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The video of Joe Philbin's presser

You've read my coverage. You've seen the transcript. Here is the video of Joe Philbin's presser today at the Indianapolis Combine.

Again, I give Philbin credit for addressing the media. If he had not -- as was originally the organization's plan -- he would have been the only AFC East coach not to speak to the media at the Combine. (Yeah, Bill Belichick had a change of heart today and also is having a press conference.)

I credit Philbin for stepping up so that GM Dennis Hickey would not have to bear the burden of answering Wells report questions as the first Dolphins official to speak to the media. I credit him also for taking some accountability.

His one issue during this presser?

Philbin talked a lot about accountability. He said he's accountable. But he took no accountability for letting Richie Incognito be voted team captain and team leader in 2013 after he knew Incognito had assualted a female golf course worker at a team sponsored event in 2012.

Philbin said it was the players who elected Incognito a leader. He said he allowed it to happen out of respect for the democratic process.

Doesn't fly, especially since this is what Philbin said about Incognito's leadership in August 2013:

"He’s been leading by example, again I think the best form of leadership for us in this program is example," Philbin said then. "Part of that is in the classroom, part of it’s in the weight room, part of it’s on the  practice field, and then transferring it to the game field.  He’s done a very good job."

Hmmm. Sorry, coach. Can't have it both ways.

Anyway, as I've mentioned, one of the great things today's Philbin presser did was open the horizon for Hickey to address things not Wells report. In other words, Hickey will get football questions in about an hour. Check back for that post!

The video


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Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler 2m
OT Ja'Wuan James was knocked out of Senior Bowl with a knee sprain but he plans to do a full workout here

In case you want to see the weigh-ins and measurements here is a pretty good site.


They post the results pretty quickly.

Whne is mando going to post the time Philbin moved his bowels around the press conference?

He did move them without telling Mando so it is going to be news soon. Or maybe a letter.

Philbin should be released as well as Turner and Hooch. Claiming ignorance doesn't fly. Picking up a gum wrapper in the first Hard Knocks led me to believe he paid attention to detail. False. How can you, as a HC, NOT know what is going on in the locker room.How could you allow Incog to be a leader after the golf outing incident? Ireland may not have released Incog, but you didn't have to play him coach. Very sad state of affairs my team is in and it looks like our owner is perpetuating mediocrity. Fan since 68-embarrassed since the Shula firing.

you still are an eediot, Mando.

Dear FirePhilbins,

What part of: "It's now waaaaaaaay to late to fire Philbin.

The combine's now started. Just keeping it short and simple for you.

Wow, not Dolphins news but never thought the Bears would change their classic uniforms and logo. That neon orange is fugly...looks like that 'Coast Guard' orange they use on life vests.

The Chicago skyline wrapping around the helmet is kind of cool, though.


So whats preferable

Pooping at work and getting paid to poop, yet having to use uncomfortable single ply toilet paper


Pooping at home, you dont get paid and sometimes you feel like you are sitting on a door knob on the commute ,but you have double ply toilet paper, magazines,ipad, possibly wipes.

There will be plenty of enough time to launch FirePhilbin campaigns when going on 3-4-5 gms or more losing streaks during 2014.

Until then, fire your campaign managers, at this point they only have you "pissing in the wind". Be careful, pissing in the wind has tendacy to blow back into your faces. Confucius 101

I thought Philbin did a good job with his press conference. Most energy I have ever seen him talk with.


If your work place uses "single ply" toilet paper, you have only 2 options:

1. Bring your own from home

2. Find a new job

Dear Geniuses:

At 6:55 in that video, Philbin says the word "exorbitant" properly.

It was ARMANDO who typed the word "exurbanite" for some unknown reason...perhaps because he struggles with the English language.

Got it now, nitwits?

I checked out Omar Kelly's twitter today out of boredom. He says every O lineman that is over 330 needs to be crossed off draft list. Robinson from Auburn showed up at 332. He still says don't draft him. Guy makes Mando look like a genius.

Ha, my job has double ply, very clean facilities and responsible poopers. Always clean but as with any facility outside the house, it isn't your smell.

Woodshed, agreed. Not even much of a Philbin fan but the presser was good stuff and I thought he handled it well.

I know some folks here don't want to hear that, but too bad. It's being honest.

And agreed with the other guy about Armando being the one that came up with exurbanite. Philbin said exorbitant. I just heard it.

Hickey is at the podium in Indy in case anyone follows along on twitter.

Listened to the press conference and found out that 'Philbin was responsible', in his own words. I have also listened to Adam Schein on Mad Dog. He played the "I was responsible, etc." And when asked a question if he should be held responsible for the chaos in the locker room, he said "In the future we will have an environment that fosters players reaching their full potential, not only as football players but as men, etc."

Schein and two other media types (not to mention an army of callers) cannot for the life of them understand why Philbin is still employed by the Dolphins! After having fired 2 people this week and, most probably having suspensions handed down by the NFL to three players where's Philbin's punishment for allowing it to happen! Oh, and the way they fired O'Neil was calling him out of a meeting with the other 31 head trainers, in Indy, (who voted him Trainer of the Year and was to be awarded this honor later in the week). Turner on the other hand didn't make the trip, so why was O'Neil singled out for embarrassment? Just another screw up by these Miami Dolphins!

Everyone is crying for Philbin's firing. And I can't think of a reason for it not happening! If Ross wants to live in the shadows of this stink that's his business. But why must the dwindling number of fans suffer the same fate?

Hey, hey now!

Armando's perfect, you guys know that. Every word uttered from his lips are "EXURBANITE" gospel.

Get used to it!


ex·ur·ban·ite [ek-sur-buh-nahyt, eg-zur-]

a person who lives in an exurb, especially one who has moved there from a city.


1950–55; ex-1 + (sub)urbanite

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 19s
Hickey on whether zone blocking scheme will remain: We're going to do a lot of different things under Lazor. Still working through all that.

Interesting that a Cuban wants to remove the democratic process...

Armando used to live in the "suburbs". Now he's an "exurbanite".

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 4s
Hickey on possibility of bringing back both DTs: I can't talk specifics but I know it starts up front on both sides of ball.

rdubs, dumping at work, hands down.

Getting paid to dump is the best and now with the advent of games like candy crush on your phone? forget about it... just sit back, relax and let nature take it's course.

At home, I feel like I'm using up my precious spare time... and then there's taht look the wife gives me when i've spent more than five minutes in teh washrrom and the shower wasn't running...

Hickey seems like a bit of a weenie but we will see. I don't think TB was losing games due to a lack of talent. I think we are generally headed in the right direction and Philbin is out from under Ireland's dark cloud.

NeMo, Omar is an idiot. he makes up these arbitrary hard line rules and uses them as bible as if everyone everywhere goes by the same standards. he did the same thing with Tannehill's qb rating only to backtrack at year end.

Robinson even at his weight is the most athletic lineman in the draft.

Coconut head for real.

Mando--why do you feel the need to mock and jab at Philbin ("everything he shouted today"....."memorized" speech, etc)--yeah, obviously we know by now that he's not the greates orator.....not the smoothest or most comfortable guy in front of cameras--but there is no need to nick and undermine him with your jabs--not a good look....

yes, let's fire Philbin

even thought the Wells report exhonerated him of any blame.

heck let's make up our own conclusions from 2,000 miles aways and have them be bible...

OMG, we're not posting the fine intricacies of:

Work Place vs Home Doo-Dooism

Talking about "stinky" subjects. Please don't forget to flush and spray. P....yew!


On Friday when the Wells report was released, I happen to be home because the North Carolina blizzard LMAO and I took my Ipad into the bathroom and started reading. 25 minutes later my wife is knocking on the door asking if she needed to send out a rescue party. Why cant women let their man poop in peace

Everyone is crying for Philbin's firing.

Posted by: signal | February 20, 2014 at 02:15 PM


No, actually "everyone" is not.

In fact, plenty of us fully realize that doing that now would only make Ross and the franchise look even more dysfunctional and rudderless than they already have been.

Guys like you never seem to comprehend that the biggest factor for any worthwhile coaching candidate is STABILITY. Do you honestly think any viable candidate out there would be eager to come into a situation where Ross starts tossing coaches away after two years because some fans are howling for it? That is the POLAR OPPOSITE of what those guys are looking for. I have no idea how or why that factor escapes people like you aside from just being dense.

Not to mention, the window for firing and hiring is now gone. You would be left to pick from the scrap heap. You make a move like that right after the season ends, so that you give yourself the best opportunity to interview as many worthwhile candidates as possible. Again, this just seems lost on people like you.

Here's the bottom line: Joe Philbin is going to coach the team in 2014. If they succeed, he will continuepast that. If not, he will go. The writing is on the wall.

But he WILL be the coach this year. Period. You can pout and whine and stamp your feet about that but it will NOT change things.

If Philbin is 'out from under Ireland's dark cloud then why doesn't he want to answer any question? And no he didn't answer the important questions posed to him during the press conference. He talked around them. Typical b****it! Not owning up to a responsibility!

What happened to all those people who were jumping on Philbin for saying 'exurbanite' when it was SALGUERO who typed it??

Oh, that's right...oops.

The amount of sheer stupidity on this blog is genuinely amazing.

Mando....so Philbin "cant have it both ways"?--then why do you seem to want to have it both ways when you pull out some parts of the Wells report and praise them, treat them as accurate....and yet pull out other parts of the report and refute them, or criticize them, or doubt/question them?--how does that work?

rdubs, i bet this is how the ray rice gf ko happened...

women need to know when to give their man space... washroom time is sacred.

Hickey said they like our running backs. Huh? Oh-Oh.

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 53s
On whether it's tougher for Hickey to start his job in middle of this mess: "I really think this will make us stronger"

I agree with that statement.

another brtight question - wanting him to accept blame ... and expose yourself to a deca million dollar civil suit ... yeah... just to please some people in the media and some blog posters.

yeah, that would be smart.


It's called "tact". Answering the question is akin to "fail". Professionally, you only answer questions well enough to move onto the next question.

Professionally, this is akin to success. Professionally, this is called "properly handling" questions.

Hickey say's likes Ryan Tannehill. And He LOVES Tannehills wife.

Signal, and others.....seriously, how much do you really expect Philbin to say?--how forthright do you expect him to be?--and why should he?--coaches in all sports practice the art of double speak, saying something but revealing nothing, giving bland responses with no answers....to flat out ignoring the question--regardless of the situation (dude, this isnt the end of the world), how much is he supposed to say? Did you see Belichiks press conferences on the Hernandex issues?--said as little as possible, as little as he could get away with, as he always does

Professionally, one does not "answer questions", one "properly handles" them.

Mando....so Philbin "cant have it both ways"?--then why do you seem to want to have it both ways when you pull out some parts of the Wells report and praise them, treat them as accurate....and yet pull out other parts of the report and refute them, or criticize them, or doubt/question them?--how does that work?

Posted by: benz | February 20, 2014 at 02:32 PM


Oh, man--that is SO damn true.

Armando has become increasingly whiny the past couple of years because he doesn't get the kind of 'access' and 'openness' that he wants.

I understand it to some degree since it makes his job harder but NEWS FLASH: This is exactly how it is with most teams in the NFL these days. Secrecy and not revealing too much has become the norm around the league.

Bill Belichick wrote the BOOK on that kind of modus operandi and it's been copied everywhere. Watch Jim Harbaugh's pressers sometime. Armando think Philbin is tough to crack? Harbaugh practically SNEERS at reporters when he talks and acts as if any real information about the team is like giving away nuclear codes.

Salguero needs to grow a pair and stop whining so much.

I rarely pout or whine. Where's the accountability? Yes, your correct in that Philbin will be the coach this coming year but that, in and of itself, doesn't account for his inaction, unknowing and incompetence. He still, after a week, hasn't answered a question on the subject. He talks around it but no question has been answered as yet! Two people have been fired and three are pending suspensions, and he gets off scott free for being ignorant as to what's happening to HIS team. And "I'm accountable for this happening! OK, at what point and in what manner do you agree with Philbin? After all he said it himself that's "he's accountable!".

Whe4n your girlfriends/wife catches you cheating. You do not "answer her questions". You must "handle her questions".

Answering her questions get you in deep doo-doo without an even "single-ply" in which to wipe.

Hickey said he likes working with Philbin.( Probably because Hickey can do what ever he wants and Philbin will not notice.)


As of right now, you can refer to our hc as, "STILLBIN".

Somebody should of asked Philbin this question during his interview. "Coach why the long face"

Reality, great post @ 2:29.

I'm not even much of a Philbin fan but you are absolutely right about this. Canning him now would only make a bigger mess for the team and leave Ross with very few options from the scrap pile. As you said, Philbin will be the coach this season and then his fate will be decided. People arguing otherwise are just wasting their time.

Albert, FINALLY you said something funny!

The previous attempts...meh.

Sam....with all due respect, it appears that Ross and Aponte are holding other's feet to the fire but not the man, that even he says is responsible, goes along in a blissful state. I have no intention of waking him up for I might find that he has a personality that isn't much different then when he's asleep!

Yes, his total lack of emotion on the sideline means either he's a real deep thinker (OK, we know that's crap) or his style is more in tune to a follower then the leader!


If you're aware that Philbin WILL be the coach this season (as you apparently are) then what the hell is the point of you or anyone else wasting so much time calling for his firing?

Seriously, isn't that the very definition of "pointless?" It would be as if you were demanding that the sun rise in the West tomorrow or New Years Day be moved to August 19th.

It is NOT happening.

Not saying you don't have every right to be critical of the guy or even 'hate' him if football is that important to you, but the 'firing' stuff is just a colossal waste of time. Even you seem to know as much.

Jonny Football is being promoted. ESPN is now calling him:

Johnny "Pro Football". :)

USA TODAY NFL team ‏@usatoday_nfl 1m
Vikings will work out 8 or 9 QBs, would 'love' to trade back http://usat.ly/1cuNe3I

Vikings willing to trade. I might offer them the same for pick #8 if Robinson or Watkins were there. I am talking about what I suggested for a Cleveland trade. If we were to sign Mack.

Looked like the American women had that gold medal in the bag but like typical American spoiled brat athletes they blew it big time. Congratulations to Canada!!!

What the hell did the Bears do to their uniforms??? The Chicago skyline on the helmet instead of that classic logo???


To Reality...great post, just don't expect a lot from most of these guys who write stupid stuff, for them you can use my best statement for them " there is no cure for stupid " and the beat goes on. Bill

This guy is a coordinator.... Let's hire a coach for the Dolphins I'm sick of losing.

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