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Ross: Wells report language, behavior "disturbing"

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is distrubed by the language and the behaviour outlined in the Ted Wells report released today.

Here is a statement from Ross on the matter: 

Before you read it, understand Ross does not address the matters most on people's minds, which are whether OL coach Jim Turner will be fired, whether athletics trainer Kevin O'Neill will be fired, whether John Jerry will be re-signed based on the report's findings, whether center Mike Pouncey will be punished, and what is Jonathan Martin's status with the team going forward.

The statement:

“Today, I received the final report from NFL independent counsel Ted Wells and have now reviewed it.  I want to first thank Commissioner Roger Goodell for granting our request to have an independent review on this matter. I also want to thank Ted Wells and his team, who conducted a thorough, professional and objective review.

“I now have had a chance to read the report and obviously, the language that was used and the behavior as described is deeply disturbing. Although the report commended Joe Philbin’s commitment to promoting integrity and accountability throughout the Dolphins organization, I told Ted Wells personally during my visit with him that we are committed to addressing the issues outlined in this report. We must work together towards a culture of civility and mutual respect for one another. It is important to me, important to Coach Philbin and important to the entire Dolphins organization.

“We are committed to a positive workplace environment where everyone treats each other with respect. We have reviewed our Code of Conduct and workplace policies and are making enhancements to the areas of sports psychology, human resources and player engagement functions which serve as safe outlets for any player or employee.

“When these allegations first came to light, I wanted to know what happened so we could make our organization better. I also began a deliberative and comprehensive process of determining what I could do to elevate conduct in sports, regardless of the then-unknown conclusions of Ted Wells’ report.

“Three months ago, I announced the creation of a committee comprised of Coach Philbin, our CEO Tom Garfinkel, and respected former players and coaches, who would review Ted Wells’ report and our current Code of Conduct and make any further recommendations. Now that the report has been made available to us, the committee can move forward and begin discussions. 

“After the situation came to light, I approached the New York University School of Law and the New York University Center for Sports and Society led by Arthur Miller, as well as the Jackie Robinson Foundation on ideas to address my concerns about conduct in sports. I wanted to tackle these challenging issues head on and be a driving force for change not only with the Dolphins, but in all levels of athletics. In working with their research team and lawyers, and with the cooperation of New York University Dean of Law and former White House associate counsel Trevor Morrison in particular, we have researched, debated and consulted dozens of experts and have created a series of initiatives that we will release next week, along with a policy paper examining this issue.

“We seek to create a curriculum which emphasizes accountability and which educates athletes on a standard code of conduct, appropriate use of language, and the elimination of disrespectful and unacceptable behavior in sports, including discrimination or harassment because of race, gender or sexual orientation.  We are also exploring possible legislation and a conduct pledge that would be instituted in all organized sports throughout the country to elevate the core value of respect. 

“I have made it clear to everyone within our organization that this situation must never happen again. We are committed to address this issue forcefully and to take a leadership role in establishing a standard that will be a benchmark in all of sports.”


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First, take this and $%^&


And Philbin is still employed, why?

Next year the Dolphins will only play touch football. What a joke.

Sharper charged with 7 or 8 counts of rape. And we spend 4 months on this bull. How many real criminals play the game? How many?

Suspected murderers and this little Peyton place episode fills the airwaves.

Ross is going to lose some BIG LAWSUITS

I have never seen such a minor incident blown so far out of proportion. Go ahead and chase your tails but first...one question. WHO CARES! Win some dam games already!

Bringing Incognito on the team was just another poor judgement by Ireland.

ross is real good at double talk and forming dummy committees that seldom,if ever,actually meet. its lip service. incognito and pouncey are on the dolphins "leadership council"; what a joke. philbin and ross are truly clueless.

I've been in locker rooms and to tell you the truth, working in a restaurant kitchen was 10 times worse. Some of things we would say to each other would make Icognito blush. But...when someone went too far, they got drilled. It's all about personal pride...obviously Martin has none.

Bringing Pouncey on the team was pretty stupid too.

Fire Turner, Martin, Jerry and Incognito are all gone - slap Pouncey on the wrist and move on already.

This would've never happened on Parcells, Bellichick or Fishers watch.

Klndry - don't forget about Big Ben Rapelesberger - He raped TWO women and not only still plays but makes millions.

No - only murder happens under Bellicheat. He doesn't fool around with kid stuff.


Pouncey and Jerry should be immediately cut and Philbin fired.

There are technical grounds to fire Jim Turner. Worst O Line in Dolphins history. Not so easy with Philbin in only his 2nd Yr at 8-8. Incognito, easy, let him go to try his luck somewhere else. Martin, more difficult, he says he doesn't like the People here in Miami, trade him for whatever, if possible or just outright cut him.

oscar, you dont need any technical grounds to fire anyone. Any coach can be fired at any time without cause.

We could have all your asssses on a platter, if we so wished, probably including Armando's. Dumb and dumber around here. Not only the chronology of the Martin saga tell us exactly what happened and who was to blame in the end, but the threat of suicide is something immediate and completely different. We mental health professionals are required by law, when we hear the word suicide from a patient, to take action on it and report it to the authorities. Laymen are not required by law in cases where another person confides in them their intent to take their life. but they do have a moral obligation to inform the intention that person has to his family, other People that could prevent this behavior. A layman, in this case, Yeatman and Incognito, a case could be made against them for neglect of not reporting Jon's intentions to anybody else and not doing anything about it. So, our advice for everybody involved here, think before you talk or write and just put a good product on the Field.

Stop smoking crack oscar. You are a liberal panzy. This whole NFL is going p#ssy, more worried about a players feelings or sexuall orientation than winning games! What a way to ruin a perfectly good product.

Not in this case, FYI, you fire Turner now without a good technical reason, unless the Dolphins claim conduct detrimental to the Team, and he would claim it was because of the Ted Wells report and Ted, Ross and everybody else would be in a long court battle who nobody wants.

Posted by: mike | February 14, 2014 at 09:21 PM

Knuckle dragger

Might be so, mike, but this is the wave of the Future and there is no turning back now.

Not in this case, FYI, you fire Turner now without a good technical reason, unless the Dolphins claim conduct detrimental to the Team, and he would claim it was because of the Ted Wells report and Ted, Ross and everybody else would be in a long court battle who nobody wants.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 14, 2014 at 09:22 PM

Nah. Simply not true. Turner or Philbin have no recourse if they're fired.

Anyone care to read some unusually intelligent posts by Dolphins fans on this issue, read Greg Cote's opinion piece.

Cote is a jerk.

Ross is disturbed by the language. The freakin' idiot should be disturbed by his inability to run a damn team!!!

Ross is disturbed by the language. The freakin' idiot should be disturbed by his inability to run a damn team!!!

Posted by: Fin-ality | February 14, 2014 at 09:28 PM


Such drivel.

Folks, this notion of Politically Correct Bullshoot is a farce. It is Big Brother. It is the self righteous Tea Party Hypocrites. It is diametrically opposed to the First Amendment - Freedom of Speech.

Utter nonsense force fed down your throats.

From what I can see...You all buy into it.

Fyi, you are correct. Nobody is "entitled" to a job as some believe. They are employed at the owners discretion.

Blacks and gays are human and deserve respect too.

I guess incompetent owners are too. Let's keep buying tickets.Next thing you know we'll have transvestite cheerleaders with muscular hairy legs-- they're people too.

AtlFin, one could argue that animals deserve respect too, so what's your point? Everyone needs to get off the I'm offended train and man up. Including Ross.

Well Stephen be disturbed by the locker room behavior but do not be upset about replacing your entire OL with the exception of Mike Pouncey. All others had to be replaced because their skill sets do not fit into what the Dolphins want. The Dolphins could not get the OG's out in front to block on the screen passes. So they operated without much of a threat for that offensive play.

I'm offended because this team misrepresents Dolphins.

Fyi, you are correct. Nobody is "entitled" to a job as some believe. They are employed at the owners discretion.

Posted by: mike | February 14, 2014 at 09:31 PM

Yup, oscar has this nasty habit of making stuff up.

Fin-ality. Well said.

Do you know why so many bloggers hate Cote? Simple. He can write. He has wit. He is articulate. The bloggers fall short of all of these qualities. They gravitate to Armando Salguero, whose English still is not above 5th grade level, who can't proof read is own blogs and therefore publishes absolutely atrocious grammar full of egregious errors that wouldn't never have been tolerated in REAL JOURNALISM before the frivolous internet age.

But because 99% of the fans are frivolous, naive idiots, they gravitate to Armando the Idiot and rebel against Cote, a man that respects both language and effective communication.

promichelle is dumb closet queen.

Ross said "educated athlete" hahahahahaha, I am so done with this garbage team, they are so far removed from the team I've loved for the last 25 years. It's over

the dolphins have sucked for many years but now they are just a complete and utter embarrassment.

I am so done with this garbage team, they are so far removed from the team I've loved for the last 25 years. It's over

Posted by: Killary Kankles Klinton | February 14, 2014 at 09:47 PM

But of course you will be back day after day, new name after new name, year after year.

Philbin and his staff should resign ASAP except for the new hire GM and OFC............No way in hell a coach who appointed a idiot as Captain and a leader knows what is going with the team...The Organization should take a look in the mirror..Pouncey even thou didn't make any stament about Hernandez, did wear cap suggesting a realese of AH no action or reprimand against Pouncey by the Dolphins and sweep under the rug. These are millionaries they should get hold to a higher standars....like "any professional" in their field



I guess I'm a Sada masochist Mordo

Posted by: Look, Listen, Learn | February 14, 2014 at 09:41 PM


Philbin needs to resign or be fired immediately.

AtlFin needs to take a long walk on a shot pier.

So as I understand it, JMartin had bullying issues in HS and in the pros but not at Stanford. High school is high school and 90% of boys are extremely immature. By college let's say 50% are still immature and by the pros perhaps 80-90% have matured to a reasonable level.

So why did JMartin have problems in the Phins locker room but not at Stanford. Two reasons: Harbaugh coached at Stanford, Philbin coaches the Phins. I'll bet a week's pay the 49er locker room looks nothing like the mess we have here.

I have a solution to all these bloggers here that have a problem with educated Athletes like Luck, JonMartin, Zach Ertz. You yourselves try to get their same kind of Education. You will be happier in the Future.

I might go and visit Cote, even though I find him boring as hell.

Oscar, 99% of the bloggers here are naive, low achieving idiot morons.

99% of the bloggers here have no life and no worthwhile sex life. They come here either to take out their frustrations or create grandiose illusions about themselves that nobody ever believes.

I'll bet you can rattle off 20 of the 23 regular bloggers that fit this profile.

Committees that have never met are now back.. Hummm.. Bringing in more lawyers... Bigger hummmm.. He has NO clue and thinks we are clueless!

Nahhh, MIC, Darryl Dunphy, DC, f4l are highly educated People.

Dunphy is a recovering addict. DC is dumber than rat poo. MIC? You can't be serious

Oscar are you that dumb and naive? Maybe you've been drinking too much for too long.

Wake up. Don't be like them.

Let's face it. Armando is illiterate by normal educational standards. After all these years he has only attracted about 20 idiot head uneducated naive bloggers. Just look at the drivel that goes on here.

What does that say about Armando? And the bloggers?


Mando, I might be able to read your latest column about philbin with some objectivity if you hadn't already been in the midst of what seems a year long campaign to decimate his public image and call for his head. From all I've seen philbin seems like nothing less than a stand up guy who values high character players above all else. Maybe you've forgotten the report that he wanted incognito off the team after the alleged golf course incident but Ireland (who you curiously seemed to be defending in his final weeks) wouldn't have it. I've been a reader of yours for 10+ years and a big fan but the bias your work radiates when discussing philbin is becoming exponentially more obvious with each blog post, column and tweet. Did philbin promise you an interview and then cancel? Whatever happened, if anything, please get over it. Your writings about philbin are far from your best work and I'd hate to stop following my favorite dolphins writer.


Where are all of the Cog defender nitwits now? Let Jerry walk in fa, if any team would have him. Pouncey's trade value took a HUGE hit with the Wells report.

Just what I was afraid of. Once the Wells report came out we would need 5 brand new starting offensive linemen. WOW!

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