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The future for Incognito and Martin

The much anticipated Ted Wells report that will put to rest the nightmare that followed the Dolphins for the better part of a month during the 2013 season will be delivered to the NFL either late this week or early next week. The assumption is the NFL will release the report soon afterward.

And while much has been reported (and misreported) about this whole affair, what I have been reporting for months is certain: Neither Richie Incognito nor Jonathan Martin, the principals in the scandal that rocked the Dolphins franchise, will ever play for the Dolphins again.

And that deserves investigating because all is not exactly as it seems:

It will seem, on the surface, that Incognito will never play for Miami again because the Dolphins are moving in a new direction on the offensive line and their former left guard is a free agent about to hit the market.

The truth is the week after the scandal broke, The Miami Herald reported Incognito was "done" with the Dolphins. That seems obvious now in hindsight but when it came out, several media outlets contested the report.

At any rate, the question today is not whether Incognito will return to Miami. It's not even whether he'll be able to return to the NFL. As The Herald also reported on Dec. 11, Incognito agreed to be suspended for the entire rest of 2013 (with pay) possibly in return for not losing 2014 playing time.

And this is where we begin to dig because, well, Incognito is a good player. He has a history in Miami that includes the golf course assault of a female greens volunteer. He obviously had previous issues he's addressed before arriving in Miami.

But did I mention he's a good player?

That's the thing. That's always the thing in the NFL. Players who can play can find jobs in the NFL. Barring prison stays, even guys who have off-field troubles but have on-field gifts get opportunities in the NFL. 

And that's Incognito. He's got demons he must address. But he's not in jail and he can play. Voila!

He'll be on a team in 2014.

So what can happen with him? Some team will undoubtedly sign him as a free agent. If I were a general manager and needed a relatively cheap ($3-$4 million) guard, Incognito would be on my list. But ...

I would only do it on a short-term basis. No way I give Incognito a four- or five-year contract.

One year for me. Two years max and even then I'm uncomfortable.


Because for whatever issues Incognito has beaten in the past and whatever failings he had with the Dolphins, he is usually a smart guy when he's on his meds. And he knows that he must be on his best behavior with his next team.

And he probably will be watching every p and q he texts teammates from now on -- at least for one year.

This isn't a new dynamic, by the way. Plenty of problem children have found a year or two of peace in new surroundings while they try to prove to the media, fans, coaches and mostly other GMs holding purse strings, that they can be trusted.

Folks like Randy Moss or Terrell Owens often had banner seasons the first or even second year with new teams. But give them a long-term deal and they get comfortable. Pay them and they start to feel entitled again. Commit to them and the old habits resurface. They blow up teams.

The way to manage players like that is keep them on a prove-it basis.

And it usually works for everyone. The team gets the player's best because he is motivated to get paid in his next one- or multi-year contract. The player obviously puts his best work on tape because, again, he wants to get paid next year.

Unless I miss my guess or there is a seriously trusting GM out there, that's the kind of deal Incognito will find waiting for him in free agency.

And then there's Jonathan Martin.

The common thinking here is the Dolphins will keep him on the roster until they can find a suitable trade partner that won't totally take them to the cleaners. I understand the logic. The team paid a second-round pick for him so it would be good to get something in return for him.

I have an alternate idea. No, not bringing him back to the team.

The Dolphins should simply waive Jonathan Martin. Good-bye. Godspeed. Lesson learned for everyone. Let's start a new day. Let's turn the final page on that chapter. Let's enjoy the game of inches and embrace all the cliched metaphors for fresh starts and simply cut Martin loose.

Why such a move, you ask?

Because unless new GM Dennis Hickey is a man gifted with the ability to perform the Jedi mind trick, no other team is going to really give him anything of significance for Martin because everyone knows the Dolphins want to get rid of him. It also didn't help owner Stephen Ross said as much in a press conference.

And even if some team is willing to give a seventh or perhaps even a sixth-round pick for Martin, the negotiation process is going to take a while.

And Martin will remain on the roster during that time.

I argue the value of cutting Martin swiftly and sending a message to the rest of the players in the Dolphins locker room -- who incidentally do not like Martin too much -- brings more value than peddling him like a medieval beggar trying to barter for food scraps.

Cut him. Give him what he most wants, which is his freedom. But gain, in the process, the franchise's freedom to move forward.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that would hurt the Dolphins cap. You don't know anything about handling a roster. Come to think of it, you don't know anything about football.)

Yes gallery, I am actually aware the NFL operates under a salary cap. Thanks for that. I am also aware the move I propose is almost cap neutral. Cutting Martin would cost the Dolphins approximately $957,734 in dead money if done immediately, less if designated for after June 1. But that total pinch would be mitigated by the fact the Dolphins would not pay Martin his $824,933 base salary for 2014. So the actual cap hit would be $132,801.

For that pittance, the Dolphins would break the chains of this story dragging on while they shop Martin. Hickey would be free of pundits saying his first significant move was getting taken in a trade. And did I mention it would give the team a reset?

Resets are good sometimes. While the conditions are different, the New England Patriots reset quickly when Aaron Hernandez went all Al Capone on society. They didn't keep him around to wait for the legal system to decide his fate. They cut his posterior immediately. They separated themselves from an ugly situation.

No, Martin does not represent an ugly criminal situation. There is a sizeable portion of the population that sees him as the one and only victim in this drama. I get that.

So fine, let's reward him for his anguish. Cut him. Allow him to be free.

And, more importantly, allow the Dolphins to move forward.


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still need
a qb

i wouldnt be surprised at all if they trade up for one of the top 3 QB's. Philbin realized last season that Tanny isnt a legitimate starter in this league.

I think we should sell Canada to pay off the national deficit.

Rdubs, no McCluster - look at Jacoby Ford instead - dude is world class fast and strong - kick returning would be fun again and he can play WR - not that we would need him to.

Then there's Ted Ginn again ...?

Just badly sucks it's been 6yrs and the oline is worse than when Parcells & CO took over. So sucks to be in situation of potentially passing over great skill position players because OL so prominently sucks.

If Hickey does nothing else right, I'll praise him if he quickly pieces this OL puzzle together. Obviously the "previous fo" had not a clue in 6 seasons. Leaving it "far worse" than when they 1st arrived.

Apparently the team did have terms worked out with Albert already last year. They know what it will cost and had no problems paying it...

You guys do know that Cincy have a load of cap room right? Yes they have the situation at De that needs attending to but if they deceide to keep everyone - they will - not like that team has a lot of holes...

Neither will ever play in the NFL again. Richie's an idiot and Martin's a tool. Pain and simple. One's good but old; the other is a liability.

Can't seel what's not yours. I suggest selling Buffalo for dumping garbage like Detroit did to Toronto years ago. Detroit is awesome at letting our baby poop diapers sit there slowly decomposing

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And Mark drops the mic...Boo--ya!



Martin may be long gone Wallyfin. He can play any position on the oline and play it well so I would bet he'll be gone. I say take Benjamin.

mu featr as well, trying to figure out who needs o0line ahead of us.

Get the needs taken care of in free agency!!

Draft the baddest man in the draft available. Whether it's a LB, WR, TE, FS, or OL, I don't care, I just want someone with the chance to be special.

Drafting someone just because they play a position we are deficient in talent at the moment is not really doing the team much good long term if he's not the best player.

Anyone else remember TRADING up to draft Vernon Carey because we needed a tackle - and forgoing Vince Wilfork in the meantime? Sure Carey was a good player but Vince is borderline HOF...

Arizona could be in the market for Albert as well.

It will be interesting to see how the offseason is handled with a new GM.

Last year most of us were hoping for O-Line and a big WR and we got a one trick pony and a crazy idea to upgrade the linebackers.

Last years draft was supposed to be the deepest at the top in years. I was hoping we would try to figure out a way to maybe trade down in the 1st and also trade our 2 4ths and maybe a 3rd to get extra picks in the bottom of the 1st or in the 2nd rd where all the talent was.

We all know what happened though. A 1st and a 2nd for Jordan.

Here's hoping Hickey doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. It's obvious where our problems are at. Just make some solid selections and don't get cute.

Please stop reporting on this crap of a story!!! No one cares, especially in Miami. Neither of these two players will ever play for the Dolphins again so it's a worthless conversation to have. Why don't don't you dig up if and when Tannehill and Wallace plan to work out together this offseason since their chemistry was more like salt and sugar during the season, rather than salt and vinegar. There's a story Dolphins fans want to read about!



Some teams that have more important needs but also have a need at Oline.


Exaclty Rick. Ireland was constantly trying to act like he knew something every other GM didn't in the draft. Go after high ceiling guys, even if they have a spotty track record off the field. Look at Mathieu on the Cardinals. Kid's a stud! Ireland would never take a guy like that.




NFL.com has Miami taking Alabama T Kouandjio at 19. I hope not, he got eaten alive during the BCS championship.

I doubt any NFL team wants Incognito any more. You'd have to be pretty desperate.

Pretty much every mock I've looked at has Mosley gone way before 19. If that is the case, and Alabama S Clinton-Dix is there, do you take him or Zach Martin?

I'm with the guys that want to bring Martin back. Let him attend preseason games, let him practice a bit, let him get water and then if you can't trade him and he doesn't quit, cut him. Drag it out as long as possible. Martin is a lazy jerk and will not be ready for any other team. That effort in the combine should have been a huge red flag.
As for Cogs, I would sign him as an extra and make him and Jmart sit together all the time.

The Ross ownership is just one debacle after another.

MassD, that wasn't even teh BCS Champsionship game, that was a second tier BCS bowl game.

If Clinton-Dix is a special safety then you take him. A special safety trumps a special guard every time. I doubt he is a special offensive tackle - might be a pretty good one - but still you take Clinton-Dix.

The caveat is that other than Julio Jones, these Alabama guys have been more hot air than anything else recently.

Armando....I think it's a very bad precedent to set if Martin is cut loose and allowed to choose his team and negotiate a new contract. The NFL office should set the precedent. Place Martin in the Nextel supplemental draft.... and give the Dolphins total cap amnesty for his release. ..and then either give them the first
special compensation pick in this draft....or the actual pick that his new team uses to claim him.

Texas i expect Gianst to go D-line, but may go O-line if they like Martin. the others will pick Mathews and Robinson, Lewan maybe...although i think Martin will be rated higher than Lewan. keeping fingers crossed he falls to us like Pouncy did.

MIT Martin could play all along the line which means RT if we sign a LT free agent. Or he could play LG.

Have to agree with Armando, just cut bait with Jmart. why have more drama and more blogs about him. good ridence. Give the new GM full focus on new players not old problems.

Fellow bloggers,

Martin and Incognito are never going to play another snap again for the Dolphins. That's the end of that story.

SAM and Texas_Dolphin- If the team stays at 19, draft BPA regardless of position. Im partial to the the S Clinton-Dix and the WR Kelvin Benjamin. I have a feeling that Zack Martin will be gone by then (but am completely fine if they draft Martin) as will OTs Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews. The best TE might be there at 19 - Ebron. I just want Hickey to draft BPA regardless of position but I do have my personal favorites. Im an unabashed Benjamin fan. I am assuming that OL will be addressedin FA with at least two new starters added.

Farmer is named new GM in Cleveland. First good thing that's happened for us this young offseason. At least, now we know and fully understand why "FARMER" withdrew from our GM SEARCH.

However, it will be very interesting to follow the success/failure rate of Farmer/Hickey in these seasons to come. Great opportunity for yearly side-by-side comparison.

Browns also named Kyle Shanahan new OC. Some here wanted Shanahan as OC.

So, a Lasor(OC)/Shanahan comparison will be interesting too.

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Is their a scenario where we could get a compensatory pick from losing these two guys?

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Jimmy, No team can received a "compensatory pick" for releasing a player.

However, in Cogs's case, he's a fa so we do not have to release him. Compensatory is based upon the quality of performance between the fa's a team let go vs the quality of fa's they signed.

Martin's not a fa. So we qualify for "zero compensatory" in losing him.

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Everyone needs an OL every year...We just happen to need four. Tackles need to be taken high because good ones are difficult to find. Guards however can be found in the later rounds. Best player available should be the plan. Try to upgrade the tackle position in Free Agency. Give Tannehill some stability to go along with Pouncey. They need a dominant Free Safety and a dominant inside LB. Besides OL those are the two biggest needs. It is a great year to draft a safety.

I am far more highly educated and cultured than you.

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Posted by: You Are Beneath Me | February 11, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Hmm... Sounds like the first thing the first "hairless" knuckle-dragging imbecile caveman said to his "hairy" knuckle-dragging imbecile counterpart.

But, who really cares, when they're both "cavemen"?

Shoes 72,

Who of these 6 players would draft at #19 if you were Dennis Hickey? (assuming they will be there): 1.Haha Clinton-Dix S 2. Zach MArtin OG/OT 3. Taylor Lewan OT 4.Kelvin Benjamin WR 5.Eric Ebron TE 6. CJ Moseley LB

Im on board as a Benjamin fan. I think guys like Morgan Moses and Dakota Dozier will be there in rounds 2-3 if the team needs OG. Im also assuming that two OT were brought in as FA...

Was that JMartin I just heard, mumbling through trembling lips "Cut me Mickey, CUT Me."

Mando is right here. PLEASE, get him out of here. Why give the press even more ammunition?
Richie will land on his feet, I'll wager. The Browns could use a bit of ferocity.
I wouldn't put it past the Bills to make an offer.

If a lion is brainwashed into believing he is an ant. How will he ever return to believing he's a lion again?

In here lies your answer ant. Think like lions and return to "king of beasts".

With Incognito gone why cant Martin return to his RT position? He was ok at RT and should thrive in a better environment.

Stever69 has a very good point, Mando.

Maybe before we dump him it might be an idea to actually hold him (it's a gamble, I know) and watch what Harbaugh and the Niners might cough up; Assuming there's another team out there with interest to create value.

go finssssssssss

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