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Another DT possibility emerges for Dolphins

Yes, the Dolphins are trying to move on from Randy Starks and Paul Soliai. Don't be sad for the guys you know, as they will have offers. Indeed, Soliai might be visiting his new team starting tomorrow.

But as for Miami's replacement of those players, a new name to consider is Cam Thomas of the San Diego Chargers.

Thomas, 27, is 6-4 and 330 pounds which means he's a similar body to Soliai. That has him on the Dolphins radar.

Thomas is younger, has a high ceiling, and will be way cheaper than either Soliai or Starks would be.

But here's the thing:

Thomas today isn't as good.

Thomas was basically handed the starting nose tackle job with Chargers last year when Aubrayo Franklin and Antonio Garay left the team. Then he lost that starting job in early December and thereafter shared snaps with Sean Lissemore.

Thomas nonetheless is a good prospect.

Keep his name in mind along with Earl Mitchell, who was discussed in this space earlier today.



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Mitchell (11) and Thomas (26th rated DT) in free agency to replace (5)Starks and (6) Soliai.

This makes me sad.


Two different players….huh.

By the way, 27 year olds are not prospects in football. This guy isn't very good ... period.

Can't pay everybody. ^^^

^^ They can pay somebody!

NT is a hard position. Maybe he would be better as a DT.

Hey Mark check my post in the last blog @ 3:02 on the Reshad Jones contract. I actually liked the deal at the time, but he fell way off in 13.

The only way this stuff really make sense about the D-tackles is if they think Soliai and Starks are going to get worse in the next year or 2. Money shouldn't really be an object though. If they wanted a young guy I like Melton and Joseph.

Pairing one of these guys with Odrick would almost force us to go round 1 D-tackle. Although I like Donald,Hageman, and Jernigan, I would like the team to have flexibility going into the draft this year.

Sure sounds like Soliai and Starks are asking for a lot of money -- the kind not even the Dolphins are willing to come up with. Seems like two very greedy and ungrateful guys, if you ask me. Both of them have been franchised in the past, meaning they have already made a bunch of money from the Dolphins -- in excess of $10 million each.

Mark our run defense sucked last season. Solai and Starks were ok but by no means ireplaceable. Stop looking at PFF rankinga and do the eye teat. Solai is too one dimesional. Out of the 2 I prefer Starks case he can actually rush the QB.

The run defense has been tegressing wherher its the DL or LB core who knows. Guess we"ll find out

This team has done nothing over the years with Starks & Soliai. I do not think losing them will hurt too much nor will I really miss them.

They're both going to be 30 or older during the season. Interior lineman, as they age, tend to get hurt more so Hickey would be wise to move in a younger direction than to have too much cap space dedicated to 1 position & in older players.

Starks was much more valuable as a 3-4 DE than he is s a 4-3 DT. Soliai offers nothing as a pass rusher and his value was more of a 3-4 NT type. Schematically they aren't a fit for what Coyle wants to do.

This team needs quick DT's who can penetrate & redirect & disrupt plays. I like Linvall Joseph & Raji as potential replacements. Mitchell is being raved about as that quick step penetrating DT perfect for a 4-3.


Lets say it now. It's a mistake not re-sign either Starks or Soleai. Starks is too strong minded for Philbin to handle and Soleai is a Ireland guy. That's why they are both moving on.

Curious to see if Byrd has a deal with anyone & who would have the stones to sign m..

^ pay coconut

Less than an hour before Christmas.

I'm sure delmas
would rather take on a rb
than the foes center and
rg cuz' coconut is there
to stuff them at the
los if not?
ouch! to all on the
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I know I am dreaming but the last I heard of Byrd rumors going anywhere was the ones about Miami.

36 minutes til I know.

Texas from the last blog on our cap space. After cutting Patterson we have 38.84 mil in cap space. If we count Delmas at 3.5 (he might be a bit lower) we are at 35.34, so 35-36 mil for a round number.

Sites that have it are overthecap.com and spotrac.com. Both have lots of cool contract stuff.

Spend that money Hickey!

Dansby to the Browns 4 yrs $24 mil. 14 guaranteed & $10 of it in the 1st year. WOW!

mash unit on d
tpuke will have 2
play corner on d
no bodies left

Actually, Mark, NT/DTs often hit their prime when they're 29-30 because it takes them a while to figure out all the tricks of the trade of playing inside. So a guy 27 is still something of a prospect at that position.

Dashi what you think about losing Starks and Solai? Im ok with getting new guys up front. Who remembers in the 4th Q when teams would just run the ball right down out throats??? Pats game anybody!

Glad Starks and Soali not coming back!

Something tells me that we are creating another unnecessary hole in the D by losing both Starks and Soliai. The porous LB positions are bad enough.

Wow Dansby got paid again!!! Lets see if he gets lazy and fat as usual

Texas, it's time to wake up. Byrd is not coming to Miami & never was.

Everything thing Laconfora has reported on the fins the last week or so has been 100% wrong.

NeMo, whether the dtackles fall off or not is not teh excuse. The way i look at it is, if this is accurate, they will eb replacing two pro bowl d tackles and a strength on our team (although possibly fading) with one never will be and one huge question mark. i mean SD's defense was beyond abysmal (until the OLB returned late) and this guy wouldn't hold on to his job there.

I mean, if we are going to replace these guys with young guys then get me Raji or Joseph or melton. Mitchell may be someone, I will just refer to him as a big unknown.

If this comes to pass and we stand pat on thsi position in the draft - this will be a downgrade.

Now if we Mitchell and add Donald or hageman then there's hope. Not necessarily for next year though.

2 watt you will be bored soon. No one will take Tannehill bait anymore or any other. Free agency is the start of a new season.

Ray, after seeing that signing, I can say I'm glad Farmer didn't take the job here!

Letting Dansby leave was MORONIC!!

Thanks NeMo, I visited both sites you mention but didn't know if that was before or after Delmas.

That is plenty to land Albert and Byrd. haha

Plus, lets not forget the 5 million CAP hit from Moore.

Will he be released or traded soon?

Another example of the card reading mouth breather getting rid of player with his own mind ! Starks is as good a D lineman as there is ! Way To Go Joe ! Mr. Robbie is spinning in his grave !

I heard a rumor that we are targeting St. Louis Guard Shelley Smith. From what I've read he is a strong pulling guard who would best fit a zone scheme.
Sounds like he could be exactly what we need.

Our run defense was at worst in the 4th how can you not look right at Solai and Starks?? I cant tell you how many times i see Soali just get washed away in a running play..


I agree people need to do the eye test. More than just believe the numbers. When Motivated they are probably both still Top 5 DT in this league. But last year they didn't play motivated. Rarely did you ever see them get off a block.

2012 our problem were RBs that got to the edge. You couldn't rush up the middle. You just needed fast guys that can reach the edge and cut back on Dansby and Burnett. We got torched by the big play type RBs.

2013 our problem were RBs can consistently get 4-5 yds running up the middle. Teams didn't even have too double team Starks or Soliai. Soliai wasn't collapsing the middle like he usually did. AND THEY TOOK PLAYS OFF!!

Dashi was a huge fan of Starks and Soliai. But you want Dashi to stop being a fan. Don't show effort.

I was actually a Dansby fan when we first got him. But after years of Lack of Effort, it has really made me dislike him.

Starks is as good a D lineman as there is ! Way To Go Joe ! Mr. Robbie is spinning in his grave !

Posted by: ManFin | March 11, 2014 at 03:30 PM

The Dullfins let their best players leave every year. This is nothing new.

Ray, I don't have access to PFF nor check it. I've been a lifelong Soliai fan. I wanted him to be here with odrick and a high draft pick this year to pass the torch. I'm a believer of signing your own standout team guys for leadership purpose.

replacing Soliai with a Cam Thomas is a slap to Paul Soliai. Thomas is garbage. Spending a dollar on him is too much. It's an insult to us fans and it's an insult to the team.

Starks, i could give a rats arse about because the team paid him over $30M in his career. he never cared to return unless it was only under his ways. he's selfish ... f*** him.

Soliai was a team guy, a Dolphin,a nd a South Florida guy. It's a sad day if this comes to pass.

Giving Dansby $24 Million is nuts. Was that the GM we all wanted here? Like the song say's Thank God for Un answered prayers.

Who cares about Soliai and Starks?

Better to get 2 young guys for half the salary that are young and healthy enough to keep stuffing the run in the 4th qtr.

Woodshed, I also heard that rumor.

Allot of people expect Miami to simply target the big names but, that's naïve. You can't just have a roster full of all stars.

There are allot of guys out there, without the name recognition that our thought highly of. No need to retain aging vets for big $ when there are younger, less known commodities that can work.

Just because we don't know them doesn't mean they won't be good.

Strength of our defense??!! Are you serious??!! Our run defense was a joke and the money these guys want is gross. Move on... And $24 million for Dansby is MORONIC!

Mark from Toronto,

Starks sealed his fate with the dolphins when he flipped off the team. Soliai sold his house in Florida. Basically you have agents who are telling these guys that they can make more than the 6-7 million they were probably offered. Not to mention, if they were ranked 5-6 at DT, the ratings are screwy at PFF bc they were not nearly as effective against in the run in 2013 as 2012.


Well in about half an hour General Managers in the NFL get to act like politicians and get to spend other peoples money recklessly.


Exactly my thoughts! To add on, getting these boring names that can be instant starters in the trenches allows us to be more flexible in picking BPA in the draft.

GS @ 3:25, if that's teh case, then doesn't it makes sense to sign Paul since he's 29 now?

Our pass defense stiffens while our run defense softens.

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

The Browns look like a Joke.

Hickey actually looks like the best choice of the new GMs this year.

I don't think Starks and Soliai were as much to blame for the running as Wheeler and Ellerbe. I have not watched the tape, but thats just my impression.

Mark, I get what you are saying, that downgrading and going younger is still a downgrade. Lets see what happens. The only thing that seems to be set in stone right now is Albert.





Not overpaying for Soliai and Starks is one thing but looking for a bargain basement replacement is another.

It would be foolish imo to focus so much on upgrading one side of the ball (the o-line), that you create the same issue on the other.

DT is hugely important position on the field and I would take it very seriously. The good ones don't grow on trees.

To be fair though I havent done any homework on Thomas yet. Initial signs of free agency appears that Albert is our big fish and the rest will be minnows.

I believe Melton, Joseph, and even Mitchell would suffice but looking at this cat from San Diego just because he comes cheaper sounds a little scary.

Just a passing thought since I just read that Anthony Barr ran a 4.44 at his pro day.

How about if we sign Cam Thomas and move to a 3/4 base D. Our front seven would be Cam Thomas at NT, Wake/Shelby and Vernon/Odrick. Misi and Ellerbe ILB with Jordan at 1 OLB and we are blessed to have Barr slip to 19.

Ok now I am dreaming.

There goes Mr. Irrelevant again! LOL

Because he says someone is good or bad, it's true. Don't you ever get tired of running your mouth? LOL

You don't even know Thomas or Mitchell from a hole in the wall, yet, your panties are twisted to the point that you're in full blown panic mode! Pretty funny.


Soliai is, was & forever shall be a 3-4 NT. He is not a 4-3 DT and was pushed around last year. Starks was a great 3-4 DE but, an average 4-3 DT.

These guys are on the tail end of their careers & it would be unwise to re-sign either of them.

McKay CEO of Falcons was interviewed & gave his thoughts on Hickey & f/a process..puts things into perspective a bit..

Frank, my ratings are from Rotoworld ...


Again, you can probably swap a guy two or three spots up or down, it's subjective.

But these rankings are pretty solid in my estimation and in no way does 11 and 26 = 5 and 6. It's a downgrade if true. And this is from a blind homer.

As far as Soliai, I don;t think he quit or took plays off but he was definitely hurt last year and still played every week and gave it up for the team.

If you sign Donte Whitner you get a free Michael Sam!!!


Farmer is a Dyckass.

Are we gonna waste the same amout of time with TannePuke as we did with HennePuke?

Rotoworld's bio on Cam Thomas doesn't look very peachy at all but we'll sign him because he has dreads.

Are we gonna waste the same amout of time with TannePuke as we did with HennePuke?

Posted by: WTF | March 11, 2014 at 03:49 PM

Dunno. Ross has to organize a committee to make s decision.

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