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Stephen Ross to meet with Martin 'soon'

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made no secret of the fact he'd like to meet with Jonathan Martin.

That meeting will happen "soon," Ross said today on a conference call with reporters. Interestingly, lawyers are the ones setting up the meeting, Ross divulged.

And if you're asking why?

Why would Ross, who has already said Martin isn't returning to the Dolphins, want to meet with Martin after the offensive lineman responded to harassment by teammates by withholding information from coaches and quitting during the 2013 season?

"I haven't heard what his feelings are," Ross said. "I think I've read the report. I think he wants to talk to me as much as I'm prepared to listen. When you've dealt with something, it's nice to understand it a little bit more by hearing from the person directly."

And having said that, Ross says the meeting with Martin will not drive the Dolphins decision making on the player at all.

"That'll have no impact really on what we're doing going forward," he said.

Folks, Jon Martin has played his final game for the Dolphins. It was true before the season ended. It is true now. You'll read and hear numerous things on the subject. And, yes, perhaps the Dolphins will leak that they want to keep Martin. That is simply a smokescreen to create trade value that does not otherwise exist.

Martin is not coming back to the Dolphins. Period.