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It's NFL office's turn to speak on harassment scandal

Welcome to Monday. Today the clock starts on the NFL's reaction to the Dolphins harassment scandal report investigator Ted Wells authored and delivered to the league Friday.

With a weekend to read and digest the report and the NFL Combine starting later this week, the timing suggests NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will handle whatever business needs to be handled in the coming days, and perhaps as early as today.

What business?

The future of guard Richie Incognito going forward. The future of guard John Jerry going forward. The future of center Mike Pouncey going forward. The future of offensive line coach Jim Turner going forward. The future of head athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill going forward.

The future of head coach Joe Philbin going forward.

The Ted Wells report made all of the people mentioned above look bad in one way or another. And while not all will disciplined either by the NFL or the Dolphins, all have been dealt a blow to their reputations.

That's painful in of itself. But that blow having been already delivered, we should all care about the next shoe to drop.

So let's consider the possibilities:

Turner: It is a stain on the Dolphins organization that this man was not fired within hours of the report being published. The report paints Turner as having known about some improper behavior relative to the harassment of Jonathan Martin and Player A -- known to everyone now as Andrew McDonald. The report paints Turner as having joined the mocking of McDonald over the alleged but untrue rumor that he was homosexual. And, in a rare triple crown, the report paints Turner as something of a liar when faced with questions during the investigation and even from his own head coach.

The fact Turner is still with the team is, frankly, offensive and paints owner Stephen Ross and Philbin as men of many words but little resolve or action in doing what they said they'd do -- address the ills within the Dolphins locker room culture and solve the issues.

The only way Ross and Philbin get a pass on delaying here is because they may be under orders from Goodell to wait on NFL sanctions before passing their own clubcentric judgment.

No, the NFL isn't going to fire Turner. But a suspension is possible. A year-long one is my guess.

Incognito: He is at the center of the whole affair and while he still contends his were no more than playful barbs and taunts, the report slices and dices him up pretty good. And here is his problem, he could get off for the rude and harassing treatment of his teammate with a suspension applying the time already served on suspension in 2013.

But Incognito's new problem is the other stuff he did that came to light in the Wells report. His harassment of assistant athletic trainer Naohisa Inoue was highlighted as particularly troubling because Wells saw that Incognito held a more powerful position within the organization than Inoue -- a status he didn't hold over other players. This made the abuse of Inoue egregious.

From the report:

"Martin said that Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey directed racial slurs at the Assistant Trainer, calling him a "Jap," a "Chinaman" and a "chink"; referred to him as a "dirty communist" or a "North Korean"; made demands such as "give me some water you fucking chink"; spoke to him in a phony, mocking Asian accent, including asking for "rubby rubby sucky sucky"; and called his mother a "rub and tug masseuse." Martin also informed us that Incognito and Jerry taunted the Assistant Trainer by saying that they had had sex with his girlfriend.

"On December 7, 2012 (the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor), Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey donned traditional Japanese headbands that featured a rising sun emblem and jokingly threatened to harm the Assistant Trainer physically in retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attack. Martin reported that the Assistant Trainer confided to him that he was upset about the Pearl Harbor prank, finding it derogatory and demeaning.

"Jerry and Pouncey each admitted that they repeatedly used racial language toward the Assistant Trainer -- including calling him a "Jap" and a "Chinaman" -- and acknowledged their Pearl Harbor Day stunt. Incognito likewise did not dispute that he and others directed these kinds of words at the Assistant Trainer, but said that this language was all in good humor and that the Assistant Trainer recognized that the words were not meant seriously, even responding with his own jokes. Moreover, Incognito stated that he did not discern a power or status differential between himself and the Assistant Trainer because he viewed everyone as equal, regardless of his position in the Dolphins organization. Incognito also claimed that he had a good friendship with the Assistant Trainer that included socializing outside of work. He pointed out that the headbands were gifts from the Assistant Trainer.

"Martin told us that until he saw how the Assistant Trainer was treated he had never in his life witnessed flagrant racial harassment. Martin felt that the Assistant Trainer awkwardly laughed along with some of the racist comments, even though he was in fact offended. Another player reported that for a one-month period when he was receiving treatment in the training room, he heard Incognito making derogatory comments, including racial remarks, to the Assistant Trainer every day. Like Martin, this player also felt that the Assistant Trainer’s awkward laughter in response to Incognito’s verbal abuse belied his unease. This player also was offended to have to witness the abuse."

Bad deal for Incognito because now his problem extends to the harassment of players and someone viewed as an underling within the organizational structure. And Incognito's problem increases.

Incognito, you see, kept a log book of fines within the team's Kangaroo Court. Those fines outlined some of his harassment of not only Martin, but possibly Nate Garner as well.

The problem is Incognito seemed to recognize this was something of a smoking gun so he asked Pouncey and Nate Garner to destroy the book. Neither did. The fact Incognito wanted to cover his tracks? That's going to be another problem for him beyond just the interaction with Martin. So while Incognito might have gotten off for time served based on his harassment of Martin, the other stuff might pile more punishment on his plate.

O'Neill: He's worked for the team for 18 years and is generally respected inside and outside the organization. But the Wells report states O'Neill on mulitiple ocassions heard Jerry, Pouncey and Incognito make jokes and crude comments about Martin's sister. And, the bad part, he sometimes laughed at them. The report also states O'Neill heard the comments directed as Inoue and similarly laughed. The report states O"Neill was aware of what was going on and rather than tell his superior, he advised Martin to fight back. (Me? I'd advise Martin to fight back and tell the head coach). The report states O'Neill was not cooperative in his interview with Wells and actually left the interview before it concluded. Fireable offenses? Don't think so. Sanctionable offenses? Probably.

Pouncey: The Dolphins at this moment do not intend to trade him. So let's get that rumor cleared up right now. He is a good player at a key position. He isn't on the market today. But is he in trouble? Heck yes. He was Incognito's running mate, his wingman so to speak. His texts about his attitude toward Martin are eye-opening to anyone who believes Martin might be able to return to the Dolphins locker room. He similarly engaged in mocking the assistant trainer. And in several parts, Wells writes, he either gives no credit to what Pouncey was telling or questions Pouncey's truthfulness. That's a problem for Pouncey. He could easily be looking at an NFL suspension of some length. Remember a few months ago when Pouncey said this whole thing was a media fabrication?

Jerry: He's a free agent. And he's not that good. And now he's got this NFL report portraying him as the third of the Three Amigos that harassed Martin and others. Frankly, I didn't know John Jerry could put two consecutive sentences together, much less be part of this deal. But he is. And while he doesn't seem to, ahem, stretch the truth as much as Pouncey, Wells dings him for that a couple of times also.

Philbin: He's not going to get fired. It doesn't look like he's going to be sanctioned by the NFL because Wells sees the head coach's total plea of cluelessness on this scandal as plausible and positive. I've spoken to no one else in the NFL outside the Dolphins who shares that view. Philbin's reputation has suffered. It is not great league-wide outside of his small circle of friends. That might be the extent of his sanctions. 


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Seems the bullies should have been keeping track of the opposing defenses instead of the kangaroo court. This explains the 58 sacks. Ths fans that attended games should be reimbursed. Jeez.

This entire pathetic episode, and in my opinion starting at the top down with Ross, is a slap in the face to all fans of the Dolphins. Each and every one of US.

What has happened to this once competitive, respected and admired organization?

A New Yorker for an owner. A head coach who never held that position or even called an offensive play before leaping at this job. A former GM that the fans were calling for his head...for years. A bastion of players, GM's, head coaches that wouldn't dare be a part. A new logo that belongs on the side of a cruise ship. A history of incompetence with blunder after blunder after blunder. And now, this. And it's getting worse as the truth comes out by the the few with their necks on the line to bring it to us.

So what can we expect now? Not much.

We've all been punked.


This whole thing is great off season stuff for the news media. It's unprecedented regarding NFL punishment and being documented. The NFL may want to send a message as they usually do but long suspensions; Would be over the top being it's unprecedented. The NFL should lay down the law on this type of harassment but long suspensions should not be given because trash talk and locker room harassment have never been disciplined in the past. Many work places have this type of behavior against an eccentric like Martin. Fine the guys who were implicated but long suspensions would hurt the Dolphins especially with Pouncey. Jerry is not very good, Incognito will never play for the Dolphins again and Turner should be fired for many reasons. The Dolphins should just release Martin because he is also not very good. Pouncey is the only harmful result of this fiasco. The Dolphins should hope that he is only fined.

"New Yorker" Steven Ross is a graduate of Miami Beach High School and had Dolphins season tickets for a quarter century before buying the team.

Those are facts regardless of your feelings about him.

ross talks a good game and loves useless committee's. he is surrounded himself with "yes men". with ross at the helm this org.is lost. philbin reads off of cue cards. nobody at the top knows how to speak to the fans or media. PR decisions are carefully weighed;by committee of course. no one is accountable or believable in the front office including the head coach!

It's an embarrassment that Turner is still with team . Still don't know how a 325 lb. Man gets bullied? But tha fact Turner joined in even after Martin told him he was thinking of killing himself is pitiful. And I still call BS on Joe didn't know !

Wow! 'a New Yorker for an owner' is written about in a negative way. Hey genius New Yorkers developed south Florida and have had significant contributions in many areas. Stephen Ross is not the issue however some of the people that he inherited with his Miami franchise purchase were. If firing Philbin needs to be undertaken after next season he will do what has to be done.

It's an embarrassment that Turner is still with team . Still don't know how a 325 lb. Man gets bullied? But tha fact Turner joined in even after Martin told him he was thinking of killing himself is pitiful. And I still call BS on Joe didn't know !

Posted by: ManFin | February 17, 2014 at 05:25 AM

There is no size limits on being bullied. Martin is not a fighter and I don't care is he is or isn't, football and off field behaviour are the main issues.

Philbin has stood by Sherman, he could have cut Incognito on the Dec 2 deadline and now he stand by Turner. Philbin is clueless or part of the whole cover up, either way a 15-17 coach, that lost his locker a long time ago.

We all know that Philbin won't change and who the hell would want to play here while Philbin, Turner, Jerry and Pouncey are in the house.

Philbins coaches have been involved in racist conduct and he has stood by and done nothing, thats condoning the behaviour. RI is a douch but I can't stay these sanctimonious BS artists like Philbin that preach good conduct and respect, yet do nothing to make it happen. Weak coach and pathetic leader.

We fist pump when our team beats up / bullies an opponent. We expect our guys to be aggressive and dominant. Since they were kids they've been trained to be just that. Then we cry foul when this aggressiveness flows out beyond the confines of the gridiron. I'm not defending anyone but really why are we all so surprised when our gladiators don't act as well balanced normal human beings ? A Clockwork Orange anybody ?

This blog is too dumb for Stanley Kubrick references, but excellent post regardless.

The media is still sensationalizing this...Mando included. Gives the media something to do in the off season. Most of this is much ado about nothing. Cogs is crude and maybe needs some sensativity trainging. Is he a bully though? Not from what I read. Martin had underlying mental issues unknown to all. A "normal" player would have been fine. Martin and the trainer did not speak up or report the issue so it could be handeled...internally. if they would have spoken up or reported and it continued, then we have something. Sometimes the victim shares some of the blame. Once u get labeled a victim, people want to ignore their actions. Cogs should have a small fine with yime served. Turner fired (I wanted him gone anyway), pouncy and jerry finded as well and call it a day....unless the NFL wants to review every locker...

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Posted by: Facts About Dominicans | February 16, 2014 at 11:20 PM


Got to admit THAT IS FUNNY!

Ross is our biggest problem and anyone that thinks,wish's,or prays that this team will be a winner with him as the owner,are dilusional. He kept Sporano only because Harbaugh told him no thanks. He hired Philbin only because Fisher said no thanks. His GM drafted Tannehll because Peyton Manning said no thanks. Not to mention the latest fiasco trying to hire a new GM,WTF!

I am nor surprised at any of this and most of what martin is saying is overdone. He can't be exonerated because he said he wanted to fit in. Did he joke with other players? Were other players joking with each other? The report was silent about this. Yea it may have been over the top a few times but you can't single a few players without findind out what the other players didi or didn't do. This is common stuff Iam sorry with the exception of a few insidents. They all should be cleared ande to undergo insensitivity training. This training should be mandatory across the NFL because this is common acrooa the league to a very large extent. Martin and players like him most be trained on how to handle themselves and how to elevate their concerns. End of story.

Posted by: rubedaddy | February 17, 2014 at 06:57 AM

Philbin is like the manager of a care home who's patients have all been abused by the porters. He claims to know nothing, so he is guilty of negligence and should be sacked. This stain will never leave Philbin and after he gets sacked from here, he will be lucky to get an assistant O-line gig in the CFL.

If Philbin was a decent guy he would step down. Of course he won't as no other team in the NFL would touch him. We are going to waste another year folks watching Joe look lost, get owned by other coaches, refs trample all mover him and read his cue cards out penned by your very own DawnJoe Aponbin.

Some of the things in this article are roflmao funny. The headbands = roflmao. Mocking accents ? This is much a do about nothing. People have to learn to be less sensitive as opposed to silencing those who might be offensive to some who are hypersensitive. Life is hard enough, having a sense of humor helps. I hear Asian girls have sideways c o o c h i e s.

"That's a good g o o k, good and dead"

I once knocked on a door thinking I had the right place, to my surprise, an Asian person answered and told me I had the wrong house. Turned out I had the Wong house.

Fortune cookie n o o k i e.

Beware the liberal police, like the xtian right, it's their mission to see that no one has any fun.

Never thought I'd hate any Dolphin more than yellow Ted Ginn but Martin is the sorriest sack of puss to ever put on an NFL uniform.

Texting mommy.

Even the top universities can produce morons.

Well if "It's (the) NFL office's turn to speak on (the) harassment scandal" why aren't they being given the courtesy of speaking and THEN the reporting can be on the FACTS based upon what they ACTUALLY say? And I don't mean just copying the press release handout as is so often done with Dolphin press conferences.
If opinions and sensationalism weren't used in place of facts so often maybe readers would be a little more inclined to check their facts before spewing out nonsense like the post at 4:40 AM this morning.
Unfortunately the intellectual lights have only grown dimmer as the sun rises.

He said she said hyperbole. When does the draft start so the Dolphins can get back to winning ?

Philbin can't be expected to know everything that goes on in the locker room.

Lecturing or preaching to socio/psychopaths will do nothing to reform them; as a matter of fact nothing will reform them outside of genetic modification. Until then, you have to constantly kick them hard in the assss to at least keep them under control.

As bad as the o line was last year they probably should just get rid of all of them Including Pouncey he obviously wasn't spending his time trying to get better as a player or help his teammates get better. I realize he is pretty good player on a bad o line but the Dolphins should make a stand somewhere and define who they want to be and what kind of players they want on their team. It is too bad they always seem to get a lot punks on their team or players with mental issues.

Wow, a "lengthy suspension" of Pouncey Mando? I think that would be a stretch. I didn't hear him given instructions asking if everything he says will be the truth (like in a court). Especially with this subjective topic (bullying, taunting, jabbing, etc.). It's really Wells' "assumptions" that Pouncey was lying about some of this stuff. Slap on the wrist, sure. But a lengthy suspension is going too far. Especially when the guy in charge (Philbin) gets away scot-free for saying he was there everyday but saw no evil and heard no evil. He's like the security guard that was asleep while the thieves stole the money out of the bank and then used that as his excuse to evade punishment.

Do you love how Armando rips on all these guys for the things they said and then ends the article saying John Jerry can barely put two sentences together. Class act Armando

youve talked to people league wide?

You talked to people at ESPN! Which is where you are looking to get a job.

Quite frankly, I hope you make it there!

Vernon Davis just said that Incognito was a good man.

well, the players keep coming to "the bad guys" defense.

But Martin? ah, now we have something here no one will talk about in the media.

liberal ying but no yang.

I now know the difference between Omar and Mando.

What a complete MESS

Armando really hates Joe Philbin.

LeBatard wrote a really good piece on this topic. A must read.

Clubcentric - I like that one!

Posted by: jsm08 | February 17, 2014 at 08:00 AM

Maybe, but please explain what's to LIKE about Joe Philbin. He took a 7-9 team and improved it too...an 8-8 team (WOW, working wonders there Joe, great job). He took a team known for defense and a great run game and turned them into a team that's great at absolutely nothing. He doubles the amount of plays run in practice to speed up the offense and they are bottom of the league in scoring. He protects absolute LOSERS (Sherman/Turner) yet has problems with Dansby, Bush, Long (players who go on to be productive on other teams). He can't even address his team off the cuff after games, he reads from cue cards. He preaches respect and professionalism and his players and staff have so much faith in him they go right ahead and do the exact opposite.

Other than acknowledging that this is now a passing league and trying to update Miami's offensive philosophy, what about Joe Philbin is there to actually like?

Has Philbin been fired yet?

How does Philbin still have a job....

Daytona is an @ss....there is no denying that....but he was the first to see Ross as a problem....him and all of his screen names....

Ross again is doing the Bass Akward as he keeps the MAIN MAN in charge of this debacle employed....and Philbin's saving grace...IGNORANCE.....are you EFFING effing me?????


You can plead IGNORANCE and still remain the HC of a BILLION DOLLAR Organization...

I guess so....if the Billionaire @ the top is equally incompetent.....

It's an embarrassment that Philbin is still with team.

I forgot....


Is everybody kidding me?? Philbin and Turner must be fired! is unacceptable that a HC could not possible know something like that is happening.
i hope the NFL does what Ross is uncapable and suspend both.

If Philbin is IGNORANT....FIRE HIM! NOW!

This debacle involved 6 people over a 2 year span and Philbin knew nothing? Are u F'N kidding me?

Armando really hates Joe Philbin.

Posted by: jsm08 | February 17, 2014 at 08:00 AM

Doesnt every Fin fan?

Pouncey and Jerry need to go too

Careers of reputable men and women have been ruined for far, far less than the overt racism spewed out by Cogs, Jerry and Pouncey.

Howard Cosell was forced out due to some poorly chosen words. Ken Venturi was fired due to some equally poorly chosen words. There are countless others in sports and business.

There are also those who get second and third chances -- normally because they can make money for their employers in some way or another.

Whatever one thinks of Martin, the fact is that Cogs, Jerry and Pouncey were running the show. The team and coaches and staff let it happen. The result was horrid OL play, a disgusting scandal, and an 8-8 record. If Turner is the only fall guy, then there is a lot of injustice in that.

Ross should fire Turner. He should fire O'Neil as well. They should go after as much of Pouncey's money as possible and trade him or release him.

The NFL needs to ban Cogs, Jerry and Pouncey for one year. Turner and O'Neil should also have one year bans from working in the NFL.

Philbin - he should be suspended for four games at the least for such inadequate leadership. I had tremendous sympathy for him when he started in Miami. No more. He is a disgusting and incompetent head coach.

Ross needed to turn the team over to someone like Caserio and let them clean house.

Jerry and Cogs are gone. Martin will be released, probably with a nice settlement. Andrews and the assistant trainer should get a very, very nice settlement.

One wishes that the Dolphins and NFL would assist the victims in lawsuits against Pouncey, Cogs, and Jerry as well.

I have been a Dolphin fan since the 1970's. I doubt I ever will be again. I am disgusted with this team and its players and ownership. It's very sad they cannot even take responsibility and clean house properly. The responsibility is on Ross -- he has chosen not to act even with the facts, which can only mean he, in a sense, condones the attitudes of Jerry, Cogs and Pouncey.

Only a Jests fan would support Joe Philbin now.

Joe Philbin, failure to supervise. Fire him now.

Incognito should be banned for life.

Welcome to Monday.

The "Scandal" Talk should be done.


Does anyone else believe that Martin was harassed in junior high and high school, then not at all at Stanford, then again with the Phins?

I think Martin see SF and coach Harbaugh as one of the few possible teams that would be willing to take a chance on him and if he admits it went on at Stanford, then coach Harbaugh is as guilty as the rest and wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.

Incognito is a major scumbag and ruined the Dolphins.

At what time do you sleep?

@8:47 was my first time posting. And I stopped posting about 9 yesterday. Yet, you keep impersonating Dashi.

Some people can dish it, but can't take it. You sir have proven to be extra sensitive. Yet, are the king of nonsense here.

Also, you are doing nothing but making Dashi look good. I BROKE YOU!! AND EVERYONE CAN SEE THAT I BROKE YOU!!

So keep trolling Dashi. Cause I Broke You!!

HaHa!! The Little Biatch got Broken by Dashi!!

You can do and say whatever you want. I BROKE YOU!!

Douchey, tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith! LMAO

j jerry
a fat p o s
now u kno
y long split
wtf is going on in
camp davie?

You are a broken man.

Keep making stuff up.

No doubt Tre Mason knows how to run and is pretty strong for his size also. No way he runs a 4.6 as WF has him. Watch the combine. I wouldn't mind having him at #19.


Tre Mason would be my number 1 pick. I have been hollering about him forever.

TRE MASON = RDUB's Eddie Lacy

Douchey, tell us again how Chad Henne is our franchise QB! LMAO

It would be one thing if the whole issue was only between Cogs and Martin. Not a good thing, of course.

But this involves Cogs, Jerry, Pouncey, O'Neil, Turner (as offenders) and MacDonald and Inoue (as victims). Martin was both offender and victim.

The other fact is that nearly the entire locker room came down in favor of Cogs (which means they also support Jerry and Pouncey). Think about that. It goes to the character of he men on the team. It's not a pretty picture and no amount of PR spin is going to change that. This is why this team is going to lose for years to come.

If the whole thing was that Martin needed to stand up for himself, I believe he would have done so. But there were three three-hundred pound men doing the bullying with the support of two staff members and possibly most of the locker room.

And the reality is probably this: Philbin Knew. Ireland Knew. Aponte Knew. And knowing such behavior was going on and not acting to stop it implies endorsement of such behavior.

It would not be easy for Martin to fight one three hundred pound OL, let alone three, let alone an entire organization.

And once something goes physical, then its a small step to real violence, with weapons, in such a dysfunctional and leaderless environment.

Philbin does not have a leadship gene in his body. He is probably a wonderful political infighter. That's why Ross loves him.

This is ALL on Ross. Even when the facts are in, he has done nothing but endorse the worst coach in the NFL.

I am curious about what will happen as far as fines and/or suspensions today. We could assume that Cogs might be suspended or fined, Pouncey the same along with John Jerry. But what about Martin? He took part in the hazing of "Player A." He's also mentioned as getting high. Should he get a pass because he was the "victim?" Should he get a pass because he said that "he played along?" In my humble fan opinion I don't think he should get a pass.

Another thing that bothers me about Martin is he told his Mom or someone that he did not want to go to the coaches for fear of being ostracized. BUT leaving the team was better? Leaving the team has the possibility of hurting quite a few lives plus he's now been ostracized from most teams in the NFL. How did this turn out better?

Did the players go overboard? Yes!!! but how could they have known Martin had emotional issues, he was playing along. He told his Mother he was playing along.

It is funny but the 1 comment I remember from "player A" is that he's upset on how his relationship with Turner has been portrayed and that he has no issues with the Dolphins.

Dashi, I hope you're right and today will be the last of it. If the punishment gets handed down today I believe it will be the beginning of the end.

Emmit Smith is a garbage RB in my book. The Most Overhyped RB in history. E.Smith was an Average RB who was blessed to have the best O-line in History. More than half the line that blocked for E.Smith is in the HOF, his FB is in the HOF, his blocking TE is in the HOF, he played with a HOF QB and a HOF WR.

Barry played with no one. It looked more like Kill the man with ball(11 vs 1), than a real football game when Barry played.

I would never compare the two because they are nothing a like. One was 5'8" 200lbs the other one is 6'2" 230lbs. Running style is way different.

I also never compared L.Miller to the greatest RB to ever play the game. I have compared him to a Poor man's Thurman Thomas, he is similar to C.Portis. But I have never and will ever compare another RB to Barry. Duke Johnson is the closest to Barry I have ever seen and I still wouldn't put that burden on the Duke.

And No Offense to anyone, but I trust my opinion on RBs. And no not cause I liked E.Lacy last year.

This whole thing is a sh_t show. Everyone in the head office of this stumbling franchise had to anticipate the Wells report would not be good for the organization. Now they have the report and now they see the national media kick in again with a negative view of the organization.

Clearly the OLINE coaches should be let go. Their team couldn't block the cheerleaders and they spent this much time teasing each other and acting like children throughout the year. Really? This show lack of leadership and accountability. The OLINE coaches shouldh have been fired due to the performance of the squad. To not fire them now is completely ridiculous.

Philbin should have been fired for the 2 game collapse at the end of the season. Ross should have swept the room clearn by firing him and Ireland together. I called out that mistake last month. Now Ross has to deal with the media questioning Philbin's inept leadership again.

A real sh-t show!!!

Look at all the Monday Morning NFL analyts and owners. Some of you think you know whats good for the Team because you were there in the locker room right. Pathetic.

I love how Armando and most all others completely accepts every single aspect of the Wels report and being absolute and true. Except when it comes to Philbin, that is the one part he doesn't have a clue about and is wrong. Or maybe, Armando and most others of you are jaded and don't know what you are talking about. Every piece of the report is gospel except his opinion of Philbin.

"Philbin: He's not going to get fired. It doesn't look like he's going to be sanctioned by the NFL because Wells sees the head coach's total plea of cluelessness on this scandal as plausible and positive"

Quit being a dooshbag Armando, if you accept this report as accurate and true then accept it in its entirety.

E.Smith even had a HOF coach. J.Johnson will be in the HOF when it is all said and done.

How many signs does this team need to have shot across their bow telling them that Pouncey is an idiot and is likely a player that is going to embarrass them in a major saga to come? His involvement with Hernandez is being investigated. HIs Free Hernandez hat. This Wells report painting him poorly.

I think he is a solid, not great player. I think he has the intelligence of a 12 year old. This guy will burn this team in the near future with a bad decision or behavior. Look for it. It's coming to a theater near you.

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