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Another DT possibility emerges for Dolphins

Yes, the Dolphins are trying to move on from Randy Starks and Paul Soliai. Don't be sad for the guys you know, as they will have offers. Indeed, Soliai might be visiting his new team starting tomorrow.

But as for Miami's replacement of those players, a new name to consider is Cam Thomas of the San Diego Chargers.

Thomas, 27, is 6-4 and 330 pounds which means he's a similar body to Soliai. That has him on the Dolphins radar.

Thomas is younger, has a high ceiling, and will be way cheaper than either Soliai or Starks would be.

But here's the thing:

Thomas today isn't as good.

Thomas was basically handed the starting nose tackle job with Chargers last year when Aubrayo Franklin and Antonio Garay left the team. Then he lost that starting job in early December and thereafter shared snaps with Sean Lissemore.

Thomas nonetheless is a good prospect.

Keep his name in mind along with Earl Mitchell, who was discussed in this space earlier today.



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FYI, don't be naive. He has to organize a committee to organize a committee, so he can leave former sports starts voice mails they won't return.

Then claim progress.

Dallas released Ware

NFL Network says Ware to be released by Cowboys

Well we will see what happens, hopefully something good. have a good one.

I see nothing anywhere about Ware. That Defense was bad to begin with. If it true, take him outta the equation...OUCH!

who's got the best
fa feed at 4pm?

Well its 4 o'clock and there is good news/bad news from the dolphins. The Good news the team signed Brandon Albert. The bad news he banged his knee on the table and blew out his knee. Out for the year.

Signing Albert doesnt nearly make up for losing Big Jake.

Ware has been released

Dolphins signed Mitchell DT and Albert LT. Good moves!

I think Tannehill ranked in the top 10 in one of PFF's rankings.

They mean squat.

Soliai and starks were a big reason our run d sucked. they were paid like difference makers and weren't. the best they did was help get us to 8-8 the last 3 years.

new blood. younger, cheaper blood.

Good News/Bad News from Dolphins camp. Earl Mitchell is flying in to Miami to sign. The bad news is he is flying Mylassia Air Lines.

Soliai and Starks is about age and money....period--not happy about losing both because their replacements are likely to be worse, BUT the way of the NFL these days is to bring in younger players--age 30 is like a death knell....and I cant say I'd be thrilled either with giving a 30 yr Dlineman 8-10 mill/yr--how many really play at a high level much beyond 30?....a handful.

Tannehill ranked 37th in yards per pass play. Henne was never that bad.

Earl Mitchell is in the bag.

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