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Dolphins commit to Cortland Finnegan

Last year the Dolphins needed a veteran cornerback and got Brent Grimes to do a one-year prove-it contract worth $5.5 million.

This year, the Dolphins wanted a veteran cornerback -- in case youngsters Jamar Taylor or Will Davis do not step up and start -- and they went further to land Cortland Finnegan than they did for Grimes last year.

The contract Finnegan signed Friday was indeed for two years and worth $11 million, as first reported by NFL Media. The deal includes a $2 million signing bonus and a $3.5 million base salary for 2014 that is guaranteed.

The deal's second year is for $5.45 million in base.

The deal also includes $25,000 in workout bonsuses in both '14 and '15.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are fully committed to Finnegan in 2014.

If he is bad in camp, he probably doesn't get cut because the investment is significant. Last year Finnegan was not very good for the Rams and that, plus his big contract signed in 2012, is the reason he was cut.

If he gets injured, well, that's the breaks.  Last year, Finnegan finished the season on injured reserve as he fractured an orbital bone in his face.

The sides did agree to a skill/injury provision to the base salary guarantee to mitigate but not totally alleviate damage if things don't go as planned.

Finnegan said during a conference call on Friday he expects to compete for a starting job in Miami. He better. He's getting paid like it.

The point is, for a prove-it contract this deal shows the Dolphins are either very confident or very foolish that Finnegan will do exactly that. Prove it.


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sooooooooo cf = Richie on d

I would have much rather had Walter Thurmond. He only got $3.5m from the Giants, younger & is an ascending player. Great slot corner who played very well outside when Browner got suspended. That's who we should have gone after IMHO.


Grimes is being paid "MUCH HIGHER". If Grimes gets injured, well, that's the breaks too. Right?

There's no way too guarantee any playerwill not get injured during a season. No matter how highly or lowly they are paid.

That seems very high to me. Tarell Brown and Walter Thurmond got 3.5 mil. Verner got about 6.3 I think. That's not competition or depth money, that is starter money.

Average for a CB is 5.5 million. If this guy is healthy, it will be incredible upside with him and Grimes. Of course if he gets injured or stinks?? Everyone can pile on Hickey.

From the last blog

The trade down scenario is interesting. The 49ers are at pick 30 and have an extra 2nd and an extra 3rd round pick. They need a playmaker WR or corner, so they could be a partner.

On the fullback debate. I know a lot of teams don't use them, but the 49ers and Seahawks did and they are effective. I'm not completely sure how I feel about it.

Sam, interesting discussion Shazier. Honestly, I am not sure if he can play middle linebacker or not, but he was very productive last year.

I don't think we are getting Alex Mack. Cleveland has too much money and will match an offer.

We are set at the 2 most important positions on the O-line. Left tackle and Center. I think between Brenner, Thomas, Garner, Smith, and 2 rookies we can fill out the other 3 spots and have a pretty good looking O-line.

and the Ireland dusche saga continues

then hix
doesn't like the 2
pix from last season at cb

So, he only counts $3.5 mill against the salary cap this year?

2 watt, good point. Its an interesting signing. It shows they have a lot of faith in Finnegan. He does fit the scheme really well.I guess the guy was a pro bowler and maybe the 2nd best corner in the league in 11, but he was bad in 12 and terrible last year. Maybe the injuries had a lot to do with it.

This is a big gamble by Hickey and probably the first move he made I didn't like. Still, this could pay off big time and I'm hoping it does.

now that I think about it, I never see IREdusche and Hicdicc together, I think they are both the same dusche

So, passing on some of the o lineman at $5M per is overspending when our unit last year was atrocious. But spend $5.5M on a cb who may not even see the field is good value???

Also Finnegan was also poor the year before last when he didn't have injuries.

Let's be reminded that the Dolphins aren't exactly shorthanded at CB. Jimmy Wilson was a very good nickel for Miami last year. There really is only one spot open and two promising draft picks already on the roster.

Not feeling this move ...

Frank, if my cap math is right he counts 4.525 million this year.

His 3.5 mil base, 1 million of the signing bonus, plus his 25k workout bonus. The other half (1 mil) of the signing bonus will be on the books next year.

I think NeMo's math is right here... tried to get verification of it online and nothing there at OTC or Spotrac.

$4.5M for a depth position (actually $5.5M over two years) seems like a bit of a high spend for a guy who hasn't performed in two years...


Im on record as saying that I think this was Hickeys first mistake as GM in FA. YOu also think he mistaked in not going aggressively after Beadles or Howard. But talking strictly about Finnegan, this is an overpay. Amazingly, Finnegan had no agent! If he pans out, this is a home run. If he doesn't, they overpaid by a few million. A few million that would be used to sign- Charles Brown, Eric Winston, Tyson Clabo, MArshall Newhouse, etc.

What would Irelanddusche do??

Mando says its 4.525 for this year on twitter. Again, it seems high unless they really think he can get back to 2011 form. 5.5 mil for a year is starter money.

Personally I would be a lot happier with Verner at 6.3, Thurmond at 3.5, Terrell Brown at 3.5, or even keeping Patterson at 5.4.

I guess they really think Coyle with this scheme can get this guy playing near 2011 levels. This also looks like they have little faith in Taylor or Davis, which is very disappointing.

Posted by: NeMo | March 17, 2014 at 02:03 PM
Agreed. Bremner and Garner could fill the other two spots left, together with Carlos Hyde and a guy who isn't called Sherman or Turner on our coaching staff will help. Sure a young o line pick would be nice, but we really need a RB and an ILB more now that we have two spots filled. Thomas may also work out at RG or RT, he never got much of a chance under Turner or Sherman.


With our cap space.I think the 5.5 for Finny wont cost us anything, only some of Ross' money LOL

man the daily commenters on here are the biggest bunch of losers ever.

Cortland Finnegan at least brings passion, balls and leadership. Im surprised that DawnJoe allowed this pick, Hickey must have gone for this one over the other. Cromartie from the Jets would have been better though, but at least Carroll is gone. Also we have two rookies from last year that could still take the starting job opposite Grimes.

We Shall See. If he does play up to his potential like Grimes did last year we will have a pretty formidable secondary if everyone stays health.

neMo, good point at what this also says about their feelings on Taylor/Davis... considering they didn't think spending $5M on the o line was good business but spending it on CB was.

personally, I felt a lot mroe confident about our CB prospects than the o line prospects considerign tehy were backups to a bunch of plumbers with arse crack showing...

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 17, 2014 at 02:00 PM

now you know why Tampa Bay was going to fire Hickey, now you know why he was our 14th choice for GM

Big diff between Finnegan and Grimes. Grimes always performed - from day one... it was a severe injury that caused doubt. Finnegan hasn't played for two years at any level meriting anything over a vet minimum salary.

Now some of you are adding 'expert capologist' to your fantasy resumes? Oh, brother.

At worst, Finnegan showed over the past two years that he has the wheels to play NB, which is essentially a starting position these days in the NFL.

Guess we've forgotten Taylor was pretty awful for a "2ND RD" pick last season. A 2nd rd pick not beating out "NOLAN CARROLL" for a starting position is as closer to as bad as it gets.

Not saying Taylor can not bounce back in a "HUGE WAY" this season, Just that last years rookie performance(unable to beat out Carroll" does warrant "HUGE INSURANCE".

Davis was was even "BENEATH TAYLOR", so, you can not go into the season with him "PENCILED IN" as a lock for "3RD CORNER". Finnengan is "Great Insurance" in "BOTH CASE SCENARIO.

Value = dumpster diving for cripples who might play 6 or 7 games. wahoo Hicdic, The ghost of the Ireland saga continues

Finnegan in 2012 had 101tckls & 3Int - pretty nice #'s but after seeing those details of contract I find it high, my initial read somewhere around 2.5 with incentive based up to 5.5. But I hope whatever clause they've worked out if injury arises will alleviate much of it..


I think most of us here knew that Finny will be on the roster in 2014. That was a given.

The Fins would've taken the same risk with D.Patterson if he was on the team. And DP had his best season last year.

Finny was injured with a Broken Eye Bone(Orbital). That is a freak accident. Plus, he was slowed by hamstring problems.

If Healthy this is a great pick up to pair with Grimes. And even if he isn't healthy. He will serve as a mentor with our young guys. Something the fins lacked when we were trying to develop V.Davis and S.Smith.

"is as closer to as bad as it gets."

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 17, 2014 at 02:27 PM


Great English composition there, dimwit. Did you just arrive on a raft?

Posted by: (((eye roll))) | March 17, 2014 at 02:25 PM

ahhh, someone who thinks the Fins have the Expert hand on things, yes, their track record would prove that? I believe one of Obama's dead voters would of done a better job. What good is having extra money if your a bottom of the barrel slug team? ahh, yes, you also must be a genius

A broken orbital bone isn't something that should have any long-term effect. This isn't CB coming back from an ACL.

Personally I would be a lot happier with Verner at 6.3, Thurmond at 3.5, Terrell Brown at 3.5, or even keeping Patterson at 5.4.

I guess they really think Coyle with this scheme can get this guy playing near 2011 levels. This also looks like they have little faith in Taylor or Davis, which is very disappointing.

Posted by: NeMo | March 17, 2014 at 02:19 PM

Actually, signing those "younger cb's" would have shown "little faith" in Taylor/Davis". Especially, had they signed Verner.

The "older" Finnegin is proof this coaching staff does have "faith" in Taylor/Davis futures as Miami Dolphins. Just not a whole lot in 2014.

I wonder how many of the daily losers on here are actually the same person

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 17, 2014 at 02:27 PM


We is to many people.

You and your ridiculous turd you call a mind, is more like it.

"We" know that you don't judge a player by his rookie season.

But keep making Asinine statement after Asinine statement like only a mentally challenged person such as yourself can.

Your Momma must have been wearing a Helmet when she had you.

Dashi, STFU !

Haha, Dashi, only a freak accident because it was a 240lbs athletic freak WR from the University of Miami pounding on his face.

We are athletes!

Should of re-signed Nolan Carroll. Coul of had him for two years for what they are paying this washed up guy for one. Then they could of used the extra $ they saved and gotten a proven NFL OG or OT. Now they still have a bad OL with no help in sight.


Posted by: M is for Moron | March 17, 2014 at 02:36 PM

Come make me you little B!tch.

That is what I thought. You don't have the Heart.


Dashi,STFU !!




The A.Johnson ass whooping was a couple years ago.

Remember, Finny had a Titan Uniform while he was getting his ass beat.

I am not standing up for Finny as a person or a player.

I just find that his tenacity and grit can help in the development of our young guys.

Plus, we need someone to be Physical with Hartline and Wallace during the offseasoin to toughen them up.

Dashi Is Gay Lord

HELP HELP Armando, someone is picking on me again.HELP!

good CBs get paid good money....Finnegan was a very good CB a couple years back, his orbital injury is hardly significant or a detriment at this point, his salary swaps out for Patterson's (who had more/more significant injuires, for a CB)....Caroll stunk (and what experienced CB gets only 1.85 mill?--the only ones making less are rookies...thats "stinky CB money" for an experienced guy)---some risk with Finnegan but it seems reasonable--Mando and others always want "risk-free" deals/players....aint happening


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What I find about this Idiot is that he is actually trying to be funny.

Hee-haw Hhee-haw hee-haw

I think Finnigan is a wait and see issue. This selection isn't being done on a whim. Someone in there thinks this could be a real boon to the club. I'm just as sure that it wasn't done to the chagrin of Coyle. Coyle would obviously been consulted and he is a DB coach. He might see a real scheme fit for this guy and we need to have agression in the back field, albeit controlled.

man I cant believe ive never checked out the comments on this site. what a bunch of losers! are we really trying to see who is the biggest internet tough guy by fighting with each other?


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