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Quickie highlights from Joe Philbin presser

Joe Philbin today became the first Dolphins official to discuss the Wells report and the scandal that spawned that report. He stepped to the microphones in Indianapolis in front of the national and some local media (not me, I'm home) and started with a statement ....

Philbin talked of creating an atmosphere where players' experience with the Dolphins was "the best professional experience they had."

"Anytime that isn't accomplished, anytime a player or staff member or anyone has an experience contrary to that, it requires my attention," he said. "It needs to be corrected, it needs to be looked at, it needs to be fixed."

Then going futher in his memorized statement he added ...

"I want everybody to know,  was responsible for the workplace environment at the Miami Dolphins facility. I'm the one that sets the schedule, I decide when the practices are, I decide when players eat, how the practices are, how they lift, everything they do in the facility."

That's good. Everything means everything and Philbin is being accountable here.

Philbin said he got the Wells report at the "same minute" the public got the report.

"I think you can imagine when I got the report, some of the facts, the behavior, the language that was outlined in the report was inappropriate," Philbin said. "It's unacceptable. And I'm the one who is charge of the work place. And I can tell you ... we're going to do things about it. We're going to make it better."

Then Philbin stopped his shouting into the microphone and took questions.

Philbin was asked if he believes it is his job to know what was going on and if not, did he fail by not knowing what was going on as the Wells report stated?

"Look, I'm the head football coach," Philbin said. "The team, the performance of the team, the 8-8 record, that falls on my shoulders. I'm going to be more vigilant. I'm going to be more diligent. I'm going to be more visible. I'm going to have a better pulse."

Philbin defended himself from the idea that he didn't delve in depth with Jonathan Martin on his suicidal thoughts after May 2013 despite the fact those thoughts lingered for Martin.

"When I was made aware of his condition, I immediately connected him with medical treatment," Philbin said. "And I had subsequent discussions. Nothing at great length. And out of respect for Jonathan, I'm not going to get into the details of those discussions. He should be the one that speaks on his health status."

Philbin kept open the door for a Jonathan Martin return. He said owner Stephen Ross will meet with Martin, something Ross said in a statement Wednesday, and decisions will be made after that.

Philbin said no decisions have been on the future of any players mentioned in the report -- Richie Incognito, Martin, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey. We all know that not to be true. Incognito is not coming back. Ross has said Martin's not coming back.

"We haven't made any decision on anybody's future," Philbin said.

Phiibin then took on more responsibility and showed more accountability.

"I have to do a better job," he said. "We're going to look at everything. The way we educate, the way we communicate, the way we talk to one another. I'm going to look at every avenue. I have to make sure we create a better atmosphere and better environment."

Philbin was asked how he could abide with the Dolphins players voting Incognito a leader on the team in 2013 when he had assualted a female golf course volunteer at a team sponsored event in 2012.

"I didn't necessarily name him a leader," Philbin said.

But he allowed it.

"There's a leadership council that we have in place. The process is the players elect the people they want to be on the leadership council. Out of respect to the process that's how the votes came in and he was on the leadership council."

So in a presser where Philbin is taking accountability for everything that goes on within his team, he's now distancing himself from this issue. Bad moment.

Does Philbin wish he handled this whole affair differently?

"I don't have the benefit to look back," Philbin said. "I would have hoped that I noticed some of these things. I can tell you I never turned my back. If I had heard this type of language or these type of acts, I would have intervened immediately.

" ... I certainly wish I would have seen some of it. I would have intervened quicker and perhaps it would not have grown to this proportion it has grown to. But it's easy to look back. That's how it happened. That's how it unfolded. I have to focus on the future and correct the problems."

Philbin was asked if he thinks he should keep his job ...

"Steve Ross is the one that does the hiring for the Miami Dolphins," Philbin said. "That's a question you should ask him."


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Armando, Can you do two blogs. One for your Haters called Mando's hate blog.... One for the fans that want to talk football ? I will read the Later and I can change my name to happy fin fan and get off the Prozac i was forced to go on from reading all your negative derogatory hate filled posts.

Please! start another blog. Save me!

Jeff... Pouncey is the only guy on that line that can play. You do not let him go. I am sorry.


Buffet pants? Sorry couldnt help myself

This just screams coached by the PR team, who seem to be the most effective coaches the Dolphins employ at this time. Which isn't saying much.

Posted by: MANDOS HATE BLOG READER | February 20, 2014 at 11:02 AM

No, Mandy's on the phone digging up the latest gossip on Philbin, trying to figure out how to try to spin no news into bad news for Philbin. "A trainer was fired in Indy? Lets make it seem as if it's an indication that Philbin needs to be fired, even though I called for this days ago and then blasted them yesterday for indecisiveness on firings" "Philbin is speaking now? Let's make him sound like some sort of idiot for NOT reading from cue cards and memorizing a prepared speech, even though I have been on him for the cue cards too." "Hickey and Philbin get along? Let's make it seem as though this is a sign of Joe flexing his unearned power, rather than working hand in hand with the GM as I said he failed to do with the last guy". I didn't know the Dolphins beat writer was a high school girl with an unlimited cell phone plan.

MANDOS HATE - exactly, this is the story that the jock sniffer Mando just can't let go of. Go back and read some of his comments from early Dec after the NE game. He loved Philbin like a long lost father. Mando is a charlatan who waits to see what the heads on ESPN are saying and then reacts. He has been trying to get hired by ESPN for the past 12 years. And everyone knows that there is only ONE opinion for the ESPN heads...or else.

Pouncey is toxic. He supports murderers, harrassment, and drug usage. We will be a better team with him gonzo.

Posted by: deity | February 20, 2014 at 11:02 AM

Dude, get over yourself. You're ignorant if you want to paint an entire area with a broad brush just because your girlfriend cheated on you with someone from Northern Virginia. That's on you and your inability to satisfy women, not anything wrong with me or anyone from around here. This area is one of the wealthiest, most intelligent, most diverse areas of the country, so the only reason someone would hate is if they feel inadequate. So that's a personal problem playa, I'd see a shrink for your condition.

MO, Incognito was one of what, 6, 7 guys on this council? Not like they let him speak for the whole team.

Like I said before I think there's a good chance Philbin may be in his last year but this bullygate issue has nothing to do with it.

Maybe I just expect less in maturity from football players than most.

I mean just listen to some of the things you hear during a game when they praise someone's dedication? He works out hard in the gym, comes to all practices on time, and watches lots of tape to study his opponents. Duh, isn't this supposed to be the accepted minimum for professional football players and not the ultra high standard? I mean most of us apply a similar standard to our jobs for a fraction of the pay - and just for the right to eat, stay warm and sheltered, and pay our bills - not to choose from one of 7 cars to drive that morning.

2 watt, Ross is a lot of things, but cheap isn't one of tem. If you think he is you're a know nothing./

Lazor is a wild card that I have high hopes for....direct impact on 2 of our biggest ailments/question marks, our offense and Tannehill--the fact that Chip Kelly sought him out and hired him is promising.

Look.....Philbin is just overmatched as a HC, bottom line....like plenty of others, in the past and currently holding that position across the league--disappointment but no shame in that, no need for such venom toward the guy.....dude should be a coordinator or position coach, not a head coach--sucks for us, but thats it--we'll search for another after this season.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 20, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Really? 15 - 18 year olds versus 22 - 30 year olds? What planet do you live on? Wait, never mind. You are such a tool.

DD, interesting Polian would say that but what about the performances of two SD draftees last year - manti Te'o and Keenan Allen. I understand with Allen is that he couldn't even perform at his pro day but still he was a top 15 pick that fell to round three. T'eo was more pathetic and fell from a top 5 pick to the 2nd round.

good point fatty....I recall there were more than a couple of media and fans here that even briefly mentioned philbin as a coach of the year candidate, after the NE win....citing the great job he did holding the team and locker room together after the martin story/situation--c'mon, we all heard those comments on tv/radio, read the articles....thin line.

rdubs, not the Golden Corral?!?!!?

jeff the ol
suxed with pounce
they can sux
the same with out him

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 20, 2014 at 11:21 AM

That whole area is filled with bad traffic and idiots that dont know how to operate an automobile, it has one of the highest crime rates in the entire country and a few very wealthy area where the most stuck up douchebags ever live. Spinkle in the dumbest fan base on the planet(Redskins) and mommys basement drug users not to mention the nitwits on Capital Hill. If I had a girlfriend that was dumb, fat and ugly enough to screw some dikkhead from NoVA I'd be glad to be rid of her. The slightly less retarded people from that area move down to my part of the country and stink up the place with their douchebaggery. Dont talk to me about this chit bro, just keep ignoring me as I lay it down. Dc and Kris are peas in a pod...the come factor? NOVA!

Posted by: benz | February 20, 2014 at 11:33 AM

And that's really the long and short of it. Philbin knows he has 1 year left, and anything less than a Playoff appearance will sink him back down to a position coach (see Tony Sparano). And this whole sorted episode will fade just like the Saban/Cam/Sparano years.

DC, never been to Northern Virginia. is this true?

Armando is so petty that he kills Philbin for cue cards ALL year, then when he doesn't use them he takes a shot about the statement being "memorized". His bias is unbelievable. He will do anything to get a negative slant on absolutely EVERY Dolphins related story.

Dont talk to me about this chit bro, just keep ignoring me as I lay it down. Dc and Kris are peas in a pod...the come factor? NOVA!

Posted by: deity | February 20, 2014 at 11:42 AM

Believe me, ignoring you is quite simple. I'm glad you feel it though, like a spurned lover (something you obviously know a lot about). That means you're not attractive, have no money AND don't know how to work the joystick. You're just a sorry sap that only a mother could love. Too bad, may I recommend the mail-order bride market. Dip into your 410K...wait, silly me, you don't have that kind of job...maybe sell your trailer and you'll be able to afford one. You won't have anywhere to live, but at least you won't be lonely. And Florida's climate makes homelessness much more enjoyable.

Now back to my regularly scheduled program...IGNORE THE TROLLS!

Rdubs, may be a low blow........but you know it's true .......... My wife graduated from Spellman and you should hear her dating stories

Yes, in addition to being Head Coach, Philbin must be Head Babysitter to grown men on and off the field. SMH

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 20, 2014 at 11:47 AM


I LOVE it!

Mark, yes, it's true is you're a turd wallflower geek with no game. I've seen dudes like that tool all over, and he's right. They can't make it in the "big city" so they slither back down to whatever swamp they came from and jump back into the meth lifestyle they were trying to escape in the first place.

But you would love the Greater Metropolitan Area, they love their football team and SHOW IT (vs. a Sun Life home game where 1/2 the crowd is wearing the opponents jerseys), flash the cash, rated best restaurants in America this year, some of the most beautiful women, great schools, and yes, miserable traffic.

But I'm not sure why he cares about the traffic, he doesn't own a car. Maybe because it took 2 hours on the bus to get to his job at the gas station.

One of my co workers is a DC transplant who came here to take a job. Loves his redskins. With them until they prove him wrong.

mando has brainwashed too many into the opposite mindset here. I mean we have talk of giving up the season even before free agency ... you would think we were 0-16 last year...

The fact that he didn't know this was happening is complete and indisputable evidence that he can't lead men. He can tap dance all he wants and play the political game but the one thing he can't run from is winning and losing. Time to move on and look at acquiring players for this sad team. Time to pick ourselves up and get back to the only thing that matters WINNING.

Here is my problem with Philbin:

1. He has stated in the past and acts as if he's going to hold people accountable but I am not aware of him following through and doing it.

A. He told his offensive line coach that he had better not be doing the things he heard but did nothing after that?

2. INEPTITUDE. Whether it's making the right call on third and short, getting rid of his offensive line coach (which he was forced to do or he probably would still be here), looking lost on the sidelines, giving speeches, Philbin just seems very inept.

For the Dolphins sake, I sure hope this organization gets its act together.

The only good thing about NoVA is it's history. But if you re down to be harrassed, mugged or shot then go for it. Redskins fans are terrible, terrible fans and are unruly at games. Beautiful women? HAHAHAH!! Okay. Sure there are some beautiful women in the mix everywhere but to make this statement? "some of the most beautiful women" Yeah, wow! The scool systems in the rich douchebag counties are quite good if your mommy can afford to by you a brand new car and pay your tuition. The rest of them? Dumps. Though Virginia as a whole does rank quite high in the nation. 10th I believe. Big City? There is an ordinance on how TALL you can build buildings so there is nothing big about it. Just a bunchh of cramped azz dBags living in the gutters. And as far as cities go, some of the dirtiest and nastiest "big cities" in the country. The place is wretched. I do enjoy ther muesems though. I will admit to that. Don't be mad because I know more about the place you live than you do.

Oh thats weak TMH. Weak indeed.

Tell me what coach in the whole league gives you a straight answer? Ever hear Harbaugh in post game interview or Belichek? Hmm? Its like pulling teeth. So Philbin interviews the same way every other coach does.

P.S. Mando is a closet Jets fan

I think the team will do well next season. A lot rides on getting the Oline repaired via FA and the draft but I think Coach Philbin can get it done.

One thing for sure is he hasn't run through this whole process. Could you imagine Saban going through this? He would have taken a job at anywhere college to get out of here and would have mid-season.

I would much rather have a coach that loves to coach so much he rides out a huge mess to see the job done and sincerely wants to make it better. I respect the guy for that.

I also do not blame him for not knowing. If everyone involved followed chain of command and did the right thing then he'd known and taken care of it. I believe that because he seems to be a man of good character. I also believe the locker room will be a much better place next year.

So yes, I am an optimistic fan or homer.

Anyway, I would much rather talk Combine/draft than this BS.

Some interesting combine/draft possibilities to keep an eye on.

Not sure if we keep Clemons at safety next year. If we don't Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor both have the potential to be impact safeties. Either could be a good pick at 19.

Also, I'm a big fan of all 4 tight ends in this draft as additional playmakers. Clay is good, but Egnew and Sims are big question marks and a 2nd tight end could always help.

If one of Eric Ebron, Jace Amaro, Austin Sefrian-Jenkins, or Troy Niklas slip to the 2nd round that would be a huge pickup.

Ebron is about 6' 4.5"
Amaro and Sefrian Jenkins are about 6; 5.5"
Niklas is 6' 6.5"

I'm interested in seeing all of their 40 times.

Not posting my comments. Another reason Armando can GF himself. He is a Redskins fan, 'nuff said. Focker out.

Texas, you want a combine prediction? And I hate predictions ... Greg Robinson will solidify himself as the elite OT prosepct in this draft and will move himself firmly into the discussion for as early as a #2 overall pick.

NeMo ... I think we should be able to draft the best something at #19. Not following this crowd who believes without a shadow of a doubt the #19 pick has to be an o lineman althought the players available in round #2 may be of similar talent to those at #19.

Additionally, and I know Texas is holding onto this, I think if we can score both Albert and Mack, we won't draft an o lineman at all.

Heck if we bring in those two guys, we would have anough clout to bring back pussface to play RT...

Albert Brenner/Garner/Thomas Mack Pouncey martin.

Maybe with all that support martin may even feel good about himself again, hallelujah...

Look the idea that Incognito didn't belong on the leadership council is really a small distraction to a much larger issue. The fact is that Cogs had known 'issues' that reflected poorly on him and the franchise. The issue is why was he still employed by the team? They cut Chad Johnson. They traded The Beast and Vontae. They move out players who they don't believe fits the system or has the charcter they are looking for.

Why didn't Philbin and Ireland get rid of Cogs? Once they made the decision to keep him then he is on the team and the team can elect them to THEIR council.

So Mando, Philbin got in front of the media BEFPOE Hickey and offered a prepared statement and answered the media's questions. He gave us exactly what most assumed would be his responses. He has to be mindful of legal ramifications and of the ongoing discussions between the team and the NFL and the players' agents.

So, he did exactly what you called him out to do. Do you feel better about it? Did you get what you wanted from it? I mean really your approach to this issue this week was really pathetic.

Maybe now we can move on to the reall issues at hand. The combine and how Hickey will manage the draft and free agency. How will he work with the scouts and coaching staff to prioritize positions and players? Lets goet away from the saga and into things that will impact the next season.

Time to move on!!!

Deciding to keep Philbin early on seems like an asinine move at this point. He should have been fired with Ireland.

When he's terrible again, as he likely will be, we'll have to start over all over again. This organization is screwed.


I agree about Robinson. He is a little more raw than Mathews but has more upside. I would take him ahead of Mathews and he is a huge possibility for the Rams. BUT as Fisher always does, he may trade down for more picks. Our best trade up partner may be the Browns or Vikings and that all depends on how the QB's go off the board. Not sure we'll trade up but like last year, you never know.

Mr. Hicks
there are so many holes to fill:
In order of importance to the team:

3 or 4 starting Offensive linemen (First and second rounds should go to OL)
Running back (Thigpen and Gillisle can be cut without loosing much)
Full Back (We have to get some protection for Tanny - can't believe we did not even have a FB in the roster last year)
Safety you need at least one starting caliber safety in this draft(Thomas and Kovaks didn't pan out, looks like they weren't even used last year)
2 Linebackers that can stop the run (You can cut Trusnik)
Tight end that can block and catch (unless Keller comes back)
Receiver (unless our 2 slot receivers Mathews and Gibson come back healthy - they were both very good)

I would also consider restructuring Patterson's contract or cutting him if he won't - he is hurt too easily and missed 85% of the season. He was good when healthy but ......... we need CB that can stay healthy
And lastly by all means resign Grimes - don't let Aponte tell you he is too expensive.

So who is available on the free agent list since we obviously will not be able to draft these many starting caliber players

Mr. Hicks - your plate is full - let's see how you do
PS. Please don't pay too much attention to Philbin - He is not a very good talent evaluator and any advise he gives you, is probably to cover himself later. Watch out for him, he is too political and not a real team player.

Document his recommendations
make him write you an e mail with his priorities by position and by player
Don't let him play the victim again
you ought to have him write you a report on all players with the excuse that you want his opinion on all of the players on our roster. That way he will be forced to reveal his choices to you.

And one other thing Mark, Sammy Watkins could be the 2nd off the board as well.

Remember all you Philbin haters, he wanted Cogs gone last year and wanted to pull the trigger on Albert. How much better would the team have been? Seriously. Woulda made the playoffs at least. Hell, even just closing one more game this year with the albatross Ireland hung on him and he was legit CoY candidate. Period. But, ya, he can't coach nor judge talent. Is he perfect? Absolutely not. Neither is any other coach. He's learning and this was a learning under fire situation. I'm gonna be cautiously optimistic unti I see how he emerges on the other side of this off season.

Iowa fin fan, Deity, Fatty Parcels, Dashi, BRICKHOUSE, MANDOS HATE BLOG READER, JPAO, O MANDY


Mandos, I copied this from another blog, which had a poster who did pretty good recounting of what happened.

"Did you ever hear the Jason Cole-Salguero "high-five" story in Buffalo?

The two high-fived when a Denver win in Indy on a Sunday night in 2003 eliminated the Dolphins.

One of the other papers' writers dropped the dime on them to Wannstedt.

At one of the Dan Marino-as-GM debacle press conferences, Wayne Huizenga, breathing fire, rebuked the duo in public for the action.

Cole apologized on the airwaves and, I believe, called Huiizenga personally.


Well, he was circulating a spiel to anyone who would hear it that is accurately captured in this thread from another board from January 2004:



I was disappointed to hear that you enjoyed the fact that the Dolphins were
knocked out of the playoffs the day of our Bills game when Indy lost to
Denver. It was in poor taste for you to be engaging in a "high five" with
Cole. You have a unigue position in your line of work. Many of us "Dolfans"
go to your place of employment as a source of our Dolphins news. While I
don't mind reading critical insights about the Dolphins, and have heard over
the years that you are a Raiders fan, if your attitude is that biased
(hoping the Dolphins lose), I think that crosses the line. Frankly, seeing
you behave this way makes me wonder why I or anyone else should bother to
read your point of view. I'm disappointed it was you involved in this
classless action.



His response -


It is classless to accuse people of doing things without asking them about
it first. First, I am not a Raiders fan so already your information is
wrong. Also, I did not enjoy the Dolphins being knocked out of the playoffs.
Cole and I were in a bar and when Clinton Portis, who is a former UM player,
broke off a tackle-breaking run, I celebrated the run by high-fiving Cole. I
attended UM, root for UM, and more importantly, am friends with Portis.
That's what I was celebrating ... on my private time, no less. I hold no
bias for or against the Dolphins. None. But I resent people like you
accusing me of things without simply asking first.

Armando Salguero


My response -

I appreciate the response. However, you should be aware that the weekend in question Portis did not play, and didnt break any runs. He was injured late in the game a week earlier and missed the Colts game (Same week we played Buffalo). Checking the NFL.com site you will see he had no stats that week. Thanks for your time.


Colts - Broncos Game Stat...No Portis carries



"Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I root for him to do well and so I want his team to do well. I know he was injured because I talked to him on the cell that day. The run I refered to was by Anderson and obviously you believe I was talking about Portis. Sorry its so onvoluted but as you may understand, I'm answering these emails and doing a billion other things at the same time. Gotta go."

Be well,


He should do th honorable thing and kill himself. Just like his kid did.

He should do th honorable thing and kill himself. Just like his kid did.
Posted by: Ship shape | February 20, 2014 at 02:51PM

What a thing to say, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Oh spare us the pseudo shock. You wouldn't shed a tear. In fact you would be filled with glee knowing a new HC was on the horizon.
Philbin's kid offs himself and Martin made it known he was suicidal. Yet Philbin was too stupid to pick up on the cry for help less than two years from his own tragedy? Philbin is a clueless moronic schmuck. The world would be a better place if he was out of the gene pool.

What planet is Philbin on? He takes no responsibility for what happened during the past rwo years. He claims he'll be better in the future. What?

Don't worry fellow Fins-Fans the lame duck Joe Philbin wil not be the Dolphins Coach in 2015 unless some miracle happens and the Dolphins finish 9-7 or above this season.Philbin today at his press conference made Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban look like Knute Rockne and I do not see what Stephen Ross saw in him as a leader.

We don't care about Philbin doing a good job when his players tease each other. We care about him winning. Period

I have thought from the beginning that a "leadership council" was a bad idea on a team orientated ideals. A leadership council instantly makes a "click" that sets them apart from other team mates which could cause hard feelings,,,coaches pets? This is why teams elect captains for the yr or for games, and those are the players elected by players to lead them,,,not some silly assed council which sounds more like "over seers" or a police squad. But Philbin, who knows nothing, is not a leader or a HC so why would he know? What a F****** mess, or FUBAR

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