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Stephen Ross to meet with Martin 'soon'

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made no secret of the fact he'd like to meet with Jonathan Martin.

That meeting will happen "soon," Ross said today on a conference call with reporters. Interestingly, lawyers are the ones setting up the meeting, Ross divulged.

And if you're asking why?

Why would Ross, who has already said Martin isn't returning to the Dolphins, want to meet with Martin after the offensive lineman responded to harassment by teammates by withholding information from coaches and quitting during the 2013 season?

"I haven't heard what his feelings are," Ross said. "I think I've read the report. I think he wants to talk to me as much as I'm prepared to listen. When you've dealt with something, it's nice to understand it a little bit more by hearing from the person directly."

And having said that, Ross says the meeting with Martin will not drive the Dolphins decision making on the player at all.

"That'll have no impact really on what we're doing going forward," he said.

Folks, Jon Martin has played his final game for the Dolphins. It was true before the season ended. It is true now. You'll read and hear numerous things on the subject. And, yes, perhaps the Dolphins will leak that they want to keep Martin. That is simply a smokescreen to create trade value that does not otherwise exist.

Martin is not coming back to the Dolphins. Period.


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Please feed him.

Posted by: AS USUAL | February 25, 2014 at 08:07 PM

Funny you're the one that comments not him, that's telling.

Thanks Tips(Armando)

Its not like the fan base for the dolphins are morons. We all know hes not coming back but do we really want a guy like that back. Hes not cut out for the mindset of football. Im not talking about the bullying aspect, but just strictly doing his job which in hindsight was aveage to below. Did his midset have something to do with that?. Whos to say. However if he couldnt handle the macho nonsense that occurs in the NFL, then how will he now. Too much to risk

However i cant fault the dolphins for creating trade interest. Wonderful of u to assist in that arena. lol

Rd 1 Aaron Donald DT Pitt
Rd 2 Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee
Rd 3 Deone Bucannon SS Washington State
Rd 4 Andre Williams RB Boston College
Rd 5 Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley
Rd 6 John Urschel OG Penn State
Rd 7 Max Bullough ILB Michigan State








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Everyone deserves a 2nd chance and that includes Johnathan. Lets welcome him back like we did Ricky Williams.

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F@#k that, fire failbins sorry a@@ and hire harbaugh. Someone with passion and emotion. Not a stiff.

Philbin is a fake. He is not a coach. You can't trust men with narrow heads and white stools.

I'd like Martin back. He was developing. Remember he was tossed up and back between RT and LT. It takes time, he is an athlete. The lawyers made the trauma, not Martin. Let's save a pick and keep him, it will show unity and forgiveness.

Give him whatever amount of money to get the hell out of town and go away. Far away. The Dolphins mishandled this fiasco. The Wells report is idiotic.

Martin has hurt a lot of people because of his failure to fight back or cry out. Now this will be about extorting money from the Dolphins.

I'd take Martin back too. He did start from day 1 so he cant be too bad, and he will improve over time especially without the harrassment he had to endure on a daily basis. He could be a starter for another 10 years.

I don't get the negativity. Yes we had some obstacles. I think give a few additions in the offseason we will be a legitimate contender to go all the way.

I don't get the negativity.

Posted by: Ralph | February 25, 2014 at 10:33 PM





Realist, if you are going to live in the past, why not go back to 1929 or the days of cholera?

What matters right now is only right now. I like our position.

Certainly the meeting will be about trading martin to another team to see if the situation is good for him. Trust me Mando i am positive Ross will not want Martin back, he is just trying to get the most out of it by trading him for at least a extra 3rd rounder.





Posted by: REALIST | February 25, 2014 at 10:38 PM


Yeah we get it. You are stuck in the Past. Always are. The reality here is that the only one with a problem is you.

Love in the Times of Cholera was a great book by the great Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Must suck when you get what you always wanted. Blog all to yourself, so you can talk nonsense and answer your own dumb questions. Now you are begging for other bloggers to talk with.

I feel sorry for your Mother.

(I mean, we have to talk about something besides drivel)

I think its time for CODE-RED on JMART !

Get Ritchy, Pouncey, and Jerry on Ross's private jet to Stamford.

BTW: Heres a prediction Mike Sam Gay Dude will not get drafted and if he did he got to play on special teams where he is going to "taken out" for the season.

Oscar the king of drivel. Never seen someone talk nonsense like Oscar. He cannot possibly believe half of what he says.

Armando, "Period" as in that's it? As in the END of a sentence,in this case, a soap opera? Can we please END the conversation about "He who shall not be mentioned".

At the risk of droning in; I think the draft is loaded on the 'O'side. Ol, Wr, RB all look strong. I don't see a lot of options after day two on the 'D'.

Why? Because Ross is an incompetent stumblebum as an owner. He is clueless. Ross makes huizenga look like a genius in comparison, and huizenga sucked. Cut this soft bag of pretzel dough and move on. Stop kissing the ass of liberals and the fraud goodell.

Donald shoeman,
The liberals are in control. What was before, is no more.

It's down hill from here.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

Ross is a baffoon clueless owner. He will never produce a winner,

Mr. Ross, you are a putz and are ruining the team. Do not release Martin or take a low value trade for him. Let him rot on the bench without pay, as he is just as guilty as the others and he abandoned the team in mid season.

Ross just has a knack of getting it wrong. It shows us all you don't have to be bright to become rich or make it in real estate, which is exploitation to the max.

Philbin still here which makes me think him and Ross are in the same secret order.

Armando, this should be daily reading for you.


Was Martin's the worst hazing in NFL history? Imagine him being on a team with Dick Butkus, Conrad Dobler or Jack Lambert. He wouldn't have made it out of training camp! I understand the Phins are trying to say all the right things now -- maybe get something in a trade if anybody wants Martin -- but I say it's not worth the aggravation. Cut him loose and move the hell on!

Posted by: phinzsinz66 | February 25, 2014 at 06:39 PM


Now let's imagine its NOT 1950....and the current year is 2014...

and the baddest dude's to play the game...THIS CENTURY (to include Ray Lewis) all have said that that would NOT have happebed in their locker rooms...

From what I can tell....this is common place in Weekend Warrior locker rooms (according to Phins 78)to go along with High school, and other rereational type clubs....

But for gown men...who call themselves POFESSIONALS to be acting this way.....disgusting...and DESERVING..Deserving of the crappy record...and miserable O-LONE play we saw week in and week out...

oh wait...it is....

Kris, I wish we could be together snuggling right now.

Ross meeting Martin


Martin wants out of Miami so Stephen Ross should give him what he wants. Just cut him and write it off as another GM Jeff Ireland mistake. I'm a Dolphin fan who just does not want to read about this nonsense anymore. NFL GM's know not to offer anything for a marginal player who will be released.

true pro

"How could anyone be against this?" - Stephen Ross. Ah, the certainty of the fanatic. His cause is so righteous, everyone MUST be on board. Well, Ross, you dimwit, I'm against it. I've been a fan for 45 years but will no longer allow a single nickel of my money to reach the NFL coffers (outside of the percentage that they get from my cable subscription). Go ahead, Goodell. You and Ross and the other globalist owners. Make the NFL a global game. I hope the 10 fans you get in Denmark are worth the thousands you're losing here in America. The NFL used to be our game. Now it's being transformed into football-lite, Europe style. Makes me want to puke.

well its gonna get worse with the reports out last night that miami wanted martin back and his agents said no


TMZ reports incarcerated former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez attacked another inmate at Bristol County Jail on Tuesday, and "beat the guy up pretty good."
For his protection, Hernandez is usually segregated from the general prison population, but somehow "came into contact with another inmate." The two had reportedly been "beefing all day long." It doesn't sound like Hernandez has learned a thing behind bars. It's another strike against Hernandez as the state builds its case against him in multiple murders.

So, what's the big deal with Jon Martin? He has said that he does not want to be in Miami as People here are very superficial and shallow, and I tend to agree with him. To each its own.

Hang in there gents...this will all be over in the next 10 days.
The NFL will issue its ruling/punishments on the scandal that will ban Cogs from the game and suspend Pouncey for the first 6 games of the season. Jmart will be free to sign with any team.

Free Agency will yield us a tackle (not sure if its LT or RT at this point)...then onto the draft!


I think we sign a guard too.Probably Beadles

Yes...a guard is likely as we'll need to replace Cogs. Any thoughts on who will be on Philbin's "leadership council" next season?


Soliai(I think he comes back)


I would like to subtract Hartline and add Denney:)

Long snapper on the leadership council....interesting? Guy does have some balls and like the choice.

discussion point: RB's

NFL Network just previewed the top 5 RB's in the upcoming draft and there are some great gems in there...none of which are expected to go in the first round.

we all know Miller & Thomas are NOT the true feature back our offense needs, so do we let Thomas walk and bring in someone like Tre Mason to push Miller?

Stephen Ross to meet with Martin 'soon'??


Mike Pouncey is an A Hernandez guy. TRADE HIM!

no big, u keep writing this, nobody cares. we have all seen it

id love to deal pouncey but his value is way to low currently to deal him with suspension coming

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