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Too much? Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions?

When the Dolphins held their press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager, everyone in the organization who is anyone attended. And that means coach Joe Philbin, who was part of the interview process for GM, was there.

But as soon as the floor was opened for questions, Philbin left.

He obviously didn't want to answer questions about the interview process for a new GM. He didn't want to talk about Hickey. He didn't want to answer this question: "What responsibility do you believe you have for your relationship with former general manager Jeff Ireland deteriorating into dysfunction?"

I relate Philbin making himself scarce for the last of the Dolphins opportunities to speak with the press, and by extension you the fans, to get to this:

Philbin is good at not explaining what it is that troubles the Dolphins. He declined to take questions at the presser by simply fleeing. He often declined to explain what was wrong with his team in 2013, instead contending the club was "close." He declined to discuss the NFL scandal as it was happening by saying he could not talk about it because there was an ongoing report underway.

When Ted Wells asked Philbin questions, the coach made it quite clear he knew nothing that was going on. That was plausible to Wells.

That is unacceptable to me.

I don't expect Philbin to know every detail about every player on his roster. I don't expect Philbin to be aware of the interpersonal relationship between players away from the Dolphins facility. But a coach is paid to have the pulse of his locker room. Philbin particularly made a point of often telling us how wonderful the locker room culture in Miami was.

And yet, as Richie Incognito and his group harassed Jonathan Martin, often within that very locker room Philbin often vouched for, the leader of the football side of the Dolphins organization was completely ignorant to what was happening.

Stuff was happening at practice and Philbin didn't see it.

Assistant coaches were hearing and seeing and doing things and Philbin didn't know. And when he asked, they apparently lied to him.

Philbin asked players to "respect each other," according to the Wells report. And those players Philbin is paid to lead ignored the coach's wishes.

I don't know what's worse, the ignorance of the problem or being ignored by the players Philbin asked treat each other with respect before things get out of hand.

Either way, Philbin shows an obvious lack of leadership.

Will that get the coach in trouble? I doubt it. Owner Stephen Ross apparently doesn't see any problem in Philbin's lack of leadership.

I do. And I predict we haven't seen the last of it.

The Dolphins -- no, Philbin -- should have fired offensive line coach Jim Turner on Friday in the wake of that report. Didn't happen. The NFL might snatch the control from Philbin's soft grip and suspend Turner instead.

And when all this is over, will Philbin answer for any of this, the most embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history? I predict he will not. He declined to take questions about the NFL scandal when it was ongoing.

I doubt he ever calls a press conference and answers questions about the issue following the NFL's resolution of the matter. I doubt he answers why he didn't ask Martin why he walked away from the team? Why he never had an in-depth discussion with Martin about his May 2013 contemplation of suicide anytime after May 2013? Why he allowed Incognito to be a team leader when so many within the organization saw the guard is a divisive guy?

And if he doesn't give us some answers it'll be further proof -- up there with the losing record and two-game collapse at the end of 2013 and the dysfunction with Ireland -- that the Dolphins job may be too big for Joe Philbin.


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How Kris spent his Saturday night in Germany:

Blogging about a football team.

I will spend quite a few saturdays nights on here...I'll be here for the next 3 years or so......so get used to me embarrassing you on the regular....

Actually....you should already be used to that......

How Kris spent his Saturday night in Germany:
Blogging about a football team.
Posted by: dear diary | February 15, 2014 at 04:14 PM

So what? And trolling a Dolphins blog is a better use of your time, lol. Pot meet kettle.

LOL @ 4:19.....

Peyton Manning can play at a very high level for at least 2 more seasons. I think the Broncos had "ZERO SACKS" against Russell Wilson in this year's SB.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 15, 2014 at 03:59 PM

The only team were it might make any sense is Denver for a soon to be 33 Yr. Old DE but why with the holes in the Secondary would Elway do this when he can get Jared Allen or Justin Tuck for free in FA and both seem better fits in Denver's 4/3 were they are a force in the run game as well, if your talking a short term rental to make a run??

For that matter they can get younger than all 3 of these guys and sign Micheal Bennett to a Big longterm deal?? While the Broncos are a it they need to keep in mind that MLB Wesley Woodyard is a FA needing ink so maybe you bring in Will Smith on the cheap who didn't play last Yr. and was a CAP Casualty of the Saints this week.

If Denver was exposed anywhere throughout the Playoffs it was on the back end and I can see L.Purifoy going here with a DE like Stanford's Trent Murphy or UF's Dominique Easly going 2nd to Denver before Elway gives away his 31st pick on a one-dimensional pass rushing DE going on 33.


You should most likely find a closet to hide in or a rug to crawl under. School is out today but try to make your mama proud by just not giving your dumb opinions.

fin4life I really wanted us to sign Bennett last free agency. If we had maybe we draft oline last season in first. Ah well.

Let's go with T.J. Lang, the Packers' offensive lineman who tweeted on Friday, "Please don't stereotype NFL players for what's going on with Miami. That type of stuff is not common in other locker rooms."


Phins 78.....

there is another guy who has spent significant time in a PRO NFL LOCKER ROOM.....

The things you may speak of may be COMMON PLACE in an amateur sports...but we EXPECT MORE from our pro's.....or @ ;east I do....

How has Philbin gotten away with NOT firing turner to this point....

tick tick tick tick.....

The whole situation was bad and now we know that Philbin was either ignorant or didn't take the issue seriously. Sherman must have known this was going on at the very least an he didn't share that with Philbin? Yeah right.

philbin knew everything, if he didnt hes dumb as a retarded rock

philbin knew everything, if he didnt hes dumb as a retarded rock
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 15, 2014 at 04:43 PM

This ^

Hickey + Philbum + Tannehill = LOL

I didn't realize the head coach should be monitoring his players text messages.

Great to see our rich, spoiled brat athletes at the Olympics taking it on the chin today.

I didn't realize the head coach should be monitoring his players text messages.
Posted by: George Orwell | February 15, 2014 at 04:47 PM

People who are paying attention can figure things out without such draconian measures. Philbin is oblivious.

I guess Belichick was oblivious as to what kind of crowd his star TE was running around with, too.

Or dos the adjective only apply to coaches who didn't win the division?

Since it's obvious Philbin will only be fired if the Dolphins perform poorly in 2014 may I assume you will be rooting against Miami this season?

It's an honest question. You want Philbin fired. That's the only way he WILL be fired. Therefore, you will root against the Dolphins, correct?


How has Ross gotten away with NOT firing Philbin to this point....

You guys act as if there's some groundswell building to fire Philbin. It doesn't exist. He is going to coach the team in 2014, PERIOD.

A few of you seriously need to step away from the tiny little insular bubble this blog represents and try to regain a little perspective.

Joe Philbin is the Head Coach and will REMAIN the Head Coach for the 2014 season.

That is NOT going to change.

Not only that, but Philbin was EXONERATED in the Wells report.

If anything, his position today is stronger and MORE secure than it was 48 hours ago.

You don't have to like the guy or think he's a great coach (which I don't, by the way) but you also can't change the facts to suit your own desires.

Failbin Out! Now!

Failbin suck, Fire Failbin

What can the three or four of us who post here regularly do about this situation?


Fire Failbin, Big Eared Shriveled Up Prune face Ross needs to get out of the NFL completely, and stay out

And trolling a Dolphins blog is a better use of your time, lol.

Posted by: Darkoak | February 15, 2014 at 04:19 PM

Coming from a guy whose idea of blogging is exchanging opinions with ETF FIRE ROSS LOAD SWALLOWER.

Fire failbin....por muerton

Go get them Mando, we got your back

Failbin sucks
Failbin sucks
Failbin sucks

Give us blood Mando, let the heads roll

Failbin only came out with one football idea....go gogo

I guess Belichick was oblivious as to what kind of crowd his star TE was running around with, too.
Or dos the adjective only apply to coaches who didn't win the division?
Posted by: George Orwell | February 15, 2014 at 05:02 PM

Horrible comparison. This stuff was happening on Dolphins team property, inside the locker room and during team activities. I'm pretty sure Hernandez wasn't ganking people and hiding the bodies in team ice bath. Lol. Or maybe he was.

What a bunch of idiots on the blogs today! F-cking brainless, d-ckless, hopeless types. You make incognito look like a Harvard grad.

Posted by: LOL | February 15, 2014 at 05:48 PM

So what, occasionally those people do talk a little football. Unlike our judgMENTAL blog know nothing that comes in here and personally attacks everyone the second he opens his ASPD striken dumb hole. Get some help Daytona.


Don't like to do it but I had to BAct somebody today. I'm pretty sure he was going to hurt himself as he had tried it twice before and was near death one of those times. Police took him to the Hospital. I probably will never see him again

Just another article by the "Wannabe Writer" who wonders why most of the Dolphins staff stays away. He always has the answers to his own questions. Is Philbin at fault, probably, is he in over his head, possibly, but he came in with a partial team and a crappy GM. Ypu're almost as bas as the Washington Post's sportwriters. Pathetic excuse for a reporter.

Should learn to spell! You're instead of ypu're and bad instead of bas

Still a sad excuse for a reporter or blogger

Don't like to do it but I had to BAct somebody today. I'm pretty sure he was going to hurt himself as he had tried it twice before and was near death one of those times. Police took him to the Hospital. I probably will never see him again
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 15, 2014 at 06:13 PM

Wow Oscar I didn't realise Daytona was suicidal as well as having acute ASPD. Good thing you got him the help he needed.


Actually patients with MR seldom commit suicide.

So, back to Football. We have the Combine coming to talk about.

Free agency should be interesting with the draft so late now. If you can settle most of your needs with FAs then you can approach the draft to take the best player not the best player at a position you need.

You think Johnny Manziel is going to participate in the Combine? He don't need to though.

You think Johnny Manziel is going to participate in the Combine? He don't need to though.
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 15, 2014 at 06:25 PM

I think he'll sign a few autographs for sure.

hey said Manziel is skipping the combine.


Do you know why they moved the draft to may? Bc the NFL wants a major headline in the sports world 12 months per year. May was basically a dead month for the nfl. Now we can speculate on the draft the whole month of April after all the pro days are compete.

if Coach does not talk to a freaking Miami Herald sports reporter the crappy reported instead. This is bull-crap and Armondo's opinions are less that that of a hairless muskrats.

Bring the plastic sheets = roflmao.

Martin has no sense of humor.

I'd do his mom.

Although attorney chicks are too uptight to ever squirt.

Solomon Wilcots and Bill Polian both said not Philbins fault.. the head coach is like a CEO of a company and is not in the locker room or break room with the employees to here everything being said. that is the job of the assistants. they are the ones who did not do their jobs.

Phillis needs to be fired, Ross needs to sell and stay out of a business he is completely ignorant of

Of all the good Players who might fall to us at #19, who would you like to see perform at the Combine, Eric Ebron(doubtful), Taylor Lewan, Marqis Lee, Calvin Pryor, CJ Mosley, Kelvin Benjamin, Blake Bortles.

Why does anyone still support the g a y logo Phins ?

This is the worst organization in all of sports.

Ross will never win anything.

Only a loser would support a loser.

Daytona, do you know that women that squirt are all hermaphrodites?

The part in the report where Martin licks Pouncey's balls as a part of Martin's rookie hazing is telling.

Blame it on the logo.

You might be fu-king a male, for all you know.

Oscar has never gotten a woman off.

YG, don't do out with those women with big clits. They might do you harm.

should of cleaned house, ross just plain dumb

Mando = Jerry Springer
Iowa fin fan, Thank you for bringing up Mando and Jason Cole high fiving when Miami lost playoff game in 03. You can feel the complete distain Mando has towards the Dolphins in his blogs. The name of this blog should be Mando,s big top circus.

BRICKHOUSE= a very jealous Omar Kelly(who sucks)

What I don't get about this is...Doesn't Philbin have one on one's during the season with players? And wouldn't Philbin have spoke to Martin about his play and how he could improve. In the military we always took the troubled guy aside and spoke to him to find out if there was something we could do to get him on board. We rode the guy hard for sure but most of the time if that didn't work we talked to the guy to find out if his mind was right. Often you would hear about troubles at home or other minor crap and deal with it.

For Philbin to outright deny he knew nothing speaks very loudly to his incompetence as a coach. If he knew nothing he is incompetent. If he knew something and did nothing he is incompetent and an idiot.

As an owner Martin was worth over a million a year.
I hire a NFL coach to ensure my millionaires are busting their asses to achieve goals. And I want my coach to have my team focused on the goals. If something is going on with a player that you have placed a lot of trust in then I would think that I would want my coach to find out how to make changes.

Martin is still a pussy for not dealing with this and getting upset on a yacht of all places about getting punked. On a Yacht. It wasn't a swamp boat hunting for gators working for Billy Joe Bob and his gang of animals. It was a yacht. I don't think that anything that could possibly happen to me on a yacht would upset me. Surreal to say the least.

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