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Too much? Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions?

When the Dolphins held their press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager, everyone in the organization who is anyone attended. And that means coach Joe Philbin, who was part of the interview process for GM, was there.

But as soon as the floor was opened for questions, Philbin left.

He obviously didn't want to answer questions about the interview process for a new GM. He didn't want to talk about Hickey. He didn't want to answer this question: "What responsibility do you believe you have for your relationship with former general manager Jeff Ireland deteriorating into dysfunction?"

I relate Philbin making himself scarce for the last of the Dolphins opportunities to speak with the press, and by extension you the fans, to get to this:

Philbin is good at not explaining what it is that troubles the Dolphins. He declined to take questions at the presser by simply fleeing. He often declined to explain what was wrong with his team in 2013, instead contending the club was "close." He declined to discuss the NFL scandal as it was happening by saying he could not talk about it because there was an ongoing report underway.

When Ted Wells asked Philbin questions, the coach made it quite clear he knew nothing that was going on. That was plausible to Wells.

That is unacceptable to me.

I don't expect Philbin to know every detail about every player on his roster. I don't expect Philbin to be aware of the interpersonal relationship between players away from the Dolphins facility. But a coach is paid to have the pulse of his locker room. Philbin particularly made a point of often telling us how wonderful the locker room culture in Miami was.

And yet, as Richie Incognito and his group harassed Jonathan Martin, often within that very locker room Philbin often vouched for, the leader of the football side of the Dolphins organization was completely ignorant to what was happening.

Stuff was happening at practice and Philbin didn't see it.

Assistant coaches were hearing and seeing and doing things and Philbin didn't know. And when he asked, they apparently lied to him.

Philbin asked players to "respect each other," according to the Wells report. And those players Philbin is paid to lead ignored the coach's wishes.

I don't know what's worse, the ignorance of the problem or being ignored by the players Philbin asked treat each other with respect before things get out of hand.

Either way, Philbin shows an obvious lack of leadership.

Will that get the coach in trouble? I doubt it. Owner Stephen Ross apparently doesn't see any problem in Philbin's lack of leadership.

I do. And I predict we haven't seen the last of it.

The Dolphins -- no, Philbin -- should have fired offensive line coach Jim Turner on Friday in the wake of that report. Didn't happen. The NFL might snatch the control from Philbin's soft grip and suspend Turner instead.

And when all this is over, will Philbin answer for any of this, the most embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history? I predict he will not. He declined to take questions about the NFL scandal when it was ongoing.

I doubt he ever calls a press conference and answers questions about the issue following the NFL's resolution of the matter. I doubt he answers why he didn't ask Martin why he walked away from the team? Why he never had an in-depth discussion with Martin about his May 2013 contemplation of suicide anytime after May 2013? Why he allowed Incognito to be a team leader when so many within the organization saw the guard is a divisive guy?

And if he doesn't give us some answers it'll be further proof -- up there with the losing record and two-game collapse at the end of 2013 and the dysfunction with Ireland -- that the Dolphins job may be too big for Joe Philbin.


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Mando you forgot to mention that we also got shut out in the last game of the 2012 season.



Ross is a Schmuck!!!! Fire Philbin and the entire staff. Cut Jerry and pouncey

Can someone else get a word in please?

Mando stole my idea for this blog! Check out my comments @128pm of the "the Ted wells report is here" blog from yesterday! He didn't pull a Shia labouf and outright plagiarize, but that whole post of mine offered the idea for firing philbin for not knowing what was going on with his team and bc the players and his assistant coaches disrespecting him by lying this face when he did ask about any problems going on.

Also borrowed from other posts of mine on the "the Ted report is here" blog @822 and 826pm was the comment by me- why hasn't Jim turner been fired yet! He knew about harassment of an assistant trainer. COMPLETELY unacceptable and grounds for immediate firing. He personally knew of harassment of a practice squad player and actively participated in it! FIRE TURNER NOW!

What handle were you posting under when you offered these opinions?

How can 99% of you sit here day after day and express disappointment with the team while your own postings are nothing but sewage, pathetic garbage, silliness, spitting and swallowing and your mother this and sister that?

The entire organization is better at what they do than 99% of you are at doing what you do here.

Me? I'm in the 1% :)

The entire organization is better at what they do than what 99% of you do here, which is the sum of a bunch of bowel movements.

Exposing the fraud,

For some reason, my manifesto of a blog entry was not entered onto the blog despite saying it was. Has t he ever happened to you? So I toyed a correction to a typo I made in the entry, which did register on this blog, but the original entry that it corrected did not. So @926 on page

Good!! We still have some moron blaming the people who spend money to go and watch a shipwreck for the shipwreck. Yep!!!! It's on the fans. We need to draft better fans and also in free agency. That will do it. Make them yell louder as well. Even though they have been foolishly screaming "Defense" on 3rd downs for over a decade, it is still their fault. Also need to blame the smart people who have seen enough and don't want to leave Palm Beach County at 10:30 for a 1;00 game and then get home about 7:00 and all they got to see was the ball ACTUALLY being in play for 9'30" seconds in a 60 minute(LOL) game----figures available in Wall St. Journal and other sources.

Exposing the fraud,
@926 on page 2 of this blog, I typed an abridged version of the entry that didn't post for some reason. Please read that. Thanks

More to prove the strong ruling the weak ....... Ross loves it this way. That way he can control his subordinates the way he wants to, rather than having strong minded football people trying to tell him what to do. Yes he owns the team but It all starts at the top and Ross and the culture within the dolphins org lacks one thing ......... Winners. Just yes men eh emm yes people I mean.

one the best postings I've read on here in awhile

clean the f'ing house out

Maybe Philbin trusted his coaches too much so assumed it was ok that is apossibility

Frank, why are you defending yourself to one of the biggest blog turd nuisances ETF FIRE ROSS LOAD SWALLOWER and 8 other names?

He is here only to provoke others in order to take his mind off his own depressing existence.

Why nurture such fools with any kind of acknowledgment? Why the few sensible posters repeatedly engage these immature blog spoilers is beyond me,

If Armando says HC is to big of a job for Philbin, maybe he should ask himself if running a blog is too big for himself.

How can he be proud of such a blog of filth and nonsense? After how many years now he still only has about 20 regular posters, and most of them pathetic examples of what the average American has become.

Deity at 9:01

Intelligent post, thanks!! Mando doing his thing by stirring the pot.

Armandos logic - If your kids are in their room behind closed door picking the wings off flies, you are not capable of being a parent. Armando is a flip flopping turd. He is mad because he came out in defense of Incognito and opposed to Martin. Grow a pair Armando

Mirror mirror at 10:06

Great point, Mando will be sure to blow his own horn about the record number of views and posts his blogs attain, unfortunately he never mentions that 85% of the posts are not even related to his article.... including this one!! Other than to say that Mando takes every opportunity to take a shot at Philbin.

Armando is back to slinging crap

wallyfin= the phinstigator = deity = Mirror Mirror=


Mirror mirror,

Etf was asking about a response I made to a post that didnt post for some reason. He and I didn't speak anything philosophical. But thanks for the heads up.

Btw, mando borrowed my idea for this blog. I wrote basically the same thing a mando speaks of in a blog yesterday long before mando typed this one up.

I'm now officially worried about philbin as a leader and therefore being a good coach. He didnt know what was going on and to me that's a big problem.

Mando is in it for the views/hits/posts, etc. But he didn't make up this nonsense. The Dolphins have provided him with an endless treasure chest of disgrace and ineptness that has never been seen. I would send a message to the entire Sports World and fire everyone mentioned in the report. Philbin, Turner, Pouncey, Martin, Jerry, O'Neil. Dump it all down the toilet and start anew.


We never resolved this.



Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 15, 2014 at 10:32 AM

dumb ass


I agree that Mando is taking some shots at Philbin, but i do think the verbal jabs are warrented in this case.

If Philbin was truely unaware any of this was going on in his locker room then he failed in his role as head coach. the locker room culture is his responsibility and hes shown that even that task is to daunting for him to untake.

If we cant even expect him to control the locker room, then how can he lead these same men on the field and compete and win on sundays?.

Now Philbin is running and hiding from all the pressure this situation has brought about. He condones the actions of his Oline coach by not immediately firing Turner in light of what this investigation has found.

Mando is only stating that Philbin doesnt have what it takes to control and lead as a head coach. Thats not a knock on Philbin as a person. It just shows he doesnt have the necessary tools to get the job done

Frank @ 10:35

Are you saying that prior to this article you were 'unofficially' worried about Philbum but now you are 'officially' worried?

Personally I became 'officially' worried when the Wells Report named Pouncey/Incogs/Jerry as the most responsible parties. The team has to treat all 3 the same which means Pouncey and Jerry have to be released.

The head coach cannot micro manage everybody. If players and coaches do no inform him or hide problems then what should he do?


Let's blame it on him

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 15, 2014 at 10:32 AM

Wrong again ETF. Who is exposing whom around here?


This goes beyond one player and another engaged in verbal taunts back and forth between themselves. This involved 3 players harassing not only Martin but another player and assistant coach.

Yes i agree Martin should have brought forth his concerns and issues. Im not saying hes innocent in this matter either.

For Philbin to have no idea the whole mess wasnt going on, and by whole mess i mean all players involved then he must never enter into the locker room but on sundays.

In any case he failed at his responsibilty, which i might add he said was his responsibility back when all this first came to light

Player B = Jake Long. Did you people even actually read the report before spewing your non-sense?

philbin can't coach---they should clean house and get real coaches and a bunch of good players. miami will be lucky to win 7 games in 2014--book it!

The Wells 'report' was indeed slanted. But the leading cast members in this side show are gone or on the way out.
What we're left with is piss poor excuse for a head coach and a clueless owner. Strange days to be a Dolphin fan.

Coach Turner should be fired and as I've said since the beginning, Philbin often appears like a deer caught in headlights. He's often in over his head. Philbin is not, nor has he ever been HC material. Ultimately, he follows the path of Ireland and is fired at next season's end for another 8-8 performance.

Enough, okay. Woulda, shoulda, coulda....It still going to boil down to wins and losses. If the Dolphins won the last two games and ended 10-6 and in playoffs I bet you would be writing an entirely different article today.

This is what I do. I retain McKinney and Clabo for one more year, keep Garner, Thomas and the other undrafted rookie that got playing time last year, cant remember his name right now. Let Jerry go and trade Pouncey. Then attempt to trade Martin, if you can't trade him, release him. Bring in a couple OL free agents and use a couple picks in the draft. Remodel the OL. It is not neccessary to have a bunch of All-Pros on the OL. It is a unit that should be cohessive and tight. Thats how they play best. So no surprise that the unit as a whole started playing better after Cogs and Martin went out. One of the units best games was when Pouncey was out with an injury. So I trade Pouncey this offseason.


I believe that jerry will not even be attempted to be resigned. He was one of "Ireland's boys" anyway. There is a possibility that pouncey gets traded but he will definitely not be released. My guess is that he remains a dolphin and will face disciplinary action.

The dolphins as an organization will not be fined or lose a draft pick bc they completely cooperated with the NFL.


I agree that the HC can't micromanage everything. The problem here is that when philbin asked various players (martin) and coaches (turner) involved, they didnt tell him the truth or the whole story. That shows a lack of respect for him even though he's a "nice guy." This worries me going forward.

Pouncey needs to make a statement owning up to his deeds and showing contrition It's time he acts like a man, he get's paid like one. Without the NFL he'd be stocking shelves at Walmart and banging poor fat girls.

"Without the NFL he'd be stocking shelves at Walmart and banging poor fat girls"

Hey big girls do more stuff anyway, and you can get away with more stuff. Pouncey denied everything throught the entire investigation, at least Cogs owned up to all his deeds. I learned a lot about Pouncey reading that report and I do my best to trade him for a high round pick this off-season.

Posted by: Frank from PA | February 15, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Just because someone doesn't "own up" to you or tell you when thjey did something wrong does not mean they do not respect you. First off, it speaks to their character, not yours. Secondly, it means they are fearful of being in trouble. But lack of respect? No.

deity Fair point. Cogs owned up like a man, took it head on, and with dignity. Once Pouncey wore that Hernandez cap I knew he wasn't right in the head.

Miami will have to dedicate the whole draft to building an offensive line. Maybe snag a FS and RB if they can.

Philbin needs to be fired now.

I'm hearing the Dolphins will be fined and/or lose a 1st rd draft choice.

Yeah, lol, it's the 20 something year olds fault, not the adults in charge of the operation. Philbin can spot a gum wrapper betwixt tall grass but is completely ignorant to the relationships between players ON HIS FIELD! In HIS locker room. People act like it was some hidden mystery. Martin, Garner, Samuda, a trainer, are you kidding me? Players on defense saw it, but Hartline, Tannehill and the rest of the offense were clueless?

This team is a joke. They are enough of a joke because of their sorry record past decade. But this report just shows how much of a joke of humanity these players are. I wouldn't care if they could at least play football (since that's all they're really good for). But they can't even do that. I'll be awaiting the collapse this season and the next GM/HC's housecleaning. It would be easier to disinfect the locker room of MRSA.

Fire Philbin! After watching Hard Knocks last year we all were able to see what a "leader" he isn't. He is responsible for getting rid of Long, Dansby, and Bush, who were all good guys and leaders representing the team. Philbin is a Narcissist, and coupled with him dealing with the loss of his son...that is a bad combination for a Leader. He is ultimately responsible for his coaches and players, and if he didn't know what was going on, then shame on him (very similar to Obama not knowing what was going on at the IRS, Benghazi, etc). I suspect he has Ross deceived as well, so probably nothing will happen to him...this year.

Martin was a perfect storm waiting to happen with his relationship with Incognito, his poor play on the OL, and his history of being bullied. I believe Incognito truly liked him and considered him a friend. But Richie's definition of a friend is probably much different that what we would define it. It will be interesting to see the first couple of games this upcoming season with 4 of 5 of the OL gone/suspended. Unfortunately our first four picks in the draft might be OL.

Time to suck it up and expect another 8-8, 7-9 season in 2014. Such a waste anyway you look at it.....

Cut Pouncey and Jerry and fire Philbin. Mess will be cleaned up.

Armando is your life's goal to churn the ever negative controversial dribble on the Fins??

I think Ross has handled the situation well and has a plan to move forward from it. That plan happens to include Philbin.

The one thing that your missing in this whole saga is during the whole thing the Dolphins are still tasked with winning football games. I would think that they are putting a higher priority on that than the average team seeing the situation with ticket sales and overall support dwindling.

Poncey, Cogs, and Jerry were all here before Philbin got here. I'm sure he was aware of some of their antics but at the same time he's trying to figure out how to make his offense go and stop his QB from being killed.

Sure Philbin has tried to protect "his people". We wouldn't have any respect for him if he didn't.

I too question his ability to be an effective winning head football and a coach that players rally around. Ross has made his decision though and has put a decent plan in place going forward. We'll know by midseason next year if start all over 6.0 is in order.

The constant second guessing and endless witch hunt isn't going help though if you call yourself a Dolphin's fan as well as a journalist.

Just let it play out and maybe focus a little more on the many positive things that go on with this organization. I'm sure there are many.

11:40 AM is one of my many fans impostering me.

Glad you are so fond of my name.


The HC is the authority figure and if there is a systemic problem, he needs to know about it. I disagree with you totally. Martin I can see not saying the full story to philbin bc he would fear retaliation by that a--hole incog-loser. But urner bald faced lied to philbin when asked. That my man, shows a lick of respect by an associate underneath him.


Fans from DC are always the worst for any team and or sport. Trust me, I know!

Turner that should have said in my last post, deity.

All due respect Mirror mirror, but you dont cut a pro bowl center. Try to trade him if you must, but dont cut him. Thats bad business right there man. Oh and if you trade him, get a 1st round pick for him, not a 2 or 3 like ireland would have settled for!

Teams often rally and bond when there is a problem. Don't be surprised if this team makes a serious run to the SB next season. We are just a few pieces shy of being dominant.

I didn't read the report does it say anything about any punishment or losing draft picks over that horrible sea world logo?

Cut Pouncey and Jerry and fire Philbin. Mess will be cleaned up.

Posted by: Mirror Mirror | February 15, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Jerry is a free agent so he won't be back.

Trade Pouncey to Cleveland after we sign Mack.....

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