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Too much? Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions?

When the Dolphins held their press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager, everyone in the organization who is anyone attended. And that means coach Joe Philbin, who was part of the interview process for GM, was there.

But as soon as the floor was opened for questions, Philbin left.

He obviously didn't want to answer questions about the interview process for a new GM. He didn't want to talk about Hickey. He didn't want to answer this question: "What responsibility do you believe you have for your relationship with former general manager Jeff Ireland deteriorating into dysfunction?"

I relate Philbin making himself scarce for the last of the Dolphins opportunities to speak with the press, and by extension you the fans, to get to this:

Philbin is good at not explaining what it is that troubles the Dolphins. He declined to take questions at the presser by simply fleeing. He often declined to explain what was wrong with his team in 2013, instead contending the club was "close." He declined to discuss the NFL scandal as it was happening by saying he could not talk about it because there was an ongoing report underway.

When Ted Wells asked Philbin questions, the coach made it quite clear he knew nothing that was going on. That was plausible to Wells.

That is unacceptable to me.

I don't expect Philbin to know every detail about every player on his roster. I don't expect Philbin to be aware of the interpersonal relationship between players away from the Dolphins facility. But a coach is paid to have the pulse of his locker room. Philbin particularly made a point of often telling us how wonderful the locker room culture in Miami was.

And yet, as Richie Incognito and his group harassed Jonathan Martin, often within that very locker room Philbin often vouched for, the leader of the football side of the Dolphins organization was completely ignorant to what was happening.

Stuff was happening at practice and Philbin didn't see it.

Assistant coaches were hearing and seeing and doing things and Philbin didn't know. And when he asked, they apparently lied to him.

Philbin asked players to "respect each other," according to the Wells report. And those players Philbin is paid to lead ignored the coach's wishes.

I don't know what's worse, the ignorance of the problem or being ignored by the players Philbin asked treat each other with respect before things get out of hand.

Either way, Philbin shows an obvious lack of leadership.

Will that get the coach in trouble? I doubt it. Owner Stephen Ross apparently doesn't see any problem in Philbin's lack of leadership.

I do. And I predict we haven't seen the last of it.

The Dolphins -- no, Philbin -- should have fired offensive line coach Jim Turner on Friday in the wake of that report. Didn't happen. The NFL might snatch the control from Philbin's soft grip and suspend Turner instead.

And when all this is over, will Philbin answer for any of this, the most embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history? I predict he will not. He declined to take questions about the NFL scandal when it was ongoing.

I doubt he ever calls a press conference and answers questions about the issue following the NFL's resolution of the matter. I doubt he answers why he didn't ask Martin why he walked away from the team? Why he never had an in-depth discussion with Martin about his May 2013 contemplation of suicide anytime after May 2013? Why he allowed Incognito to be a team leader when so many within the organization saw the guard is a divisive guy?

And if he doesn't give us some answers it'll be further proof -- up there with the losing record and two-game collapse at the end of 2013 and the dysfunction with Ireland -- that the Dolphins job may be too big for Joe Philbin.


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I dislike Joe Philbin strongly.

Hey, Coltrane
Thanks for a great new word, "exuberated." I hope it was purposely coined, not a mistake.

Mando didn't want Philbin from the beginning & he still has a hard one for him.
This whole Martin debacle is preposterous. A fat rich kid , pampered most of his life can't handle life in the NFL for that an entire team should be reshuffled... it is preposterous! His own team mates don't want him (Jonathan Martin)back.This is clearly bureaucratic overreach. We, the fans, don't pay to see Ross or Ted Wells play football but we do love to see a couple of big guys go at it sometimes after the whistle. So, Mando, don't stick up for some "baby fat" kid that grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and Mommy Dearest feeding him drugs so he can have a better opinion of himself. Fact is Jonathan Martin COULDN'T CUT IT IN THE NFL, call it what you will "bullying", "abuse", intolerance fact is if Jonathan Martin would have been some kid from Apopka Florida whose single Mom worked the fields for a living, Martin would have been another kid with much potential that never made it. But he had affluent,educated well connected parents so an entire institution must be changed in order to accommodate the feelings of an incompetent. Foolish!

How could anyone be a fan of this garbage?

If Philbin is not gone by end of next week, I give up on this POS org until Ross is no longer pulling the strings.

It blows my mind Philbin is still HC!

SAM I AM | February 15, 2014 at 02:13 PM

Yeah that sounds like a smart move, get rid of your Pro Bowl OL player. Jerky!

Posted by: Joisey Cane | February 15, 2014 at 02:17 PM

Yeah, and keeping Pouncey wont look so smart when he bolts in free agency at season's end. Now, you've lost a pro bowler for absolutely nothing.

Hope you're not naïve enough to believe Pouncey will return to Miami. Especially with his other "TWO STOOGES"(Cogs/Jerry) now gone.

Actually allowing him to play this year could be "pretty dangerous". Especially if he purposely allows a pass rusher up the gut to get a free shot on Tannehill. That puts him out for the season.

I would no longer trust Mike Pouncey as far as I could toss the world's largest building. If I were gm, and got a late 1st rd offer for him, I would pack his bags just to hurredly get him out the building.

Philbin is the product of his DNA, somewhat like an ostrich with his head in the ground, or, the proverbial three monkeys who DO NOT SEE, DO NOT HEAR, DO NOT SAY.


Did you know your boyfriend texts other men behind your back? Did you know that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

No I didn't think so...

Wy don't you know he is doing it in plain view!! Oh wait it would be like Incognito.... doing it when Philbin isn't around

Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions??

Not without cue cards from Dawn Aponte.

Jay, you're stuck with Philbin, at least for 2014. Fire him now and who do you replace him with?

Did you not witness the "completely bungled" gm hire? That was enough bafoonery for one single season. Lets spread it out.

Sam, Philbin has to be fired now. The guy is as clueless as they get. You would be a better HC.

Also, with the Ted Wells report, I don't believe Philbin can survive anything from 8-8 or lower in 2014. I believe we probably have to make the playoffs just for Philbin to survive.

Or have the NFL order a hit on Stephen Ross.

Let's try a little hypothetical: suppose one of Armando's colleagues at the Herald is in what might be described as an "abusive friendship" with another one of his colleagues. Outwardly, the two seem to be buddies--of a rather crude, childish variety--but inwardly one of them feels harassed, sinks into a deep depression, and his work suffers. Their boss sees what's going on, but figures everything's fine and tells his superiors so. Eventually, the harassed colleague quits.

Question: What does this story say about the competence of the colleagues' third-level manager (i.e., their boss's boss's boss)?

Jay, firing Philbin right now would still be like "playing musical chairs". Stephen Ross woul only find way to replace him with an even greater idiot at head coach.

So, out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Bring back Ricky and Wannstadt. Fire one up and everyone will be happy. :)

I have been following your writings for years...

And throughout this Martin-Incognito mess, I've always interpreted your writing as supportive of "real man" crap....that the locker room is rightfully different than other professional organizations. And at the thought of Martin getting his job back in Miami, you wrote "Pardon me while my mind explodes."

If I am correct - that this has been your take on things - I would hope that you realize you need to apologize to your readers. That you accept responsibility as a journalist for presenting the situation as overstated.

Cause the "tweets" shared by two grown men (that your paper focused on) would never absolve the abuser. And focusing on that was irresponsible.

That "fighting back" and "sticking up for yourself" sometimes is NOT the answer.

I understand you are a republican, so I get it that the tough love, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps mentality is a way to avoid addressing serious and complicated issues. And I'm not picking on your politics, as the abusers in this case did to Martin.

Rather, I am saddened by your apparent ideology that boys will be boys. You have a responsibility to think on a higher lever than that.

If I am mistaken in my characterizations of your recent coverage, then I apologize...assuming you can explain the apparent disregard about what the LAW says about workplace conduct.

Honestly who cares what you deem as unacceptable! your constant negative commentary does have an effect on this team whether you will admit it or not, the same way constant bitching in a workplace creates negativity, enough already its tiring.


Caught your post my way last night about your thoughts on everything that went down and my post @12:54 was actually answering alot of what you posted my way even if I took my lead off a D-Rick post. I didn't read the entire 140 page report but 1st did skim through and for the most part came back and then read pages 5 to 20 carefully which outline more or less everything that happened. After all is said and done I chalk up alot of the Martin stuff to juvenille crap which Big Jon could have addressed and NO didn't have to get physical just say, "Hey not with it so cut the S-H-I-T- on my Fam" If it kept on from there he then should have stood is ground IMO. So I guess on that issue we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Failbin sucks, has the Big Eared Dufus sold the team yet?


This case has nothing to do with opinions or agreeing to disagree. It is about workplace conduct. Three players and at least one coach broke those rules. Martin's responses or inaction are irrelevant...as is both of our opinions.

The Miami Dolphins should quit the NFL and joining the Gay Rodeo

and we used to complain that the FINS don't get enough air time on ESPN....

thanks to COGS and Martin....were on the cover of Yahoo....

Thanks Richard....

Does any body think that if somebody....anybody would have started calling Richard by the grown up version of his name....as opposed to the adolescent version....that he might have turned out a bit different.....

Seriously.....out of all of the GROWN-UP RICHARD'S you guys know....which one of them ask you to call them Richie.....

That should have been a red flag.....


Yeah, and keeping Pouncey wont look so smart when he bolts in free agency at season's end. Now, you've lost a pro bowler for absolutely nothing.

Actually allowing him to play this year could be "pretty dangerous". Especially if he purposely allows a pass rusher up the gut to get a free shot on Tannehill. That puts him out for the season.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 15, 2014 at 02:34 PM

Don't kid yourself here Pouncey is one of the few commodities this team has and before the 2015 Yr. if not inked to a deal will get slapped with the FRANCHISE TAG which is set at around 9 Mil for his Pos.

As far as letting his QB get creamed well he could but better hope nobody watching film ever even sniffs it or his next NFL job will be at the teams ticket counter if he's lucky!


forgot the link....

any publicity... is good publicity....

Kris when you come back will you change your name to Kris (in the Nigker Town DC Area)?

Damn, Ross is one doofy looking big eared saint bernard

Not sure how any one can feel that Pouncy or any of the OL men that were @ one time on pace to give up the most sack in NFL history...and DID give up the most sacks in FINS history....

What is Pouncy...but a name you know....and now the name is soiled....

He has been insubordinate to say the least thru this whole thing....and know we have a better understanding of why....

Pouncy...tweet this....


Very classy as always....@ 3:23...

and I won'r be back in the DC area.....@ least I don't believe I will.....

and the worst part isn't the people...regardless of what you think about them....

Its the TRAFFIC...hands down.....

I love these roads in Germany....and I love the Auto Bahn...


Turner may end up losing his job over the Wells Report. However Philbin will have to lose his job from what happens on the field. In other words; weather or not the Dolphins make the playoffs next season or not. Some of what you write in your article today is spinning and speculation to place blame on Philbin. The job might be to big for Joe Philbin but he will have to lose it on the field with the amount of wins and loses the team gets.

Miami Dolphins 7-9 in 2014, it will happen. I might be a little too positive on my numbers. I want to Suck for Luck 2, then we get the number one overall and we get rid of Failbin . Perfect!!!!

Kris(In Germany)

We also have a "BETTER UNDERSTANDING" why in the last 3 Seasons the oline's play was decending into what is now: "Worst In Fins History".

And we all thought it was just a "DECLINING JAKE LONG".

When the "milk is sour" we cant just remove the curds and think the milk will taste better. It's time to purchase "new milk".

Trade Pouncey Now!

Pouncy is a drug addicted inconsistent P.O.S

promichelle is still trying to make a worthwhile post. what a dummy. seems like he was raised in the attic under the insulation.

Trade Pouncy

Get rid of Cogs. Get rid of Jerry. Leave Pouncey and the "CANCER" continues to spread.

Cancer Removal 101!

promichelle, the best time to make comments that are nothing more than the obvious would be between 2am and 6am.

Thanks for your cooperation.

you have to remove all the cancer or it festers, Pouncy gone, Jerry gone, Martin gone. But knowing Big Eared Dufus they might all get a raise

Agree SAM I AM.....

Pouncy thumbs his nose @ this organization EVERY CHANCE he gets...from Hernadez...to stupid tweets in support of his bromance COGS....

Dude will be on the first thing smoking as soon as FA begins for him....get something for him while you can....


Every day it seems like a bigger mistake to have kept Philbin. Ross should have cleaned house early, got a GM he really wanted, and started fresh. He is only postponing the inevitable at his own expense.

Kris(in Germany)

I believe we can still get a late 1st rd pick from a playoff team with a stronger locker room and hc presence. Then trade Wake too(Jordan), for possibly another late 1st(Broncos?), then possibly go into 2014's draft with 3 1ST RD picks.

I say trade Wake to Broncos because they still need a pass rusher to replace VONN MILLER. They are already SB caliber, so giving up the #31 pick for Wake means very little to them.

Friendly hams across the border! Perhaps it is the martial beat of proud hurrahs and the whirl and swirl of Scottish bagpipes. You'll never get her eye in your heart.

Queen of the Calgary Stampede! A living panorama reaching into the mist of time. Modern earrings, jitterbug and all.

Look at the man eating Texas. The march of pleasure. Touching Shriners. Mighty fine!

The god of mayonnaise is proud of her past. The grime dress Indian. The only Choctaw in the parade.

Broncos giving up the #31 pick for Cam Wake is basically getting him for a "VERY HIGH" 2nd rd pick.

Trade Wake, trade Pouncey. 3 2014 1strd picks.

As Capt. Picard(Star Trek) would say: "Make it so, nmber one!"

SAM I AM....

I like your thinking...and Wake has very little to do with the FUTURE winning of this team as we are @ least 3-5 years away from being a perrinial contender....altho I gues we could always have a 2008 flash in the pan season in the next year or two if Tanne turns into Pennington for a year or two.....

I don't think we can get all of those # 1's...but we should still get reasonable draft picks for them....


This case has nothing to do with opinions or agreeing to disagree. It is about workplace conduct. Three players and at least one coach broke those rules. Martin's responses or inaction are irrelevant...as is both of our opinions.

Posted by: ajdczar | February 15, 2014 at 03:15 PM


This is a UNIQUE environment to say the very least.....

How many work places do you know that compares to an NFL Locker Room, Trainig/Practice Facility and Workday/Gameday??

In your interpretation back in 91 Charles Haley should have been charged with assualt for punching Steve Young after a 49ers practice. How about just a couple of Yrs. ago when Randy Moss Told Tom Brady to get a hair cut because he looked like a girl (by definition Gay) I guess he should have been labeled a BIGOT and Brady should have sued for Emotional distress!

Terrell Owens punched out a DE in the Eagles Locker Room the Yr. they went to the SB as well SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR THE SB GAME! Ohh wait the Eagles get blown out then because on one leg he was the only Offensive player who showed up that day! Were the conversation also becomes hypocritical as well!

Every Training Camp in every NFL City there's a fight tha breaks out over guys competing for a Position which is called good for competition, I guess drop this under hypocritical as well that ther wired to kill each other for a job but then must act as if though there in a cubicle somewere.

I'm keeping it all resent for you because if you went back to the 80's or 70's this whole situation is laughed at League wide. It's precisely when some of you say Work place conduct refering to the NFL that the lines get blurred for me and the conversation is borderline ASSININE!

Kris I "SERIOUSLY believe we can get 1st rd picks for both Wake and Pouncey. Wake to Denver would get us that 1st rd pick. They still haven't fixed their huge gaff in letting Vonn Miller walk.

Pouncey's easily a top 3 nfl center. That alone is a 1st rd pick my friend. Somewhere mid to late 1st rd. He's still "VERY YOUNG" too.

Wake isn't going to be traded. Pouncey isn't going to be traded. Joe Philbin will be the coach in 2014.


You guys spend an amazing amount of time talking about things that are not going to happen.

Hey, I think the sun should rise in the West tomorrow.

#31 pick from Denver for Wake is still "a steal" for them. Because they are a SB ready team that "seriously lacks" a premium pass rusher. Wake has at least 3 more very good years.

Peyton Manning can play at a very high level for at least 2 more seasons. I think the Broncos had "ZERO SACKS" against Russell Wilson in this year's SB.

This isn't the same guy that said Ireland wouldn't be fired either is....especially after he hired 4 new players in the off-season....

and since you don't understand HYPOTHETICALS...here is the definition for you....

hy·po·thet·i·cal adjective \ˌhī-pə-ˈthe-ti-kəl\
: involving or based on a suggested idea or theory : involving or based on a hypothesis

: not real : imagined as an example

THUS the discussion....i hate educating people this late @ night....

Sam, how long has it been since you were employed? Nobody with a job or life could ever spend as much time as you do on a football message board.


The blog door isn't locked. Don't let it hit you the ass on the way out.

SAM I AM......

I like your way of thinking...let's see if our new GM is on the same page....

"hypothetically speaking"...for our resident stick up the @ss" guy....


Living in mother's basement doesn't count as "employment either".

Here's a hypothetical:

Imagine if the people who post on Dolphins in Depth were actually rational and intelligent. Imagine if their ideas were based on reality. Imagine if they were honest enough to admit that they are thoroughly disconnected from the actual affairs in pro football and will never be any closer to the game than their sofa.

Well, it's fun to pretend.

Oh, yeah. Can't imagine a better scenario for the Dolphins than their new general manager being "on the same page" as the clueless nitwits that post here.

Man, that would instantly make us the envy of the football world!

Kris another thing great about dealing Wake is that for a "SUPERSTAR PASS RUSHER" his contract number are pretty low. So their aren't huge contract numbers to try an overcome in dealing him.

I got another hypothetical for you....

Imagine your life so DULL and HOPELESS that you come to a internet page that you despise....to read the opinions of those you don't even value.....imagine what a loser you would be......to be that guy....

oh wait...you ARE that guy......this isn't a hypothetical @ all.....this is your LIFE (term used loosely)....

amazing garbage philbin is still the coach. guy sucks as a coach and is a liar on top of that

Sam, I take it you will be prattling on all day about this fantasy trade that isn't going to happen until you are distracted by a shiny object?

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