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Too much? Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions?

When the Dolphins held their press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager, everyone in the organization who is anyone attended. And that means coach Joe Philbin, who was part of the interview process for GM, was there.

But as soon as the floor was opened for questions, Philbin left.

He obviously didn't want to answer questions about the interview process for a new GM. He didn't want to talk about Hickey. He didn't want to answer this question: "What responsibility do you believe you have for your relationship with former general manager Jeff Ireland deteriorating into dysfunction?"

I relate Philbin making himself scarce for the last of the Dolphins opportunities to speak with the press, and by extension you the fans, to get to this:

Philbin is good at not explaining what it is that troubles the Dolphins. He declined to take questions at the presser by simply fleeing. He often declined to explain what was wrong with his team in 2013, instead contending the club was "close." He declined to discuss the NFL scandal as it was happening by saying he could not talk about it because there was an ongoing report underway.

When Ted Wells asked Philbin questions, the coach made it quite clear he knew nothing that was going on. That was plausible to Wells.

That is unacceptable to me.

I don't expect Philbin to know every detail about every player on his roster. I don't expect Philbin to be aware of the interpersonal relationship between players away from the Dolphins facility. But a coach is paid to have the pulse of his locker room. Philbin particularly made a point of often telling us how wonderful the locker room culture in Miami was.

And yet, as Richie Incognito and his group harassed Jonathan Martin, often within that very locker room Philbin often vouched for, the leader of the football side of the Dolphins organization was completely ignorant to what was happening.

Stuff was happening at practice and Philbin didn't see it.

Assistant coaches were hearing and seeing and doing things and Philbin didn't know. And when he asked, they apparently lied to him.

Philbin asked players to "respect each other," according to the Wells report. And those players Philbin is paid to lead ignored the coach's wishes.

I don't know what's worse, the ignorance of the problem or being ignored by the players Philbin asked treat each other with respect before things get out of hand.

Either way, Philbin shows an obvious lack of leadership.

Will that get the coach in trouble? I doubt it. Owner Stephen Ross apparently doesn't see any problem in Philbin's lack of leadership.

I do. And I predict we haven't seen the last of it.

The Dolphins -- no, Philbin -- should have fired offensive line coach Jim Turner on Friday in the wake of that report. Didn't happen. The NFL might snatch the control from Philbin's soft grip and suspend Turner instead.

And when all this is over, will Philbin answer for any of this, the most embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history? I predict he will not. He declined to take questions about the NFL scandal when it was ongoing.

I doubt he ever calls a press conference and answers questions about the issue following the NFL's resolution of the matter. I doubt he answers why he didn't ask Martin why he walked away from the team? Why he never had an in-depth discussion with Martin about his May 2013 contemplation of suicide anytime after May 2013? Why he allowed Incognito to be a team leader when so many within the organization saw the guard is a divisive guy?

And if he doesn't give us some answers it'll be further proof -- up there with the losing record and two-game collapse at the end of 2013 and the dysfunction with Ireland -- that the Dolphins job may be too big for Joe Philbin.


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It's the QB MORONS eh ?

Oscar, I will be over at 10 my darling.

Philbin DID meet with Martin and Martin HIMSELF stated that he never told him about the situation.

Honest to God, some of you just apparently don't follow the news at ALL. It's comical.

Actually read the report | February 15, 2014 at 08:58 PM

These bloggers have the attention span of a house fly and the reading and comprehension skills of rodents.

It's useless. This blog shows you how far society has been dumbed down.

Politicians love people like them.


About the combine.

I want to see those lesser known players. The ones that generally fill up day 3. I want to see all WR's, IMHO I believe Miami has a big need there for a guy that goes and gets the ball, a WR that can run after the catch. Benjamin is one of those guys. My personal favorite in this draft won't go in round 1. That's Martavis Bryant.

I want to see all the TE's, OT's Centers and OG's. We're going to need a whole new Oline unless we score big in FA.

I also want to see what Clowney does along with the DT's, LB's and DB's.

I guess you could say I want to see the whole 9 yards.

Manziel is going and has said that he will not throw. I'm not sure that means he'll not run or lift. We'll see.

The combine is a joke, so are the pro-days. What matters is the tape of how they played. Any time a player rises because of the combine they turn out to be a bust.

How does Philbin still have a job??


"I know nothing".....Coach Failbin

Dashi never thought he'd say this but Dashi misses the Wannstedt days when we were in the playoffs every year.

The last 25 posts? 2 bored bloggers.

Dudes even a fat chick is better than hanging out all night on a blog.


Remember when you told me you had my private ip address? Just as impossible as your $1000 fund raiser LOL.

You must realize nobody believes your chit, but do you?

Last year dashe had no car and no education, this year he is attending $1000 political dinners. LOL.

Dashe knows so little about everything, which is why he thinks he is an expert. Smart people are humble, fools try to impress.

Great team to cheer for. A clueless owner, a new and unexperienced GM, a dumb-looking, dull, incompetent coach, an average QB, the worst O-line in the league (which now needs 4 new starters), a non-existing running game, an over-paid receiver, a terrible run-stopping defensive line, under-achieving linebackers, way too many below average unrestricted free agents, and a female in charge of football operations. Well at least they have the best looking cheerleaders. This whole organization sucks! I would not miss this team if Ross moved them somewhere else.

I would not miss this team if Ross moved them somewhere else.

Posted by: tiredfinfan | February 15, 2014 at 10:17 PM

Why not find a new team or just find something more rewarding to occupy your time?

You will be blogging here forever no matter what.

Good, Le Batard. But remember, Incognito is not your average Football Player but a declared psychopath that obviously likes to hurt and demean People and who probably even Philbin was afraid of, with reason. I am not talking now as a Fan but as a Psychiatrist. Deep feelings of inferiority which he tries to compensate by abusing others, probably abused himself as a child. You reporters, if you want, look for psychiatric history in his family, from ETOH-drugs, abuse, on down. You'll probably find it. Don't understand this, you are siding with a criminal element and rejecting somebody from a decent family. Has to be a mixture of racism/ignorance/envy and resentment at Jon Martin's social status. My opinion.

Sometimes, things happen for the best, even if not planned. Jon Martin, eventually, will find a profession, Football or whatever else, where he will excel as he wants to do and where his low self esteem now will increase and make him satisfied with his Life. He has the capacity for it. This Dolphins franchise will also change, for the good or bad depending on how it's handled by the owner and the League. The NFL,=, depending on how it is handled by all Owners.

How can the players be expected to be motivated for this team? Too much turmoil. Another losing season and Philbin is gone. The players know this. Ross is failing hard so by next year he will be ready to give up and sell.

Can anyone see this team improving next season? We are looking at 5-11.

All these goings on, and probably some more to come, have to be attributed directly to lack of foresight by the NFL. Some of Us have been writing for some time, that Athletes coming into the NFL now, are different from those of only 10 years ago. Not only physically but educationally and socially. This confrontation between past and present had to occur sooner or later, it just so happened that it occurred here in Miami, FL.

How can anyone be a fan of this team?

I would not miss this team if Ross moved them somewhere else.

Posted by: tiredfinfan | February 15, 2014 at 10:17 PM

I also wish Ross would move the team and stop embarrassing S Fla.

Many Football Fans, will probably abandon their passion for the Sport as they will not be able to adapt to the future conditions of it. However, many more, old and new Fans, will be able to enjoy the many changes coming in the NFL.

How can anyone be a fan of this team?

Posted by: Nat Moore | February 15, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Well just like you can. You blog all the time no matter how far this team falls, you can't give up the blog :)

How can anyone be a fan of this team?

Posted by: Nat Moore | February 15, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Well just like you can. You blog all the time no matter how far this team falls, you can't give up the blog :)

Posted by: Elsa | February 15, 2014 at 11:32 PM

Uhh, did you get bashing a pathetic team mixed up with being a fan? DUUUUUUUHHH! LMAO

The national fraud league has really pissed me off since roger Obama took over as commish. The absurd rules changes, the horrid officiating.....the cap on the ice cream was the bullying scam that was total horse dung. Even after the tweets came out they still paint vagina Martin as a victim. I am done.......I will never spend another dime on this game or this team with a stumblebum owner, and a joke commish.

Been an phins fan since I was 7 years old, I suppose I was spoiled by real coaches,owners and commissioners. That was 1972.. Good luck NFL...I'm out...

Been an phins fan since I was 7 years old, I suppose I was spoiled by real coaches,owners and commissioners. That was 1972.. Good luck NFL...I'm out...

Posted by: Donald shoeman | February 16, 2014 at 12:37 AM

Jackasses like Incognito are ruining the league.


No me diga que te pasaste El dia de San Valentin (un viernes social) y ahora un Sabado en frente de la computadora rajando te la yuca!


Donald "Al Bundy" Shoeman has some pride.

Like me he has ditched this franchise for losers.

Phins are a second helping of turds.

What an embarrassment to the tradition that was.

In 2003 The Dolphins were still the class of the AFC East and a flagship franchise.

Now they're just a joke among NFL fans.

Led my their circus ringleader Ross.

Ross, Philbin, Hickey, Aponte, these people are idiots who will never get it done.

Four or five losing seasons in a row coming up.

Then Goodell approves the move to another market.

Yet I'm not sure any other city would even want Ross' Dolphins.

Phins will be playing in Haiti in 2018.

Port Au Prince Dolphins.


I really don't fit in with Miami People, Fidel. I am highly educated and well versed in many areas, some by formal Education, some by my own didactics. On the streets, I feel like I'm a thousand light years ahead of everybody else(which I am in terms of Knowledge and that you should know better than anyone else as you are (gently) reaching your end) and it is very unpleasant for me to stoop down to them. Maybe 1/2 an hour with those People is all I can take before I feel they are impeding my progress in Life. Women here are no better. All they talk about is $$, the trips to Europe they have taken, the material goods they posses. They can't talk about any other subject pertaining to Man before getting bored. Sometimes I feel I am in the wrong Country, only lucky thing for me is that I didn't choose to be here, I was transplanted here. More of my "self confessions" coming which I'm sure you will all enjoy.

This is far from the most embarrassing episode in Dolphins history Mando. The Cam Cameron entire season was worse for example. I still say that if we had had a decent OC last season we'd have made the playoffs, and then all of this fire Philbin talk would be moot. Choking those last two games was terrible, but they were in position. As for Martin he should just come out of the closet and get it over with.


Anyone here before me is a sword-swallower

Skimming the entries here, I see a handful of regulars with a seemingly strong foundation in reality. I see a large number of posts that show the posters are either ideologues, naïve or hypocrites. Then again, ideologues are usually naïve, so it's essentially same thing. Hard to guesstimate the numbers because it's difficult to figure whom is whom. Afterall, it's probably a fair guess that at least 1/2 of people who post in the blogs here use more than one moniker/name.

At any rate, I wonder how many of the apparently naïve are really just hypocrites ... I wonder how many of those who are advancing the "scandal" as a bonafide scandal that Philbin should be fired over would be claiming the same thing if the Dolphins were an annual playoff team with a proven winner as a coach.

To put it simply, I'd bet that if Miami made the playoffs every season, had a recent Superbowl win and Belichick was the Miami head coach, the majority of the naïve ideologues would actually show themselves to simply be hypocrites ...

Grier, it would be hard to imagine anyone finding your post worthwhile. Boring? Yes.

Hmmm, Grier discovered that the Sun shines.

how can anyone take these clowns seriously? They(Hickory DICory Dork) thought Josh Freeman was a good idea. They (Raisin Head) Failbin thought not starting the #3 overall pick was a good idea, also expelled all the good strong players (Vonte, Marshall, ect...) Regardless of his motive he has a loser mentality. They both excel at losing. It fits them both like a very small prophylactic- perfectly (and I believe both their wives would admit that)


Posted by: Grier | February 16, 2014 at 08:14 AM

Anyone that feels like they have to clarify moniker -with back slash /name. Is a condescending tool that thinks he is intelligent. He probably just learned what "moniker" meant, so he thinks everyone is as ignorant as him and doesn't know what it means. Ahhh, yeah, we learned that word in the 3rd grade precious. haha

Whats up doc? oscar canosa I think Dr Phil needs to talk to philbin because frankly the dolphins are just as close to the cellar as they are to the playoffs and ROSS is a Huizinga type owner talks good but dosent really do anything other than to hire terrible underlings and when they fail hire another so the media will blame them instead of him.

Hold on, hold on, let Philbin coach next year. Yes, another year lost but the final idea here is to place Ross in a position that he has to admit, yes, I am a failure as a Football Franchise owner.

What kind of MORON rambles on about ideology in a sports blog? Are you kidding me? your a tool of the highest order Grier.

Nobody wanted to play us the last half of 2011 with Moore, Sparano, and Daboll. We went 6-2 to finish that year.

I was surprised and disappointed that the Wells Report seemed to overlook so much of Jonathan Martin's frailties regarding his NFL career as well as Martin's inability to mesh well in life previous to the NFL.

By Martin's own admission, he had been plagued with depressive conditions since middle school. High School and College life were made bearable only when he achieved status through his notoriety on the gridiron. Could we not expect then that his poor reputation as an NFL tackle contributed greatly to his mental state when he left the Dolphins? Richie Incognito is NOT the common denominator here, but football is.

Certainly Incognito is no one to defend in this situation. But even Martin recognized, after therapy and some medication, that Incognito and the group were easier for him to handle. In fact, Martin seemed almost jubilant at that point; that he had discovered tools which could help him with his life.

So... one might wonder that if Martin stayed with the medication and therapy, adjusting each as necessary, do we have the bullying controversy we have today? Why blame this on the Dolphins when it seems so evident that Martin made a poor choice in deciding to continue football at the professional level. Surely he understood that competition would reach intense levels and he would be more prone to experience the failures that made him feel so inadequate rather than the successes he achieved in high school and college that made him feel good.

I have to agree with Dan Le Batard on the Wells Report. I think that, on any scale used to measure human emotional makeup, Incognito and Martin's actions were at extreme opposite ends. It seems unlikely that any meaningful conclusions could be drawn from this situation if one ignores Martin's mental state and the realities of his environment.

quit being an Ideologue, Grier is going to call you names

Posted by: Grier | February 16, 2014 at 08:14 AM

Anyone that feels like they have to clarify moniker -with back slash /name. Is a condescending tool that thinks he is intelligent. He probably just learned what "moniker" meant, so he thinks everyone is as ignorant as him

Posted by: Madea Stone - Private EYE | February 16, 2014 at 08:36 AM

Yes, this was my first thought too. It is always the dimwitted pedantic fools that think they are smart, when really they are underestimating everyone else. Many bloggers here fall into this category.

ok ok ross u kissed philbins ass enough, now fire turner

I must be pedantic in my line of work.

This goes to show one thing philbin has no control of this team whatsoever none hence CLUELESS JOE

Oscar you should move to Manhattans upper east side perfect fit for you



philbin is complete garbage, cant wait till jan 2015 when hes finally fired


Fire Philbin, Trade Pouncey

We get the point after the 5th page of saying the same thing over and over.


Not trying to insult you. BUT... Your views are less objective than Salguero and you are more dense than a bomb shelter. You sound like a person who would take his ball home when things didn't go his way on the court.

Had Ross the wimp fired Philbin he could have gotten the GM he wanted and a real coach. Now we'll be stuck with a lame GM even after Philbin is fired.

This mess won't end until Ross sells the team

Im sure turner has not been fired yet bc of legalities. Ross doesnt want turner's ambulance chasing attorney to sue the dolphins bc Ross is already looking at being sued by Martin.

That said- Turner should have been fired on Friday when the report came out. He lied to an NFL investigator and there are witnesses. Persoanlly, I think when John Benton was hired as the "assistant" OL coach- the writing was on the wall. My guess is that Ross said he was going to "take some time to go over the wells report thoroughly" or he said something along those lines, more than one decision (like firing Turner) is going to happen.

My gut tells me that Ross's response to the Wells report will have different parts to it: 1. Fire Turner 2. Possible establishment of new team captains who will have different protocols to follow and so will the rest of the team (some of this has been addressed already). 3. A vow to bring in a psychologist for sensitivity training or some crap like that (seriously). 4. Fines and possibly self inflicted game suspensions for Pouncey. 5. Martin and the team decided that it is in the best interests of both parties to release Martin to start his career somewhere else.

We can expect Ross's response to the wells report after his people meet Martins people at the NFL combine next weekend. Personally I think that is why Turner hasnt been fired yet. Ross is planning more than one move and the turner firing would be part of these new moves to "better" the franchise and move on from the whole scandal.

Dashi hasn't posted since yesterday morning.

Please don't try and combine myself with you. Plus, you and everyone else knows, you own the night. It does show that your obsession with Dashi has no bounds. You perverted Old Man.

Frank, 4 paragraphs of speculation. We only know what the Wells report says and nothing that is privy to the insiders. Either way, speculation is useless. We know there will be a reaction and it is all anyone's guess.

I did live in Gramercy for a year. I loved it. Don't blame me, I was born and raised in a metropolis.


You bring up a good point. If someone was going to get fired or punished, it would've been when the report came out on Friday. The NFL hasn't said that they will punish anyone.. Yet, you have fanatics going crazy here wishing that their dream comes true.

If something was going to happen it would've already happened.

Isn't amazing how daSheba (25 going on 14) still thinks there is only one blogger laughing at his naiveté?

He continues with his silly snotty little boy persona and then wonders why everyone sees him as being an immature, kiddie punk.

Is he afraid of being an adult?

And this too shall pass. It will all blow as soon as the suspensions are announced.

Philbin may or may not suck as a coach but I'm not sure how you blame him for a nutcase who was here two years before he got here.

Evidently Long's leadership was worth more than Ireland could put a price on.

The nutcase became the leader, the young gang banger wanna be and Jerry followed. The o-line coach evidently ignored it as he was trying to close the revolving door of d-lineman to our young QB.

It is a sad case of affairs but to me it pales in comparison to bounty gate and spygate as it wasn't premeditated. Just idiots being idiots.

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