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Dolphins rolling in salary cap space for '14

The Dolphins were expecting to have a large bank roll to sign any of their 21 unsigned players (15 unrestricted free agents) players before Thursday dawned. And then several media outlets, led by ESPN, reported the projected salary cap for 2014 is going to be larger than expected.

The figure now commonly believed to be available to clubs when the league year opens March 11?

A tidy $129-$130 million.

And that means barring re-signing some of their own free agents before then, the Dolphins will have approximately $36 million in cap space. That includes over $18 million in carryover from 2013. And that figure ranks the Dolphins in the top 5 among teams with the most cap space.

The Dolphins will lead the AFC East in cap space but Buffalo (approximately $22 million) and the New York Jets (approximately $23.7 million) will also have plenty of cap space. The Jets could actually add another $16 million in space if they cut quarterback Mark Sanchez and receiver Santonio Holmes.

But the Dolphins can create space of their own with roster moves and might do just that.

The Dolphins can gain an extra $5.4 million of cap space by cutting cornerback Dimitri Patterson.

Why, you may ask, would the Dolphins dump a solid cornerback when healthy? Well, because durability is a big deal in the NFL. It is a critical factor in judging players. You can't contribute if you can't play.

And of the 18 possible games Patterson could have played with the Dolphins since being acquired in late December 2012, he has started and finished only four of those games.

So new GM Dennis Hickey and Co. will have a decision to make on Patterson.

All this seems like good news for the Dolphins. Because they don't have a big mortgage on the quarterback spot (like New England, New Orleans, Baltimore and other teams with QBs with big contracts) the Dolphins have tons of maneuverability.

Obviously, they probably should not employ all that maneuverability because if things go as hoped by the organization, Ryan Tannehill will eventually want to join that club of high-priced QBs and, poof, there goes the cap space. So saving up for that possibility might be wise given that teams can carry over space.

But with the new TV contract on the horizon and the bump expected this year from a Thursday night TV deal, Miami suddenly has more room than expected.

And that leads us to this ...

Suddenly the franchise tag for cornerback Brent Grimes is more palatable if the team cannot get him signed to a smart two- or three-year deal that pays him but also insulates the team from him dropping off the performance table based on the fact he's going to be 31 years old at the start of the 2014 season. Most clubs don't want to commit to cornerbacks through their 34th or 35th birthdays.

(It should be noted there may be younger cornerbacks on the market, too.)

Suddenly, re-signing Nolan Carroll, who is a solid third cornerback and good spot starter, to a deal is not out of the question.

Suddenly the radical idea of keeping both Paul Soliai and Randy Starks isn't complete folly. No, it probably won't happen. Both players are shopping their services at the Combine through their representation. Both will have offers whenever free agency begins.

And suddenly the idea of adding an offensive tackle through free agency isn't out of the question. If I were the general manager, I'd weigh chasing an elite and young left tackle -- perhaps Eugene Monroe -- and then handle the rest of my offensive line business in the draft. I would not chase free agent guards until the secondary market because the guard free agent class is ... is ... not stocked. Richie Incognito is among the better ones available so there's that.

Also, please remember, this is a great year for tackles in the draft. There will be starters taken in the third round, that's how good it could be. So no more than one tackle in free agency, please. No high-priced guard in free agency, please.

And if you're going to chase a tackle, chase the combination of the best and youngest -- Monroe, who will be 27 in April.

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, what about Branden Albert? He was good last year. He's really good. Plus, we've heard of him because of last year's flirtation with trading for him.)

He's 29 years old now and will be 30 in November. He had a fine year but how much of that was contract year excellence? And you remember the issues with the back and so forth, right? So he would not be my top choice. He wouldn't even be my second choice. I think I'd like Anthony Collins of Cincinnati more than Albert.

By the way, it's not possible to know if these players will even be available. Their own clubs can still re-sign them.

I should note here that the Chiefs have the least amount of cap space to re-sign their left tackle of the others we've discussed -- Baltimore and Cincinnati. So maybe Albert will be the only tackle on the market because KC drafted a tackle No. 1 last year.

I suppose there's a chance the Dolphins might throw everyone a curveball and opt to draft their left tackle and sign a free agent right tackle instead. The name you'll hear continually is Michael Oher.

Buyer beware. He hasn't lived up to his "Blindside" reputation the past two years. So one must not overpay based simply on name recognition.

Did I tell you I really like the tackles in the draft?


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Beer Snob....

out this way the Chimay's come in Red, Blue, and I belive a brown labled bottle....

I think I have the red in my car....I bought both the Chimay and the Delriuium on word of mouth...and was told the Delirium would be heavenly....words did not do it justice....

but I am glad that you are giving the thumbs up to the Chimay....I will try it tonight after I chill it....

Thanks a lot for all this help

You guys are the best, please keep it coming


I believe you can find just as good a MLB in the 2nd or 3rd.

Mosley is OK. But he doesn't separate himself from the other 3 MLBs in the draft. At least for me.

The way I see the MLB ranking

1a- Mosley
2- Borland
3- Skov

Borland is the best out of the 4. But he won't test as well as the top 2.

Hopefully Hickey can find the right mix between size and Talent.

My Current Mock Draft (Dashi 2.0)

1-E.Ebron TE
2- S.Henderson RT or M.Bryant WR if we fix the O-line in free agency
3- Borland MLB
4- A.Williams RB
5- C.Reid DT
6- Santos K
7- L.Thomas QB

Ross has to be getting fed up with the losing and crisis after crisis. Maybe he'll sell soon. He cant like this aggravation.




Yeah, Watkins came it at 6' 210lbs. A little shorter than it seemed he played. I wouldn't let that bother me if I had the opportunity to take him.

Benjamin came in at 6'5 240. That is huge for a guy that may run 4.5. MArtavis Bryant came in at 6'3 and 5/8s and 211 lbs.


My bad yesterday for screwing up M.Bryant's name. His last name isn't even the hard one to remember. It is his first name.


Ok now you need to drive to Amsterdam and see if you can find some Cannabis beer.I would like a report as soon as you get back. Oh wait, you are in the military so you cant. Send the wife!


Well, in that 'bang for the buck' category pretty much ANY Dubbel or Trippel style will deliver a big kick. Few of them are under around 7% ABV.

Of course, you can always go for a HUGE beer like a Russian Imperial Stout that can deliver upwards of 18% ABV but I find them to just be too much--and sometimes even have a bit of a rubbing alcohol tinge. But they will knock you over!

And the aforementioned Unibroue lineup is uniformly higher in ABV aside from one apple brew (Ephemere) and a white ale (Blanc de Chambly) they do. The rest of them like Fin du Monde and Trois Pistoles--among others--pack a 8-10% wallop and more importantly are DELICIOUS!

No biggie Dashi, I knew we were talking about the same guy.

Agreed snob, but I will consume some Coors product. Those guys TRY to do a good job for the most part. Except some products. You would be surprised by the amount of product that is on the market that is Coors that isn't your typical "domestic" beer. Totally agree that everyone should find and befriend their local micro brewery. A lot of those places have restaurants to die for also. noce place around here called Devils Backbone. The make an IPA to die for. Pair that up with a plate of Bangers and Mash and fahgeddabouddit!!!

Just below room temperature, thats how to consume such beer. IMO.

Okay enough of the beer talk, it is Friday but still a little early to be so THIRSTY!

Kris, Chimay Red is a Dubbel style ale. A little darker and maltier with almost caramel undertoes. Like all Chimays's it is terrific.

Don't over refrigerate it. At it's best it would be around 50 degrees or so. I realize stuff like this DOES sound snobby as hell but temperature really is a HUGE factor with different styles---releasing their flavors, etc.

As a general rule, you want lagers and pilseners at the coldest end of the spectrum and then a bit warmer as the beer style goes more towards ales, porters, etc.









Hopefully the "short QB" stereotypes will start to go out the window. It's a poor reason to overlook a guy. Do pro scouts think that when OL prospects graduate college they automatically grow a half a foot?

Texas, you know I'm a numbers guy and the measurable saround benjamin make me salivate. he is marshall like in size and athelticism. If you see this guy run a 4.5 and have a vertical in the mid 30s - anyone may have a tough time talking me out of his camp. I know he has a rep for drops but i also see him having an incredibly large catching radius and beating defenders out for 50/50 long passes all the time... talk about a marshall clone.

LOL @ Deity...its 6:15 PM here the time is just right...for those that are politically correct....

Beer Snob....

Its probably 50 degrees in the car now...or there abouts....so I don't have to wait....and I will enjoy it when I get home...

I think Martin maks the team...

Pouncy traded @ first chance....new regime...new culture...new chance for Phlbin...


I actually gott PI$$ED to day....

So no chance i go near that stuff....and even when I could (almost 21 years ago)....I didn't like it much then....

Deity--ha! Agreed. I work in the industry (in a place that ONLY serves regionally produced beer) so I tend to get a bit carried away on the subject.

My refrigerator looks like a craft brewery store. There might be some turkey and hummus in there somewhere...not sure. This is not a bad thing.

But enough from me on beer.

As for the Dolphins, the prospect of an entirely new OL (save perhaps Pouncey) is equal parts excitement and terror for me.

Yes, they were atrocious last year---worst in team history by far--and neeed to be blown up BUT so much about OL play is cohesion and familiarity and I'd put the odds of finding that in one offseason very low.

Honestly, if they could just raise that unit to "mediocre" level this year it would still count as a major improvement!

Time for me to get on the road...nobody's paying me overtime....

had some calls to make to the states....mission complete....

have a good weekend men....and may pop in for a few minutes @ some point...


Benjamin had a few drops but I am not overly concerned he has hand issues. I've seen him make too many good catches for that to be a knock. I like the kid and think he'd be one of those matchup nightmares for defenses.


Beer is best depending on the type of day. Cold Day/ Warm Beer. Hot Day/ Cold Beer.

You aren't going to drink Warm Beer on a Hot Day.

Me. personally, Beer is drinked real cold. Ice Cold. So you can knock them down like water bottles. No after taste. (Another reason I am not big on Imported beer, if the beer isn't fresh you usually will get a bad taste at the end of the beer. Some people like it, they say you can taste the beer)

If you want to drink something room temperature, drink real alcohol.

I have also become accustomed to drinking light beer. The way beer was originally made. Beer wasn't meant to get you drunk. Beer was the original soda. The first alternative to drinking regular water.

But everyone has a different preference. I could see how some people like to taste their beer. I am not one of them.

Dooshy, tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith lol

Not warm Dashi, just slightly cool. I only drink watered "light" beer when I am on the beach baking in the sun, or working on a project on a HOT summer day. At no other time do I consume this type of beer and it is as you say, for the water alternate. Beer has been around as long as man has. Egyptians could probably get the credit for "inventing" it but the Germans perfected it! The beer you are drinking makes you feel bloated because it is made from grain, upgrade you beer status playa, and enjoy the results!


Benjamin drops the easy passes. He makes the tough ones. It is a concentration issue with him. I wouldn't consider it a problem. Benjamin does the one thing all WRs should do, HE CATCHES THE BALL WITH HIS HANDS!! that is the one thing that automatically threw me off about T.Ginn. Ginn is a body catcher. And you can't catch passes with your body if you have Pads on.

Mike Wallace is a Body Catcher. Reason he can't go up and fight for the ball. He doesn't catch with his hands.

R.Matthews catches with his hands. Hartline also catches it with his hands. Only problem with Hartline is that he falls down just by thinking he was going to get tackled.

Carbination too, too much carbination.

"Light" beer is not the way beer was 'originally made' at ALL.

Actually, the explosion in craft breweries is a return to the wide variety of styles that were commonly found in this country prior to Prohibition and then the rise of mass marketed beers after WW2---nearly all of them pilsener styles with little character or taste.

And don't be so sure about the import versus domestic thing as far as freshness. The mass marketed stuff tends to sit in warehouses the longest, actually, and simply doesn't have the same kind of quality control that many better imports employ.

Best of both world is to seek out the locals. Miami is not yet a great place for this (nowhere close to what places like Philly, Portland, Seattle, Boston, etc. produce themselves) but it's getting better. Cigar City brewery in Tampa is getting up there, though.

I would like to see a ball-hawking safety who can knock people out in the first or second round. We have not had a difference-maker at FS or SS for decades. Look at what the hawks were able to do with Thomas III and Chancellor. Grab a LT and Guard in the FA market. Use the draft to get a S, RB and a QB that can push Tannehill.

Bingo @ 1236

"Only problem with Hartline is that he falls down just by thinking he was going to get tackled."


I thought I was the only that noticed that. Drives me insane when he catches the ball and some defender's hand brushes him, he goes down. I do have to say, I saw a little improvement in this last year, a little.

Is Michael Sam a boody catcher?

And just to add, of someone likes that "lighter" style of a Bud or Coors or whatever at least TRY a Stella Artois or even a Singha. Better quality stuff.

Or go whole hog and delve into the Czech and Bavarian stuff. Those are the TRUE pilsners from their birthplace.

I enjoy a Stella. Or a Grolsch with the old school pop top! Reuse the bottles to make your own beer at home. It is a simple process but one must be patient and meticulous. Dammmit Dashi I'm thinking about beer again.

The beer you are drinking makes you feel bloated because it is made from grain, upgrade you beer status playa, and enjoy the results!

Posted by: deity | February 21, 2014 at 12:34 PM


Agreed. The whole "American style" beer that generations grew up with goes directly back to Prohibition--when brewers could no longer legally import some traditional elements of beer and turned instead to cheaper alternatives like corn.

It resulted in an extremely diluted product but people came to think of it as "normal" because they had never experienced anything else unless traveling abroad.

It's only recently we are going back to our "roots" so to speak and rediscovering REAL beer.

We have an excellent micro selection in this area. Star Hill being one of the many.

Yeah, I thought I was off the topic too! But even Ben Franklin commanded us to drink beer so it's just the patriotic thing to do.


Posted by: Dashi | February 21, 2014 at 08:18 AM

Just getting on here now and reading the posts...hahaha, exactly Dashi!

I wonder why the young'uns prefer beer while we oldies prefer Scotch.

I only consume 3 liquids. Water, Beer and the occasional glass of milk! Though of course I do drink Wine and Liquor when the occasion allows. I dont have the pallet to disect wines though. I love me a wine festival though! And despite the hate I was dishing on NoVA yesterday, they have an excellent beer festival up there ever year around June. Just put your wallet on a chain and park in a well lit area.


Thanks for the info. Agreed. Cool Beer, Yes. Warm Beer, No.

I come from a long line of drinkers. Grandpa use to drink Beer for breakfast in DR. I consider myself a lightweight by choice, not cause I can't take it. I don't like losing my coordination.

I'm a social drinker. I only drink on Friday's after work, or during a cookout or an event. Rarely do I just have beer laying around in my fridge.

I find other ways to get enlightened.

Will like to check out the Cannabis beer though. Kill 2 birds with 1 Stoned.

I have heard of Starr Hill but have yet to sample any. If I ever run across it, though...for sure!

I do know Asheville has just had an EXPLOSION of locally made craft beer, with some excellent offerings. For a "small city" I'd say only Portland, Maine can rival them.

Myself, I'm in Philly. This place has gone beer nutty the past decade or so with a LOT of great stuff being produced (and some crap, to be sure!)

Is Michael Sam a boody catcher?

Posted by: Rdubs | February 21, 2014 at 12:42 PM


No. Mike Sam is a Booty Catcher. Not a Body Catcher.

"I don't like losing my coordination"

Agreed here. I have a good coordination tolerance though. And a self defense mechanism. When I can no longer coordinate properly and think rationally I automatically pass out. Im not like some people I know who can get drunk and maintain it for 6 hours. Once I'm there, Im done. Night Night.

Heard that O'Neill is suing the NFL for pressuring the Dolphins to fire him. No surprise if true, I called it yesterday. I got one right so I have a better record than Dashi.

I like Stella as a Light beer. And out of the German beers, Golsch is one of my favorites. Not a real fan of Heineken. They have that after taste I am talking about. Where you have to dump the bottom bit for the homies cause they are the only ones that can drink that sour stuff.

I had a buddy back in the day that got a welders card just to drive to Philly and purchase tanks of...um well, nevermind. That guy was an idiot.


Mike Wallace 6'0 199 lbs. 199 lbs, my foot. Wallace may weigh 199, soaking wet after coming in from a typhoon.

Wallace has a very frail build. Looking at him, it's no mystery he and the weight room are not very good friends. I do not see his pass catch issues being catching style. He does not catch in traffic simply because he knows his body and does no want to spend remainder of year on injured reserve.

Plain and simple, Mike Wallace is a speed demon wr. His effectiveness depends soley on "DEGREES OF SEPARATION". That, and that alone, is when Wallace will be at his "VERY BEST".

But, of course, Ireland should have known this before he brought him in. Wasn't like it was a league secret. Or maybe the biggest secret to Ireland, was the fact Tannehill has such an "inaccurate deepball" when Wallace has achieved his "DEGREES OF SEPERATION".

Many goodies around #19. Search for them and you'll find them, perhaps 1 or 2 that not even in our wildest dreams will be there.

As much as I love beer making a Cannibis beer would be an awful waste of some good.... ah..... cheese.

Ah!, it's because beer is cheaper. Figures...

Heard that O'Neill is suing the NFL for pressuring the Dolphins to fire him. No surprise if true, I called it yesterday. I got one right so I have a better record than Dashi.

Posted by: Grier | February 21, 2014 at 01:01 PM

Ross is facing a number of possible lawsuits.

Grolsch is from the Netherlands, if I am not mistaken.
Weineken is some nasty chit IMO, I wouldn't even feed my dead homies that stuff.

Bring in Marqise Lee opposite M. Wallace, some kind of nightmare for those D's.

I had a buddy back in the day that got a welders card just to drive to Philly and purchase tanks of...um well, nevermind. That guy was an idiot.

Posted by: deity

Ha! I can imagine (sigh). I will say Philly is really losing much of its old-school 'tough edge' to the chagrin of many old-timers here.

But if you've ever spent time around an Eagles fan I think maybe the 'yuppiefication' of this city is a good thing!

Dashi--I cannot STAND Heineken. I don't know what squirrel piss would taste or smell like but I imagine it to be similar.

Just me, though. To each his own.

Weed has less calories thane Beer....FACT


Agreed. Old people do have a more expensive taste.

I have an Uncle who only drinks liquor straight. No Beer, No Chaser, No Ice. MF'er never brings his own liquor either. I hide the blue and black label now when I know he is coming over.

I prefer to buy 5 Cases of Beer than having someone guzzle down my good liquor like apple juice.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 21, 2014 at 01:04 PM

Yeah cheap crap beer is. Its not uncommon to pay 15 - 20 billz on a really nice 6er.

Weed has less calories thane Beer....FACT

Posted by: Rdubs


I miss toking up but the stuff has just become SO much stronger than it used to be. Last time I smoked any after hours at work I just had the whole clichéd paranoid meltdown where I could barely function.

If someone marketed "1980's strength" weed I would go for that.

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