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Ross commissions white paper, Dolphins just need good men

The New York University Sports and Society program, headed by University professor Arthur R. Miller, issued a white paper today examining the bullying and other behavior in sports, and proposing a comprehensive range of initiatives focused on youth athletics to combat those behaviors, the Dolphins announced today.

While these issues have been central to the Sports and Society program, work on this latest project began after Dolphins owner and NYU Law alumnus Stephen M. Ross approached NYU Law Dean Trevor Morrison in December 2013 to discuss ways to increase civility and respect in sports, and thus, in society at large.

Ross was obviously motivated by the so-called harassment scandal that happened in his team's locker room the last couple of years. 

Working with Morrison, Miller, one of the nation’s most distinguished law professors and founder of the Sports and Society program at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), assembled a team of NYU Law faculty, alumni, and students, as well as faculty affiliated with NYU-SCPS, to work on a range of linked projects examining the issue.

“We must work together towards a culture of civility and mutual respect for one another,” Ross said. “Something needs to be done so that every man and woman, young and old, can participate in sports on all levels and find a positive and meaningful experience. We will use this opportunity to make a positive change.”

The white paper, authored by Miller and other faculty who are members of the Sports and Society program at NYU-SCPS, states: “Bullying in sports is only one aspect of a larger phenomenon of harmful behavior in many spheres of society: schools, workplaces, social, and community settings. Although many government, educational, and other social institutions have done some work to curb bullying behavior in their ranks, these efforts often are not coordinated or comprehensive enough to change the existing culture."

The paper then proposes a youth education initiative to combat racism and other forms of alleged intolerance in sports, and to promote a culture of respect. Among the measures proposed are:

* The development of a curriculum to educate young athletes, coaches, and parents on respectful conduct.

* A uniform code of respectful conduct for adoption at all levels of youth athletics.

* A pledge in which sports participants on all levels commit, on a recurring basis, to treat others with respect, identify bullying, and speak out against it.

And now a break from the so-called news ... Let me just say that Americans have been playing organized sports for more than a century. And like society, the sports landscape is not perfect. It houses great men and women. It is also home to bullies, punks, thugs and druggies.

But you know what?

Sports has done a better job than society of weeding those losers out of its ranks. Sports, more specifically team sports, is a great uniter. It breaks down social barriers and has for decades.

A white paper is nice. But a white paper is a classroom project.

The lockerroom is the thing. That's real life. And I reject that what happened within the Dolphins locker room the last couple of years was the norm across sports.

Yes, there are pranks. Yes, people step over lines all across sports.

But I believe in most instances men of good faith and morals and minds eventually find a way to get the room back on course. They can do it because they are part of the room and have the respect of those in the room.

It has never happened because someone who never stepped in the room wrote a paper about it.

One more thing: Many of the things this white paper proposes? Those need to be taught at home by a mother and father. And yes, I recognize that not everyone is in a situation where mom and dad teach right and wrong, good and bad, respect and morals.

I don't have an answer for how to overcome that handicap. But I know a white paper isn't going to do it. It will never substitute for family.

Nice try, though.


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again mark
w/out coyle
the phinz r
4-12 and u bash coyle

seriously, its not like Ocho MEANT to head butt his fiance....he just somehow found his skull flying toward hers unexpectedly I guess....just out of the blue.....no big deal--plus her black eye and injuries healed quickly anyway....

can u go
on Skype so we
can watch u'r
head xplode when j mart
is starting at rg
4 the phinz in the 2014
season opener?

2 watt,

The D kept us in the Jets game until TannePuke started his weekly meltdown..

I pulled this off Rotoworld.I really like what they said Philbin did.LMAO

During a meeting with coach Joe Phibin, GM Dennis Hickey and CEO Dawn Apante, Jonathan Martin's representation conveyed to the Dolphins that Martin isn't comfortable returning to Miami.
Per CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, Martin's agents told the Dolphins that a return to the team "wouldn't work." Martin still wants to play in 2014, but not in Miami. In the meeting at the Combine, Hickey reportedly did all the talking and expressed a heavy interest in retaining the third-year tackle, while Philbin was "staring daggers across the room." Philbin reportedly blames Martin's reps for the Martin-Richie Incognito fiasco reaching the level it has. The Dolphins are in the market for four starting offensive linemen. C Mike Pouncey is safe.

xactly caddy
the phinz d gave ^ 20 pts a game
which ranks 8 over all
but the homers don't c this
as usual

2 watt, you're forgotting something....J mart's parents sent him in with a written note saying he can't play for the fins anymore (you know, like the note you took in to skip gym class....except you were 12, and he's 24)--his parent wont let him come out and play...but he's got an awesome swing set at home I'm sure (and all the peanut butter and jelly he can eat), so he'll still have fun!

" Jonathan Martin's representation conveyed to the Dolphins that Martin isn't comfortable returning to Miami."

xactly caddy
the phinz d gave ^ 20 pts a game
which ranks 8 over all
but the homers don't c this
as usual

Posted by: 2 watt | February 25, 2014 at 01:27 PM

The homers have been as big a laughingstock as the team lol

some here crack me up with this "lawsuit for Ross" nonsense.....gents, billionaire businessmen have any number of different types of liability/insurance policies against a broad range of issues--dude will flip that off like you flip a gnat off your shoulder

It wont even get to a lawsuit benz, Martin didn't even come close to following anything that would be considered protocol. He just sat in the corner stewing like a little baby until he finally threw a temper tantrum. There were only about a dozen channels that he could have went through, to voice his grievences, he said nada. Then had a hissy fit. If one of my co-workers walks by me and flicks me in the ear every single day, and I say nothing. But try to get him to stop by flicking him in the ear (great logic by the way) and it continues to happen. Then I fly off the deep end and walk out of work. Wait, why am I talking about this? Fk me.

Texas, i thought it was just "ok". Good enough to merit being drafted somewhere in the teens. As I am excited as I once was about him - not really. I think he will be a good receiver - seems to be ok at everything - he won't be perennial pro bnowler from what the tea leaves tell me.

Really thought he would bench higher too. he's not going to be able to outmuscle people in the nfl like he did at A&M. For example, Jamar Taylor put up 22 reps compared to the 12 reps Evans did. Even a pure speed guy like Cooks managed to put up a respectable 16. So for a guy that depends to much on physicality - I don't thnk that instant impact will be there. Watkins really distanced himself from him IMO.

We should go with the biggest impact player at 19 or consider moving up if there is someone we really want. We can fix most our issues in free agency and get some depth through the draft. We are still lacking playmakers on offense. Outside of Wallace, we have no serious threats to take it to the house. Miller hasnt proven to be that guy yet, Clay, Hartline, Gibson and Matthews are OK but not really game breakers. If one of the top 2-3 WRs is available we should grab one.

In what DECADE will the Dolphins finally have a franchise QB?

agree deity, will likely go nowhere if a lawsuit comes up to begin with, but Ross will be covered regardless....despite what many here apparently hope/want--I could care less, but to think he (and his large real estate company) arent prepared for issues like this is ludicrous....they are.

" Jonathan Martin's representation conveyed to the Dolphins that Martin isn't comfortable returning to Miami."

Posted by: BIG LAWSUIT FOR ROSS | February 25, 2014 at 01:28 PM

good he should be uncomfortable...

i am sure no one want's him back(players or coaches)and hope Ross does not invite him back...but i still don't think he would want to...he knows no one loves him....

I really hope all this J Martin coming back to the team stuff is just Hickey trying to increase his trade value. I would be sick having to cheer for the guy again. I can't imagine what having to play with him would be like.

The Miami Dolphins squandered another SB caliber Defense just like the Wanny days with their pathetic passing Offense.

geez Bruce, probably the same decade that 2/3rds of the league has one....

I have to be honest because I thought Evan's did better than what I thought he'd do speed wise. His hands were good so like you I still believe he'll go in the teens. Do I want him on Miami's team, I have mixed feelings. He'd be great inside the thirty so with that in mind yes but overall he might just be a sweater. As you say, you can't get excited over a sweater.

I still like what M. Bryant did but have a feeling he will go early 2nd round. He's extremely smooth and fast.

i would trade back not up if Z.Martin is gone.

first 2 picks should be Z. Martin and C. Borland for fins.

cheap ross has
said jmart is still
phinz property
what ever that means

"Working with Morrison, Miller, one of the nation’s most distinguished law professors and founder of the Sports and Society program at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), assembled a team of NYU Law faculty, alumni, and students, as well as faculty affiliated with NYU-SCPS, to work on a range of linked projects examining the issue."


I agree wally, would trade back too (we need numbers)....might even pass on martin if he's there anyway, based on what many have said about how deep this draft is....trade back and pick up another 2nd or 3rd

Mark in Toronto, when you start crunching the numbers for defensive players, I can almost bet Aaron Donald will be a guy you want us to take at 19 if he is there. He had a freakish combine.

c'mon Stu....agree that their offense wasnt good, but "Super Bowl caliber defense"?--did I miss something? when exactly did we have a SB caliber D? (over the course of a season, or most of a season....not just for a few games)--did you see Seattle's defense in the SB?--how bout the Niners?--nah, sorry...

Ross will just offer Martin 15 mill to relieve the team of any and all responsibility.

of course not ETF....why would they consult athletes, over a bunch of 62 year old (likely white) academics?--what sense would that make?


Jay, to be precise....you meant to say Ross's insurance company will offer Martin the 15 mill (5 mill more likely)....and Ross will authorize them to pay that while on his helicopter flying to Barbados, sitting next to a 28 yr old barely dressed babe....yeah, he'll really be sweating the financials I bet. Like it (him) or not, to have this feeling that he'll really get stung financially in some big way, is misguided--its called wishful thinking....let it go.

The D may be SB caliber. It is very good most of the times. How we stopped Indy and Cincy was eye opening.

Posted by: benz | February 25, 2014 at 02:01 PM

benz, just because you wont acknowledge it doesnt mean the Dolphins havent been a TOTAL nightmare for Ross, financially AND PR wise. His ownership has just been one disaster after another.


You know I call it like I see it. This will be one of the Top WR drafts ever.

I agree, Z.Martin might not be there at #19. Even though I believe teams can't resist the talent at WR. Z.Martin is the 4th rated linemen.

I don't believe the Fins will go O-line early in the Draft. We have a better shot fixing the line in free Agency.

You know I believe C.Hyde has Bust written all over him. I have never seen a big guy fall so easily. At least D.Thomas gets hit hard sometimes.

I also don't believe the Mason will be that good as a pro. He tested slower than I expected. Plus, he ran behind the best LT in College Football.

Andre Williams is the Truth. He has the Dashi stamp of Approval. He even tested better than expected. It showed that his breakaway speed is legit. It isn't him just breaking a defense to the point that they don't want to tackle him.

Andre Williams is the perfect compliment to L.Miller. The Ying to his Yang. The Thunder to his lightning.

When you need 1 yard for a first down or a TD, Andre Williams will get you that yard, even if he has zero O-line.

A.Williams is the hardest running RB in this draft.

Everyone knows the Incognito harrasment case has been

heavy on Ross's mind.


A.Donald reminds me of G.Atkins from Cincy. He is built the same way. A Muscle Head. Juggernaut personified. G.Atkins to me is the best DT in the NFL not named Suh. And I would honestly prefer Atkins over Suh. Atkins is a leader and sets the bar as to how hard you have to play every play.

who cares whether you or I acknowledge it jay?--has nothing to do with you or I--reality is that for many here hoping (I guess?) that Ross is really hurting (mostly financially) because of his ownership of the team, they're kidding themselves, thats all--most pro sports team owners own their team as a hobby, outside of a handful....just think that continuing to harp on Ross is barking up the wrong tree--i didnt say he was a great owner.....but he aint going anywhere for awhile, thats all--deal with it. So many here wanted Ireland gone (he is)....now they're on to Philbin (he'll be soon enough).....now on to Ross--whatever.

There is no stopping the Duck Dynasty folks as they now have their own bowl game. Duck Commander, which is the brand of duck calls owned by the Robertson family, has recently been named the new title sponsor for the Independence Bowl, according to local paper Shreveport Times.

Ross aint going anywhere for awhile
Posted by: benz | February 25, 2014 at 02:16 PM

Disagee, bro. He has to sell or move the team.

Texas, a few guys really caught my eye one little guy and 3 big guys and wonder if you would share your thoughts.

1st round - Brandin Cooks - I mean, is this a stronger version of Desean jackson?

2nd round - Davonte Adams and Jordan matthews both fit the bill of bigger WRs which I think we lack

3rd round - Donte Moncrief - Didn't really know mucha botu this guy before the combine but the 6-2 220 wr looks like another guy that can fit a role we have unmanned in our WR corps.

Your thoughts on any of these guys.


A, Williams high jump is what mostly impressed me. I believe it was 38 inches. That is incredible for a guy that size.

The offense was a big problem last year no the D. I dont get way many of you continue to kill Coyle. Tannehill is a bust dude was in the same offense for years and still stink.

So let me guess when he regress next year many of you will say "he was learning a new offense" lmao

NeMO, Aaron McDonald, Barr and Khalil Mack sound like they burned things up. That's great news. i just the did the offense and it looks like a fine crew so far with some pleasant surprises. The depth beats out last years by eons. I expect a few guys from the defense to look like elite prospects including a corner or two.

We should be able to get someone with top 10 talent at #19 which is what I expected which is also why I pouted every time I heard Z. Martin's name. This would be drafting a volvo station wagon when a prosche may be presented your way. Sure you can't run your everyday life with just a porsche - but a porsche does make everything a little more exciting.

Dashi, I like Mason and Williams. Both of them excelled in the broad and vertical which I think are the two most important drills for power runners - don't care about the 40 as long as it isn't poor. Sankey and Seastrunk also did well here.

These four + Charlie Sims look to be viable RB options. All fit the mold we are looking for. I will admit to be rather surprised at Andre Williams testing too - better than a 4th round pick for sure and with nice production in college. He will translate.

Hyde,a s you predicted was blah here which may indicate that the power running may be somethign we see in college but not pros - rather Ron Dayne like.

Why does it gotta be a "white" paper? LOL

Love it or hate it, seriously, does anyone believe the Dolphins will select a wr within the 1st 3 rds?

Miami Dolphins Starting WR's:

1. Mike Wallace
2. Brian Hartline
3. Brandon Gibson

Not to mention, Reshard Matthews coming on like gangbusters playing for the injured Gibson.

We're DEFINITELY not drafting a wr 1st or 2nd rd. So, even if we draft a wr 3RD RD, which of the 4 wr's I've listed, is he going to replace?

The Dolphins showed interest in tackle Jonathan Martin re-joining the team during a meeting with Martin’s representatives during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

The Dolphins were represented by Dennis Hickey, Joe Philbin, and Dawn Aponte.

Hickey did most of the talking for the Dolphins, and Philbin was “staring daggers” across the room. Philbin expressed his view that he thought Martin’s agents were responsible for the situation reaching its current level and that “they were the real problem and alluding that Martin's concerns could have been kept more private and handled differently.”

Dashi, I agree with you about Donald being built like Geno Atkins, its a good comparison.

I liked Joel Bitonio (LT/LG) and the numbers he put up at the combine. He looks like a day 1 starter at LG who could possibly play LT in a pinch.

If we can get Albert signed, Bitonio in the 2nd would make a lot of sense. This would also allow us to grab a DT in the 1st as I see Dallas Thomas as at least a RG. We can find a serviceable RT in the 3rd rd our get a stopgap in FA.

It's not a terrible draft, just that 4yrs "SPECIFICALLY" under Ireland's power map, we're left in a VER TERRIBLE situation.

Many of us clamor about how the oline was "IGNORED" last offseason. Guess what? its FAR WORSE this offseason. Last offseason we only needed 2 NEW STARTERS.

This offseason, DOUBLE THAT, 4 NEW STARTERS.

Fat chance fixing that while visions of wr's, dt's, rb's, safeties, even mlb's, also dance in your pretty little heads. We're a fking mess guys.

does anyone have an extra depends? Can't wait to see Soliai in his new a$sless chaps!! I hear the whole Dline are going to wear them on the line.


I knew about the first 3 and pretty much had Adams and Matthews in the 2nd round like you mention. Not sure if you know but Matthews is Jerry Rice's nephew. For Cooks, I kept wondering why the pundits had him late first but now I know. He was impressive at the combine.

I am like you about Moncrief, I'm not sure where he came from. I know he played at Ole Miss but had not seen or heard much until Sunday.

I really like the way Cooks looked in the gantlet drill. I know coaches don't like that drill but it gives a good idea of their catching ability. He looked really smooth and effortless in that drill.

While I would be happy with any of those guys listed in the 2nd round I would love to get Bryant there. I have a feeling he's gone early 2nd round.

All the WR's you list and Bryant I would take easily. From what I've watched on all of them (Moncrief since combine) they all run every route full speed. Even if they are blocking there is a whole lot of effort with those guys.

You or Dashi have already said it but WR is DEEP in this draft.

We all must unite under the banner of Christ the King and Mary our Immaculate Queen. We must inform ourselves on the One, True, Faith and then act accordingly. Loving God and neighbor for love of God. Doing to others as you would have done unto etc. Would be nice wouldn't it? (Rhetorical question alert)

anyone see Ross in with his new propeller hat on?

Thanks to Johnathan Martin, blacks, gays, and all minorities may be treated as human beings even if they do play sports.

Zack Thomas was actually the first out of the gay closet, he chose not to throw it in our faces like the militant gays would have

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 25, 2014 at 02:20 PM


The Dolphins are so incredibly lame now. It seems like every time I log onto The Herald's website to get sports news I have to see an image of Ross' face. An NFL team's owner should be in the background, signing checks, but this douche wants media time. He's second only to Jerry Jones in his desire to be seen and heard. I don't care for it, the man or his insecure need to seek the spotlight. I'm sure that some of the reasons why so many GM candidates decided not to come here are rooted in the understanding that as an owner Ross is meddlesome. Bill Parcells has to be somewhere thinking that he got out at the right time. Every other day Ross the logo changing orange carpet riding douchebag is involved in some headline story with his picture next to it. The Dolphins with Marino and the Marks Brothers were cool, the team had soul then. Clayton even played with a pair of shades on...and they had a winning tradition, respect.
Now the Dolphins have a g a y logo and a goofy elderly man who wants to be the face of the franchise, a losing tradition, they're irrelevant, a laughingstock.

Plenty of reasons to be a former fan.

Next week there will be some other story with quotes from the new face of the franchise, his picture the first thing you see when you log on.

On one side of the town you have King James, over here you have Steven Ross and Club LIV.

That Steve Ross is a wild and crazy guy.

The Dolphins could not possibly be more lame than they are right now.

Aponte, Philbin, Ross, Hickey, Garfinkel, Estephan, Marc Anthony, penguins at the stadium, this ain't your fathers Dolphins, Csonka truckin over people, Curtis Johnson and his fro.

Even when The Dolphins were 1-15 they still weren't lame, Joey Porter, JT, Zach Thomas, Vonnie Holiday, Marty Booker.

Worse than losing is being lame, Ross' Dolphins are lame to the enth degree. Hartline, Tannehill, Philbin, Ross and Jonathan Martin are the national faces of this lame franchise.

Come To Think Of It:

2013 offseason, Eagles were in similar predicament as us, oline speaking. Yet, with Chip Kelly taking over, there was a 180 degree turnaround. Leading me to think: "BILL LASOR".

No, he's not Chip Kelly. However, he did "FIRST HAND WITNESS" those changes leading to the Eagles oline making 180 degree turnaround.

Remember, 2013 offseason Eagles oline, was in as great a shambles as we currently are. I'm excited to see if there's anything he brings to table that helps relieve soe of this.

I agree Texas, may not be a giant need but these guys look special. Said it before. Cooks at 19 looks a lot better than Austin did last year. Matthews for some reaosn isn't lsited as a 1st round Wr yet I feel better with him than Marqise Lee (didn't know Matthews was Rice's nephew - and if people are slobebring all over matthews' boy and nephew in this combine - should we give the greatest's kin a solid look?)

Since he's in the same state as you, what do you think of jace Amaro? If the draft was today and Lewan was off the board (which he will be) right now, this si the guy I would love to see step up to the stage.

Wally @ 2:20. I do consider production. So for the WRS I listed for example, how about this production?

*Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State 1730 16
*Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss 938 6
*Davante Adams WR Fresno State 1718 24
Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt 1477 7

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