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Monroe will be on the market barring late Ravens rally

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, a Super Bowl winning coach, had a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the team's situation just before the start of free agency. He stressed the Ravens want to keep several of their pending free agents, including offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

"We want to keep our guys," Harbaugh said. "We want our guys to be here just like Dennis (Pitta). We want to keep those guys."

Harbaugh said the team has offers to its pending free agents and characterized those as "aggressive."

Except ...

The chances of the Ravens keeping Monroe are getting bleak now. According to a league source, Monroe will be testing free agency, barring a significant change in course by the Ravens. The two sides have not been talking every day even as time is growing short for a deal to get done before other teams can enter the picture.

NFL teams can begin negotiating with free agents starting Saturday.

Simply, the Ravens have set a price point for Monroe and that is so far falling short of the expectations Monroe and his representation have for a new contract.

The Ravens and Monroe have not been close to a deal because it's doubtful the team wants to go too far beyond the $8 million per year range. But it would not surprise if Monroe's camp is expecting $10 million per season.

And the Monroe camp may have the upper hand initially because, as I've reported previously, the Dolphins are very, very, very, very, very interested in adding Monroe in free agency. The Dolphins are also very, very, very, very interested in adding Branden Albert. It will be an interesting choice. And the Dolphins have the cap space to meet the $10 million-per-year threshold if they want.

So a five-year deal for $50 million is not out of the question here.

If Monroe hits the market as expected, there will be competition for him. Arizona will be interested, at least initially. The Cardinals expect to land a left tackle in free agency.

Carolina needs a left tackle as well following the retirement of Jordan Gross -- although the Panthers probably don't have the cap space to compete for a $8-10 million-a-year left tackle.

So that all leads to significant questions:

1. Do the Ravens have a trick up their, um, wings? Can they convince Monroe that taking a less money to play with a perennial contender is better than going to a non-playoff team like the Dolphins or Cardinals?

2. Do the Dolphins decide they want Monroe, a solid player and solid citizen (more important to this team than most following the harassment scandal), to the extent they reach the $10 million per year mark for a very good but not great left tackle?

I cannot predict the answer to No. 1. I think everyone knows the answer to No. 2 -- yes.


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Some here need to actually appreciate what Aponte brings to the organization. Look at the Detroit Lions; they were actually over the salary cap a year ago because they give their star players insane contracts. Their contracts with Stafford and Johnson are going to destroy their cap in the years to come.



Manziel has everything to hide.

He looks good running around against other kids. But when you look at him as a Thrower he is very suspect.

Manziel has an Average Arm and Rarely throws a tight spiral. That would be exposed at his pro day. When he can't throw a Spiral at air.

People can say what they want about Tannehill. But if you watched his pro day you saw he was the truth. He displayed everything. Arm Strength, Accuracy, Touch, throwing on the Run. All this coming back from a Foot injury.

That is more than I would have paid for Jackson. Smart of Hickey to kick the tires at least.

Dusty, since you have the inside view on the Chiefs a couple of opinions.

What do you think of the Geoff Schwartz and Jon Asamoah? Would either of them be worth getting to play guard?

What difference does the cap space make when we lose every friggin year. All the homers have to point to is cap space but its because Ross is a cheap SOB.

That I don't make opinions and decisions based on a small sample size of games. That they won 8 games and were in contention until the last game despite an atrocious offensive line and zero running game. That after the Cogs/Martin incident most everyone thought they were dead in the water, but they weren't. They beat basicaly every team they played that went to the playoffs. Does Philbin have improvements to make and some learning to do? Sure, who doesn't? Do I agree with all his decision, sure don't. Still a good coach.

I'll be shocked if the Dolphins ever win a SUperbowl.

Philbin has his good and bad. Some things I like that he does is makes a good game plan for every game. I think during the week his team prepares well. He's also very good at challenges.

Some thing I would like him to improve on would be in game adjustments and the play calling of his coordinators. I know the coordinators call the plays, but he could give suggestions in the direction to go obviously as the head coach.

Also, a few games we were flat. I would think if a calm coach like Philbin started ripping into players it would have an effect. Not every game, just when the team was really flat in a huge game, like against the Jets at the end of the year.

When you have a cheapskate owner you have plenty of cap space and you stink every year. Sound familiar?

I think the biggest gripes I had for last season under Philbin were flat games after long breaks (bye week and the games after TNF) and getting the team up for playing under .500 teams. But how much of that is on Philbin and how much on the players? If you can't get up for EVERY game then WTF are you doing out there beside getting paid? Defense needs a LB (Ellerbe) to step up as the leader. I dont think a DL guy can be "that" leader. I mean, how long did the brotherhood last? I mean unless you are a HOF'er. And the offense should be able to have a better cohesiveness without the 2 bipolar lineman on the team.

The Dolphins are a D league team with 7 consecutive losing seasons. They cant continue to charge NFL prices for their crappy on field product. Its not fair to the fans.

Posted by: Harmel | March 06, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Do you ever tire of being utterly clueless? Rhetorical question.

dusty, I think I said what I needed to say about the coach that I would go in a completely different direction if the team falls flat.

Posted by: Mike | March 06, 2014 at 10:09 AM

The league should invest in a developmental program, call it a D league if you'd like. They could also tinker with many rule changes in this "league" or program to see how it could possibly transition. Would be good to develop some refs in this league or program also. Then the Herald could start a D blog, and you could do your work on that. Then see if you can get called up to the big league.

In what decade will the Phins finally have a franchise QB?

Posted by: Mike | March 06, 2014 at 10:09 AM

The league should invest in a developmental program, call it a D league.

Posted by: deity | March 06, 2014 at 10:16 AM

The Dolphins are the developmental program. The best players never stay.

Guys,don't feed the homers and the will eventually go away.

Tanny gets one more year before we blow everything up and focus on the first or second round for a QB again.

Bruce, that's a Home-O name if I ever heard one. Where's Lance and Rod?

Bruce, that's a Home-O name if I ever heard one. Where's Lance and Rod?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto |

I want to see Miami be a consistant championship contender, love the Phins and I have Pride. But I win so much in life, that it is not a requirement. Just an added bonus. Like finding that girl that loves to give you the BJ for no reason other than she just loves it. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

That would be the best move of the off season for the Fins, Sign a Franchise LT.

Posted by: Dashi | March 06, 2014 at 07:39 AM

A franchise QB would make far more improvement to the team. A guy that makes everyone around him better.

Nothing wrong with being gay - it's not me but I hold you no grudges on your desire to smoke man meat...

Hickey deserves the benefit of the doubt for now, but I have a feeling even with all the available talent at #19 this team will still find a way to screw it up. I mean, so long as Ross is the owner.

deity,WELCOME TO FANTASY ISLAND. Tattoo has the crystal meth that you wanted.

Jim Irsay called, he wants his first round pick back.

There is nothing a franchise QB can't fix on the Dolphins.

Mouth, STFU.

Rorke, is it that blue stuff everyone has been talking about?

Mr Rorke, Ocala Howie, RT17,Mike, Harmel


Mr Rorke, Ocala Howie, RT17,Mike, Harmel

Posted by: FED UP FIN | March 06, 2014 at 10:33 AM

One guy talking to his other 4 made up selves. Classic around here.

Next season will be Tannys last with the Fins. Then he;ll be a backup for the Jags.


I AM the Danger.


do u know

BY the way Dashi, yeah, Manziel does not have that NFL arm. Basically Mayock said the same thing when he called him a Flutie/Tarkenton blend.

Jan. 1, 2014 - March 5, 2014

--------- R I P -------------

------- Sam I Am----------

I don't know how good my comprehension skills are? But it sounds to me like "Hickey likes his RBs"

Posted by: Dashi | March 06, 2014 at 09:04 AM

We we do know how good your gullible skills are. You are super gullible if you are believing any word coming out of a GM's or HC's mouth, even more so at this time of year.

Some people will never learn and take the bait every time.

Mike like who Mike

I'm sure you do, 2 watt.

Isn't Trenton in Jersey?

Chicago and Hester and parting ways. Wonder what he wants to get paid, or what his value would be.

*are parting

I don't know how good my comprehension skills are? But it sounds to me like "Hickey likes his RBs"

Posted by: Dashi | March 06, 2014 at 09:04 AM

Oh, you dont say Ireland knows his RB's anymore?


Why do you think M.Evans is shooting up draft boards. They have started to look at the A&M tape. He made J.Manziel into J.Football. Manziel threw a bunch of passes short that M.Evans turned into TDs.

M.Evans reminds me of Vincent Jackson.


I think comparing him to Flutie or Tankerton is a disservice to those 2 guys. Manziel is a great college player, Mediocre Pro.

Nick Saban said Manziel is the best college QB he's ever seen. He could be one of the best QB's coming out of college in the last 10 years.

Deity, the word about Hester is he will go to Tampa to reunite with Lovie Smith.

If he was available on the cheap I might offer him a million or something with incentives for every return TD. He is getting older, but he is still a great returner and would be a huge upgrade for the Dolphins.

Hickey/Aponte/Open-mouth Joe got the Grimes signing right...

Now....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.a LT followed by a RT in FA

Someone in the last 3 pages mentioned a RB who can return kicks....ABSOLUTELY ...POSITIVELY...

The FO has to make a decision on D Patterson...injured more than healthy...time to face reality....try to sign a FA bookend to Grimes, then cut Patterson loose..

In addition, is there ANYWHERE in the world (either a FA or a draft pick) who can play Safety with aggressiveness, ball skills , and savvy...if so kindly apply: Davie, FL, Miami Dolphins.....

...more to follow (I'm already frikkin exhausted !!!!!)

I'm always late to the party on these articles, but I'm a little annoyed that the article classifies Baltimore in a more positive light than both the Dolphins and the Cardinals. Both the Dolphins and Cardinals were probably better teams than the Ravens last year. Having said that, Monroe would be an excellent addition to our team.

Nick Saban's Opinion on QBs is irrelevant. Sort of like yours on every subject.

Name 1 QB N.Saban has had that is a good QB.

N.Saban is a great Defensive Coach. And loves to run the ball.

But N.Sagan has never been attested with making a QB better.

As to Mando's post I think we will have to overpay a bit to grab Monroe. Ireland has left certain position groups in shambles so we had to overpay 2 free agencies in a row.

2013- Wallace
2014- Monroe/Albert/Veldheer

Hopefully Hickey can build us up with some strong drafts so we aren't stuck in this position in the future. Luckily Aponte is great with the cap and we don't have a franchise QB on our books, so we are ok overpaying a couple mil.

I think Hickey will pony up. They did it for Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks before and Revis last year.

N.Saban also thought T.Tebow was a HOFer.

N.Saban also thought Culpeper was better than D.Bree's.

Again, his opinion on QBs is irrelevant.

I'm a little annoyed that the article classifies Baltimore in a more positive light than both the Dolphins and the Cardinals.

Posted by: Krillian | March 06, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Take off the rose colored glasses. A dose of reality would help ya.

Dooshy, tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith lol

Tannehill was drafted in the first round something Manziel might not do.

Baltimore makes mistakes just like any other franchise even though Ozzie is very good. He doesn't have Ray and Ed anymore though.

Signing Flacco to that contract and then trading away Boldin last offseason was lunacy.

I see what you are saying NeMo, makes sense. I sure wouldnt mind watching him take kicks down in Miami.

Tannehill was drafted in the first round something Manziel might not do.

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | March 06, 2014 at 11:17 AM


Signing Flacco to that contract was crazy but what could they do, besides taking a gamble letting him walk. Dude just came of a SB win, the ultimate bargaining chip. Their biggest mistake was not extending him the year prior.

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