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Monroe will be on the market barring late Ravens rally

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, a Super Bowl winning coach, had a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the team's situation just before the start of free agency. He stressed the Ravens want to keep several of their pending free agents, including offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

"We want to keep our guys," Harbaugh said. "We want our guys to be here just like Dennis (Pitta). We want to keep those guys."

Harbaugh said the team has offers to its pending free agents and characterized those as "aggressive."

Except ...

The chances of the Ravens keeping Monroe are getting bleak now. According to a league source, Monroe will be testing free agency, barring a significant change in course by the Ravens. The two sides have not been talking every day even as time is growing short for a deal to get done before other teams can enter the picture.

NFL teams can begin negotiating with free agents starting Saturday.

Simply, the Ravens have set a price point for Monroe and that is so far falling short of the expectations Monroe and his representation have for a new contract.

The Ravens and Monroe have not been close to a deal because it's doubtful the team wants to go too far beyond the $8 million per year range. But it would not surprise if Monroe's camp is expecting $10 million per season.

And the Monroe camp may have the upper hand initially because, as I've reported previously, the Dolphins are very, very, very, very, very interested in adding Monroe in free agency. The Dolphins are also very, very, very, very interested in adding Branden Albert. It will be an interesting choice. And the Dolphins have the cap space to meet the $10 million-per-year threshold if they want.

So a five-year deal for $50 million is not out of the question here.

If Monroe hits the market as expected, there will be competition for him. Arizona will be interested, at least initially. The Cardinals expect to land a left tackle in free agency.

Carolina needs a left tackle as well following the retirement of Jordan Gross -- although the Panthers probably don't have the cap space to compete for a $8-10 million-a-year left tackle.

So that all leads to significant questions:

1. Do the Ravens have a trick up their, um, wings? Can they convince Monroe that taking a less money to play with a perennial contender is better than going to a non-playoff team like the Dolphins or Cardinals?

2. Do the Dolphins decide they want Monroe, a solid player and solid citizen (more important to this team than most following the harassment scandal), to the extent they reach the $10 million per year mark for a very good but not great left tackle?

I cannot predict the answer to No. 1. I think everyone knows the answer to No. 2 -- yes.


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some dude said winston,lol winston is awful. craig wake up, last year we were hoping to win so a 3 year deal would of been fine with albert. no longer is fine with another year gone and a wasted one this season. come on man ur smarter than that


Dashi reads Barry Jackson.


Notes on a Wednesday night:

### There are several free agent running backs who would be an upgrade over Daniel Thomas, and Miami isn’t necessarily opposed to adding another back in free agency or the draft, according to an official who spoke to the Dolphins. But they also have given indications that it's not a high priority.

New GM Dennis Hickey was a fan of free agent LeGarrette Blount and recommended Tampa sign him, so Blount cannot be ruled out for Miami if he's available at a reasonable rate. But Blount wants his first big NFL payday after making $680,000 last season, and it would be surprising if Miami spends big money on a back.

""Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey said recently that he likes his running backs, a group that includes Lamar Miller, Thomas, Mike Gillislee and Marcus Thigpen.""


I don't know how good my comprehension skills are? But it sounds to me like "Hickey likes his RBs" like "Hickey won't spend big money on a FA RB or a High Draft Pick", But "The Fins are still interested in adding 1 RB to compete"

I can see the Fins adding a Veteran like MJD for a 2 year contract to compliment L.Miller. Or drafting a guy in the 4th, 5th or 6th round to battle with D.Thomas and the other 2 Backups.

and now your argeeing on collins with me after ripping me weeks ago for suggesting him over albert also. roller coaster u are


The Ravens only have 21 million in cap space

dashi what do u expect him to say, he hates the players?? come on man ur acting like craig now

Winston went to the Probowl with Houston. His coach there was Coach Benton, our coach. I'm just saying that familiarity can influence who they choose

years ago, winston was beyond awful last year

The Ravens benefitted from having one of the Best Players Ever on the team for the last 15 Years.

Yes, Ozzie Newsome is a HOF Exec and Exceptional Person. But it seems like it is almost time to retire.

The Flacco contract is going to be the end of the Ravens for the next 5 years.

not if they continue to draft right dashi

I've read that Arizona would like to keep him.

lol lets hope so. keep winston far away from here as possible

Jeremy makes a solid point, Benton has great experience as an OL coach and probably has input as to who he wants.

The Dolphins would be better served by getting a true FB instead of a running back. A big boy like Copeland from LSU would certainly help the short yardage situation.


I have treated you with respect this whole time. I am just responding to your assumption that I don't know. Hickey spoke on the subject.

Hickey has said the fins will look elsewhere at Safety and DT. Yet, he is going to throw up a front about the RBs.

And if you paid attention to how the Bucs did things, you would know the Bucs preferred to draft RBs than to sign Free Agent RBs.

Again, I haven't called you or your opinion an idiot.

Monroe at 5 year $55M seems like a reasonable price point for the best combination of age and ability on the market. There is a reason he's not taking the Ravens offer and that is because that would be leaving $15M on the table. That's a lot of money.

He's coming, considering how aggressive TB was in signing the NO guard a couple years back ...

Unless Baltimore goes north of $10M, he's coming here.


What makes you think Albert would have agreed to a three year deal year? Why would he? Think man!....

And don't talk about. Anyone being a 'roller-coaster'. You wrote the book on that.

look ireland had albert and leach last year but decided against them, cost him his job and miami playoffs, so was worth it in the end for us

If the eRavens don't make a last second move for Monroe I anticipate him being a Dolphin. Hickey wants and needs to make some strong moves in his first offseason. Grimes (check) and solidifying LT (TBD) is/would be a very strong start.

dashi u didnt run the draft in tampa

albert asked kc for a 3 year 32 mill deal last year thats why

monroe,browner,tate would be my wish list to start

So Armanda says Minny is taking a strong look at Carroll in FA. Rodgers, Cutler and Stafford appreciate their interest.

agree please minn sign him, good riddens

dusty, wtf is up with this wasted season garbage?

please change your name to Frenchie Martin immediately.

There is absolutely NO reason right now to think this will be a wasted year - it's a prove it year, not a wasted year...

hey mark told ya bills in toronto was a disaster and it would end , people pissed there?

disagree mark, hope your right and im wrong. but lame duck awful coach, seen this story before not to long ago. 2015 is my target year

C.Clay FB.

I would also give him the ball on short yardage. I have seen Mr.Clay drop his shoulder on plenty of people.

As a TE, Clay is undersized. As a FB, Clay is pretty big. 6'3" 250lbs.

This offense doesn't use a traditional FB and most of the NFL doesn't use Traditional FBs because you can only line up a FB in one spot on the field. In the Backfield.

TEs are more versatile in Today's NFL. TEs can line up anywhere. Notice all the Dolphin TEs can line up at FB.

in that case so can all our dline dashi, be like the jets

any um fans in here. whatcha think of moving crawford to safety

dusty, apparently Browner was the weak link in that defense last year - didn't play very well. He's not even as good as patterson.

The team may have to overpay a LT to come here. So be it. Whoever they sign, they just gotta sign one of the 4 so the draft can be used on all the other glaring needs on this team.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 18s

D’Qwell Jackson has agreed to terms with the #Colts, per source.


I am glad Jackson went to Indy. Seemed like a Wheeler/Ellerbe clone, and is not fit for a 4-3 anyways.

Dashi @ 926. That's is why I think they need to bring Keller back for another go of it. Then forget about adding to the TE position this year. Focus on it next year depending on how Sims and Egnew continue to develop. I think Sims can be a beast.

dusty, that same lame duck awful coach hasn't won fewer than 7 games - while breaking in a new Qb. No reason to think the Dolphins expect to win fewer than 8 games. It's only if things fall apart that he's gone and I think you can say that about 15 coaches in the league right now.

Ross also has done nothing but support his coach not only in words but in actions.

If you follow Salguero's tweets, he is not even sure if the Dolphins win only 3 or 4 games that Philbin will be gone.

He's only a lame duck coach in this blog.

Do I think he should be gone if they stink? Yes. Doesn't mean it's likely though.

mark he didnt play last year really. id take him anyday

rdubs that actually sucks, jackson very solid player. would of been upgrade

Epicly failing on my grammar and spelling today. Meh. Effit.

mark are u saying u think philbin is a good coach??? for the record

well mark if he was kept after a 4 win season then this franchise is dead anyways and nothing we do matters till all the clowns running things are gone

Daily chime in. For the record. I personally think Philbin is a very good coach.

We are going to have to overpay for a LT if you want to land one in FA. I would rather pay Albert or Munroe 2 million more/year than Matt Moore 5 mill this year. Unless Albert takes a discount to keep living in Miami year round which didnt seem like the case last year...

I think one more year of these LB's before we cut bait.I hope we address LB later in the draft along with a safety. Martin at 19 seems as obvious as pouncey was unless someone in top 10 slides.
Could give you 7-8 years of solid years of line play.

wow deity, what did those last 2 games of season show u then?

clee no guarantees on draft


Agreed. Bringing D.Keller back makes the most sense. The way I see it.

FB- C.Clay
TE- D.Keller, D.Sims, M.Egnew

D'QWell Jackson a Colt.

Can you say way too much money

D'Qwell Jackson has agreed to terms with the Colts. 4yrs $22M with $11M guaranteed. Beats the 2014 guaranteed money he would've had with CLE

dashi,lol come on man even your attempts at shock value dont work anymore

This is actually considered a fairly deep draft for RB.

rdubs did u see what we payed our 2 lbs from last year? and ur calling jackson way to much money?


Agree and a lot depends on FA but 0-line has to be lamost entirely re-built. Starter from day one. unlike last years 3r overall.

Take a deep breath Dusty.

Be Easy.

no doubt thed, if u want one draft them later

nothing but love dashi

What's up with Manziel refusing to work out? Something to hide?

I'd be very nervous picking this guy.

got our luxury items last year in Wallace/Jordon.

unless something special falls in our lap get some meat and potatoes.

I'll be shocked if the Colts don't win the Super Bowl next season.

nothing but love dashi

Posted by: dusty bottoms |


And don't talk about. Anyone being a 'roller-coaster'. You wrote the book on that.

Posted by: Craig M |
Ghey ?

I'll be surprised if Colts ever win SUperbowl

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