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Dolphins concerned about what you think of them

Early Friday the Dolphins, looking around the free agent market for a right tackle and finding very few left, tried again to get Zach Strief of the New Orleans Saints to visit.

He declined.

And the news was reported by The Herald's Barry Jackson thusly: Free agent right tackle Zach Strief declined an offer to visit the Dolphins. Indications are that he prefers to return to New Orleans.

And the nugget was picked up by ProFootballTalk.com.

And the Dolphins apparently freaked.

The team that has suffered its share of notable rejections -- Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Jeff Fisher, Nick Caserio, Ray Farmer, Tom Gamble, and Lake Dawson -- is sensitive to the idea that it is being rejected on any front by anybody.

And the club apparently felt there was a perception the Strief decision not to visit stirred the rejection pot again. This despite the fact neither report by The Herald nor PFT mentioned the words "rejection" or "spurned" or anything close to it.

The Dolphins complained to Strief's representation, anyway.

And so this morning agent Ralph Cindrich went on his twitter account to correct the record that, frankly, didn't need correcting because the facts were all there and the perception he was trying to correct wasn't shared by everyone, anyway.

So Cindrich tweeted:

"I was made aware from the Dolphins that there was an incorrect perception the Dolphins were spurned-not the case. Saints negot's heated up."

As I've been reporting on my twitter account, the Dolphins like Strief. He's actually the only proven right tackle left on the market. But he's 30, has roots in New Orleans, loves the team and wants to stay there. The Saints want to keep him but their salary cap situation is so problematic they're being forced to trade or cut good players. 

So Cindrich, a longtime good agent, was hedging his bet by seeking other teams -- including the Dolphins. Cindrich has no issues with the Dolphins. Strief has no issues with the Dolphins. They don't talk on the phone and giggle like little girls about how ridiculous playing for the Dolphins would be.

It's just that Strief wants to go back to the Saints. It's business.

"Saints Mickey Loomis could not promise Strief home-cap rm," Cindrich tweeted. "Concerned, I sought teams, Dolphins fr start-every day. Great place for new start."

That does not mean, however, there will be a new start. It just means the Strief camp isn't mocking the Dolphins.

"Last tweet: Dolphins front office class people. Team took a hit when talks heated up with Saints. We never had a Miami visit set," Cindrinch added.

So where does this leave us?

Zach Strief, as of this writing, is not visiting the Dolphins. He has declined the invite. He's negotiating a return to the Saints. But his agent wants you to know that doesn't mean he's spurning the Dolphins.

More interestingly, the Dolphins want you to know they're not being spurned.

They're kinda sensitive that way.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/03/encouraging-outlook-for-um-hoops-heat-dolphins-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


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Hire Spo for the Dolphins HC. He is a winner.

Joe "I know nothing" Philbin LOL

They should bring Dan back to support that front office on meeting personality's. Having a face of the franchise is important in showing what it needs

This will be Philbins last season as Hc.

Maybe with the exception of Mitchell every Miami singing has been shyte

Philbin is done

dashi,tell us again how henne is the franchise?
u moron

Charles Clay
vs. the Colts had 109 yards and a Rushing TD
vs. the Chargers 90 yards and a TD
vs. the Steelers 97 yards and 2 TDs

Not too mention another 3 games I would consider good. He had more than 1 good game, he had at least 3 very good ones.

are Finfans desperate.

Posted by: VaFin |
only the dumb clueless
delusional stupid
homer fin fans are


I agree Dashi, Hickey has a lot to do on this team yet. Considering he was generous enough to give Finnegan the contract he did, he better find us at least one more lineman who is worth $5M a year or close to it. Shelley Smith is no answer, he is at best a possibility who may be an upgrade to Brenner or Garner.

I still believe if we are banking on two rookie o linemen then the chances for improvement next year are not probable. And that will be disappointing considering the space we had ...

C.Clay is a very good player.

C.Clay is an H-Back.Replaces a FB in this Offense. You need a Tweener in this Offense. A guy that can play FB/TE/Slot WR.

(A REAL FB can't line up at TE or in the Slot, Basically wasting a Roster Space for a specialist)

I would rather have C.Clay run the Ball on 3rd and Short than D.Thomas. But he can't Run and Block at the Same time.

Hi Dashi!


If I were Philbin I wouldn't be happy right now.

They need to fix the O-line.

Even if they were going to draft a couple rookies early. Bring in Veterans on 1 year deal. Bring in guys like D.Joseph, D.Penn, T.Clabo, B.Waters, W.Smith. Any of these guys could help. Even if it is just to bring in competition for the Rookies to beat out. At least they would have to beat out guys that were good or still have one season left in them.


Dashi has never said those things about Henne.

Dashi isn't the Idiot who Starts C.Henne over D.Bree's on his Fantasy team. That would be you, Sunshine.

Mosley in the first, Xavier Su'a-Filo in the second would be ideal

Henne is Better than

Matt Moore

Mark Sanchez

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Mallet

Matt Flynn

Matt Barkley

And Giovanni Carmazzi

THED, great idea (although I don't like mosely himself, I like the idea of a BPA insteead of drafting simply the best o lineman on the board), however given where we stand it's not happening. Right now 1st and 2nd round are o linemen locks (which is not good news for phins fans).

2 watt, I am a dumb homer, I have never denied it.

Mark, I see why Hickey didn't pay the asking price for Saffold or Beadles.

Personally I would have looked into Asamoah at 4.5 mil a year, Schwartz at 4.2 mil a year, Collins at 6 mil a year, or even Giacomini for 4.5 mil a year.

He is taking a gamble with the O-line as it is now. We will see if it pays off.

If we are going to get 2 linemen with the first 2 picks in the draft. I would rather go Guard in the first, Tackle in the Second. Than Vice Versa.

You can get a better Guard than you can get a Tackle late in the First. And a Better Tackle than a Guard in the Second.

And don't give me this Z.Martin could play guard BS. People are saying that because THEY KNOW HE CANT PLAY TACKLE IN THE NFL!! They are PROJECTING!

That would mean his first year is a waste because he would be learning a position he has never played in his life.


Mark...I think an o lineman in the first two rounds is an eventuality, but I just hope they use at least a first or a second to address some major holes on run defense. I think with Starks and Mitchell they should be just 'okay' along the d line, but if we don't get some LBs in there with more awareness then it won't matter.

Dashi, like you I would've overspent by a couple of mill to make sure the job was done. i would've brought in a Saffold or Collins or beadles. Sure they are all expensive but they would've solved our problems for a long time and we obviously have more cap space now and in the future than we can use...it would've been prudent to overspend there to get the job done. That's if you wanted to make a go of it this year. The message I'm getting is they don't think they can. I will hope to be proven wrong. There are some one or two year stopgaps out there as you said. Hopefully we at least sign one of them, not really asking for a lot.

Sitting with about $22M in cap space and even after spedning 5 on the draft, that is a lot of cap space to be rolling forward...

Seems we only have 2 good proven Players on the OLine. We need 3 more of those or it will be similar to last year O line debacle.

Hoping they can catch lightning in a bottle with Delmas is absurd, as well

Patriots have done way too well in FA. They kept Edelman and upgraded their secondary. There is still way too large a talent gap between the Phins and Pats.

u'r 1
of the
good homers

NeMo, anyone of those guys would give me more a sense of security. right now, i'm having to trust too much in the GMs ability to unearth hidden gems instead of giving me proven commodities and that doesn't make me feel all great about this offseason...

THED, agreed. And my hope for the offseason was to attack the o line with proven men so we wouldn't have to use the entire meat of the draft to attack this hole in our roster. I know what's going to happen. We are going to have to pass over the best prospect of a certain position in round one just because we need to draft a plethora of linemen - the fourth or 5th best at those positions and that isn't smart drafting.

When you use all your picks on needs, you are uneccesarily narrowing the field and that is not wise.

Dashi, martin can play right tackle, left, amybe in four or five years when he learns the tricks of the trade. making the best of a not great scenario, i would draft martin first, Bitonio or Brandon Thomas 2nd round. Both are swingmen and very good atheltically - Bitonio and Thomas more atheltic than martin and let them battle it out for RT...

My mock right now would be

1. Shazier (so much more O-line depth than LB in the draft)
2. Best O-line available (Sua-Filo, Bitonio, Gabe Jackson, Yankey in that order.)
3. Either another O-lineman or Best RB available (I like Bishop Sankey, Tre Mason, and Andre Williams)
4. The one we didn't take O-line or RB, maybe a good time to roll the dice on Seantrel Henderson if he is here.
5-7 BPA

It doesn't really give us a chance to take the big play TE or WR, or grab safety depth behind Delmas early., but I think it can be a good draft still.

Saints and Zach Strief have agreed to a five-year deal, according to the team.

Ireland = Hickey
Failbin = Rich Kotite
Ross = worst decision maker in NFL history

Failbin = Herm Edwards


Z.Martin is 6'4" 300Lbs.

Way to small to be a Tackle in the NFL.

The kid is a Tackle that has to move inside.

My Dolphins have turned into the NYJets. I am devastated

...Dashi..Totally disagree..We need a fullback. Not Charles Clay. He cannot block. He cannot block, again he cannot block.

If we had a top tier quarterback. Your theory I would buy. But we do not. Not yet. Smart teams. Teams with young quarterbacks...They use a fullback, because they run the freekin ball...

Not us..Nope. We are going to spread it out. We are going to force this quarterback to play above his level of ability because the scheme is that brilliant that anyone can do it. We are so much smarter then the rest of the league.

It is criminal.

You say the fullback is dead? Yeah San Fran, the Seahawks..Tell them that. I would bet that the fullback will make a comeback as teams always want to copy what wins. Throwing the ball, spreading the field is great if you have a Brees, a Manning, a Brady, Rodgers. We do not.

It would be a win for this team if we could see this.

THED, agreed on Delmas -he is probably a downgrade form Clemons - nobody ever beat Clemons deep last year - people beat Delmas all the time - the extra one or two picks a year will not be worth the trade off- and that doesn't even include the health issue.

MassD, if anything that talent gap grew larger. Lafell is an underrated pick up. Didn't do much in Carolina because all their Qb knws to do is run and check it deep. Lafell is a big man who excels in the short and intermediate game. And he's going to one of the best offesnes and qbs for that.

I am on my knees, head in hands, grieving of the passing of this once great franchise. It is deeply disturbing how incompetent the Dolphins are from owner to GM to HC to DC. Obviously Ross is to blame for all of it because he had a chance to make it right when he flushed out Ireland, but he should of flushed the two faced back stabbing scumbag Failbin into the sh!ter as well.

Idiot savant's have only one magic bean. Ross's magic bean will never sprout in the NFL. Please take your billions and leave Ross, Please just sell and leave

..1 more thing concerning the fullback.. You are right that we will not use one. It doesn't make it right though.

I posted the success rate for the Phins when it was 3rd or 4th and less then 3 yards. I posted this about a month ago. It took awhile to get the information. But our conversion rate on this down and distance when we ran the ball was a joke..The amount of times we threw it in this scenario..Was a joke. 60 plus passes to under 40 runs.

We converted less then 50 percent. We were sacked 6 times. Running it was even more pathetic. 35 percent.

This is one of those stats that must get better. 1 less passes. It is weak sauce to run away from dominance when the opportunity presents itself. A more physical brand of football team would help this team. A step away from finesse would be huge.

I get we are going to throw it. But this team was charmin soft last year..Positions like fullback change that, and allow you to pound it up the opponents backside when the whole world knows it is a run...You do not think this is important? We need some of that back.

Dashi is our hero.

Kenny Britt is visiting the Pats too. If they sign him, then along with LaFell their WR corp is much improved. They'll then cut Amendola but that won't matter. So far the Phins have improved a little bit, while the Pats are making a huge push as they realize Brady is approaching the downside of his career. This does not bode well for next year, at all.

Dashi, CBS says 6.4, 308, he has average slightly below average size for an OT in this draft. Lewan is 6.7, 309 if these #s are accurate. martin has as much upper body strength as Lewan but weaker in the legs/core strength but still pretty good in that capacity. Don't get me wrong, all things being equal martin wouldn't be my pick or even close to it at #19 but given what's happenign, don't think we have a choice thanks to Hickey and co crapping the bed regarding o line and free agency.

Especially with garn79 reporting that Strief being gone.


I am glad to see there is someone else out there who is not blind sided with homerness

You see, they get upset at me for telling the truth, they call me names and hate me to death, even though I never insult anyone. But I know why that is, it hurts them when I pull the blind out of their eyes

I speak nothing but the truth

Phins needs to address getting another pass catcher on offense, too. In a perfect world Tanny somehow improves his deep ball in the off season, but relying on Hartline and Gibson again is not the answer. Ebron would be the ideal fit since there really hasn't been as TE prospect like him since Vernon Davis. He'd immediately be Miami's 3rd best blocker on the o line next to Pouncey and Albert, too.

"I know nothing", it's not my fault it's everybody else's fault" backstabbing two faced scumbag Failbin should make everyone feel good about this upcoming year. I know I do. That's why I'm rooting for the # one overall pick for next year, that will also mean that Failbin will be gone, now that is a comforting thought.

A man that cannot take responsibility for his own team will NEVER be a leader or successful in leading men, Failbin will NEVER be successful as a HC in the NFL

Britt is a wild card - very talented and Zeus like in physical prowress - but he's been lost for a few years. It's a nothing to lose signing for the Pats. If he finds himself - he has pro bowl ability - if not, oh well, they still have others to lean on...

One thing for sure is that more and more, we are relying for Tannehill to make as much of a leap from year two to three as he did from 2 to one. Would've been wise to diversify our risk and sign as good as a supporting cast as possible this year but our owner/gm decided to pocket the money and pat themselves on the back with regards to how fiscally responsible they've been. one on hand, can't really blame them since they spent last year and nobody came out....

...Does anyone here think that the Phins are a team that can compete with the upper echelon of the NFL? Regular season sure. I bet we could beat some good teams as we did last year. But come playoff time. On the road? Does anyone really believe this team is close to being a real contender?

I know it gets old saying we are rebuilding. This team has been rebuilding for 20 years.

I don't know how GM Hickeys moves will play out. But this team was not in a position where signing a bunch of marquee free agents was going to put us in a position to compete with the Alpha teams in the league. So it makes sense to force the team to develop our own, and figure out a way to find more impact players through the draft.

I would have liked to see 1 more lineman on offense. And this is still a possibility.

Dashi, THED, MIT,

I personally think ILB is a need and would not be a "bpa" selection although the Fins and their great wisdom are now talking about moving Misi inside.

They must do something to shore up the run D though.

As far as the Patriots and Britt and Lafell, it kind of tells you what they think of draft choices Dobson and Thompson. The a-holes are gearing up again though.

Hopefully our drafting will improve because I believe we need at least one future pro-bowler for the o-line and maybe another solid starter as well.

49ers don't use a FB. They use an H-Back.

the hated and still do
hate me
4 over a decade
now and I kuv it

they being
the cluless


It isn't about the weight for me. It is about the height. Z.Martin is listed at 6'4" which is short for a RT. Then he also has short arms.

He isn't built like a pro tackle.

J.Martin is also small for a NFL Tackle. Reason the 49ers are making him their FB.

Dashi,STFU !

bpa @ 19
it must be
or nothing
will change

2 watt,
is Failbin a winner?

Go gogo,

It is evident in your post that you are at least a Fins fan. I can't say the same for some of the others.

Free agency so far as definatley a mixed bag but keep in mind there are 31 other teams in play and several teams that would be a more desirable landing spot.

gogo, kept up with your posts and you are probably more blunt than most and that rubs people the wrong way around here but I agree with your general stance on this free agency period. This team is not doing the most they can do to improve themselves for the short and long term. it's pretty disappointing.

THED, I've also called for improvements to the receiving options somehow if a genuine talent becomes available at 19. This year we will have to bypass another in the first two rounds of the draft thanks to our fiscal responsibility. I always hated the idea of trade downs but thanks to our avaoidance to o line talent in free agency, if we can wrangle ourselves another 2nd round pick, this would be a great draft to do it. martin is not a great value of a first round pick, IMO. not this year...

New blog post up

Zach Strief five-year deal, $8.5 million guaranteed, averages $4.1 million per year, according to a source

Now that's what I call a hometown discount..

DD, I for one wasn't expecting to be a top 5 team or so, but I was expecting better than 8-8 and then taking our chances from there. I expect my team to do what they can without compromising themselves cap wise to improve themselves through the draft and free agency.

To say we shouldn't try to improve themselves because they weren't going to win the super bowl is avoidance. It is neglect of the fanbase and a slap in the face of those, like myself who invest my time and money in this product.

I don't think 2 years agot the Seahawks thought themselves on teh verge of super bowl but throughout their buildign process they were very active in free agency - they tried- baltimore before them. SF three years ago, etc.

If you aren't going to try then fine, don't try but don't try to pull the wool over my eyes bys saying we are close then do nothign (eith plenty of opportunity) to make yourself better and take the onus off the coaching staff and management as much as possible to get that improvement.

Saying we are not close is a cop out. Only one team wins the super bowl each year - that shouldn't be the reason to try to make your product as good as it can for the customers...

Ok so Strief just signed with NO for % years. They literally have no cap money! He is playing practically for free the first year of the contract.

I think if Hickey lured Strief to Miami, people would be feeling much better bc ten bookend tackle positions would be addressed for years to come. I still think Smith I an upgrade over Jerry. So as of right now, Three starters are penciled in on the OL. The RT market is basically Charles Brown, Eric Winston, Tyson Clabo and that's it. Donald Penn is a LT, tends to be overweight, and might not want to switch to RT. I can live with any of the three guys above as the RT. Brown would be the guy I would want most of all. Hes got youth and growth potential on his side.

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