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Turner not headed to Indy Combine

We know Jim Turner won't be the Dolphins offensive line coach in 2014. He'll either be suspended by the NFL or fired by the Dolphins, sources have said.

But after five days of not hearing anything on Turner's status following the release of the Wells report, today we're seeing the first glimpses of what will soon be obvious: That Turner won't be around.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network reported that Turner will not be joining the Dolphins in Indianapolis for the Combine that begins in earnest with interviews tomorrow. And Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, who will cover the Combine, tells me he was on a flight today to Indy ...

And most of the Dolphins offensive assistant were on his flight ...

Except for Turner.

So the shoe that everyone expected to drop is apparently en route to the ground.


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We knew it was coming but whose his relacement?? It's like some of the talk of Philbin being suspended (wishful thinking)but in that case whose the Interin H.C.?? Kevin Coyle! Yikes!!


I saw Taliaferra play in the SR bowl and saw the prctices and he did exceptional in the 1 on 1 blocking. He held his own vs speedy Safeties and bigger LB's. He has some decent running skills too. Not quite the power of A. Williams though.

Andre Williams though, if we can get him 4th round that would be a steal.


We haired an Oline coach from Houston. I can't remember the name.


maybe just trying to avoid the potential interviews...

not like he shouldn't be fired...just saying.

did he go last year? that might be good journalism...wouldn't you say? did he go the year before? this might be a good indication.

mandy again puts the jerk in knee-jerk.

Here is an article on who we hired and when.

On the same day the Miami Dolphins will introduce Dennis Hickey as their new General Manager they have added another new coach to Head Coach Joe Philbin’s staff.

John Benton, who spent the previous eight seasons with the Houston Texans as their offensive line coach, was hired today as Miami’s assistant offensive line coach. He will work closely with offensive line coach Jim Turner in developing the front five tasked with protecting third-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

From 2006-13, Benton was in charge with an offensive line in Houston that opened holes for Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster and gave Texans quarterback Matt Schaub the time to routinely find Pro Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson and other targets in the passing game. Houston’s offense ranked in the top five for three consecutive seasons from 2008-10 and the line helped Foster lead the league in 2012 with 15 rushing touchdowns and 17 total while rushing for 1,424 yards.

Prior to joining the Texans, Benton held the same position with the St. Louis Rams in 2005 and was their assistant offensive line coach in 2004, which was his first season in the NFL. He spent 1995-2003 at Colorado State University, his alma mater, as their offensive line coach (1995-2000) and co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach (2000-03). He got his start in coaching at the school as a graduate assistant from 1987-90 and then worked as offensive line coach/recruiting coordinator at California University in Pennsylvania from 1990-94.

Benton played at Colorado State from 1983-86 and earned honorable mention All-Western Athletic Conference honors as a junior and a senior for the Rams. He’s a native of Durango, Colorado and he and his wife, Nicole, have two daughters, Gabrielle and Paige.

Hopefully Joe Philbin will also not be going to Indy.

This is news?

p 1st


it was news about 4 hours ago LOL

Andre Williams though, if we can get him 4th round that would be a steal.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 19, 2014 at 02:48 PM

No day-1 players in this group were unless you have AP like potential the Pos. is usually addressed late 2nd to Middle-4 in this ERA. I happen to disagree given even in this pass happy ERA the 2 best teams in Football (Seattle, S.F.) have smash mouth type personalities. When the run on RB's begins in the 2nd Rd I believe Carey,Mason and Sankey are probably the 1st off the boards with eveybody looking for that home run hitter.

I think we have that guy in Miller with all due respect to those that feel the UM star a bust! To many times I saw defenders drapped on him at the hand off for me to close the book also while a Cane I watched him bail QB Morris out plenty taking little swings and dump passes yard! For my money we need to see if A.Williams and the shoulder history fall to us Rd-4 or even contemplate the pick Rd-3. A roll of the dice on Hill Rd-4 or even Talaiferra there as well. It's what we need not over-paying on the often injured Ben Foster.

. It's what we need not over-paying on the often injured Ben Foster.

Posted by: fin4life | February 19, 2014 at 03:06 PM

Excuse me I meant Tate!

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | February 19, 2014 at 02:55 PM

I did hear about this wasn't familiar with the man but do remember hearing it on Local Radio (as an after-thought)

The writing on the wall is obvious turner will not be fired.

Would be nice if the NFL handed their decisions down before the Combine so everyone can concentrate on prospects. Turner is a no-brainer. He should have been gone earlier due to his unit's performance rather than Bullygate. Was Aponte on the plane for is she on Ross's plane?

Rdubs my man......i was actually clowning on Beasely with that statement.......dude is going to the combine and all he cares about is Turner not being on the plane

Do the Dolphins take their own plane with their own Pilot? If so they may land in Mexico.

..DC great post earlier..

Fin4life...Talieferro is a stud. I got to see him play in that game against the Griz this December. That playoff game that was forcast to be the coldest college game on record. (it wasn't..It was still cold)
The guy is a wrecking crew. He catches the ball well, and he can block. Reminds me a lot of Brandon Jacobs.

Running back must be addressed. Nobody that we have is an every down back. I am not suggesting Taliaferro is. But he would fill a void if he can learn the protections. He definitely has the ability...

Also he is fast for a big man...I'm sure he will not run a great 40 time. But he ran away from the defense on a 50 plus YD td run in the third quarter of that game(I'm sure there is video of it)..

I love the small school guys..

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 19, 2014 at 03:09



Priorities right? I am listening to Armando on WQAM and he wants Philbin to answer to Dolphin fans, saying he owes us an answer to the happenings!! I am a Dolphin fan and I dont give a sheet, I am ready for Combine and Free Agency. Bullygate is done in my mind!

I hear that Hickey is going to be available to the press this Thursday. Wonder if he will wear a brown bag over his head.

Armando must get tired of tasting his own foot.

I hear the last straw on Turner was when he showed up today at Dolphins headquarters ready to go to Indy and wearing a Richie Incognito shirt.

Oh let it go Armando, you're out of the loop and probably more so since you published "open letter". Relying on other reporters for your sources of Dolphins' news. You should be thinking about what new team(s) you'll be covering later this year...

The Dolphins are giving each player they interview at the combine a Dolphin bumper sticker and an inflatable doll.

Armando will never leave this gig and he won't be fired. He won't leave because he wouldn't be able to find another job. He won't be fired becuase there are a group of loyal dolphins fans that like to come to this forum to mix it up, regardless of what Armanda has to say. And of course no one can forget, the blog hit trolls.

yeah ok, Michael Sam didnt come out of closet for publicity

Michael Sam has signed autograph deals with five trading card companies, one of his agents, Cameron Weiss, told ESPN.com.

[+] EnlargeMichael Sam
Courtesy of Press Pass Press Pass is one of five trading card companies that will have autographed Michael Sam cards available in their sets.

The former Missouri defensive end, who recently revealed he is gay, became more highly coveted after the announcement by companies that make products featuring draft eligible players.

Weiss said Sam will have autographed products in Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Sage and Press Pass sets. He would not talk about the terms of the deals other than to say Sam was paid amounts commensurate to what the companies have paid those who are expected to be among the earliest players drafted.

Press Pass, whose first product hits stores on March 5, signed Sam even though his autograph won't be in packs of its first series.

"We normally focus on defensive players that are most likely to get drafted in the first two rounds, so Michael was originally one of our alternates," said Nick Matijevich, vice president of operations for Press Pass, which has signed 70 players to autograph deals, including Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater. "But the news made his inclusion a no-brainer."

Matijevich said that collectors who send in the UPC code from the box will receive an autographed Sam card, while supplies last.

"We're excited to see how collectors will receive him," Matijevich said.

Weiss said Sam didn't want to sign too much as he wants to focus on his training over the next couple of weeks. Sam has a public signing in St. Louis on March 22. An autographed mini helmet at the signing will cost $60. An autographed Missouri jersey will cost $100.

On a serious note. To all of you that want to "Let it go" that is what clueless Ross and Philbin are hoping for from you guy's. So they wont have to account for their incompetence.

When I want intelligent football writing I turn to Judy Battista in the New York Times. No better pro football writer out there and the resources of that paper far outstrip anything the shoestring budget Miami Herald can offer.

Salguero does the best he can but it's the minor leagues. If I weren't a Dolphins fan there would be no reason at all to visit here (and Battista often does a better job reporting on the Dolphins, anyway).

One more to go. The QB coach.

Man, the forces that be seem to be doing Philbin a lot of favours in getting rid of cruddy assistants. First Ross forces Sherman out - then the NFl forces Turner out. If only someone had Coyle in their crosshairs all the wrongs would've been righted.

Mark In Toronto,
That is why Philbin has to go. He is clueless or spineless as to who he needs to replace to improve the team. "Other Forces" need to do it for him. You give him enough time and Philbin will make Ireland look like Vince Lombardi.

Sorry, flip one page over to Barry's blog...he does a decent job. he just splits his time. for Armando its just fabricated news with sometimes news. making matters worse is his new affair with tmz-dirt-disher Florio.

anyways...is Beasley on a plane or is Beasley saying that Turner is on a plane? (you cant answer me because nothing above is clear)

turner will be fired, but fins should wait to see what suspensions are there first to see if they don't have to pay out salary...isn't that how it works?

im sure krafty-kraft is telling goddell to drag this out thru the combine to smear the fins name all weekend long, so theres no mention of Hernandez.

I am tired of these snakes on this motherf$@kin'

So Turner is the scapegoat for the closeing rounds of sissygate. This coach should have been fired with Sherman and Ireland for the piss poor protection his guys gave to the QB and RB's. I guess they needed to keep him on long enough to give the media an evil monster to wag their fingers at? Total exaggeration of how bad things are in the NFL. This is no longer a mans sport. It's starting to resemble the WWE with all the drama and side stories. As many bad calls and no calls against Miami and other teams the past few years by the NFL ref's I wouldn't be surprised if each game was rigged like wrestling.

You are right. Talk about snakes on a plane. There are at least a couple on the Dolphins plane.



This just in, Adam Beasley reports that one of the assistants ordered a diet coke with ice! What's that coach have against regular coke?

turner will be fired, but fins should wait to see what suspensions are there first to see if they don't have to pay out salary...isn't that how it works?

Posted by: DJ Baracus | February 19, 2014 at 03:49 PM


Oh my God, a rational and sensible post from someone who gets it!

What on Earth are you doing on THIS blog??

Really? All we need now is to add Cheap to the long list of Dolphin deficiencies.

What burned Turner was that he lied to the NFL investigator and was caught in the lie. Hes a former marine but I guess that doesnt make him immune from lying. If he told the truth, he would be on more stable footing. Its obvious the Dolphins are waiting for the NFL penalties first before they make their move with him. PErhaps, the NFL instructed them to wait?

albert, it's probably why the Dolphins may be cleaning house in a year, i agree.

However, couldn't ask for two better replacements for Turner and Sherman than Lazor and Benton. If only Coyle decided to pursue his life long passion of the fart olympics, then maybe a Greg Williams or Rob Ryan would've landed in our laps.

Mark In Toronto,
Philbin would NEVER of hired either Greg Williams or Rob Ryan. They are both Apha males and Philbin would feel intimidated by either one. Philbin reminds me of Wanstadt. Hires his friends or young guys so he can feel in control.

Frank, I have been to Pennsylvania. I have eaten cereal there.

It was enjoyable,

I hope you enjoyed your cereal!

Thanks DD!

I think Philbin could have done himself a favor by getting ahead of the story and firing Turner before the Combine. But once again Miami prefers the harder road (remember Pouncey being told to stay silent on the "Free Hernandez" episode?). These guys don't learn. Or are a glutton for punishment. Either way, Dawn Aponte isn't the PR Genius she thinks she is.

Pouncey and Jerry will be gone also.

Goodnight you all.

If only someone had Coyle in their crosshairs all the wrongs would've been righted.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 19, 2014 at 03:41 PM

I would have lived with another Yr. of Sherman had Coyle been showed the door at Seasons end! In the Pre-Season it seems some forget about the open-ended secret that we were loaded on the Front-7 while lacking on the OL. That we would be cutting players with upside Defensively in order to try and keep some needed depth on Offense. We came into the Yr. with one of the deepest group up-front in team history, if not the deepest! Only to watch the whole thing collapse at the hands of a truly clueless Coach! I can really only wonder what a Coach like Belichik would have done with the horses we have up-front!?

We sign a 3/4 SAM ILB and convert him to a 4/3 MLB, for those harping on Ellerbee being a miss it's important to remember he was asked to play a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POSITION in Miami! We WASTED Natural 3/4 NT Solia out of Pos. as well instead of clogging the middle of the field occupying blockers by playing him in space and asking him to rush inside along with Natural 3/4 DE's Starks and Odrick. Admittedly these other 2 can play either way but with our pieces the 3/4 the better fit.

We draft a PHENOM ATHLETE who I believe a MONSTER WOLB in the making and try and plug him into a rotational role at 4/3 DE eliminating in the process his pass D skills. ect, ect, ect...... I thought we were going to play a HYBRID scheme switching our D from Qrt to Qrt depending on the looks we'd get and maybe would have been served best in N.O. on Monday Night allowing Ellerbee to get back flooding pass lanes with a healthy dose of Jordan, Wake and Vernon. Starks also seems more comfortable rushing at DE. Been talked to DEATH on here but for my money Coyle needed to go before Sherman maybe in the Locker Room after the Jets game!

Why would Turner be kept any ways. Are line gave up record sacks this year.

Coyle did a nice job last season. At least the defense wasnt the problem. When Philbin gets fired Coyle will be given serious consideration to replace him.

Either way, Dawn Aponte isn't the PR Genius she thinks she is.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 19, 2014 at 04:14 PM

Maybe the UNDERSTATEMENT of the Decade!

This 'Cialis' stuff actually works. I have maintained a firm erection for a little over two hours now and just displayed it to the UPS delivery guy when he delivered a package. Said he was going to get a prescription, too!

Why would Philbin be kept any ways.. he's terrible. He looks like 3-CPO in Star Wars and has no idea whats going on with his own team.

I love the small school guys..

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 19, 2014 at 03:09

Thanks, was intrigued by him at the Sr. Bowl when I saw his vital stats, Big RB! Also helped when they mentioned how solid he was in the Blitz pick-up drills. I never saw because of the limmited exposure at tiny Coastal Carolina and the fact he was a JUCO kid with only last Yr. really playing and at the FCS level.

Coyle did a nice job last season. At least the defense wasnt the problem. When Philbin gets fired Coyle will be given serious consideration to replace him.

Posted by: Tony Nathan | February 19, 2014 at 04:27 PM

Are you kidding??? I'd just as soon bring back Nolan and give him the job! Coyle was and is lost without Zim!

Fire Philbin now?

Yeah, that's EXACTLY the kind of stability any worthwhile candidate is looking for. Why, I'd bet they would just be busting down the doors to find such a rare opportunity to work in that kind of secure environment.

Seriously. A few of you really do need your heads examined (not that they'd find much going on in there)

Is idiot Philbin going to the combines or is he going to go over the playbook like he said was so important with his new offensive coordinator nine months before the start of the season instead of attending the College All Star week last month? Oh yeah, they sent the Assistant GM... Oh yeah, they have since fired him. Great planning.

No Truner at the Combine could mean that we aren't going to be looking at Linemen early in the draft. I hope.

The Dolphins and the NFL probably think it is a good move not to have Turner show up.

F4L, let them keep talking reckless about L.Miller. You and I both know the kid has talent. The coaching staff also knows. L.Miller had zero line last year. And to many times Sherman just got away from the running game or started to give the ball to D.Thomas. Even with a horrendous line last year, If Sherman would've gave him an average workload for a running back, L.Miller would have had over 1200 yds.

Anyone who watched L.Miller run in college knows he doesn't start taking chunks out of a defense until after his 15th carry. And I mean 20-30yd chunks at a time.

And L.Miller doesn't dance behind the line, like another RB we had. L.Miller wasn't even given a chance to dance if he wanted to last year.

Posted by: fin4life | February 19, 2014 at 04:20 PM

Changing to a 4-3 when you have 3-4 personel is a mistake almost everytime. But when you make players play out of position or do things they never did previously you end up with our current defense.

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