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Albert agrees, couple of more UFA players to watch

Free agency is underway and the Dolphins have come to contract terms with offensive left tackle Branden Albert on a five year deal believed to be worth between $45-48 million.

No secret there.

Albert must take and pass a physical before the deal is official and signed. 

[Update at 4:01: Albert's deal is for $47 million with $25 million guaranteed.]

I smiled this afternoon when ESPN analyst Bill Polian said Dannell Ellerbe "played well" for "OK" money he got from the Dolphins last year. Polian also referred Ellerbe as "Daniel."

Strike one.



We know that Ellerbe will be with the Dolphins this year but the coaching staff and new general manager Dennis Hickey have been considering moving him to outside linebacker, which would mean the Dolphins would need a new middle linebacker.

(Remember the flirtation with D'Qwell Jackson?)

Anyway, the other way to address the linebacker position is to get an outside backer and force Phillip Wheeler and Koa Misi to compete for playing time.

Well, if Plan B is the way to go, the Dolphins have Tampa Bay OLB Dekoda Watson on their radar.

The team is also looking for right tackle help.

And Austin Howard will be available in the coming minutes. The New York Daily News reported the past few minutes the team was unable to sign Howard in time before free agency's start.

He'll be on the market.

The Dolphins are going to need to make moves at defensive tackle and we've already discussed Earl Mitchell and also Cam Thomas as a low-cost third DT option.

Another option is Kansas City five-technique defensive end Tyson Jackson. The Dolphins are considering him as someone capable of making the move to 4-3 DT.

[Update at 4:03: Mitchell has agreed to terms with the Dolphins and is flying to Miami today, according to Adam Beasley and ESPN and me. Beasley reports the agreement. ESPN says it's a four-year deal worth $16 million. I'm told Mitchell will get $9 million in guaranteed money.]

[Update at 4:10: Jackson is obviously no longer a priority. He will visit the Falcons tonight, per a source.]


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Thank the lord almighty above goodbye Nolan Carroll

@incarceratedbob: **BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: As #IBN reported last week #Vick now expected to get deal done with Jets barring any late contract snags #IBN..

Let the madness begin!

Drum roll please.....

it's ON!!!

Yep. No more rumors. Time for the real stuff.

Let's do this Tricky Hickey!

And we're off!




Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m
Former Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby reached agreement on a 4-yr, $24M deal including $14M gtd with Cleveland, per ESPN sources.

First signing goes to the Browns. The let Jackson go and got an older LB.

Oh I have to take my comments back on Cam Thomas if he's just being considered as a 3rd DT option. I hope Armando meant 3rd on our depth chart though.

And Albert is number 2 signee this year. YAY, LT locked up.


Well Mitchell has signed with the Dolphins as well.

Not a bad contract on Albert.



Schefter says Albert deal is for 5 years 46 mil with 25 mil guaranteed. 9.2 a year is not too bad.

Adam Schefter

Former Texans defensive tackle Earl Mitchell is expected to land a 4-yr, $16M deal that includes $9M GTD with Dolphins



Albert signed and Earl Mitchell signed to

great job so far, keep it up boys....

@ArmandoSalguero: Earl Mitchell will get approximately $9M guaranteed money from the Dolphins....

Mando tweets 4 years 16 mil with 9 mil guaranteed for Mitchell. We will see how it works out. I hadn't heard of him until a couple days ago.

Yes Mitchell alot better than Cam Thomas and is believed to be a comer.
Production numbers no so lofty because his job was to absorb double teams with Texans.

Guys i hope the guys were getting are LEADERS!! Starks and Solai werent leaders on the team so glad their gone!

Colts have agreed to a five-year, deal with Arthur Jones worth roughly $6 million annually, according to sources.



Glad they got Mitchell. Attacking quick DT. Need more disruptive backfield plays.

And to think he's younger & will get HALF of what Starks & Soliai are probably looking for.

Best part is his age. You can buid around him & whoever else they draft or sign. Like the moves!

yeah nemo. he is the
new coconut at 300 lb.
the old coconut played
at 360 lbs.

We need Leaders! Solai and Starks werent

Nolan Carroll signs with Buffalo



Go find a RT, 1 OG & another DT or MLB & this FA period is a success. Ggo into the draft & take the BPA.

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 1m
Mitchell did have four sacks last year and was playing in a 3-4. Dolphins jumped on him real early. Interesting.

That is an interesting tweet.

OK, now let's here the RT Strief....

anybody on Byrd watch???

From Miami to Buffalo. He will be walking through tha Airport with no shirt mumbling to himself and attacking the police in a couple years. Oh wait.. Bess already did that..

Like the signings so far. 1 or 2 more lienemen. And another LB to compete against Wheeler for playing time.

Carroll is visiting Buffalo. No word of him signing.

If a guy like Carroll gets 1 of the first contracts today, I'd be shocked.

God I hope Carroll in Buf is true!! Heehaw! That's best signing all day!!

Good start... nowewhere near done or should be...

O line better

D line ?? - can't really say stronger until I see this guy play. Still need a top pick at DT before it's even a draw so far....

CBs weaker still

LB no change

Rb no change

Not satisfied yet.

lol its been 20 mins

No news on Byrd yet.

Not satisfied yet.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 11, 2014 at 04:19 PM

Who cares? But, thanks for this meaningless post. Truly informative!

Mando's blog sets right up with what I feel the Dolphins should do, which is switch Ellerbe to th outside and do whatever they can to draft Mosley. He could become a Ray Lewis type leader on the team, minus the murder of course.

What are we doing for QB?

Posted by: THED | March 11, 2014 at 04:21 PM

Fine as long as he doesn't have an entrance dance....

Very very solid start.......Mitchell can play boys

Dolphins as active Day 1 as last year. Rivaled by the Browns!

protecting him so he actually has time to make a decision..

[Update at 4:10: Jackson is obviously no longer a priority. He will visit the Falcons tonight, per a source.]

Jackson who?

Mitchell probably real solid signing.

Its a start. Not sure about Earl Mitchell. Sounds like he could be good in a 4-3. More to come I'm sure.

I know matty... I don't expect them to be finished.

But today is when you make your big hits ... all the things that we are supposed to get excited about I guess.

Not handing out grades, hahaa

Wally, Tyson Jackson from the Chiefs was a d-tackle possibility before we signed Mitchell. At least thats who I think he is referring to.

Dan Carpenter resigned by Bills...I always liked Dan.

@AdamSchefter: Jaguars and free-agent G Zane Beadles have agreed to terms on a 5-year, $30 million deal with $13 million guaranteed, per @caplannfl....

No word on Saffold yet. Maybe he's stil in play. Oakland has cap space so pretty confusing as to why no deal annunched yet...

Veldheer gets $7m per.Most had Albert, Monroe & Veldheer in that order. With albert at 9.25 & Veldheer at 7. Expect Monroe to come in around 8.5 - 9 per.

Whitner to Browns

i was joking.. itll be interesting to see if they look at Cromartie bc they need a strong corner opposite of Grimes..
I do like the Mitchell signing..

Saffold to Raiders

Valdaheer to Cards

OLINE is clearly better with Albert onboard. This is really good news. With him and Pouncey anchoring the two most importnat positions we have the foundation we need to build a solid unit to protect THILL and open some holes. LT was our number one need and Hickey responded very well.

DT was the next pressing nee. Solai and Starks were getting older and their results on the field were OK not great last year. They are likely to get paid more than what Hickey just paid Mitchell. He brings youth, size and speed. Added to Odrick and we have two young DT's who should be the foundation for many years to come. He was given very good grades entering Free Agency as a top DT prospect with many other teams interested. Good move Mr. Hickey!!

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