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Peters signs extension, affects LT market

Left tackles are going to be a big deal in the next couple of weeks as teams either lock up the good ones they have before the start of free agency March 11 or chase the best ones on the market for what is sure to be a lucrative amount of money.

Today the left tackle picture came into clearer focus when the Eagles signed Jason Peters to a four-year extension worth $41.3 million with $19.5 million of that guaranteed, according to ESPN.

Getting  the ol' trusty calculator and ... that averages out to $10.35 million per year.

And there you have the starting point the coming free agent tackles will shoot for and try to surpass. The reason that is the aiming point is they will argue Peters signed an extension with a year left on his contract. They will say he took less money for the security of staying with his current team.

They will say that players are worth more once they hit the open market.

Obviously, teams may counter that some of the tackles in free agency aren't nearly as good as Peters. And the agents will counter that most of the free agent tackles are younger than the 32-year-old Peters.

The point is the back and forth will still center around the $10 million a year and $20 million guaranteed mark.

That's what Branden Albert, Eugene Monroe, Jared Veldheer, Anthony Collins and others will be aiming for at the beginning.

That, by the way, assumes any of them reach free agency. Why is that a question?

In recent days there have been numerous reports about the salary cap rising. First the report it was going to $130 million. Then a report it was going to $132 million. Lately some media outlets are suggesting the cap number will be higher than $132 million.

And with each reported rise, if true, the chances teams keep their outstanding left tackles increase. Suddenly the cap-strapped Baltimore Ravens may have more of a chance of keeping both Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta.

Suddenly, the Chiefs may be able to rethink the idea of keeping Albert.

The next two weeks should be interesting.

[Note: My column in today's Miami Herald explains how Dolphins owner Stephen Ross feels about the possibility of chasing unhappy San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh now. It also lays out what might happen after this season. Check it out.]


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Just cause Dan Marino didn't need an O-line to win. Doesn't mean that you don't need an O-line to win.

Posted by: Dashi | February 27, 2014 at 10:54 AM

The best teams historically have had some of the best OL's the game has seen! No need to go to faaar back the Cowboys, Packers and Broncos of the 90's all had very dominating OL's anchored by some of great LT's.Aaon Taylorn G.B. T.Jones in Denver and of course Erik Williams in Dallas who was followed by Larry Allen. They were all also together for a perid of time which bares mentioning.

I felt resently that the SB Pats teams were a solid group up front as were the Giants. The anomolies being the 2010 Pack and the Seahawks but in Seattle's defense their a sub-par pass blocking line but a damn good run blocking unit!

Honestly Ryan Tannehill met or exceeded my expectations for his 2nd Season.

I expected R.Tannehill to have 4000yds 25 TDs 15 INTs. I didn't expect the O-line to play that bad. And Wallace actually being a one trick pony. So T-Hill did better than expected.

This season if we fix the O-line. We don't even have to get one more weapon for Tannehill. Even though a big target will help. I expect R.Tannehill to throw for 4400yds 35TDs 10 INTs.

Lazor coached N.Foles and M.Vick last year. Chip Kelly runs some kind of system that the QB can't/doesn't make mistakes. I hope Lazor installs that in this offense. Cut down the progressions.

Posted by: Dashi | February 27, 2014 at 11:14 AM

Good post! I do however think that Solia and Starks at 29 Yrs Old aren't as over the hill as you make out and in a 3/4 scheme along with Odrick when motivated among NFL's very best today. They are victims of bad Coaching and scheme! I also believe except for Odrick they quit but again the Coaches put them in position to fail!


I have agreed with everything you have said. Reason I can't even respond to it. What more could I add.

What I think it is, people tend to believe Underdog stories happen all the time.

Yeah, some teams catch lightning in a bottle. But more times than not, the teams that dominate are a complete team. They have players at every position.

70s Steelers and Dolphins
80s 49ers
90s Cowboys
00s Pats

These were complete teams. When the Pats were winning SBs, Tom Brady wasn't even the 10th best player on the team. The Kicker was better than him.

I want to add to the "Marino Discussion"

He had 147 career Wins: More than Unitas, Montana, Starr, Fouts, Aikman, Bradshaw, Moon & Starbauch.

He played with some solid Olineman: Dellenbach, Stephenson (5 pro bowls), Sims (3 pro bowls), and Webb (7 pro bowls).

Here are some highlights/facts from an article I found on this topic:

...a little research regarding the 17 Super Bowl winning teams during Dan Marino's career. I noticed that there were two things that stuck out almost every time. Most of those teams had a 1,000 yard rusher and most teams had a top 10 defense. I hit the books and totaled the frequencies.

13 out of the 17 teams possessed a 1,000 yard rusher.

16 out of the 17 teams had a Top-10 ranked defense.

Meanwhile, Marino played with a 1,000 yard rusher only once during his 17 seasons. He played with a top-10 defense in only four out of his 17 seasons.

That means that in 94-percent of the time his was without a 1,000 yard rusher and 76-percent of the time he was without a top-10 ranked defense. That is not a lot of backup in my mind. Especially when 76-percent of the Super Bowl teams had a 1,000 yard rusher and 94-percent of them had a Top-10 defense.

To think that Dan Marino was as productive as he was without a running game to balance the passing game and without a defense to balance the offense is beyond logic. That makes his statistics far more impressive then other quarterbacks who had the benefit of a running game and defense to lean on.

Defenses knew Marino was going to throw instead of run—and still couldn't stop him. Often even in games where Miami needed to score early and often just to have a chance (because their defense was so poor), he couldn't be stopped.

It wasn't like he was getting all that much help in the passing game either. In his 17 seasons, he only played with three Pro Bowl receivers (Mark Clayton, Mark Dupper, and Irving Fryar).


Soliai and Starks are Average now, I agree that I don't think as highly of them as I once use to.

Is it me or did they quit last year?

It looked like they were just going thru the motions?

I agree that the coaching has a lot to do with it. I believe the wrong coordinator was fired, COYLE SUCKS!! I guess since Sherman was responsible for setting that type of atmosphere on the offense. And he should've taken the Training Wheels off Tannehill and had him scramble more, cause of the bad O-line.



In what decade do we get a real QB?

Wally, chances are everybody read the same thing. Rather than take up blog space, just post the link.

Posted by: Thanks | February 26, 2014 at 08:44 PM

i didn't know we were running low????

Football is a Team Game composed of 22 Players, which when on the Field, 11 of them are on Offense and the other 11 on Defense alternatively each group of those depending on the situation. Seems obvious? Not to the 2 or 3 posters here.(no wonder Jon Martin doesn't want to be in Miami, FL)

They should consider trading dion jordan if they can't figure out how to use him . #3 overall for a guy who does not play what a f ing joke. Wallace due 17m , that's 8 mill more than Brady makes. Another awful deal done by jeffy. They should not draft tackles and get guards via fa. They had a 150 m online a few years ago and all those guys are long gone and only produced one year. You can also argue Ricky and Ronnie and the cat is why the fins gained 2300 on the ground that year

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