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Ross commissions white paper, Dolphins just need good men

The New York University Sports and Society program, headed by University professor Arthur R. Miller, issued a white paper today examining the bullying and other behavior in sports, and proposing a comprehensive range of initiatives focused on youth athletics to combat those behaviors, the Dolphins announced today.

While these issues have been central to the Sports and Society program, work on this latest project began after Dolphins owner and NYU Law alumnus Stephen M. Ross approached NYU Law Dean Trevor Morrison in December 2013 to discuss ways to increase civility and respect in sports, and thus, in society at large.

Ross was obviously motivated by the so-called harassment scandal that happened in his team's locker room the last couple of years. 

Working with Morrison, Miller, one of the nation’s most distinguished law professors and founder of the Sports and Society program at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), assembled a team of NYU Law faculty, alumni, and students, as well as faculty affiliated with NYU-SCPS, to work on a range of linked projects examining the issue.

“We must work together towards a culture of civility and mutual respect for one another,” Ross said. “Something needs to be done so that every man and woman, young and old, can participate in sports on all levels and find a positive and meaningful experience. We will use this opportunity to make a positive change.”

The white paper, authored by Miller and other faculty who are members of the Sports and Society program at NYU-SCPS, states: “Bullying in sports is only one aspect of a larger phenomenon of harmful behavior in many spheres of society: schools, workplaces, social, and community settings. Although many government, educational, and other social institutions have done some work to curb bullying behavior in their ranks, these efforts often are not coordinated or comprehensive enough to change the existing culture."

The paper then proposes a youth education initiative to combat racism and other forms of alleged intolerance in sports, and to promote a culture of respect. Among the measures proposed are:

* The development of a curriculum to educate young athletes, coaches, and parents on respectful conduct.

* A uniform code of respectful conduct for adoption at all levels of youth athletics.

* A pledge in which sports participants on all levels commit, on a recurring basis, to treat others with respect, identify bullying, and speak out against it.

And now a break from the so-called news ... Let me just say that Americans have been playing organized sports for more than a century. And like society, the sports landscape is not perfect. It houses great men and women. It is also home to bullies, punks, thugs and druggies.

But you know what?

Sports has done a better job than society of weeding those losers out of its ranks. Sports, more specifically team sports, is a great uniter. It breaks down social barriers and has for decades.

A white paper is nice. But a white paper is a classroom project.

The lockerroom is the thing. That's real life. And I reject that what happened within the Dolphins locker room the last couple of years was the norm across sports.

Yes, there are pranks. Yes, people step over lines all across sports.

But I believe in most instances men of good faith and morals and minds eventually find a way to get the room back on course. They can do it because they are part of the room and have the respect of those in the room.

It has never happened because someone who never stepped in the room wrote a paper about it.

One more thing: Many of the things this white paper proposes? Those need to be taught at home by a mother and father. And yes, I recognize that not everyone is in a situation where mom and dad teach right and wrong, good and bad, respect and morals.

I don't have an answer for how to overcome that handicap. But I know a white paper isn't going to do it. It will never substitute for family.

Nice try, though.


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This is PR window dressing motivated entirely by Ross and the NFL to show efforts are being made to address the Dolphins and other NFL teams locker room cultures.

And that's about it.


Just looking at the WRS and Dashi was right, this is the strongest unit as a whole in this draft for offense - much deeper than the tackles. Not sure why the tackles ar egetting more pub. The top end is better than last years but there aren't any more bodies available that are worth a first or 2nd round grade than last years. This WR pool is DEEEEP. Looked at the top 20 and nobody has worse than a 4th round grade. As far as the OTs, when you get to the high teens, you are starting to look at 7th round or UFAs.

As far as offense, WRs is where it's at in the 2014 draft.


More talk about the SCANDAL!!!!!

I know how much you guys love that.....

Who gives a rats arse? Armando, get a clue bro. This is only slightly worse than your suggestion that CB was the biggest FA need. HAHAHA! moving along.
From last blog..

I completely agree that Coyle has a lot of growing up to do as DC and thought he could have easily been removed from his DC duties. I wont say should be fired because I am in no position to say if the man should be fired. but I have been unimpressed to say the least. Still though, the Miami Dolphins defense has the same problem I have been watching for years now. And it is the biggest problem IMO. And that is they give up drives and scores at the worst times. The offense scores to go ahead or pull even and the defense gives it right back. Offense falters, defense holds. Offense produces, defense gives up points. Over and over, year after year. Actually this year was one of the few where I saw the defense, no matter how ugly it may have looked at times. At least hold after a score on occasions.
Posted by: deity | February 25, 2014 at 11:13 AM


Its time to move on....

Philbin will get my backing from this point of the season forward....

Same with Henne...I mean Tanne...until...or unless....he loses his job...

I still think Philbin is fired by Thanksgiving....and if he is...that means Tanne will have lost hi job as well....


But that is for NOVEMBER....right now...its FEB...and HOPES ARE HIGH....

That's all the timeI got....

Maybe I will check in this evening after dinner....but I doubt it...


From the previous blog...

I thought Coyle did a good job despite limited talent and little ball possesion help from the offense. When Philbin gets fired Coyle will be given serious consideration for HC. We would've been 3-13 without our D keeping us in almost all the games while our offense floundered.

Limited talent? Say whhaaa?

I will keep that "White Paper" handy in case I ever run out of TP. Let's talk about how we are going to stop getting bullied on the scoreboard. We need four offensive lineman, a Free Safety and potentially a couple of DT's.

I will keep that "White Paper" handy in case I ever run out of TP. Let's talk about how we are going to stop getting bullied on the scoreboard. We need four offensive lineman, a Free Safety and potentially a couple of DT's.

Posted by: Perfect72 | February 25, 2014 at 11:36 AM


deity, AtlFin is 2 watt who just posts the opposite opinion of common sense just to provoke people. It isn't a real opinion.

Looks like Panthers left tackle Jordan Gross has retired.

From the last blog, I would slightly prefer Monroe over Albert, but its apples and oranges. Its 1A vs 1B.

Echoing what Mark said the WRs are really deep in this class. A good one could be drafted in the third or even 4th round.

2 watt is
only phan who
is pixxed off at this
patetic bunch
4 the last decade
only 1

2 watt, I have a new WR crush and his name is Brandin Cooks of Oregon State. This guy would make Mike Wallace obselete in a year or two.

I also love Jordan Matthews or Davonte David in round 2 and DOnte Moncrief (wasn't he in the COunt of Monte Cristo) in round 3 as bigger WRs. Benjamin was so unimpressive. He should gain 10 more pounds and be a tight end - then he would be a good first pick.

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empty seats u c
on home game days
is just a

Further on brandin Cooks. He is what Tavon Austin was advertised to be but he's a real WR and 6'1, 190 lbs - not a midget.

Most pathetic owner in NFL history.

I would be fine with Clemmns returning to his spot, I thought he played very well last season. Better than Jones did, Jones signed a contract and disappeared. Unless they can draft a stud S and I am not so sure they are in a position to do that. I would just resign Clemmons. Also, I know that folks are upset about the lack of utilization of the Rooks last year but don't over look those guys this year. I see Jordan, both DBs and Jenkins playing some serious minutes in 2014.

the phinz have
plenty of able wr's on
the roster but
tchoke keeps getting
them killed

did any1
hear tchoke on espn radio
yday pm?
what does he
have 2 say?

I like the WR grouping for next year if they can stay healthy. Resign Keller.

Hartline, Wallace, Gibson, Mathews...
Keller, Clay, Sims, Egnew...

I feel they are set here.

Work on the OL OL OL!!! And bring in a bruiser back and maybe a FB, or get Clay more plays at FB which can be more possible if Keller is retained and stays healthy.

Ross wants to create a team of neutered men.

I wouldn't be surprised if a DT is drafted early either. Look for Solia and Starks to be allowed to walk. Odrick on the inside with a newbie.

Deity, that Keller injury was so bad I don't know if he can recover from it and play like his old self. Its a shame a healthy Keller and Clay would make a great combo.

Keller will be okay NeMo, I mean I guess you never know but it was so early in the year and if Grimes can come back from his achilles then Keller can come back from his knee. Knees are easy nowadays.

The OL is going to get hammered in free agency. There will be some gems fall to us in the first and 2nd round - unless an o lineman is the best player I don't want to pick just because it was a need in November.

A pick like Brandin Cooks would have tonnes of value - it would provide us with a $10m a year cap relief starting in 2015 if wallace/tannehill doesn't shape up.

At this point I would not be surprised if Ross invites Martin back to the team.

Thank you Mr. Ross for allowing me and my brothers to continue to get sun burned during next seasons home games. We are also grateful to not have to endure hours of Julio forced chimichanga farts.

If they can shore up the OL in FA then it makes the draft wide open for them IMO. I wonder if Dallas Thomas has a 2nd year emergence or if he just doesnt have the chops.

Deity, I hope so man, but the injury just looked ugly. Torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and dislocation. I hope our new trainers are as good as the old guy, I thought he did a good job.

Yeah Mark, add me to the Brandin Cooks bandwagon. He looks just as good or better as Tavon Austin, but we might be able to get him at 19 instead of 8 overall.

rdubs, just did my first work on the running backs, there's still a bunch of incomplete grades so rankings may change somewhat. Your boy Tre Mason will be fine I think. his lower body strength will translate to the pros and he will be able to run hard.

My favourite Rb so far, Bishop Sankey.

NeMo, he should be there at 19 and in the conversation IMO. I haven't done the defense yet and there are still some incomplete grades I have on some high level players because of refusal to do some drills. The top 10 scores I have so far (post combine and before pro days) for potential first rounds picks are are as follows (non qbs)

Taylor Lewan
*Jace Amaro
*Greg Robinson
*Brandin Cooks
Jake Matthews
*Xavier Su'a-Filo
*Odell Beckham Jr.
*Sammy Watkins
*Allen Robinson
Zack Martin

So even though I keep trying to distance myself from Zach martin - he keeps popping up and I think his value would increase if you consider him a guard .... schucks...


I agree Tre Mason then Sankey. Seatrunk looks really athletic as well. Any of those 3 and I am happy, but if its Tre Mason its a money shot...TROUSER OYSTER!

Interesting to see that Martin keeps popping up. I'm not sure I'd go with him, but he is definitely an option at least.

Just to let you know Mark @ 11:45 you sad Cooks was 6'1" I think he is actually 5'10" unless the place I am getting my info from is completely off base.

Did it come with a Pearl?

anybody know the date that the Wells investigation begins on Felton and the Knicks locker room?--just curious, I'd like to follow it....

At least Ross is cleaning up the racism and the harrassment.

It seems like the White Paper is a first step toward a broader effort in coordination among private and public institutions. If it is followed-through on, it becomes a substitute for family in the institutions that use it - many children learn in sports what they don't learn at home. Family is great if you have a great family; but it can be the opposite as well.

anybody know the date that the Wells investigation begins on Ray Rice and the Ravens locker room?--unless assaulting your fiance and knocking her unconscious is not important enough to investigate...

How come errytime I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen!?!?

IMO the top 4 OT's will be gone before 19.


I've been reading that Pitt is interested in Martin and the Giants are rumored to have said they will take Lewan if he's there at 12.

"It is also home to bullies, punks, thugs and druggies.
But you know what?
Sports has done a better job than society of weeding those losers out of its ranks"
I could not disagree more. Professional athletes get away with stuff no one else in society does. That is why they act the way they do. Wife beaters, druggies, thugs and murderers are rewarded in sports with huge contacts and team lawyers to get them off. If anyone at my company acted like these players do, they'd be fired so fast it ain't funny. More NFL people get arrested in a month than anyone in my company does in 10 years and my company employs far more people.

I am really intrigued by Seastrunk as well. i want to update him after his pro day. Mason too. he skipped a couple of drills and still tested well overall.

I also see what Dashi likes in Andre Williams.

Not keen at all on Ka'Deem Carey or Carlos Hyde.

Every year I get really turned off on a couple of guys at this point in the process. These two are the RBs who I say "pass" on despite their glowing pre draft ratings.

Haha, NeMO, yeah martin looks like a boring pick surrounded by guys with exciting options. But man, I see the exact same player and perhaps even better in Brandon Thomas of Clemson with a lower round draft grade.

given his rock-solid reputation and consensus positive reviews, I'd be shocked if Z Martin was still around at 19....everyone agrees he's a plug-in starter at Guard at least, and possibly Tackle.....immediate impact starters who are quality guys arent easy to find.


It say's allot when grown men that happen to make millions to PLAY a kids game have to be told how to behave. BUT, if you watch how the game is played, with SO MUCH trash talking, in your face "look at ME, I made a play" behavior are we really surprised? I have watched the NFL since 1961 and I have never seen the antics from the guys playing that you see today. It's embarrassing on and off the field.

Texas, I would be ecstatic if Martin would be gone by the time I pick. Sweaters are no fun at Christmas time...

I would love Lewan though. he's the #1 offensive player to me.

. J Martin will be recognized as the guy that paved the way for better working conditions in the NFL and this will spill over to help other sports as well. In 3 years he will be a hero. I'd take him back especially if Pouncey ends up getting moved.

its fair to focus on the NFL for now, for obvious reasons.....but how about the NBA?--talk about "needing to be cleaned up"...

Lewan had a great combine that is for sure. He's made some money as folks on NFL network say. And yes, I would be excited to land Lewan and would be ok with Martin but like you I feel there's more exciting picks to be had.


What did you think of Evan's combine?

Benz, funny stuff about Ray Rice and Felton. Wells will probably investigate those 2 the same time he investigates the Pats for the cheating spygate SCANDAL and drafting a player with known gang ties being a serial killer.


Lets not forget bounty gate.

Jay, c'mon.....don't you get it?--aint a matter of "I'd (you) take him back"....its whether his teammates/locker room (and peers) will take him back--thats the point.....which is also the point that many non-athletes dont seem to get--aint about what we'd do....we aint in that locker room everyday. Same reason comparing a normal/office work environment to an pro sport locker room is ridiculous.....different worlds.

Folks, the combine means little in evaluating prospects.

Kiper, when was the last time your were um, actually right about anything? Jimmy Claussen called........

Why cant even hillbilly backward jackasses like Incognito try and "do the right thing" more often than they do?

true Nemo....and I mean, its not like the Ravens have some pattern of signing/playing troubled players....assuming we dont include guys like McClain, Lewis, Suggs and others in the converstation--hey, but assaulting women should be much lower on the significance scale than say....uh, maybe....bullying a 310lb Olineman--right?

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