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Seahawks, Dolphins on similar paths until they weren't

Today's Miami Dolphins?

The Seattle Seahawks have been there, folks.

When Stephen Ross took over full control of the Dolphins in 2009, bringing one of the biggest wallets to the fraternity of NFL owners, it was only a coincidence that at league meetings the only other NFL owner with more billions to his name was Seattle owner Paul Allen.

Upon closer inspection that coincidence of resources would be only a foundation of similiarities we'd start to see between the Seahawks and the Dolphins. The very rich owner of the Seahawks, you see, faced similiar situations and initially took similar steps to what Ross has faced recently.

And while there were mistakes made, the Seahawks obviously corrected course.

Which begs the question ... Can the Dolphins correct course?

As recently as 2008, Allen had what he believed was a winning combination at the helm of his franchise. Well-regarded Mike Holmgren was his coach and unquestioned football authority. Holmgren had won a Super Bowl in Green Bay and wanted more power at his next stop. Allen, desperate to breathe life into his franchise, hired Holmgren and gave him all the power he wanted.

Holmgren was basically Seattle's football czar, as all the power on the football side of the organization belonged to him.

And it worked at first. Holmgren even took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl early in 2006. But soon things went south. After the 2008 season in which Seattle finished 4-12, Allen decided he needed to go in a different direction.

So Holmgren was gone. But general manager Tim Ruskell, who had become a favorite of the owner, remained. Fans wondered why Allen was so loyal to Ruskell after a 4-12 season, but the owner appreciated what Ruskell had done earlier in his stint under Holmgren. And, again, the owner liked Ruskell.

And this is the part where I remind you that in October of 2010, Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells left the franchice. He had some success in Miami. The Dolphins won the AFC East and went to the playoffs with an 11-5 record in 2008. You people would often write, "In Parcells we trust," in the comment section here.

But things took a step back in 2009 and 2010 was no better. And yet, after Parcells departed, Ross kept the GM and the coach the former football czar had hired.

Back to the Seahawks, Allen in 2009 went out to hire a head coach to team with his well-liked GM. And he handed the keys to the football team to Jim Mora who the owner believed was a rising talent in coaching circles. Mora was no fledgling coach. He'd been fired after a couple of seasons as the Falcons head coach. But he was young, and bright and well prepared.

So Mora, the new coach, and Ruskell, the previous GM, were teamed together.

The Seahawks made a big free agency splash (sound familiar?) with the signing of Edgerrin James and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The team picked a pass rusher with the fourth pick of the draft (coincidence again?).

The team was in the playoff hunt for much of the season, but collapsed at season's end -- with four consecutive losses in which the offense failed to perform up to expectations (crazy, right?). Mora claimed progress had been made as the 5-11 record was slightly better than the 4-12 the year before. At one point before the season-finale he actually said, "... We're not that far away."

And that's where owner Paul Allen found himself in pretty much the same position Stephen Ross found himself in after 2012.

With a big-time football czar in his rear-view mirror (Holmgren rather Bill Parcells), with a general manager he admired and kept on from that czar still on staff (Ruskell rather than Jeff Ireland) and with a young, unproven but still promising and respected coach under contract (Mora rather Joe Philbin), Allen had a choice. He could clean house or keep everyone or fire the GM and keep his new coach that had shown he couldn't milk wins out of his team late in the year to make the playoffs. Allen in January 2010 found himself n the same situation Ross would be in January 2013.

(Let me rephrase: Allen got himself into a similar situation as Ross did. These guys made decisions that put them on the road they were on. These billionaires made choices that put themselves in their spots.).

It gets weirder. Allen liked Ruskell but didn't want to give Ruskell a contract extension. So the GM saw that as a show of no confidence on the owner's part. So he resigned.

Well, as you know, Ross liked Ireland but actually wanted to trim back his power for 2014. The GM saw he had lost the owner's confidence and the two mutually agreed to part ways.

So now Allen had no GM but a coach he thought had promise although the record didn't bear that out. Just as Ross had no GM but a coach he thinks has promise, although the record so far does not bear that out.

What happened next?

Allen fired the coach.

After one year.

He went with the option to clean house.

And he went out and hired the hottest coaching prospect he could find in Pete Carroll. And a couple of weeks later general manager John Schneider was hired.

And while it wasn't until this year that Seattle's success reached championship levels, the seeds for that title were sown immidiately. The new management drafted Russell Okung and Earl Thomas and Golden Tate that first year. They traded for Marshawn Lynch. And although they only managed a 7-9 record they also went to the playoffs and won a wild card game.

After a subpar 2011, the Seahawks changed their uniforms and logo in 2012. They drafted their quarterback of the future in 2012.

And there are other coincidences.

But it's impossible to get over the fact that while Allen and Ross's first instincts were similar -- have a big-name guy atop the organization, keep his GM when that big name was gone, hire a young, promising coach to pair with that GM the owner really liked  -- the Seahawks didn't really take off until Allen hit the brakes, turned the steering wheel and pointed the franchise in a totally different direction.

Now look at the Seahawks.

They're where the Dolphins long to be.

The Dolphins, as you know, veered from the Seahawks course this offseason. While Allen made the mistake of not cleaning house the first time a group failed him, he did so the second time. Ross declined to clean house after Parcells left and again in 2011 after he fired Tony Sparano. He kept the same GM both times. And now, he's fired that GM, but kept his coach thus declining to clean house for a third time.

That's where the paths have separated.

We know Seattle followed its course to the Super Bowl. The Dolphins? We'll see.


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FLPD--before you get too defensive here let me repeat: I do NOT have a problem with your decision to go/not go to games.

But if you are making that decision based on the whether the team is winning or not then, yes, you ARE a fair weather fan. So is anyone else doing that.

Why is this so hard for people to admit??

...Dashi..Right on..It's a bet.


You know Dashi doesn't care for soccer. But I agree with you on that point. Soccer teams are like gangs. You live and die for your colors. I don't see Sfla having that type of rapid fan base.


Yeah, they want a small stadium for soccer. But they are going to try using Sun life for a short while.

rdubs, maybe he would be a better wide receiver?

Actually, I have been to Seattle. Three times. I think it's a great city an studies have shown it to also have one of the most active outdoor lifestyles in the country. The nearby Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, and the vast amount of natural attractions make it a center for hiking, boating, skiing, fishing, etc.

The city itself has one of the best dining and nightlife scenes in the country. The arts are also far better supported there than in South Florida.

Sorry, not buying the 'more to do' thing with Miami. I've lived in seven different American cities and have learned first-hand that there really ISN'T more to do down there. It's only different things to do.

Lemme ask everyone, would you rather be tackled by Sam (a gay player), straight up (form tackle) or would you rather be tackled like Randy Starks did this year going for a fumble where the OL grabbed his nuggets? We're all laughing and joking and that's fine, but really, if this guy plays football the way it should be played (and I suspect he will given all the speculation that will swirl around him) then he will be the LEAST of the NFL's problems on the field or in the locker room.

Take a poll now, who would you rather have as a teammate: Sam or Jonathan Martin? I bet 99% of the league says Sam (he's not going to leave his team hanging mid-season).

Philbin has one more year to show he is the real deal as a leader of men and winning coach.

So far I see nothing to suggest that we will be in the playoffs next year. The Jets and Bills own us on the most recent showing. The O has to learn a new system, with our QB having to start again after being in the same WCO for 6 years.

We will have maybe 3 new starters on the line and look how long Turner took to get any kind of production from them.

On D it will be more of the same from Coyle. Most of the rookies have little experience, so its like their rookie year this year. We are going to lose of of the D linemen Starks and Soliai, so Odrick has to step up. Wake is still good but not the star he once was. Vernon fell away in the last 4 weeks of the year and his run D is suspect.

Special teams was awful, except having the best punter in the NFL. Philbin now has to try to lead the team without his pitbull Sherman. The pressure is on him bigtime to produce against opposition that outcoaches him on most recent showings.

Maybe we get 7-9 to 8-8, as a hot and cold team would give you. With a better leader we could get to the playoffs, but Philbin offers nothing to better this team. One could argue with a proven vet leader at QB or a young gun with the talent of Russell Wilson or Foles, could take us to the next level, but we are no where near that.

Thills most ardent fans only want and expect him to be in the top 16. Thats not good enough. Its only works if you have a dominate D, power running game and solid special teams play-makers.


Does he know how to defend the spread formation or would he even want to?

Odell Green-Beckham is the player I love from Mizzou - too bad he isn't coming out, uhm, I mean eligible for the draft.

Again, these Miami Politicians should all be executed!!

They are willing to build a soccer stadium next to the AAA, Yet they wouldn't build the Baseball Stadium there. You know Baseball stadium by the bay just made to much sense.

And then instead of renovating Sun Life, which can host Superbowls and Soccer games. They want to build a soccer stadium that will cost 3 times what the renovations cost.

Miami has the worst politicians in the world.

DC, I don't think Starks got his nuts jingled (like I had happened to me on the subway the other day - fruggin degenerates) he got fisted! That's way worse..

Jon, do you actually know how Paul Allen made his money, and how many failed ventures he's had since then. Yeah didn't think you knew.

Why are so many people transfixed with the gay player ? Its an excuse for some gay jokes and double meanings, puns etc. We have got bigger problems on this team than worrying about gay love. It is showing the right wing of this blog though. Im sure Bill A is against this guy coming to the Dolphins.

Once again, I will ask this:

Has anyone EVER met someone who was literally going to buy tickets to a Dolphins game but then decided to "go clubbing" or "go to the beach" instead?

I mean, honestly. You hear these things mentioned ad nauseum as part of the "things to do" equation that supposedly hurts attendance but I have spent most of my life in Miami and South Florida and have never met ANYBODY who actually did those things INSTEAD of attending a football game.

I honestly think this is just some kind of weird urban legend that we repeat to ourselves until we think it's true...even though it clearly isn't.

Folks, the people going clubbing in South Beach or tanning themselves by the ocean really AREN'T very likely to be buying Dolphins tickets whether the team was 2-14 or winning the Super Bowl. I'd bet only a miniscule number of those people could even name a single player in the team---let alone care one bit.

I think deep down you know that.

Miami is a crap sports market not because people are doing "other things." It's a crap sports market because the demographics and lack of civic unity make it a place where far less people care about "their" team than most (if not all) other NFL cities.

Dashi, I can send you Rob Ford anytime you want....

..La Verdad. I agree Seattle is a great city. I am not disputing that. I am debating the thought that there is a reason that warm weather coastal cities struggle to draw over towns that are colder. Think about LA. Los Angeles doesn't even have a team. There are how many million people that live in LA, and they could care less that there is not a team..Better things to do.

San Diego...Have you ever been there? Probably the best weather in the country. Hmn...Go to the beach, or pack in Qualcomn to see the Chargers? The same goes for the Phins.

The local fanbase has changed. The demographic is different(I think we can agree on this) The income for many in this demographic is does not allow for much disposable income or the luxury to take your family to a Dolphin game? Unless the team is outstanding. People are gong to spend their money elsewhere. In cities like Seattle. They draw from such a wider base of people that are in the local area(I'll say 6 hours).

The Phins are no longer the only game in Florida. This has obviously had an effect. Why drive from Tampa to Miami to watch the Phins when you can watch them at home? A much better gameday experience then going to the stadium in Miami.

Back to the weather. It matters. Seattle may be an "outdoors" town. People there love their nature. But they love their football just as much.

MIT why are you so amazed by the gay story ? Let it go mate and go back to defending Thill. I worry that you are far to into the gay stuff. Whats the deal with your obsession with homosexual life ?

Posted by: Marco | February 10, 2014 at 12:04 PM

Put Tannehill on the Seahawks and watch him win.

Put Wilson on the Dolphins and watch him lose.

The Northwest of the United States produces the most serial killers in the country.

Here read up


DC, yeah the Raiders may take Philbin. Maybe college teams would want him as the Dawn Aponte type for their young players. Dawn would give Joe a great referal.

"If you build it,they will come" For many years I was at every game at the ol Orange Bowl,and there was not an empty seat in the stadium. The facility was old, antiquated, sorry, especially by todays standards,but the big difference was a team that won game after game! South Florida will show up for a winner,and nothing less. Look at the Heat,Marlins,and Panthers. When they win the fans show up.but they will not support a losing team. Fans did not support any of these franchises until they had winning seasons,and when they became losers again,the fans support went away.

You're not a fair weather fan, you're just one who will not return until the team is winning again.

Like I said, that's fine. It's also the very DEFINITION of a fair weather fan regardless of whether you accept it or not.

Posted by: La Vedad | February 10, 2014 at 11:52 AM


I guess you missed the part about the 1-15 season. I guess you missed the part about the year before that. I guess you missed the part about the 4-12 season. I guess you missed the part where I watch all the games on TV.

If you measure fans only by how many games one attends, I would say 90 percent of the people here, including you, are not fans AT ALL because you don't go to every game and spend money.

Posted by: MarcoDeville | February 10, 2014 at 12:13 PM

Of course. Im sure the majority of players in the NFL and GM's would agree with you.

...La Verdad..One last point. For me. I include the Keys in my point about things to do when you are in Miami. You included Olympia, Mt Rainier.ETC. When I say I am going to Miami I usually only stay for a day or 2, then it is down to Marathon for fishing.

That is the draw for me. I would much rather be out on the water fishing for Tarpon, or stalking the flats for bonefish then going to a game. I can fish for Salmon, or even Steelhead in the Seattle area but is nothing like the destination the Keys are for sportfishing. The Keys are like Montana as far as destinations for avid fishermen. Seattle..Unless you are commercial, or a local. You probably aren't booking your vacation around that activity.


I would take R.Ford over these clowns.

I don't care what a politicians does on his free time. R.Ford just let's people know.

I care about how they govern. These clowns don't care about the county. They care about their pockets and their friends pockets.

I actually wished the FBI got more involved. Just last year they found 3 corrupt mayors in Miami.

DawnJoe has filleted this team of leadership. Ross has let all of this happen and should have just stuck to s.crewin.g the public for real estate.

However, we'd point out that Wheeler's base contract is guaranteed for 2014 and would count more than $10 million in dead money. Those numbers nearly guarantee Wheeler will be on the roster in 2014.

After 2014 Wheeler is gone. Jenkins already looks a better player. Why the hell is Jordan not playing OLB on the other side ?

FLPD, you seem to want to pick a fight where none exists.

I did not miss ANY of those points. If you went to all the games when the team was going 1-15, then of course you were NOT a fair weather fan.

If you now choose not to attend because the team is struggling then, yes, you ARE now a fair weather fan.

That is precisely the definition of one.

You seem to miss where I am NOT judging you on this. I am simply calling it what it is.

As for me, I now live nearly 1400 miles away and can only make it to a couple of games a year. But, yes, if I still lived there I would absolutely still have season tickets and be at every game.

Not saying that in any way to say I'm a "better" fan...just as a statement of fact.

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said he does believe Sam will excel in the right locker room. But after the fallout from the Incongito/Martin scandal, Pinkel singled out Miami’s locker room as a place that Sam could struggle.

“I think the incident that happened down in Miami with the Dolphins — I don’t know the people involved there, and I’m not really judging them, but when you have a locker room atmosphere like that, when people are verbally being destructive to each other and you call it fun, I think there’s a fine line there,” Pinkel said on Mike & Mike this morning.

You said you arent judging, that is exactly what you are doing. Ya dumb buttlicker

Marco, I'm amazed by the story because I wonder what would happen if you opted in to the draft as a ball holder... I'd say 7th rd/FA

What did Pinkel say that isn't true? Hey, some locker rooms are more mature than others. Hopefully Miami will now be one of them.

I though his comments were perfectly reasonable.

Every single person here has cheered for gay athletes on the Dolphins and any other team that have been a fan of.

Just because in years past players were afraid to come out doesn't mean they weren't there.

Hell, some guys never even really tried to hide it. Any of you old-timers remember Marv Fleming, who won four Super Bowl rings with both the Dolphins and Green Bay?

It wasn't exactly a secret. He would take his boyfriend to all the team events and nobody gave a crap about it. And this was 40-45 years ago.

This will not be a big deal aside from a few idiot players and fans living deep in the past.

Here's another one who I won't name because I don't know if he's closeted or not but some of you smarter fans can figure out:

Offensive lineman (and a good one) in the 80's and 90's who now is heard on the radio a lot. Again, not exactly a secret to a lot of people...and for sure not among his teammates...but I feel no need to actually name him.


The fact that he said he wasnt judging,yet he was judging big time, especially considering JMart is just a backstabber and tried to take a whole team down with him because he sucked. No one else on Dolphins has had a problem in the locker room, Yet this coach up in Missouri wants to say his little "gay" player wouldnt do well in Miami. Why, because of the Jonathan Martin situation?

CT, we could have 53 gay players and if they won a SB I'd be wearing my rainbow Dolphins jersey with PRIDE!

No matter of wat Im true dolphin fan when this team start to win all the negative fans will come back


Hey, I will NOT defend Martin a bit. I think he is as much or more to blame for that entire circus as anyone and I have zero respect for him.

I just took what Pinkel said more as general commentary about some locker rooms being more mature than others---which is no doubt true---and unfortunately Miami is kind of the poster child right now for the flip side of that, fairly or not.

I have no doubt the team has addressed this and that Sam would not have any more problem with the Dolphins than anywhere else.

And if he did have more problems in "our" locker room then the players causing it would be selfish losers who have no idea what the term "team" really means.

Rdubs, Hyde at the SS brought up a good point, he said if Miami wanted to redeem their reputation about their locker room, Sam would go a long way to proving the problem was really JMart all along (if he was drafted and didn't have any problems, team accepted him, etc.). I agree. I just don't think he's in a position of need so very unlikely we take him.

As usual, Salguero has delivered a superboring story of "coincidences" betwenn both teams.
Salguero, you forgot to tell that both cities are on the coast and that their logos and names are sea-related animals. Well, I suppose that the next SB is ours then. The only detail is that we don't have the payers, coach and staff they have. What a pitty.

ct, that's Keith Sims, most people know.

I predict Sam will be drafted right where he was already projected and this will NOT be the big deal it's being made to be right now.

I think we forget that these players are all young guys who by and large have grown up in an era where someone's sexual orientation is simply not a big deal to them. They are NOT older guys like us who grew up in a society that judged such things more harshly.

Players and fans who make a huge deal about this are the ones who will look very foolish---and outdated. And I think very few will once the initial buzz over all of it wears off.

Hey, if this kid comes to the Dolphins I'll root like hell for him. If he goes to the Jets he'll be a puke green enemy.

Who he sleeps with is of absolutely zero interest to me. Why is it to ANYONE??

Screw Hyde and or the SS. Brings players in because they can play regarless of their sexual orientation.

Winning will make it all go away.

Of couse you have to coach them, have a good system, create an atmosphere where they want to be, and negociate with them fairly.

The military has countless gay and lesbian members. Do some of you have a problem supporting them?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 10, 2014 at 12:57 PM

hell no......

Not why we draft people.

Seattle has drafted better than miami over the last few seasons, plain and simple. Thats how they became the world champions they are today. One other thing that needs to be pointed out- Dan Quinn (and gus bradley before him) and Darrell Bevell coach and coordinate to the strengths of their D and O respectively.

Say what you will about Joe PHilbin, but our O and D coordinators were horrid last year as were our OL coach and LB coach (thank goodness hes gone). The D is better suited to a 3-4 not a 4-3 and yet Coyle managed to take his " D philosophy" and turn what should be a top 10 D into an average D. He did not coach and call plays that emphasized the strengths of the D. Sherman- pathetic. As pathetic as Dan Henning in my opinion as far as play calling and scheming. Minimal rollouts. NO motion by the WR or TE pre snap. Pathetic.

I wish Kevin Coyle was fired as well as Sherman. As it stands, he better coordinate one hell of alot better this year. I have a good feeling about Bill Lazor. I think he is a excellent hire based on potential. Im on board with Tannehlll as the teams franchise QB. I have no problem with this. He has the tools and needs to be coached up the right way. Im hoping Lazor coordinates to Tannehills strengths.

Hey, you think teams haven't drafted guys they knew were gay in the past? C'mon. It's ludicrous to believe that.

Just because some guys opted to remain publically closeted doesn't mean they weren't around or that plenty of others--including the team drafting them--didn't know.

Nobody is going to draft or NOT draft this kid based on his sexual orientation. If they DO then they shouldn't have a job in player personnel He'll get drafted like any other player based on his skills and what team has the need at that point in the draft.

2014, you forgot about gay cops. LOTS of those!!

Posted by: Frank from PA | February 10, 2014 at 01:12 PM

finally some football talk....

I to look forward to see if Lazor can develope TH.

I think Sherman was not a flexible or tolorent guy.

Yeah, I mean, we get a pretty important event happening yesterday in the NFL and we get this....

I think that's dropping the ball (no pun intended)


Nice try, but even in their similarities, it's not like these 2 franchises were conjoined twins separated at birth in these coincidences.

Paul Allen did not have a bungled no firing, not hiring a hc PR nightmare. Seattle's gm did not ask any "potential" draftees" if their more was a prost".

Nor did they have anything similar to a "Tebow Day".

Like I said, nice try. Seattle experienced not even close to the dysfunctionalism under Paul Allen, as we've experienced under Stephen Ross. Clear water looks like white liquor, but, it sure won't get you drunk.

I have no problem with gay players and professional sports. It's an "employment opportunity" not a "birth right". No one should be denied "employment opportunity based on sexual orientation.

What I do have a problem with, and am very suspicious of motive is, feeling you have to announce your gayness to the world. You're still a freaking human being, not praline peacock.

Should now as members of STRAIGHT, she we now announce our STRAIGHTNESS to the world?

Actually, there really was a pro football team named 'Miami Seahawks' once upon a time.

Part of the old AAFC back in the 1940's. Same league the 49ers and Browns started in.

In fact, the Cleveland Browns first game ever was against the Miami Seahawks.




Yesterday's Michael Sams coming out party was only important to the media. The NFL does not discriminate based on "sexual orientation".

Only the media seeks to make a big spill out of this. Popular public perception of this is that most of us really don't give a flying f...

People have been announcing "they are gay" for the past 30yrs now. So why should this be any different?

Sam, when a straight couple hold hands or kisses in public does anyone bat an eye or think it's a big deal?

But if a same sex couple does the same thing, then invariably with some folks it's cause for alarm and all about the gays "shoving their lifestyle in our faces."

As a society, we are moving past all that but until it is gone I don't see why gay folks shouldn't be proactive about taking their equal place at the table---including players announcing it as Sam has to tear down yet another wall.

I say good for him.

LV ...

You're wrong. A fair weather fan abandons his or her team when they aren't winning. That much is true. But refusing to spend money attending games when the team is continuously mediocre, or worse, does not necessarily equate to "abandoning" the team nor being a "fair weather" fan. Spending hard earned money to be disappointed is stupid unless you have plenty of money to spend. In that case, it's masochistic.
The less entertainment money that one has to spend the more stupid it is.

If one has limited entertainment monies then one would most logically spend those monies on being entertained, not constantly frustrated and disappointed. This isn't the "old days" when gasoline was $1.10 a gallon and you could get decent seats for $20 and a hotdog and a couple of beers for under $10.

By your logic, those folks who can only ever afford to watch on TV aren't fans at all ...

Allegedly someone on the 49ers is going to come out also.

And they are supposedly a good player.

Sam won't fit in Miami because of the Locker room. He won't fit because he will be a practice squad player in Miami. He would have to beat out Wake, Vernon, Jordan, Shelby, and Midi for playing time. Not happening!!

Another reason Sam won't fit in Miami is because of South Beach. It isn't just a place for straight players to go astray.

Jim, I have to admit I never really looked at it that way but it's a damn good point. I didn't see why this kid making an announcement was necessary but you put it in better perspective for me.

Seems all NFL Net. & ESPN want to do today is cover this Mike Sam situation. I'll tell you all as someone whose been in Locker Room's and showered in front of others that this will prove a bit difficult for some of his future teammates. I have no problem with him or his sexual orientation and I suspect at first most won't either with everyone looking to say the right things but the minute someone feels he maybe looked at them bathing in an inappropriate manner there will be an issue!

It's impossible to maintain eye contact 100% of the time and someone at some point will take issue with him here. I think he's got alot of heart to come out with something so personal in such public fashion in a very macho industry but feel he'll end up targeted by some of his teammates who while saying the right thing won't feel so supportive behind Locker Room doors. We'll see 1st of all wh has the moxy to pull the trigger on drafting this kid. He's a pure rusher with little to no pass coverage ability, so no 3/4 OLB here but undersized (Dummerville style) 6'1"/260 Pd DE. In other words a 4/3 rush end who I believe will need to put up ELITE #'s for those to look past this.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 10, 2014 at 01:37 PM

Sam, this is other Sam went public because someone had threatened to go to the press with the story. This guy has had to come out to take control over the situation. All the public support is BS, its a PR exercise. Any devote Christian is not going to condone this guy being gay and wwant him on their team, its against their religon. I can predict one thing, we won't be going to the Dallas Cowboys, they would rather have Hernandez or Vick.

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