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Monroe will be on the market barring late Ravens rally

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, a Super Bowl winning coach, had a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the team's situation just before the start of free agency. He stressed the Ravens want to keep several of their pending free agents, including offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

"We want to keep our guys," Harbaugh said. "We want our guys to be here just like Dennis (Pitta). We want to keep those guys."

Harbaugh said the team has offers to its pending free agents and characterized those as "aggressive."

Except ...

The chances of the Ravens keeping Monroe are getting bleak now. According to a league source, Monroe will be testing free agency, barring a significant change in course by the Ravens. The two sides have not been talking every day even as time is growing short for a deal to get done before other teams can enter the picture.

NFL teams can begin negotiating with free agents starting Saturday.

Simply, the Ravens have set a price point for Monroe and that is so far falling short of the expectations Monroe and his representation have for a new contract.

The Ravens and Monroe have not been close to a deal because it's doubtful the team wants to go too far beyond the $8 million per year range. But it would not surprise if Monroe's camp is expecting $10 million per season.

And the Monroe camp may have the upper hand initially because, as I've reported previously, the Dolphins are very, very, very, very, very interested in adding Monroe in free agency. The Dolphins are also very, very, very, very interested in adding Branden Albert. It will be an interesting choice. And the Dolphins have the cap space to meet the $10 million-per-year threshold if they want.

So a five-year deal for $50 million is not out of the question here.

If Monroe hits the market as expected, there will be competition for him. Arizona will be interested, at least initially. The Cardinals expect to land a left tackle in free agency.

Carolina needs a left tackle as well following the retirement of Jordan Gross -- although the Panthers probably don't have the cap space to compete for a $8-10 million-a-year left tackle.

So that all leads to significant questions:

1. Do the Ravens have a trick up their, um, wings? Can they convince Monroe that taking a less money to play with a perennial contender is better than going to a non-playoff team like the Dolphins or Cardinals?

2. Do the Dolphins decide they want Monroe, a solid player and solid citizen (more important to this team than most following the harassment scandal), to the extent they reach the $10 million per year mark for a very good but not great left tackle?

I cannot predict the answer to No. 1. I think everyone knows the answer to No. 2 -- yes.


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10 million should = Great, not good

Weren't the ravens a non-playoff team as well last year?

Weren't the ravens a non-playoff team as well last year?

Posted by: Eric | March 06, 2014 at 12:21 AM

Dolphins are d league team.

Jake Long > Eugene Monroe

I think Veldheer is the man.

I really think the Dolphins will be in on this one, but I worry that Indy will too. They also have more cap space.

Veldheer is only one HGH test away from obsolescence and aren't they testing for that now?

I think we need to get a legit LT in FA. I think it would be much better to over pay for Veldheer and Collins than to over pay for Monroe and Albert.

If The Raiders want to keep Veldheer they will. Nobody can outbid them.If Oakland don't want to play on their own guy that sends up a HUGE red flag to me.

there are factors to be considered:
players ready to be moved up
salary cap issues,
scheme changes,
good GMs prey on teams with these type of issues.

10 million is a bit high for a good but not great LT. Should have paid Jake..

When a team cannot afford to screw up they will pay it.
If we are more adventurous from our GC we may may sign Asomoagh and another OG as our top hit. This would take some big ones.

Monroe or Veldheer should be top priority then Albert if unable to get either of them

It looks like we will have the luxury to pick from 4 good LT in free agency
any of the 4 is OK with me - it gives us much more flexibility to pick Best available player at 19

Jake Long better than Monroe ? In 2010-2011 that might have been true , but not anymore. If they have to pay him ten million a year , then blanking do it. In two or three years , after we've groomed some younger guys to compete for that spot , we can make him restructure or cut/trade him. Left tackle is not a position to be cheap at. And by the way , we offered as much or more (when you add in that Florida has no state income tax) for Jake Long as the Rams did , he just wanted to get the hell out of dodge . . . now he gets to play the Niners (Aldon Smith) and Seahawks (Bruce Irvin , etc) twice a year each. Good luck in the playoffs , Jake . . . oh , wait . . .

I have learned my lesson about wanting players from Baltimore. I have a list of about 4 or 5 guys I thought Miami had a shot at. Truth is, Baltimore ALWAYS has a way of keeping it's players. Name your poison... Leach, Pita, Anquan Boldin as well as a couple others I'd have to think much to hard to remeber.....

Here's the dealio with Mr. Monroe.......

When there is a picture of him sitting at that same table signing a contract that Grimey Grimes was sitting at signing his (the one with the huge inlaid Logo I'd like in MY OFFICE).... I'll MAYBE, consider that he'll wear a Miami uniform... Until then. As much as it sucks to say... My money is on Ozzie Newsome keeping his Left Tackle... Them dudes don't grow on trees. Unless he plans on burning a 1st like Miami would have to... and both would need to move up to get an elite tackle and that would be just plain stupid.

1) Stop talking about Jake Long: the guy is already shot after only 6 years in the league.

2) 10m per year for Monroe is a bit expensive...but not that bad for a team that pays Mike Wallace 12m per year

3) Monroe is young, durable, and a good citizen who plays LT. The kind of guy you could overpay a bit

For starters, every UFA gets "over paid." That's what it's all about. The only guys that don't are players coming off a severe injury.

Miami will vigorously pursue Monroe and probably another PB O-lineman for Guard. Philbin and Hickey know that Ross will blow this thing up if they don't make the playoffs; therefore, expect yet another "spending spree."

PS: Don't be shocked if we add Champ Bailey to play FS. (Laugh all you want but it may happen).

The Dolphins have NO choice but to overpay for a left tackle, regardless of which one it is. IF you remember,they have no offensive line, and the 19th pick will not yield a strong enough starting left tackle.
They got themselves into this situation there is no choice but to choose one and overpay via free agency.

I dont think #1 comes true just because both of those teams (Miami and Arizona) are probably just as close as Baltimore to the playoffs. Arizona might actually be the best choice out of the three if Monroe wants to reach the playoffs next year.

with an average o line the Dolphins would have been a playoff team last year, they have to get some good linemen or we will be looking at another season without the playoffs.


The Dolphins will have to overpay for Monroe to come to Miami, just like they had to overpay for WR Wallace. The Dolphins are better off going with Mckinney as a one year plug in and then rebuilding the rest of the OL with the draft and free agency. Over paying for a LT is more than the Dolphins should pay with so many other needs to build a play off bound team.

Rd 1 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Washington
Rd 2 Bishop Sankey RB Washington
Rd 3 Martavis Bryant WR Clemson
Rd 4 Shayne Skov ILB Stanford
Rd 5 Brent Urban DT Virginia
Rd 6 Seantrel Henderson RT The University of Miami
Rd 7 Brandon Linder RG The University of Miami

Marco "should have paid Jake",huh? Jake Long has not finished a full season in three years because of injuries. He went on IR last year with the Rams and now they know why Ireland did not re-sign him. Jake was a great LT and Parcells paid him plenty,but the guy we drafted in 2008 is not that guy anymore.

Resign Nolan Carroll and release Patterson

Good News. I always thought the Ravens don't make mistakes. Yada yada yada..

That would be the best move of the off season for the Fins, Sign a Franchise LT.

It's quite obvious why Eugene Monroe hasn't signed with Balt yet-his agents know the miami dolphins and Arizona cardinals will pay more money than Balt will. Your job as a agent is to secure the best deal possible for your guy. Eugene Monroe is in his prime and this will be the largest contract he will ever receive in his career so why not cash in? Eugene Monroe is about to be overpaid. My thoughts are- pay him! This team needs a solid LT that is nowhere near 30 (Albert) nor under experienced (Collins or valdeer). My second choice for LT would be Anthony Collins despite his lack of experience- how would come affordably....

Why do people have a problem paying him 10 a year?
Young,no injury history,always graded out positively on PFF.

People need to realize with the cap going up,10 mill this year probably equals about 8 mill previous years. Am I wrong?

I have to say.I wasnt too excited about signing Byrd. But I am kind of like F it, do it! The way The Dawn signs contracts, you are off scott free in a couple years, here methods ensure you are never in cap hell!

lets get monroe, glad to see they want him and not albert


You scolded us for not gettin Albert last year. What changed?

Rd 1 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Washington

A TE in the first is just silly. Clay did a great job last year and Sims is a good bet to be a solid #2 and we have many more needs elsewhere. That plus seldom are TE's worth a number pick anyways.

hes a year older, if u remember i said he had 3 good years left. now ones gone, i consider this season coming a wasted one. so we would be paying for one solid year. monroe 3 years younger and is easily the way to go now with rebuilding for 2015.

Agree Rdubs. I have a bad feeling on this one though. I hope they have a back-up plan.

I can see a Ryan Clark scenario where we make Monroe an offer and Baltimore finds a way to match it and he chooses to stay.

We have to find someone better than the aging Mckinney though and taking a chance on a rookie LT when we don't pick until 19 is risky. Especially when you also need a RT and a guard as well.


Ok thanks

rick front load a 5 year deal to monroe so ravens cant afford him

id also look into browner the cb from seattle. with him being suspended first 4 games maybe we could get him on the cheap

We'll see how Mr Hickey handles it. Just a few days away now.

They will have to overpay for the LT

But be careful, the witch might try to be smart and save the old fool some money, so she can look great...have you noticed how we end up with Great cap space every year...a fact that be great if we would be winning, but since we are not, we are just a cheap business operation that puts profit over wins

Beware of the witch, she is running the show and looking up for herself....team player?....pleaaaase

Expect big fukkkk up soon

Just get Monroe or Albert. We need one of em. Then draft heavy on o line in mid rounds and develop

monroe, dont bother with albert. if not monroe one of the younger guys. and please call browner and ben tates agents

We cannot forget the DT position either. I understand no one wants to overpay for Starks and Soliai but as we remember from Jason Ferguson several years back, a big man plugging the middle is a huge plus.

I would not lay all the run D woes on the DT's. Much can be attributed to the LB'ers and safeties as well.

The Mason can't pass block and cant Catch. That is what the experts are saying.

They also haven't mentioned that he is a system RB. The Offense he was in was geared towards running the ball.

Hickey likes the RBs on the Roster. Specifically the starter. The Dolphins aren't going to spend money on Free Agents or use a High Draft Pick on a RB. They might bring someone in to challenge the Backups and possibly compliment L.Miller.

The Fins actually need 2 Backup RBs. 1 a Power Back, a guy that can get you a yard when you need it. And 2 a scat back that can return kicks and is one of the fastest players on the field. D.Thomas, M.Thigpen, and M.Gillislee do neither.

I would rather give C.Clay the ball than D.Thomas.

dashi u havent a clue who hickey likes on roster. this isnt idiot ireland, hickey keeps his thoughts to himself. ben tate would be a solid sign

there's a ton
of t on the fa list
don't pix shix

If we are able to land Monroe or whoever in FA to secure the left side I wonder if McKinney's would consider moving to RT to stay in S. Florida? Apparently, he loves it here, played his college ball here and is towards the end of his career. It could be a good stop gap for a season until we can address it in the 2015 draft.


I think he Dolphins will outbid Baltimore.We have more cap and Ozzie has enough of an ego(fully deserved)to think he can find someone better and cheaper.


I know you dont like Tre and that is cool, but he will prove you wrong!

If Eric Ebron or CJ Mosley are available at 19 and Miami doesn' take either then Hickey has already cemented his status as another doofus miami GM.

Sign Monroe and pay him, also get Winston to play Right tackle. Monroe is going to get his 5/50 contract, the cap is going up , next year I've read that 150 million is not out of the question.
Winston will come much cheaper, he worked for 2 mill last year and I think we could get him on a 3 year 8 million deal.
Draft Marcus Martin in the second round. He's the top ranked center in this years draft. Boy is his lower body strong. Move Pouncey to Left guard.
The last position on the starting line calls for a competition in camp. The Dolphins have Brenner, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Garner all under contract. Let them fight it out for the last starting job and the losers will be backups.
finally draft a future starting Right Tackle this year and groom him for 1 or 2 seasons. My pick would be Juwon James and I'd be aiming to pick him with the 112 pick.

To suggest Mason can't block or catch a pass better or worse than what Miami currently has is ridiculous. What Mason is, is a straight up runner not unlike Daniel Thomas only with more speed. That scares me more than any perceived weakness in his pass catching and blocking skills.

The shear fact that Jeff Ireland is not involved in the process gives me hope we can land Monroe. We MUST sign a tackle during free agency as both Clabo & McKinnie are past their prime.

Hickey is on the clock and hope he possess superior negotiating skills to those of Ireland.

Guys- mckinnie will not be moved to the right side. You are delusional. Mckinnie is brought back only if the team fails to land one of the top LT prospects. Even if they do land a top prospect, no way mckinnie gets resigned. And those of you wanting browner? LMFAO (not the bad either). Browner is hardly what I would call squeaky clean and doesn't fit the mold of player hickey or philbin would want on this team. He's one strike away from permanent suspension.

Roger saffold to me is a key signing as well bc of his versatility. If they sign Monroe and saffold- it will cost the team anywhere from 17-20 million per year but the OTs will be set for a while with good players.

We'll see how Mr Hickey handles it. Just a few days away now.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 06, 2014 at 08:14 AM


Rick, No truer words have been said. We finally get to start judging Hickey by his actions. Resigning Grimes was a No-Brainer. Fixing the O-line and how he fixes it, is what Hickey will be judged by. Salguero had a nice article on this the other day.


We know Hickey had/has nothing to do with the numbers of the contract. He does get to pick who he wants on the roster.

Yes, Hickey sets the parameters(years/$Total) he wants to spend on a player. But Dawn is the one that works the numbers to make sure we always have cap space.

Take the Ellerbe and Wallace contracts. They had low cap hits (Ellerbe $1M, Wallace $4.5M) last year because the fins used up most of their cap space. And have a big cap hit this season because the fins have a ton of cap space already.

And guess what..

After this season, it would cost the Fins almost nothing to cut M.Wallace, D.Ellerbe, and P.Wheeler.

Not saying that you should cut M.Wallace.


You're so full of SHYTE.....

Last year Ireland was an idiot for not trading a second to the Chiefs and signing Albert to a long term contract and this year 'Monroe is better'. You. Flip-flop like YG. Typical knee jerk fan. Its a good thing you're not running the show.

I like Monroe a lot. We obviously need to fix the LT position and other spots on the OL. is he worth $10 mil a year? Don't know. I like the kid Collins and the guy in Oakland. Depends what they want and what the rest of. The plan is.
If we sign one of these guys,I wouldn't be disappointed if they draft Martin to play LG.

Perennial contender except, last year. The Ravens arrow is trending down.


I like The Mason. I just wouldn't want him on the Dolphins.

I would take T.Mason over C.Hyde. T.Mason is the 2nd or 3rd best RB in the Draft.

This is a weak RB draft though.

T.Mason will fill out 1 of the 2 RBs we need. The Scatback/Return Man.

You can Cut M.Gillislee and M.Thigpen. Gives you an extra Roster spot to use somewhere else.

But the Earliest I will draft T.Mason is the 4th round. He will get drafted higher.


Totally agree. Not buying this 'Ravens are perennial contenders' stuff. Last I checked they were 8-8 last year, same as us. Ray Rice is slowing down and has a black mark against him. They'll be crippled by Flacco's contract for years. Defence is getting older and they've lost Reed and Lewis. And their WRs are who again? 'perennial contenders'? Yeah Ok.

My prediction Bryant Mckinnie 2014 Ravens starting LT


I'll takethat bet. I think McKinnie will be their FIFTH or 6th option. They'll end up getting one of those guys in FA. Just makes too much sense. They still have $36 mil in cap space to spend.

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