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Ross commissions white paper, Dolphins just need good men

The New York University Sports and Society program, headed by University professor Arthur R. Miller, issued a white paper today examining the bullying and other behavior in sports, and proposing a comprehensive range of initiatives focused on youth athletics to combat those behaviors, the Dolphins announced today.

While these issues have been central to the Sports and Society program, work on this latest project began after Dolphins owner and NYU Law alumnus Stephen M. Ross approached NYU Law Dean Trevor Morrison in December 2013 to discuss ways to increase civility and respect in sports, and thus, in society at large.

Ross was obviously motivated by the so-called harassment scandal that happened in his team's locker room the last couple of years. 

Working with Morrison, Miller, one of the nation’s most distinguished law professors and founder of the Sports and Society program at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), assembled a team of NYU Law faculty, alumni, and students, as well as faculty affiliated with NYU-SCPS, to work on a range of linked projects examining the issue.

“We must work together towards a culture of civility and mutual respect for one another,” Ross said. “Something needs to be done so that every man and woman, young and old, can participate in sports on all levels and find a positive and meaningful experience. We will use this opportunity to make a positive change.”

The white paper, authored by Miller and other faculty who are members of the Sports and Society program at NYU-SCPS, states: “Bullying in sports is only one aspect of a larger phenomenon of harmful behavior in many spheres of society: schools, workplaces, social, and community settings. Although many government, educational, and other social institutions have done some work to curb bullying behavior in their ranks, these efforts often are not coordinated or comprehensive enough to change the existing culture."

The paper then proposes a youth education initiative to combat racism and other forms of alleged intolerance in sports, and to promote a culture of respect. Among the measures proposed are:

* The development of a curriculum to educate young athletes, coaches, and parents on respectful conduct.

* A uniform code of respectful conduct for adoption at all levels of youth athletics.

* A pledge in which sports participants on all levels commit, on a recurring basis, to treat others with respect, identify bullying, and speak out against it.

And now a break from the so-called news ... Let me just say that Americans have been playing organized sports for more than a century. And like society, the sports landscape is not perfect. It houses great men and women. It is also home to bullies, punks, thugs and druggies.

But you know what?

Sports has done a better job than society of weeding those losers out of its ranks. Sports, more specifically team sports, is a great uniter. It breaks down social barriers and has for decades.

A white paper is nice. But a white paper is a classroom project.

The lockerroom is the thing. That's real life. And I reject that what happened within the Dolphins locker room the last couple of years was the norm across sports.

Yes, there are pranks. Yes, people step over lines all across sports.

But I believe in most instances men of good faith and morals and minds eventually find a way to get the room back on course. They can do it because they are part of the room and have the respect of those in the room.

It has never happened because someone who never stepped in the room wrote a paper about it.

One more thing: Many of the things this white paper proposes? Those need to be taught at home by a mother and father. And yes, I recognize that not everyone is in a situation where mom and dad teach right and wrong, good and bad, respect and morals.

I don't have an answer for how to overcome that handicap. But I know a white paper isn't going to do it. It will never substitute for family.

Nice try, though.


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the numbers after the name would be yards and tds for last year.

wanna shag some flies? then after we can get pedicures, how about a shade of mauve with little dolphins on our piggies? then we can have a picnic with tuna sandwiches

Mark, Cooks actually won the Fred Biletnikoff award for best WR. Plenty of production this year to go along with the combine numbers.

Sam, I do agree with you to an extent about drafting a WR high. We have Wallace and Hartline as our starters. Gibson was a good 3, but tore his ACL. Rishard Matthews also had a decent year. Binns tore his ACL early and is a big question mark.

It will be interesting to see if Hickey adds a WR high if one is the BPA.

Elton, is that a new name for that Marco guy? he was gay for me too.

I'm a married man!!

you're welcome to come with Mark and I if you'd like, we can talk football while getting pedicures. Do you like tuna with a little dolphins in it? it's delicious

Memo,WR is useless without a QB

NeMo, we don't have any special WRs - but they are also very expensive. So if a WR comes down the pike that fits the bill and allows us to shed one of these contracts n a couple of years, there is a tonne of value in that. As we saw this year also, injuries happen. If a WR is the obvious BPA at a draft spot, then pick him. You never go wrong with picking BPA.

Plus, outside of O line, how many starting spots do we really have available... not many. And we will pluck a couple of o linemen in free agency

hoping they let zona have albert this year. dont see any reason to spend money this offseason


i agree some of these jump off the page, but don't draft a player you don't know without alot of film study...

Mark, why are you ignoring me, after what we had last night I would of never believed you could be this cold. I'm very hurt.

Watching Amaro in games he looked pretty good as a complete TE. He's definitely a redzone threat.

He scared me a little with the drops (and 9' hands) at the combine but he's got athletic ability and pretty much everything you'd want in a TE except V. Davis speed. He is fast for his size though.

One thing seems for certain - if he falls to the Pats, that is where he'll end up.

By Chris Perkins

2:19 p.m. EST, February 25, 2014

DAVIE – The Dolphins’ search for help at running back led them to interview Auburn’s Tre Mason, the Park Vista High School product, at the NFL Scouting Combine.


pats wont touch amaro after hernandez. amaro big time character issues

Dusty we will all die before your plan works out. We've done the fire everybody and and start all over thing 5 times already.

It's obviously not a guarantee.

How about we resign the right players. Sign the right free agents and draft the right people.

As far as Albert beiing too expensive, I believe I would would rather be good and cap strapped than have a wonderful well maintained salary cap and stink.

I wonder how many Seahawk fans are sitting around biottching about the Hawks not being more frugal with their cap space.

Memo,WR is useless without a QB

Posted by: ,y2K | February 25, 2014 at 03:29 PM

do u wear
those kind of


rick probaly right with who we have running show. until they hire the correct people they will never mean a thing

rick no reason to sign albert with next year being a wasted year, every single person on earth knows philbins gone after season. dont waste money this year in free agency

Yeah, I feel so sorry for these frickin' millionaires that play a game.

Incognito is dumb jerk. Pouncey is as ignorant as they come. J-mart is a child in a man's body.

Other than that, there is no racist bullying culture in the NFL. If you can play your position great, you're a frickin' millionaire! It's that simple.

Oh, boo hoo, Millionaire Martin got bullied and ran away and hid. What a frickin' wuss.

Thank you J-mart for exposing the NFL.

Well u know how it works Dusty. They're gonna waste it in an attempt to save the their jobs anyway.

Maybe we'll get lucky and be good in spite of them.

Realistic Bloggers
2 watt
Dusty Bottoms
Fire Ross
Sam I Am
Delusional Bloggers
Mark In Toronto
Bill A


what color
r u'r

Dolfan Rick falls in Realistic Blogger category

do everything it takes to get harbaugh, throw 10 mill a year at him

Dusty thats a pipe dream. Harbaugh burned Ross already dont rhink Ross can take another

Nah Truth. Rick is a homer. Been watching this debacle for 35+ years and I keep coming back.

Glutten for punishment evidently.

harbaugh wants out now, money may talk after season. least offer it

Mark/Craig, back from the beach. I'm in St. Martin. Beautiful island, nice to get away from the East Coast grind. You guys enjoy your vaca's too. Hopefully Grimes will have a deal by the time I get back next week.

Yeah Harbaugh would probably turn down 10 million, a yacht and lifetime supply of khakis and we'd look like laughingstocks again.

wally, no worries, the Dolphins are not letting me draft this year. I hope if I put together a 2nd consercutive good draft, that they will at least let me sit in the war room next year ...

I use white paper every morning before I go to work. Doesn't Ross have anything better to do with his time? Because any white paper on reporting racism or bullying would be caca. Especially coming from a billionaire. Or is he? How the heck did he think his minions helped him leverage all of the real estate "wealth"? By playing tiddly winks?

Sign Grimes and give him the money.
Sign Solia or Starks or that big killa run stopper out of New England who may be a FA.
Sign Keller for try out.
Sign Albert if they can.
And get us a couple of good guard in the draft.

Offer Harbaugh all control plus 10 mill a year. Let him hire whoever.. Does anyone really think Philbin will be a superbowl coach or even get us to the playoffs? I doubt it

Bro, I really don't want that Major Jim Assshole here. We have enough problems as it is.

Wouldn't Albert be signed for more than one year? What a stupid thing to say to not try to acquire talent when given the oportunity. Whether Philbin is here or not in 2015, Albert will be here.

Come on man, I expect better from you.

dusty, i think they tried that.

F*kk harbaugh, he's already made Miami and Cleveland look stupid. The guy's not even happy after getting the job he wanted all along. he had his chance.

yes more than one year but not more than 2 good ones

then mark keep drowning with awful guys like philbin

Listen, Taylor Lewan is far from a finished product. Dashi is right, this a shallow pool of LTs this year. After Matthews and Robinson, every other LT is a project.

we have time for a project, gonna be a few years man

Drivelish white paper, drivelish white paper.

Mark tell us again why the 8th ranked D at giving up PPG was worst than this putrid offense last season?

No doubt in my mind that Greg Robinson is going to be drafted 5th or 6th overall. Can we get there from #19? Yes, but it's going to cost us.

no oscar we need every pick we have

If we can sign another FA like we did Grimes last Season, go ahead and do it, at any position. If not, pass. FAgency is uncharted territory.

agree oscar, i wouldnt spend much of anything this year

Alright, dusty, but don't waste those picks we have on non-immediate starters, non-quality Players a la you know who.

dusty, are those the only two options? harbaugh or philbin? cripes, man. They can throw that money and control at Matt deCosta or John Schneider or bB's waterboy or Tom Gamble... just to name a few.

harbaugh, so he can leave in two years like all the other guys we tried a little to hard to convince? don;t think that's the ebst idea.

agree oscar, ill give hickey respect till he blows it

huh no mark, but u already knew that. ill take the risk on harbaugh, nothing to lose with all these clowns we have had here recently

I don't know the guy as a talent evaluator either, dusty, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. All I know is that it's a brand new game from Ireland. Well see.

I hate Jim Harbaugh...

hope he stays in SF

bet u do wally

Pansify the sports world. Ross' contribution to the sporting world.

At this point the only thing keeping this "scandal" alive is the media. Stop reporting on it.

Hard to "do the right thing" when it's being redefined every year in keeping with the program of emasculating the sport and the country. Ross and the NFL have lost me. Not a single nickel will reach the NFL coffers from me any longer. You want Europe, you can have it. Go and compete with soccer. Sports have now become too sissified to follow. Speed chess is now just as exciting as Goodell's girly game.

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