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Dolphins concerned about what you think of them

Early Friday the Dolphins, looking around the free agent market for a right tackle and finding very few left, tried again to get Zach Strief of the New Orleans Saints to visit.

He declined.

And the news was reported by The Herald's Barry Jackson thusly: Free agent right tackle Zach Strief declined an offer to visit the Dolphins. Indications are that he prefers to return to New Orleans.

And the nugget was picked up by ProFootballTalk.com.

And the Dolphins apparently freaked.

The team that has suffered its share of notable rejections -- Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Jeff Fisher, Nick Caserio, Ray Farmer, Tom Gamble, and Lake Dawson -- is sensitive to the idea that it is being rejected on any front by anybody.

And the club apparently felt there was a perception the Strief decision not to visit stirred the rejection pot again. This despite the fact neither report by The Herald nor PFT mentioned the words "rejection" or "spurned" or anything close to it.

The Dolphins complained to Strief's representation, anyway.

And so this morning agent Ralph Cindrich went on his twitter account to correct the record that, frankly, didn't need correcting because the facts were all there and the perception he was trying to correct wasn't shared by everyone, anyway.

So Cindrich tweeted:

"I was made aware from the Dolphins that there was an incorrect perception the Dolphins were spurned-not the case. Saints negot's heated up."

As I've been reporting on my twitter account, the Dolphins like Strief. He's actually the only proven right tackle left on the market. But he's 30, has roots in New Orleans, loves the team and wants to stay there. The Saints want to keep him but their salary cap situation is so problematic they're being forced to trade or cut good players. 

So Cindrich, a longtime good agent, was hedging his bet by seeking other teams -- including the Dolphins. Cindrich has no issues with the Dolphins. Strief has no issues with the Dolphins. They don't talk on the phone and giggle like little girls about how ridiculous playing for the Dolphins would be.

It's just that Strief wants to go back to the Saints. It's business.

"Saints Mickey Loomis could not promise Strief home-cap rm," Cindrich tweeted. "Concerned, I sought teams, Dolphins fr start-every day. Great place for new start."

That does not mean, however, there will be a new start. It just means the Strief camp isn't mocking the Dolphins.

"Last tweet: Dolphins front office class people. Team took a hit when talks heated up with Saints. We never had a Miami visit set," Cindrinch added.

So where does this leave us?

Zach Strief, as of this writing, is not visiting the Dolphins. He has declined the invite. He's negotiating a return to the Saints. But his agent wants you to know that doesn't mean he's spurning the Dolphins.

More interestingly, the Dolphins want you to know they're not being spurned.

They're kinda sensitive that way.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/03/encouraging-outlook-for-um-hoops-heat-dolphins-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


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When you become a professional athlete- one of the job descriptions, especially in the N(ot) F(or) L(ing) is that you may have to move around. Very few players stay with one team their whole career. Its part of the job description. IF you are lucky, you get a decade of playing time out of this profession. Take the money for you and your family's sake. Im all for giving a hometown discount if you want to remain with a team. But when "your" team has no money for you, you are a fool for waiting while you are missing on another opportunity to make money. How is this not foolish?


Posted by: Kent "bad axe" Baxter | March 15, 2014 at 01:09 PM

Ok Skipper

Posted by: PeeWee "Pulled Leg" Herman | March 15, 2014 at 01:20 PM


Let's just sign A guard and draft a tackle

Craig M @ 1:24 very good point. You can add Odrick and Clay to that last as well in my opinion.

I might give up on Strief at this point. If he really wants to play for the Saints for less let him. I don't want him showing up to Miami just to collect a check if he is not going to put his all into it. Its a shame because he is by far the best tackle left on the market.


Thats what I have been saying since Day 1 of FA. Strief doenst want to leave NO. He has taken no other FA visits. Loomis and Payton are probably telling him to "hold on" and they will find a way to resign him. I think its admirable he wants to remain with the team that drafted him. BUt it is foolish from a business perspective. HEs 31, on his last good contract potentially, and he is missing on opportunities. LEt him twist in the wind waiting on a team that has no money left to spend....

Ass clown

Just take the money 5 million plus bonus duh

No FA acquired by Miami with a chance of putting ONE point on the board.

Just tell Hester we'll meet any offer with an increase...and then get him scheduled on a plane today for a visit. Thigpen drives me crazy.


Heaven forbid the Dolphins think about future contracts. They have to spend every last cent now and then cut people later bc they didnt plan things out.

Dude you don't get football at all get a clue you need linemen and secondary people


I agree with you 100%. Its too obvious.

Frank we have 25 million left and dawn is the best

Hester would look great fielding our kicks

Dawn is incredible with the cap she's super

An LT and G certainly will help put points on the board by giving T-hill the time to throw and block DL for the run game. Guess you didn't really think that one out.


YEa. Lets field another shite OL. Yea, they will score some points then! lol. No offense, but youre a friggin idiot for that line of thought. Control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball- win the friggin game every time. Seattle cant exactly score a ton of points. I would take MIA WR over SEA WR any day of the week. What SEA does do, is control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball very effectively. That starts with the OL and DL. Idiot. Chooch. Go root for Ryan and the Jets.

Philbin hmmmmm I just don't know with this guy

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?


ARe you being facetious about Dawn? I think she has proved her weight in gold with these contracts. The only contract I was really worried about was finnegan and possibly overpaying him but I read somewhere that only $2.5 mill of the 11 mill is guaranteed! Thats smart management.

But I don't know that teams will be able to score on us we are Nasty mean and nasty

I like her

She's the best

We are not done yet either

Frank, don't be so sensitive.

When you make someone an offer and they turn you down, for whatever reason, it is technically a rejection.

Like you said is sounds like he would turn down teh other 30 teams too so we are not alone and it's not something we should take personally.

This raises another question, why spend so much time chasing a guy tht has no interest playing for you? The Dolphins spent days calling this guy when they should've cut to the chase right away meanwhile everyone else that needed OTs signed him up. To me that is the part that should be criticized. Free agency is not really 6 months long in the offseason - it's really only two or three days - we didn't have the luxury of time here...

Aponte is probably the top 'capologist' in the NFL. She has helped put the Dolphins in an enviable financial situation where they should have the flexibility to sign targeted free agents for years to come. That wasn't the case for a long, long time.

Understood many of you are extremely paranoid about powerful women who are better at their jobs and more influential than you will ever be, but t won't change the reality of that.

Hi, My name is Marc an I'm owny seven

Mando you don't have anything better to write ? who cares the guy wants to stay in NO but their cap situation is a mess , believe if he or his agent see no chance in returning to the Saints they will be the one contacting the Dolphins

My hair on my balls are ownly 7 you moron

AFTER NEARLY 28 YEARS of COACHING COLLEGE AND the NFL as an offensive coach plus winning a college national championship and a NFL championship ... Joe Philbin becomes the head coach (for the first time ever at any level ) of the Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill after one full year as a quarterback at any level( high school or college ) becomes the starting quarterback for the Dolphins the first game of the season his rookie year. How come no one has seen this as a major story ? This could be the beginning of a fated union. There is special chemistry brewing here..... This could be their year. WARNING THE PREVIOUS COMMENT COULD TURN INTO TROLL BAIT....


Cortland Finnigan? Shelley Smith? Who are these guys? Are u kidding me? This is their plan? WTF?

Hi Mock, I'm Marc and I'm owny 7, I'm wheely smartz

I'm Marc, and I'm wheely wheely smartz, guess how many I am, I'm owny seven

" talk on the phone and giggle like little girls about how ridiculous playing for the Dolphins would be".

This is what most FA's do LMAO!!

I think Hickey can wait for Strief, because either way we are drafting a RT. There is an abundance of them in the draft. No point in signing an RT if he is only as good as Dallas Thomas. I also think they have Clabo in their back pocket. He wasn't as bad as towards the end of the season. So I see Strief or rookie RT this year. I am hoping TB drops Zuttah!


In case you haven't figured it out, the season is not even one week old. It is not the midnight hour, he still has plenty of time to give NO a chance if what he wants is to stay there. If that doesn't work out, most teams in the league still need help along the offensive line. No doubt he will still be able to get a contract at least as lucrative as whatever Miami would offer.

As far as him being 31, well 9 out of 10 players that have lasted that long in pro sports are financially set anyway and can live just fine without worrying about money.

Think son, think.

Who wants to join the Dolphins when there is no chance of going to the playoffs?

with all the free agent acquisitions this year we are still not as good as two years ago and we only won 7 games, haha. Haha, But it was important to keep Failbin at the expense of a top qualified GM, instead Ross gets the Dolphins the Booby Prize Hickster Hickeroni

Im glad thats over, i can now sleep good tonight knowing the Streif is OK with the Dolphins,,,,Wheres Wells when you need a real investigation?


No offense my fellow sensible blogger, but I think you are the one being sensitive here. THey are chasing the guy bc it is no secret that NO has absolutely no money to spend. Hickey is showing gamesmanship in letting Strief know- "you got a place here man if you want to come." You wanted MIA to spend money. They are willing to. What RT did they miss out on? Austin Howard? Michael Oher? Who did they miss out on buddy? Collins wanted to be a LT. Donald Penn is a LT. Saffold wants to be a LT and is damaged goods. The Dolphins reached out for perhaps the best RT on the market.

Melvin- you keep proving my point. He is waiting on a team that cant afford to pay him. He is passing up a bigger pay day from not only MIA but other teams bc he is waiting on something that is not definite. His loyalty is admirable. But how is that fiscally sound? And one more thing- how many football players are hurting post-career bc they spent all their money? Dont you read that stats? Very few players plan for the future money wise. Hopefully Strief is the exception and did plan ahead..

One could certainly understand that right?

I mean, dont pretend like the media doesnt have an axe to grind vs. the dolphins. lol

Hickey will soon ask himself, "what would Jesus do"? and then he'll sign Tim Tebow. Ross is in love with Tebow so there will be no power play by Philbin or Aponte to prevent the signing.

Wells? where is he? I know Nuttin, Absolutely Nothing. I'm gonna be around more and coach this year.

Famous Words of a back stabbing scumbag

Wells? where is he? I know Nuttin, Absolutely Nothing. I'm gonna be around more and coach this year.

Famous Words of a back stabbing scumbag

Ahhh, Who is Failbin, HC of the Miami Dolphins?

Hester would give Fins instant improved field position, and maybe some threat as WR; would also like D Patterson resigned.

So far Hickey has had a better free agency than Ireland's ever put together.

No one can deny that every fa period Ireland both weakened and strengthened a position. Couple that with "lackluster drafts, and after "6 seasons we still sit at "YEAR 2" of rebuilding.

Greatest thing about Hickey's fa so far, he's "greatly strengthened" at least 1 position(LT), and in the same process hasn't weakened any other. Which was moving away from Ireland's method of "strengthening one position, weakening two".

Too close the deal, Hickey only needs "hit homerun" on his "first two" draft picks. Then, finally, this team is "MOVING FORWARD", not "STANDING PAT" or "MOVING BACK". Im sure you guys remember.

Hickey will soon ask himself, "what would Jesus do"? and then he'll sign Tim Tebow. Ross is in love with Tebow so there will be no power play by Philbin or Aponte to prevent the signing.

Posted by: WWJD | March 15, 2014 at 02:40 PM

Dont underestimate Dawn Apontes's desire to get her paws on virgin Tebow also.

Trolls Are scum

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 15, 2014 at 02:45 PM

Ahhh, Who is delusional and lives in a fairy tale? Alex for Two Hundred

Hester would have to come "dirt cheap". He's 32yrs old, meaning he is not the same returnman we all knew in his exciting past. Really, even in his heyday, what did he do well besides return kicks? Now he's 32yrs old and has been pondering "RETIREMENT" since Lovie Smith's departure.

Also has publically stated, "he wants to retire a Chicago Bear". So, he's more likely to announce his retirement than announce he's "signed with another team" this offseason.

I'm 10 years old dummy

any thoughts on why no activity with LeGarrett Blount? Fins could use a stud RB with both power/speed

I think I would pass on Devin Hester period. He was always a "one trick pony"(returning kicks) and now at 32yrs old, even that trick is "greatly diminished.

I'm 10 years old dummy

Posted by: Marc | March 15, 2014 at 02:52 PM

Ahhh, awww, I know this, ahh- Who is Marc's 10 year old brother, He's Marc's older brother Alex, for $500


I don't think there's been "any action" on any of the fa rb's period. Fa is not close to over. Just that the top tier fa's are now far and extremely few at all positions.

Posted by: gocanes1 | March 15, 2014 at 02:53 PM

Who is older than dirt and had a freak season last year, but would die in Miami? for three hundred Alex

this can't be accurate…..remember, and this was FACT because all the media said so….here and elsewhere…..that no decent FAs would ever want to come to miami…..to enter into the abyss of this dysfunctional, "laughingstock" (I still can't get over that one), devoid-of-leadership organization…..so Strief and his agent MUST have an issue with Miami…..right?

Tebow once visited the Virgin Islands…..when he left, they were just known as the Islands


Good piece of work. Well he just wants the Saints and protecting Drew Brees a true franchise QB. There is no animosity toward the Dolphins just love for the Saints. Nothing wrong with that. So if you can trade for him or bring back McKinney as a right Tackle. Then Draft Martin from Notre Dame to play OG.

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