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The video of Joe Philbin's presser

You've read my coverage. You've seen the transcript. Here is the video of Joe Philbin's presser today at the Indianapolis Combine.

Again, I give Philbin credit for addressing the media. If he had not -- as was originally the organization's plan -- he would have been the only AFC East coach not to speak to the media at the Combine. (Yeah, Bill Belichick had a change of heart today and also is having a press conference.)

I credit Philbin for stepping up so that GM Dennis Hickey would not have to bear the burden of answering Wells report questions as the first Dolphins official to speak to the media. I credit him also for taking some accountability.

His one issue during this presser?

Philbin talked a lot about accountability. He said he's accountable. But he took no accountability for letting Richie Incognito be voted team captain and team leader in 2013 after he knew Incognito had assualted a female golf course worker at a team sponsored event in 2012.

Philbin said it was the players who elected Incognito a leader. He said he allowed it to happen out of respect for the democratic process.

Doesn't fly, especially since this is what Philbin said about Incognito's leadership in August 2013:

"He’s been leading by example, again I think the best form of leadership for us in this program is example," Philbin said then. "Part of that is in the classroom, part of it’s in the weight room, part of it’s on the  practice field, and then transferring it to the game field.  He’s done a very good job."

Hmmm. Sorry, coach. Can't have it both ways.

Anyway, as I've mentioned, one of the great things today's Philbin presser did was open the horizon for Hickey to address things not Wells report. In other words, Hickey will get football questions in about an hour. Check back for that post!

The video