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Monroe will be on the market barring late Ravens rally

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, a Super Bowl winning coach, had a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the team's situation just before the start of free agency. He stressed the Ravens want to keep several of their pending free agents, including offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

"We want to keep our guys," Harbaugh said. "We want our guys to be here just like Dennis (Pitta). We want to keep those guys."

Harbaugh said the team has offers to its pending free agents and characterized those as "aggressive."

Except ...

The chances of the Ravens keeping Monroe are getting bleak now. According to a league source, Monroe will be testing free agency, barring a significant change in course by the Ravens. The two sides have not been talking every day even as time is growing short for a deal to get done before other teams can enter the picture.

NFL teams can begin negotiating with free agents starting Saturday.

Simply, the Ravens have set a price point for Monroe and that is so far falling short of the expectations Monroe and his representation have for a new contract.

The Ravens and Monroe have not been close to a deal because it's doubtful the team wants to go too far beyond the $8 million per year range. But it would not surprise if Monroe's camp is expecting $10 million per season.

And the Monroe camp may have the upper hand initially because, as I've reported previously, the Dolphins are very, very, very, very, very interested in adding Monroe in free agency. The Dolphins are also very, very, very, very interested in adding Branden Albert. It will be an interesting choice. And the Dolphins have the cap space to meet the $10 million-per-year threshold if they want.

So a five-year deal for $50 million is not out of the question here.

If Monroe hits the market as expected, there will be competition for him. Arizona will be interested, at least initially. The Cardinals expect to land a left tackle in free agency.

Carolina needs a left tackle as well following the retirement of Jordan Gross -- although the Panthers probably don't have the cap space to compete for a $8-10 million-a-year left tackle.

So that all leads to significant questions:

1. Do the Ravens have a trick up their, um, wings? Can they convince Monroe that taking a less money to play with a perennial contender is better than going to a non-playoff team like the Dolphins or Cardinals?

2. Do the Dolphins decide they want Monroe, a solid player and solid citizen (more important to this team than most following the harassment scandal), to the extent they reach the $10 million per year mark for a very good but not great left tackle?

I cannot predict the answer to No. 1. I think everyone knows the answer to No. 2 -- yes.


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I pick #19 will be an OT who has also played Guard...

This is the year we fix the O-line before anything else.........

Haha Clinton Dix and Dashi,

Yeah I don't think much of Manziel at the next level. the one guy who looks like a Qb is Blake Bortles. The rest, not so much.

People who bring out the Russell Wilson comparison when evaluating Johnny Football have a very low football I.Q.

New blog up

You didn't get enough yesterday?

Not from Dashi. From whoever was reaming you yesterday.

Are you still going to act like the little insecure brat that we all know you are.

I would think after the 1001 time of someone pounding your Dyckass into oblivion. You would get the point. Know your role. Play your position.

Give it up champ. The game has passed you by. Retire, Move to a beach in Brazil and go Weiner Watching on the weekends.

Yo new blog subject is up.....

Talking about safeties - Deone Buchanon would be the ebst bet - in a 2nd round ick.

There a freak athlete from Wisconson named Sezmon Southward - but he's got a 7th round grade on him - sounds like another Don Jones..

who evah
getz j manz
will be in
an afc/nfc champ game
a h3ll of a lot quicker
than any tpuke/pop gun arm
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A little tidbit for all you trolls the dolphins over under in Vegas was 5 ok so that means we over performed we won 8 and you know what we could have beed an 11 win team easily so just shut your pie holes and tannehill threw for 40000 yards and 23 touchdowns with 18 int that not to shabby considering he was sacked 58 times you people are real stupid

Two things strike me on this blog today other than the usual ineptitude of many of the bloggers.

1. THe Dolphins dont need a franchise QB- they already have one until further notice.
2.Brandon Browner will NEVER NEVER EVER be a Miami Dolphin. He is not the kind of guy that Philbin and Hickey want on this team! Hello?

Dont blame anyone if they dont go to it though, its pretty terrible.

Ryan tannehill is our franchise quarterback

Two biggest steals of 2013 draft IMO were K Alonzo & E Lacy both 2nd Rounders while Lacy almost made it to the 3rd.

There is something that almost everyone here & the NFL are missing and no I do not mean that in a demeaning manner. No one is mentioning this anywhere. Before you read further..DO SO WITH AN OPEN MIND. The reason I ask that is, what I am about to propose is not of the popular opinion BUT it doesn't mean it's not accurate.

1st I would ask all, who are the 2 most dominant teams in the NFL? If you said Sea & SF you would be correct. If you said otherwise you need to rethink your answer.

What do both these teams have in common? Dominant D's, physical & a Ground & Pound Run Game! Lynch & Gore + Physical O Line! It's Old School Football Recipe. E Lacy single handedly turned GB run game from ranked 20th to 2nd by wk 13.

All the analysts say how RB position is losing importance in the NFL!! It's complete & utter BS!! They need write about something, stir the pot, make themselves sound clever about how the game is changing and add to the debate so everyone will chime in!! They all(most) say that RB's are a dime a dozen. THIS IS A MISCONCEPTION PEOPLE. A GOOD RB IN THE NFL IS ACTUALLY A SCARCITY!!! Anyone who's ever played FF knows this!

The Dolphins need a BRUISER, a POUNDER!! I haven't given up on Miller or Gillislee yet but I don't think either can grind out the clock and wear down a D & Impose their will on the opposition either. SF & SEA DO THIS!!

Yes there are top3 talent @ Oline in draft BUT guess what, we ain't gettin them! Unless there is a top echelon @ 19 here's what we should do. TRADE DOWN!!!! The draft IS that deep at Oline. At 31st overall or even an early 2nd Round from a trade down grab one of these Bruiser type RB's! If the drop off isn't that much @ Olinemen which it's really not supposed to be then we could have an extra pick for more Olineman, get that DT, that YES were gonna need Big time!!

Albert & Byrd??? Please these guys are nothing but Cancers selfish headaches, please NOT Miami. Like to have Munroe But can we afford him? We've many holes to fill & 40Mil doesn't go as far as ya think.
Carroll is one of a few players I've watched NFL(almost 30yrs) caught standing around watching the play unfold before his very eyes! Seen more from Thomas in 2 plays than Carroll's entire tenure as a Dolphin.

Carroll may be cheap as someone stated but when he costs you games I SAY THATS PRETTY DAMN PRICEY!!

THOMAS from SF practice squad WHO WON US THE NE GAME!! How much you think a practice squad player is gonna Cost? NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL CHEAP!!!!

Restructure Pattersons contract(guys a baller) if he's unwilling, Cut'm loose.
Let Thomas, Davis, Taylor & F/A duke it out..

I want a SB not a 1&done playoff appearance..

If the Miami Dolphins get a LT in FA look for them to go after the next Vince Wilfork in this years Draft (Louis Nix) at 6-2 331 this guy would be a nice choice for the Fins. In the second they may pick a OG or RB

Forget these overpaid FAs. Build through the draft, develop, and hope you never end up with a cancer on the team again. Best thing that saga taught this team is to grow up quickly.

Dallas Thomas at LG can be a solid starter with high quality starter upside. Bring back McKinnie on a 1yr deal and Draft Taylor Lewan over Zack Martin, start him at RT and groom him for LT. He has the natural ability to be a great LT but needs to work on technique. Those who LOVE Jake Long will get a player of similar ability. Draft a top guard in the 2nd rd. Then next year move Lewan to LT and draft a RT early.

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