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Dolphins concerned about what you think of them

Early Friday the Dolphins, looking around the free agent market for a right tackle and finding very few left, tried again to get Zach Strief of the New Orleans Saints to visit.

He declined.

And the news was reported by The Herald's Barry Jackson thusly: Free agent right tackle Zach Strief declined an offer to visit the Dolphins. Indications are that he prefers to return to New Orleans.

And the nugget was picked up by ProFootballTalk.com.

And the Dolphins apparently freaked.

The team that has suffered its share of notable rejections -- Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Jeff Fisher, Nick Caserio, Ray Farmer, Tom Gamble, and Lake Dawson -- is sensitive to the idea that it is being rejected on any front by anybody.

And the club apparently felt there was a perception the Strief decision not to visit stirred the rejection pot again. This despite the fact neither report by The Herald nor PFT mentioned the words "rejection" or "spurned" or anything close to it.

The Dolphins complained to Strief's representation, anyway.

And so this morning agent Ralph Cindrich went on his twitter account to correct the record that, frankly, didn't need correcting because the facts were all there and the perception he was trying to correct wasn't shared by everyone, anyway.

So Cindrich tweeted:

"I was made aware from the Dolphins that there was an incorrect perception the Dolphins were spurned-not the case. Saints negot's heated up."

As I've been reporting on my twitter account, the Dolphins like Strief. He's actually the only proven right tackle left on the market. But he's 30, has roots in New Orleans, loves the team and wants to stay there. The Saints want to keep him but their salary cap situation is so problematic they're being forced to trade or cut good players. 

So Cindrich, a longtime good agent, was hedging his bet by seeking other teams -- including the Dolphins. Cindrich has no issues with the Dolphins. Strief has no issues with the Dolphins. They don't talk on the phone and giggle like little girls about how ridiculous playing for the Dolphins would be.

It's just that Strief wants to go back to the Saints. It's business.

"Saints Mickey Loomis could not promise Strief home-cap rm," Cindrich tweeted. "Concerned, I sought teams, Dolphins fr start-every day. Great place for new start."

That does not mean, however, there will be a new start. It just means the Strief camp isn't mocking the Dolphins.

"Last tweet: Dolphins front office class people. Team took a hit when talks heated up with Saints. We never had a Miami visit set," Cindrinch added.

So where does this leave us?

Zach Strief, as of this writing, is not visiting the Dolphins. He has declined the invite. He's negotiating a return to the Saints. But his agent wants you to know that doesn't mean he's spurning the Dolphins.

More interestingly, the Dolphins want you to know they're not being spurned.

They're kinda sensitive that way.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/03/encouraging-outlook-for-um-hoops-heat-dolphins-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


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pats just getting better and better, not good

Do ya think? because everyone including you, makes a huge deal out of it when it happens, I for one am happy we did not land mediocre Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning was never going anywhere but Denver, but both stories were blown way out of proportion! good for Miami's front office being proactive and cutting the media off before it became another negative story!

Now, the "most amazing thing", is thus far "our only choice" at gm, is doing a "much better job" OVERRALL than Irelad's done his entire career here.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 15, 2014 at 06:09 PM

This simply can not be determined yet only one week into the season. Let's see how things look one week before the end of the season.

Notice how all of you keep saying that Dickey keeps plugging holes....however, no one is saying Dickey is bringing star players

The desire to be relevant is making most fans just dilusional....take that Smith acorn, the guy started 2 games last year, and many of you are calling him a perfect fist for us because he can get to the "second level"......really, second level, how about starting position first

NO is in cap hell as we'll as the Seahawks and the Patriots, those idiots, they don't know a thing about building a good value team

Idiots, they think winning a SB is what matters

So far, and it is still early, we have too much riding on the health of Albert. If for any reason he is not 100% during the season, we may not see any improvement in our oline.

Let's not fool ourselves. When you start a season with 4 out of 5 new lineman that never have played together, it is highly unlikely that will be a strong point of the team.


That may not be considered "bpa" but a need. The Fins have had discussions about upgrading there and moving Ellerbe outside.

I think upgrading the run D is a definite priority.

I'm not sure if they would look at Mack as a run stuffer though.

I know dusty and they played most of last season without Wilfork, so that's not going to hurt them.


I see 3 maybe 4 wins this season.
A year from now Schiano will be the new HC.


Darkoak will be back after watching his cartoons.

We did not bring mediocre Jeff Fisher, we brought in an, up to now, less than mediocre Joe Philbin. The Hickey seems to be doing his average job, he cannot be worse than Jeff Ireland was. Ear Force 1 looks like he got scared and is now paying a bit more attention to his Team. That is the State of Our Affairs.

oscar, I am disappointed you have bowed down to the common folk and started using the silly Ear Force 1 phrase.

3rd grade ended a long time ago.

- Excellent post, Oscar, I congratulate you. - Thank you, Paul. I am used to excellence.(five stars)

Whawould you call him, P(Inga).

Go out, young P, go out. Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody.... Sam Cooke.

Excellent post Oscar! Tu eres el bravo de la pelicula, compadre. Do you want to Skype so that you can see my COHETE in the shower, like old times?

A soliloquy, a discourse, that's all I need.

"La Manguera" got angry.(he usually does)(he's a sadist)


Can Paul bring us back some nice "clean hookers" while he's out?

Paul is not out, he's right here in this Blog.

It is very hard to applaud anything at this point. It looks like NE took another big step forward why we are celebrating over questionable, routine players.

Will you be going righty tonight or will you be calling in the southpaw out of the pen? Being that i know baseball I would recommend going to Aroldis Chapman, just gives you a different look and can really shut the door. If you need help I am attaching the link to the Eric Spoelstra home video that me and your ex-señora have finally made available to the public.......


Enjoy big boy!

Those that fancy themselves the most sophisticated are often the most shallow. We see that right here.


Tell Paul that he can find me at Cabrini Medical Center. Do you know where that is?

We are drilling not solely for oil here in Cuba, P, si me comprende amigo!

Sam = Houe of Mirrors

Bro, Revis is no routine Player, and in Belichick's hands, unthrowable in the area where he will be.

Our oil rigs drill deep, never shallow!

Y quemamos petrolio!

I know you are a recluse, Daytona. So am I. The only difference is that I can go out whenever I want without supervision and you can't.


The US Government can now claim success.

From the looks of this blog, they have succeeded in reducing the brain of every citizen into a can of bud light.

Mando you must have been upset, because you enjoy writing about Miami being spurned. You and the rest of media want to stir the pot.

to say least im pissed since day one hickey operating like hes completely rebuilding and has the 3-4 years .... we were a front office feud and lockeroom bully scandal and finally lack of line mine and injuries to pouncey and mckinnie knee then hartline went down early so we collasped the last two games. fact is we still won 8 games and should be making push ....... we got our QB i know it now that we lost beadle and even spikes to the bills like i wanted and then paid finnegan money that cromartie who at 30 is alot bigger and is better would be no question hes # 2

hickey needs to wake up and realize afc west and nfc north plus a young bills team clearly we have troulbe w and now the pats finiding money to bring in revis and browner and edelman back....... broncos bills x 2 pats x 2 packers lions bears could easily be 8 losses all explosive offensives too...... not to mention if the chiefs rebuild there line and add a weapon and chargers were a playoff team and depending if we go to aarowhead and sandieago and the steelers or ravens who finished 3rd ? and we cant take a sweep of jets for granted obv last year so basically jacksonville minnesota oakland and jets atleast once are only 4 wins ........ we going to have to improve our line running game running defense and hope tannehill takes as much a step year 2 to 3 as his did in year 1 to 2 cause if he does that make him pro bowl caliber

Dolphins concerned about what you think of them??

They should be concerned

When they try to hire a HC before firing one

When they use racial insults to prospective draftees

When they havent won a playoff game in 15 years

When they havent had a winning season in 7 years

When there's racial harrassment and the coach knows nothing,

Yes, they should be concerned.

now bill polian loves this earl thomas guy says in a 4-3 could be a real get after qb guy good..... watching youtube highlights or jordan and taylor and i see why we took them lets hope a season down and now healthy for camp we get returns out of them and that finnegan plays hard and steady...... i do like smith and brenner..........

hickey and philbin must realize its post season or bust or at min 9 wins w the team lookin like its headed it right way or there gone.... and make another 4-5 solid moves in FA and a great draft i'd trade moore if i could get a 3rd or a 4th and compensatory next year gabbert worth a 6th any how

After 7 years of Ireland we're a bad expansion team.

Bottom line is quality consistent winning teams are built through the draft. Albert is a proven pro bowl starter who will solidify the LT position and Mitchell should be just as good as Soliai but has potential to be even better, only time will tell. The rest of their free agency signings are just stop gap veterans for 1-2 years until a better option shows up or is drafted.

now moves first important RT no way the way clabo was owed by everyone when hte game was online from suggs 3 sacks in final two drives including one that knocked from a 1 and 10 w a t.o and a 1:08 from balt 31 chance to win or already in range to tie lets sugg go by for a 9 yard sack and thats after he almost did it the play before but tannehill made great play to scramble for 40 yrd..... then buffalo game twice he let mario williams get buy him w out any contact one time ended drive then then we had bball up 2 with 1:41 first down run nothing get to 40 but its 1:37 buf down to 1 time out for what ever reason sherman calls pass clabo lets williams inside within a half sec of tannehill dropping back if he dont give that sack or atleast holds up enough for hill togather himeself we win .... and thats just 4 that comes to mind he gave up 13 sacks in 15 starts while he played better at end he collasped in bills nd jets game so not even a canadate

Armondo you got it right in your other column about what a boring FA this has been...playing it safe, not over spending, getting us really nowhere. Glad someone can see this....other teams getting PLAYMAKERS.


Pats now have seven WRs on the team and are still looking for more. We may have a change in their offensive philosophy here.

the loser here is mando.

now for RT first choice is penn redskins are trying to get him for RT too hes been w hickey his whole career and played in warm florida whole career and face it miami is the better team..... second option is guy i thought we should of signed instead of clabo was ranked 9th best tack in 12 and played bookend w albert former hurricane who begged to bee here athletic 6'7 long arms just turned 30 and enjoyed his best years and his 1st 6 years w benton playingt this zone block scheme had a solid season in arizona and feel like under benton back in miami he would play alot better perfect prob take 3-9 mil guranteed 3 mill all in first year so we can cut if someone we draft steps up or it goes bad even w stop gap im using atleast 3rd or 4th on T. then sign hester to vet min aiming for the record why not back home for him and he still was top 5 in avg last year field position could be huge. then im adding finley hes been medically cleared fill the contract w incentives hes played w philbiin his whole career but 2 and they did well together still under 30 i think 28 at his best i say hes a top 5 TE and hes got good red zone td ability him and clay would give us elite TE duo maybe best

Let's move forward! Who ever heard of Zack Streif before anyway?

Thus far, Hickey has done a great job trying to turn the defense into an aggressive, attacking one, especially in the secondary but also in the middle of the DL. Add a nasty ILB and the D should be much improved. Try to bring back Patterson for DB depth. Alberts will upgrade the OL and more help will be on the way. Obviously need a power RB and another TE. Tannehill should improve if he has a better OL and a running game. The real questions on this team are still the coaching staff, but they couldn't be worse than they were last year. Hoping that we have a productive draft.

Cautiously optimistic long time Dolfan.

RG id take a look and wharton 32 but played well for carolina last year and hes a tackle/g or wade smith who teamed w winston to form a solid right side for texans under benton ..... either way both stop gaps im using 2nd rd on guard either trading up w hawks to 32 if yankees there or cyril richardson..... and while hes still free lets add blount they want a back who can run over everyone or MJD or talk to eagles about bryce now w shady and sproles dont see him seeing much only 24 watched him tear it up two seasons ago for over 200 yards just gotta work on the fumbles....... i really want to draft CJ Mosley feel like he would have luke keukley impact was sabans QB on defense if hes there at 19 hes 6'4 245 good agaist run and pass moves ellerbe to WOLB and gives us a top 3 front seven w him on board we could go hybrid 4-3 /3-4 during 3-4 mitchell goes nose with oderick and starks at DE then wake and jordan OLB ellerbe and mosley in middle

marks says is an embarrassment to the American education system. He writes like an 8 year old at best. Who can even read more than a sentence of that stupid drivel?

Mark do society a favor, leave your body to science and kill yourself, like right now would be good. You've failed. Completely. What a dumb cluck.

Bottom line is quality consistent winning teams are built through the draft. Albert is a proven pro bowl starter who will solidify the LT position and Mitchell should be just as good as Soliai but has potential to be even better, only time will tell. The rest of their free agency signings are just stop gap veterans for 1-2 years until a better option shows up or is drafted.
Posted by: Chris | March 15, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Bingo! Great post.

Mitchell should be just as good as Soliai but has potential to be even better,
Posted by: Chris | March 15, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Now this is delusional to say the least. Soliai just commanded a huge payoff with a playoff team. No surprise blog boy dark says bingo. Just like when his jack in the box pops.

Letting Soliai leave was stupid. He's a great player. Oh well dumb fish again....

Posted by: dwilly | March 15, 2014 at 11:47 PM

Now what do you have against bingo? Lol

Can't stop yourself from commenting can you? How predictable. And with the usual school yard taunts. Does the d in dwilly stand for demetia?

Posted by: dwilly | March 15, 2014 at 11:47 PM

The Texans allowed an avg of .5 yds less per run when Mitchell was on the field. So yes, he sounds like a younger version of Soliai.

Mark the 'not me' guy is somewhat crude but also correct. Your writing is very hard to read.

Instead of using the ellipsis (only three dots by the way )to change your topic make a new paragraph. Start a sentence with a capitol letter and end it with a punctuation mark (! . ? ).

You have text message syndrome. That is not appropriate writing.

By the way, Finley always makes the big drop.

Clearly the falcons were a playooff team dwilly. Face it they were awful last season. Thats the reason they overpayed for big paul

We'll the Falcons have been. A perennial playoff team since they drafted Matt Ryan, They missed last year due to injuries,

Most over 30 free agents that have performed well in the past get over payed by a team in need at that position. This is nothing new and Soliai is only 29. He's a solid NT.

That said in a 4-3 he wasn't a position fit for us.

I agree Darkoak; if we are dedicated to the 4-3, we should get players that fit that system. Solia is an NT. Mitchell seems to be the kind of DT that can be athletic up the middle. I think Starks will be phased out by a draftee. I would like to see Tuitt from ND fall to us in the second.

I am Ok with what Hickey is doing in FA. Albert is my biggest concern. If Albert plays, I think he will be fine. I just have worries of him sitting on the pines drawing a big check. Shelly should be solid. I would like to see another Ol into the fold, but maybe he is already on the roster.

Finnegan and Delmas are insurance, the way I see it. We may be targeting a top S in the draft. And Fin is there if the two rooks are not ready.

I ,like some others here, am more worried about whether our coaches can utilize talent more than what talent they have to utilize.

Lasor should have our O in a new universe compared to what we have seen in the last few years. Hopefully Coyle has what he needs and has learned something.

Delmas has top end talent, injuries have been what has hurt his career. He could have a probowl year if he stays healthy and is surrounded by talented teammates.

Maybe its because they refused to get rid of Jeff Ireland so long, Maybe its cause we kept a wimp of a coach that don1t want hard nosed type A football players on his team, or refuses to question or get angry when refs screw us, not into pep talks or rah rah speeches, or any type of motivational practices, guys a lifeless loser, or the fact every time they get a game in the spotlight they manage to make baffoons of themselves, like Hall of Fame game, fumble first snap of the season and turn ball over, or anytime the media starts giving them some respect they manage to PULL A MIAMI and miss playoffs to two basement dwellers, or the fact they play Tannehill injured , like after our third win of season his throwing shoulder was knocked out of socket , instead of bringing a very good back up,one they are actually afraid will out play their starter , they let the team go on a four game skid , out of pure stupidity and fear that they might of started the rookie too soon , he can`t hit the deep ball , couldn t hit the ocean from A1A , turned a 60,000.000 receiver into a pedestrian one running crossing routes, oh and a QB that doesn t fire them up either , not like Moore did two years ago in last 9 games , or the Jet game when Tannehill hurt knee , he was up and down the bench firing up the special teams , the defense his own squad and we decimated the Jets in every aspect of the game.

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