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Albert agrees, couple of more UFA players to watch

Free agency is underway and the Dolphins have come to contract terms with offensive left tackle Branden Albert on a five year deal believed to be worth between $45-48 million.

No secret there.

Albert must take and pass a physical before the deal is official and signed. 

[Update at 4:01: Albert's deal is for $47 million with $25 million guaranteed.]

I smiled this afternoon when ESPN analyst Bill Polian said Dannell Ellerbe "played well" for "OK" money he got from the Dolphins last year. Polian also referred Ellerbe as "Daniel."

Strike one.



We know that Ellerbe will be with the Dolphins this year but the coaching staff and new general manager Dennis Hickey have been considering moving him to outside linebacker, which would mean the Dolphins would need a new middle linebacker.

(Remember the flirtation with D'Qwell Jackson?)

Anyway, the other way to address the linebacker position is to get an outside backer and force Phillip Wheeler and Koa Misi to compete for playing time.

Well, if Plan B is the way to go, the Dolphins have Tampa Bay OLB Dekoda Watson on their radar.

The team is also looking for right tackle help.

And Austin Howard will be available in the coming minutes. The New York Daily News reported the past few minutes the team was unable to sign Howard in time before free agency's start.

He'll be on the market.

The Dolphins are going to need to make moves at defensive tackle and we've already discussed Earl Mitchell and also Cam Thomas as a low-cost third DT option.

Another option is Kansas City five-technique defensive end Tyson Jackson. The Dolphins are considering him as someone capable of making the move to 4-3 DT.

[Update at 4:03: Mitchell has agreed to terms with the Dolphins and is flying to Miami today, according to Adam Beasley and ESPN and me. Beasley reports the agreement. ESPN says it's a four-year deal worth $16 million. I'm told Mitchell will get $9 million in guaranteed money.]

[Update at 4:10: Jackson is obviously no longer a priority. He will visit the Falcons tonight, per a source.]


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Actually Saffold to raiders @ 5 years $42.5 m.

so with Ireland, we grabbed the Cowboys's discards.....now with Hickey, we're scrumming for Tampa Bay's....wonderful....how come we aint rummaging in the Niners or Seahawks trash piles?

Veldheer 5 year, 35m Arizona. nice signing...

Mando, is Byrd having dinner in Miami or is Miami having Byrd for dinner?

Jaguars broke the bank on Beadles. 5 years 30 mil 13 mil guaranteed. Guard market is starting to look thin.

THED, we signed that Unitas kid at QB....old school guy with a crew cut, black high tops....oh wait, he already played, didnt he?--actually I think he might be dead....forget it

Dam jaguars...

Keep on living that dream, Texas...

Texas, for all that is holy...PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT JARIUS BYRD.





With Grimes, Albert and Mitchell locked in we may see Hickey take a few days to land other posiions that don't warrant top money.

If we don't see another signing in the next 2-3 days it's not nessarily a bad sign. They can get a solid RB, G, LB in the next couple of days that will add rea value and be improvements over the current roster.

I'd like to see them go aggressively after Austin Howard. That may need to be quick before he is snatched up. If they land him then I'd give Hickey a straight "A" for his Free Agent signings.

The Mitchell signing is the best so far by a good margin. I was hoping the phins were in play for him and it looks like they will land him. It's not going to mean shyte if we don't improve the LB play considering they were the reason we couldn't stop the run last year.

Yeah mark, I am hopeful but I know it is a slim chance. Not giving in until I see he's signed elsewhere.

The CB movest so far makes sense to me.

Grimes resigning was HUGE.

Patterson played FOUR games last year. Yes, he was productive when on the field but he wasn't on the field. Their medical staff spent A LOT of time with this guy and they know better than anyone if he was worth the $'s.

They have invested in two young CB's last draft and they need to get these guys on the field.

They have other guys on the roster who can play Nickel (Wilsona and Thomas) if needed.

They still can land a veteran in Free Agency or in the Draft. I don't see them standing pat at CB.

benz.. LOL

Soliai is officially a Falcon. Good luck in Atlanta big Paul!!!!

better get moving if they want a RT

Looks like Solia to Falcons

Big Paul and Jon Asamoah to the Falcons. Good luck to Paul in the future, thanks for the 7 years big man!

All you need to know about Mitchell is the Texans averaged 4.2 yards against the run when he was not on the field, and 3.1 when he was on the field....And 4 sacks!!! Run Ricky Run!

Reuniting with Nolan. Falcons need a lot of help on both lines.

Sigh Big Paul, thanks man, for everything ... guy was a beast...

Hmmm..the Texans released Owen Daniels. Not sure what he would command in guaranteed money, but him and Clay lining up in the double TE set would be a nice F YOU to Belli

Mitchell, I can't find among the top ranked FA DTs. May be a backup to Soliai or replacement for Randy Starks. HMMM... I think Hickey missed on this one.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1m

Deal for Paul Soliai to the #Falcons: Five years, $33M with $14M fully guaranteed, per source. $11M this year.

Yeah, I see why Miami wouldn't pay that.

I think Starks and Soliai are 29 and 30 respectively. Old?

Nice contract Paul...you earned it.

Oscar, I think you miss on everything.

Mitchell has been widely regarded as the sleeper of this FA class. He had 4 sacks last year as a part time NT in a 3-4. His job was to occupy double teams. Will be beastly in a 4-3.

Apparently Miami outbid San Diego for him & 4 other teams wanted to talk to him. Scouts are paid to know players, not fans.

Good Luck to Paul Solai!

That said, it was the right thing to do to let him go. Average of $6m+ per year for Paul at this stage of his career? Not me!

I'll take Mitchell for $4m per year. Younger, faster, less wear and tear. Good move Hickey!!

c'mon, lets be real......many/most here would be screaming if we paid Soliai or Starks 8-9 mill/yr, or more

lets also be real....looks nice to see the words "Pro Bowler" before Albert's name in the many articles, doesnt it?

Something going on here. The Dolphins have plenty of $$$ to pay Soliai what the Falcons will pay him. Why not? Anybody?

JPAO, absolutely agree. Paying Soliai or Starks that money is insane but, the Falcons are desperate!

Mitchell will cost HALF of what Starks & Soliai get. Great deal on Mitchell, slightly overpaid for our Albert & retained our #1 cb with a very good contract.

A+ thus far.

dont need agin solia. nice move on mitchel for cheap also

Nah, Mitchell is a good pickup. It's not unlike Randy Starks when we first took him in FA.

simple....Paul is past his prime.

If you think, FYI, that paying an unproved DT like Mitchell 9 mill a year you might be delusional.

Dolphins are going younger with the long term deals...

solid start for hickey. howard is the big fish we need right now

agree thed, perfect comparison

Good luck big paul.

Weell, Hickey has to prove his mettle in substituting Mitchell for Soliai. More power to him I wish.

so whos gonna be our other corner

I like the Albert and Delmas pickups. Mitchell looks to be acornish.


I understand your trepidation, but lets wait a few more days to see how this shakes out.

Looks like our DT's so far would be Mitchell and Odrick.
Also would like to continue to develop the young AJ Francis. Francis shows promise.
Things are looking good so far. If we can get a G and have an honest deal for Ben Tate then i would call FA a major Success!

benz, what TB discards are you talking about. Really shows what you know.

Mitchell was the 57th ranked DT against the run last year.

The middle of our D looks to be soft.

solia and starcks are good to very good players, but not a very good fit for Coyle´s scheme. With mitchell and Odrick we have 2 young guys to eat up blocks, leaving Wake, Vernon and Jordan one on one to rush the passer. Barring the possibility of landing another CB, I think the defense is set heading into the draft (draft a DT or an LB).
On offense, i think we should look at A. Collins from the bengals and find at least another OG.

what the hell are e the falcons doing? that Scott polia is a moron he drafted himn third overall 4 yrs ago and hes been a bust oh the light just happened to come on in his contract yr, so polia basically drafts him again!! wow. Mitchell nice signing but did anyone notice Monroe signed for 10m less than albert? eesh. but ok lets get another two OL so we can draft Aaron donald at dt a monster then Carlos hyde so we can convert some 3rd 4th and ones then chris Borland a zack thomas clone in the third and kick ellerbe outside

Mitchell has not signed or agreed to terms he's coming to visit that's all

Oscar, you are an idiot. They are paying Mitchell 4M a year not 9M. You are the uniformed moron coming on here asking about Mitchell then call him an acorn? Learn players stats before you talk out of you hole.

Now the Draft is wide open for the Dolphins after signing OT,DT and S

Like I was saying yesterday, Brandon Albert will get a contract similar to 5 yrs. 47 million 19 million guaranteed. Well I was right on point with the 5 yrs & 47 mil contract, but 4 mil more in guaranteed money.

need to trade,or grab chris johnson when released...

Not to bad so far,,,lets keep going..

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