Not sure why you are asking me that....I explained to you a few days ago what my thoughts were on that....

We talked ALL-WORLD v. servicable....and we kind of came to an understanding...but not an agreement...

Eagles re-signed WR Riley Cooper to a five-year, $25 million contract.
The last year of the deal is voidable, but it includes $10 million guaranteed. It looks like the Eagles have overpaid for a player they had plenty of leverage on. Given Cooper's ugly racial slur from last summer, it's unlikely he would have been welcomed into any other locker room as a free agent. Furthermore, he lacks an ability to separate consistently despite the eye-opening 47/835/8 contract-year breakout. Still, the 6'3/222 Cooper is a reasonable complement to diminutive DeSean Jackson because he brings red-zone chops, some blocking ability and a willingness to go over the middle on slants. If fellow free agent Jeremy Maclin is re-signed by the Eagles as expected, Cooper will enter 2014 as a No. 3 wideout.

That was taken from Rotoworld


Your points may be counter to mine...but still a GREAT post....really a good read...

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | February 27, 2014 at 10:37 AM

I just remember that ERA all to well and feel with time putting distance between his playing career and the younger fans Dan's body of work isn't getting a fair shake outside us Fins fans. He isn't without blame himself, he was selfish about the way he wanted it done and faced off with JJ in spectacular fashion at the end when his arm was done and he was throwing more picks than TD's but early on it was Shula who rode Dan's coat-tails not the other way around. If not for Marino I truly believe that in the late 80's when Noll and Landry were ushered out Shula would have joined them given he would have been Coaching a Sub-500% team without the Golden Arm to bail him out.

By the way Kris I was in Frankfurt in 2011 and was absolutely blown away by how modern and nice a City it was. I wasn't there long I had a 22 Hr. lay over with Lufthansa to Johannesburg and went through customes and on the recommendation of the customes official took the train from the airport to the World Car Expo and was really floored by the City also got a room to freshen up and the Steigenberger is a nice little Holiday Inn type with reasonable pricing. I always wanted to return and go see Berlin if Frankfurt looked the way it did! Also really remember given it was my 1st time on the A-380.


Frankfurt is about an hour from my current residence, and maybe 35 minutes from where I work....I have already been there once (to go to IKEA) :( but I plan on returning for many more trips that are more about me...and less about the wife...

As far as Marino goes....I am less nostalgic about him (even tho he is the reason I am a FIN FAN)....and I find myself being more judgemental of him...

I watch other QBs get things done...What did Tom Brady have to work with this year....or since Moss left the team...Defense sucks...WR suck....he still wins 12 games a year...and is on his 15th straight AFC EAST title...

I am of the Opinion that Marino didn't work hard enough...he thought it was going to be easy...and when it wasn't...he folded....it was a curse to go to the SB so early...in his own words...."he thought he would always be back"...(paraphasing)

where do I get a peter extension?


Thanks for giving an honest answer. Some people just because out of my mouth automatically they feel the need to dispute the point. I agree Grimes might be the only one you can compare as the Best Player on the Team.

But for fun I will breakdown the argument like the Spanish table at a wrestling match.


Ryan Tannehill is the Best player on the Dolphins"

That's just ridiculous. Wake, Pouncey, Hartline, Clay, Soliai, Starks, Grimes, Odrick are all better players right now that Tannehill. Hopefully, this coming year Tannehhill will become the best.

Posted by: MassDolphan | February 27, 2014 at 09:57 AM


Wake- Isn't even the best DE on the team anymore. O.Vernon is.

Pouncey- Seriously?Two Words. Offensive Line.

Hartline- Ha! What game are you watching? Hartline again isn't even the best player in his group.

Clay- a Good FB/TE. The guy was the 3rd string TE before Keller went down. And at the end of the day he is only just an H-Back.

Soliai- Old and Slow. And you are comparing a NT playing out of position to the QB?

Starks- Guy just quit last year. He is also over the Hill.

Odrick- Could barely start over the 2 old DTs.

Grimes- Saved the best for last. He is a Good CB. But he is over 30. Is only 5'9". At the end of the day he isn't a true shutdown CB. Oh, and he is a pending Free Agent. So he might not be on the for much longer.

Tannehill- Best Player on the Team. Plays the Most important position on the team. Had Zero O-line and still managed to produce this in his 2nd season as a Pro...

3913 Yds
24 TDs
17 INTs
81.7 Rating

40 att
238 yds
6.0 Ypc
1 TD

Fin4life - We had pro bowlers like Mark Higgs and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, too! With talent like that in the backfiled Danny had no excuses!

Posted by: THED | February 27, 2014 at 10:44 AM

Shades of Lorenzo Hampton a coked out Bobby Humphrey and Troy Stradford!

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