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Dolphins concerned about what you think of them

Early Friday the Dolphins, looking around the free agent market for a right tackle and finding very few left, tried again to get Zach Strief of the New Orleans Saints to visit.

He declined.

And the news was reported by The Herald's Barry Jackson thusly: Free agent right tackle Zach Strief declined an offer to visit the Dolphins. Indications are that he prefers to return to New Orleans.

And the nugget was picked up by ProFootballTalk.com.

And the Dolphins apparently freaked.

The team that has suffered its share of notable rejections -- Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Jeff Fisher, Nick Caserio, Ray Farmer, Tom Gamble, and Lake Dawson -- is sensitive to the idea that it is being rejected on any front by anybody.

And the club apparently felt there was a perception the Strief decision not to visit stirred the rejection pot again. This despite the fact neither report by The Herald nor PFT mentioned the words "rejection" or "spurned" or anything close to it.

The Dolphins complained to Strief's representation, anyway.

And so this morning agent Ralph Cindrich went on his twitter account to correct the record that, frankly, didn't need correcting because the facts were all there and the perception he was trying to correct wasn't shared by everyone, anyway.

So Cindrich tweeted:

"I was made aware from the Dolphins that there was an incorrect perception the Dolphins were spurned-not the case. Saints negot's heated up."

As I've been reporting on my twitter account, the Dolphins like Strief. He's actually the only proven right tackle left on the market. But he's 30, has roots in New Orleans, loves the team and wants to stay there. The Saints want to keep him but their salary cap situation is so problematic they're being forced to trade or cut good players. 

So Cindrich, a longtime good agent, was hedging his bet by seeking other teams -- including the Dolphins. Cindrich has no issues with the Dolphins. Strief has no issues with the Dolphins. They don't talk on the phone and giggle like little girls about how ridiculous playing for the Dolphins would be.

It's just that Strief wants to go back to the Saints. It's business.

"Saints Mickey Loomis could not promise Strief home-cap rm," Cindrich tweeted. "Concerned, I sought teams, Dolphins fr start-every day. Great place for new start."

That does not mean, however, there will be a new start. It just means the Strief camp isn't mocking the Dolphins.

"Last tweet: Dolphins front office class people. Team took a hit when talks heated up with Saints. We never had a Miami visit set," Cindrinch added.

So where does this leave us?

Zach Strief, as of this writing, is not visiting the Dolphins. He has declined the invite. He's negotiating a return to the Saints. But his agent wants you to know that doesn't mean he's spurning the Dolphins.

More interestingly, the Dolphins want you to know they're not being spurned.

They're kinda sensitive that way.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/03/encouraging-outlook-for-um-hoops-heat-dolphins-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


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If Finnegan returns to form...
If Shelly goes from backup to super star..
If Delmas stays injury free..
That Clabo does not look so bad right about now..
If the OL gels with 4new starters

If the names would have been Revis, Byrd, Beadles! Strief...I bet there would be no IF in front of their names

It is fine, dear homers, come season time, we chill circle around this Shelly, delmas and Finnegan dude ( btw did you know that Finnegan allowed 75% of passes completed thrown his away and an impressive 136 QB rating... Dd you know that homers?)

Pats got Browner and Revis, Lafell, we got Finnigan 2 OL and Delmas. Msn er're in big trouble. The team is acorn shopping!

Peppers, Ware, Beason, Ratliff all are/were dominant why not offer like a 2 year deal at most 3. Browner a stud when he gets off of suspension. Cromartie is better than Finnigan, I'm just sick of this acorn shopping were doing! Aren't u??

Okay...so Strief doesn't want to come here...

Posted by: Buster | March 16, 2014 at 07:56 AM

Who can blame him?

You're correct. He may not work out but he's a quality individual, an aggressive player and a far cry from the idiot Incognito in terms of leadership. If anything, he can teach the younger guys how to play more aggressive and teach them a lot in the film room where he excels.

Pray for new ownership.

Go Gogo, I agree with you, well never get better signing acorns and that's precisely who we've signed

go gogo,

Right now- I absolutely see improvement on the OL compared to last year. If Albert was the only player signed, his singing alone will make this years line better! Shelley is an upgrade over Jerry. This is not even a question. Shelley is an athletic zone scheme guard perfectly fit for what the Dolphins are trying to do. Jerry was a tub of lard pal. Earl Mitchell is known for gap penetration on the DL. Something Soliai never could do. Delmas hits a ton! He is most certainly an upgrade over Clemmons as long as he stays healthy. and it allows Jones to move back to FS where he really thrives. Plus they brought back to DEF veterans (Grimes and Starks) who are very valuable.

FA is not done. There are RT that are the same (clabo) or equal to (winston, brown) what they fielded last year.

But to say the team hasnt improved? C'mon man! Im not even a homer as you like to call people around here that give a shite about this team. The team has improved. Open your eyes.

We have a bumbling idiot for an owner so FA's know they're doomed in Miami. Forget playoffs or winning if they join the Dolphins.

At least that ridiculous Go = Pass GO GO = Run candace will be gone! Smh

The team has improved.

Posted by: Frank from PA | March 16, 2014 at 11:31 AM

Thats hogwash. But keep your spin on to fit your agenda.

At least that ridiculous Go = Pass GO GO = Run candace will be gone! Smh

Posted by: Ray McDonald | March 16, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Now they'll change to


Frank the team hasn't improved until they show it. Gibberish analysis doesn't count. Only the final record will. Only a +2 game difference will translate to improvement.

If Shelly was so great, why was he a backup? To say he is better than cogs (he is coming to play LG , not Rg) is just saying, how much have you seen this guy play? Did you watch the 2 games he played...or are you just going for the "athletic build" line...did you know he was a 6th round pick and we just signed him for about $2M a year...which brings me to my next point...if we are shopping for right value...shouldn't that contract he just signed, tell us a bit about the quality of play we should expect from himc?
If Delams was so good, why he got cut? He was not released for cap space, he was Cut
And in regards to Mitchell he is no where near Solia, once again let's look at the contracts they both signs

My dear homers, my beef is Not with you, it is against This pathetic FO

As long as they get the "Go" part correct in the new "ready set go" cadence I'd be somewhat ok with that..

Hey Frank,

See Mando's column sums up how I feel about the offseason.

I don't see the instant improvement for next year.

Say what you will about Ireland but he at least killed the weakest unit from the prior year early. He got Wallace, Gibson, re-signed Hartline, Keller. BOOM!

Hickey... not so much. Albert, a chick who started two games last year... I don't care if he's a fit. Dallas Thomas and Sam Brennar re athletic fits too. Are they reliable for 16 games? Smith was backup. Mind you, if we can still get Strief, we win the offseason. If we don't then I don't see it for next year.

At least we will have $60M in cap space next year and watch impact players go to other teams with $10M in cap space.

The team wont ever improve as long as they have that cheapskate clueless owner. Letting Soliai leave was ridiculous. Every year they get rid of their best players. Long, Bush, Dansby, Marshall, Soliai, Davis, etc, etc. Yet they keep cheap crap like D Thomas? and M Egnew? WTF?

I agree Gogo @ 11:27. Way too many IFS and unknowns for a team with the luxury of cap space we did.

yup mark, but we all know 2014 is a wasted year with dead man walking philbin. lets hope 2015 they go after guys hard for new staff


I think what some people are trying to say about Finnegan is was the move made for his leadership qualities and potential, or did pricetag play a factor??

Who's to say Captain Munnerlyn or Charles Tillman aren't stand-up guys as well and we know their level of play hasn't fell off the past two seasons.

It surely looks like after watching that video that Grimes and Finnegan are the same high motor, go hard for 60 minutes,team kind of guys. Like you say maybe it can be infectious.

What is a spell-checker? I'm not from the U.

Mitchell was a NT in a 3-4 and was a huge reason why JJ Watt was so effective. He took on blocks and freed Watts up to do his job. In a 4-3 he will be much more effective and he's a lot quicker than Soliai. Saying Mitchell is nowhere near Soliai just shows your lack of knowledge on the subject.
Nobody said Shelly was brought in to start, at least nobody on the team insinuated that was the case, but he significantly improves our depth.
Delmas is a much more aggressive player than Clemons is and won't be waiting for a runner to get 7 yds downfield before making a tackle or becoming involved in a play. He's also not going to stand there and watch a rb go by him without trying to make a play.
Finnegan is definitely a better player than Patterson and Patterson can't stay healthy for a full year. He played 16 games once in his career. He's more aggressive than Patterson and can teach our young guys a lot.
Albert is the #1 LT prospect in FA and still has plenty left. He should be able to give us at least 4 good years of play at the LT position and give us time to find his replacement.


agree on mitchel, glad solia is gone. shelly will start at lg. delmas is garbage. agree on albert hes very solid. finnegan could be horrible or could be great

Why don't all of you go to the jets and patriots pep rally's none of you are true dolphins you are haters and trolls all you do is complain and say how bad we are well question why the hell are you here bla bla bla we are stupid we suck Ross sucks we spent to much we didn't spend enough SHUT UP ALREADY

So really in fact the whole truth is this jackass Armando is just stirring the pot for his own dumbass reasons like having nothing better to write about, good job ass!


Homers, homers everywhere here.(they weren't so only 1 month ago)

Yup Armando is a huge assclown

Yes there are some acorns here..no question. But sometimes acorns flourish- could we not have called Grimes somewhat of an acorn signing given the seriousness of his injury. People want to crap all over the Finn signing which I do think is questionable, however he is ONLY ONE SEASON removed from some impressive #'s in 2012. After learning some more about him..seems like the kind if guy that yes you kinda wanna pull for. BUT to me this signing signifies something else, veteran leadership + attitude not necessarily our #2 CB & to me signifies confidence team has in it's young guys to step up. Finn contract although is 5.5 it's not built like a starting 5.5 CB. We'll see.

To me the biggest error in FO this f/a was the energy put into Strief when it was clearly reported before FA began he was pretty much guaranteed to rtrn to NO. Havin said that, mistake on Strief part to not at least come in for visit, if anything gives NO some motivation to find $$. Never hurts to keep your options open.
I think energy could've been used for other Oline f/a's. Still a couple on mkt & f/a is not over. There are plenty of options left for upgrades.

Oscar I have always been a believer and supporter

Stupid Homers eH? JAJAJAJAJAJAJ eH?

A MAKE BELIEVER,jajajajajajajaja eH?

I think we would have been much better with Carroll and Patterson. LLLLLOOOOLLLL!

I love the moves we made we are fixing the team from the middle out on both sides of the ball you people are sooooo dumb it's obvious

That's because you are Jewish, Marc.

been solid marc, just sucks seeing pats get even better


Get back on that old skanky chics plaguerized football blog starring the x disgruntled Jets fans from NJ/NY lol
the bloggers who love fake QB Tanneeeehill and his awesome negative records


Keep in mind that Shelly Smith is a former Houston Texan which is where our new o-line coach is from. So, he knows the guy and what he's capable of. I don't know why Smith hasn't played a lot but he's a road grader.

Our team will be very diverse on offense and stout on defense with a more physical and nasty secondary

Oscar you remembered

Not sure the Dolphins can be better than the JETS this year

Geno was a rookiein 2013, had no WRs and 25 INTs
yet was still better than Tannehill's Dolphins


You no find it funny, Marc. You should.

I do

I think we win our division or at least make a good run at it


The Dolphins are not a professional football team
and have no chance at a 2014 Wildcard spot

Keep in mind, if Ireland were still here we probably would have signed Winston at RT for $40 mil by now.

We are not done signing lineman yet there's still a few out there but the draft is where we will excel I think hickey is a very good evaluator better than anyone knows just watch

Fins considering moving Misi inside and Ellerbe outside. Maybe some of those hoping for Jordan at OLB could get their wish??

Coyle's response to using Jordan at OLB'er last year was that he preferred Misi outside against the run.


I like what Smith does to #97 on this one:
..and what he does to #98 on this one:

We way over paid for one knew fat guy that quit on his team last year and sat out for the last 4 regular season games

Then we signed a 2nd string back up lineman that is no better than the losers we already have failing on o-line

Then we signed a no name that supposedly did all the work to make JJ SWATTS a superstar (anyone buying this)

then a "cheap safety" that's not as durable as Iron Man Clemmons

then the 109th ranked CB out of 110 CBs

We still have the absolute worst rated QB thrwing beyond 60 ft

Great !

No reason why the Dolphins should not win the Superbowl

Go Fish !

I think we win our division or at least make a good run at it

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 16, 2014 at 12:20 PM


Misi is toast. I can see either Shazier or Van Noy in his place. Trade him and cut the loss

I have the feeling the fish may have lost ground to the Patriots in this free agency period. For some reason I think they may have something big brewing. Chris Johnson anybody ? He has already agreed to restructure and take a pay cut to go to another team. I can see him ripping off huge runs in this zone blocking scheme. Or maybe Jared Allen and move Jordon to Outside LB. We still need to add some leaders to this team.

jets are horrible


Get back on that old skanky chics plaguerized football blog starring the x disgruntled Jets fans from NJ/NY lol
the bloggers who love fake QB Tanneeeehill and his awesome negative records


NFL Network just showed the Dynasty Patriots win 16 in a row

A much better team than the old fart Dolphin players
so tired of hearing about the ancient Dolphins w two dif QBs and a bunch of cheap shot cheating to win their 16 games in total

means nothing

I don't think the pats really did that great browner is 1 dose of whatever he takes for a lifetime ban revis is not the same guy after injury , Laffelle is not that great and Blount is still a free agent and what about bir butch he's off the team take out Brady and there done

WR Kenny Britt is signing in the next couple of days to the Pats to join Edelman and Lafell plus the Pats have two very good rookie WRs that contributed big time last season , their rookie yr

The Dullfins are the brunt of late night jokes on tv. Thanks Ross.

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