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Dolphins cut Patterson, add Delmas, save cap space

One move has seemingly been coming for two years and the other for two weeks. Both arrived today.

The Dolphins cut oft-injured cornerback Dimitri Patterson and in so doing save $5.4 million of cap space for 2014. There is no dead money involved in cutting Patterson as he was in the final year of his contract.

Patterson started only four games for the Dolphins in 2013 and was plagued by a groin injury throughout the year.

The club also today signed safety Louis Delmas to a one-year deal worth a maximum of $3.5 million, according to a league source. Delmas, a Miami native, was cut two weeks ago by the Detroit Lions and visted the Dolphins soon thereafter.

The Delmas deal is a prove it contract because while he is a solid player, he's struggled to stay healthy much of the past two seasons. Delmas rarely practiced for the Lions last year and missed 13 games from 2011-12.

What does this mean?

Well, forget the Jairus Byrd rumors. And Chris Clemons isn't coming back to the Dolphins.

And think more about CB needs for the Dolphins because combined with the fact Nolan Carroll, who started 12 games at cornerback, is getting strong feelers from other teams in free agency, cutting Patterson it means the Dolphins are  probably still in the market for a cornerback.

Unrestricted free agency begins at 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

So possibilities?

The cornerback market is not exactly teeming with great possibilities.

Aqib Talib is out there. He wants a big payday. And he obviously has a history with Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey in that he was drafted by and played for Tampa Bay.

But that also means Hickey should know Talib is something of a ticking time bomb -- with injury issues and off-field issues in his past.

San Francisco's Tarell Brown and Oakland's Tracy Porter might be cheap options on the secondary free agent market.

Dominque Rodger-Cromartie is expected to be available, although the Broncos are said to want him back. DR-C is nothing if not inconsitent -- sometimes great, sometimes barely average.

The Jets today dumped Antonio Cromratie so he's out there as well.

There's also this: The Tampa Bay Bucs supposedly might be interested in trading Darrelle Revis. This is all speculation. Media have discussed the possibility but no one has actually reported this as fact.

If that's the case, it bears mentioning that Hickey was in Tampa Bay when the Bucs traded for Revis.

The problems?

Revis would be dangled in trade. And that means giving up compensation for him. And it also means accepting the $16 million cap number Revis is expected to have this season.

Honestly, those are both problems but not the biggest problem for the Dolphins. I'm sure they would not simply give up high-round picks. And as you just read, they just gained $5.4 million and have approximately $38 million in salary cap space.

But Revis doesn't seem like a system fit. He's a press man cornerback. The Dolphins are an off-man team.



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good move there. albert getting 10 per is a ton of money


Lots of unemployed cornerbacks, too. Good move. Sad to see Patterson go - maybe he'll re-sign at a lower price - but you can't win if you can't play.

why is Talib never mentioned?

had to be done...have to make room on the inactive list. (ouch)

Can't imagine the plan is to go with Jamar Taylor without some veteran competition.

Time for jamar taylor to step up!

So much for Byrd. Delmas signed.

BOOM Delmas.

I don't hate it

Delmas signed! So long clemmons


There. I said it.

delmas sucks, why sign that bum man byrd would of been huge

LOL....I can't believe the morons on here who say this is a good move. Did you guys see the way Patterson played last year? Did you forgot all the picks he had in only 4 games? imagine next year, when he's fully healthy. Think of all the damage he can do.

think your most likely the moron. he never is healthy, 5.5 mill wasted

Now go get Streif for RT and either Beadles, Schwartz, Asamoah, or Joseph to play guard. Wouldn't mind Browner at corner oppo Grimes. He'll be out the first 4 games, but we can prolly get him on the cheap with an incentive based contract and some language in the contract to protect the team in case he peee's dirty again.

Move doesn't make much sense, unless, the Dolphins have something else up their sleeves. They just added a guy more strong than free safety. Nothing really got upgraded.

Maybe still bring in Byrd and unload Jones in a trade?

love the browner idea. agree sam delmas is garbage

"imagine next year, when he's fully healthy"

Close your eyes and imagine a pony. Now, open your eyes. Where's the pony?

Gentleman start your engines Louis Delmas is in the fold I like this guy a lot nice job

Hope they resign Patterson to cheaper deal.

We can't be done at safety with just Delmas, he's more SS than FS, and is damaged goods. So either we sign another FS or draft one, unless Jimmy Wilson is expected to step up. Weird move, is Ireland still there?

Truth....he had one interception as a rookie in 2006 (none in '07, '08 or '09) and 4 in 2010, none in 2011 or 2012. If he stayed with the team we could expect....in 2014????????

agree id even have taken clemons back over the garbage delmas is

He is an upgrade over Clemmons. I'll take it. Irelands key problem was that he held out hope for too many years that his average picks would finally turn good. He didn't want to admit he was wrong about a player.

If Delmas is indeed a true SS, then we have to put Jones at FS which is his true position anyway.

least the only gave delmas one year

miso go watch some tape, hes not an upgrade. guy even looks slow on turf

It's early folks. We cut a guy highly injury prone CB and signed a slightly injury prone S that is better than Clemmons and improves our cap. Enough small victories add up to bigger victories.

Well one move the fans don't love and the Hickey honeymoon is over. I guess you were excepting every move to be a grand slam?

Booooooo!!! Byrd would have been here for years and would have solidified the defensive backfield. Delmas missed 13 games in TWO years, that's huge. It also means we have to have a quality back up because the odds are, just like Patterson, he is going to be out. A Lot. Not overly excited about these picks by Hickey. Waiting to see what Albert gets. If it is anywhere near Monroe it will be disappointing.

Cutting Patterson, signing Delmas, trading one "often injured contract for another". Though going "cheaper", we only accomplished having a Patterson at the "safety position". Delmas is probably our 2014 "DiMitri Patterson", only playing safety.

There has to be more to this than just letting Clemmons walk. At least Clemmons stayed healthy, and Delmas is the tiniest fraction of upgrade at the most.

Only way this moves comes close to making "real sense" is as "DELMAS INSURANCE". Meaning, cant get Byrd, and Clemmons walks, as not to overpay him.

bobby albert got 10 mill per

Good move with Delmas, not great but good. Now where is that other lineman going to come from? Safford's out, he resigned.

Byrd is to expensive you can't pay 2 safety's.20 mil. Dollars dude it was a great swap Delmas for Clemmons and we still have 37 million left

Not excited about the Delmas signing. PFF has him rated as the 26th best safety, a bit lower than Clemons even. Looks like he's good in pass coverage but takes bad angles and gives up big plays. Kinda sounds like a Clemons clone. They coulda gotten Clemons cheaper.

dusty bottom,

Im definitely in camp with you. "DELMAS IS NOT AN UPGRADE OVER CLEMMONS".

Only sense I make of it, he's insurance in case Byrd can not be landed. They cleared $5.5M in cap room to place toward signing Byrd. If Byrd chooses Miami, Im sure Delmas would be "soon released".

marc wasnt a great swap, neither is very good but least clemmons has stayed healthy and knows the system already

Look for Howard the right tackle from the jets and a guard and call it a day

Reports are saying we are gonna pay Albert $10M a year. Wow. Lets hope he's a regular Pro bowler for that sort of dosh...

Not excited about the Delmas signing. PFF has him rated as the 26th best safety, a bit lower than Clemons even. Looks like he's good in pass coverage but takes bad angles and gives up big plays. Kinda sounds like a Clemons clone. They coulda gotten Clemons cheaper.

Posted by: MassDolphan | March 10, 2014 at 06:50 PM


Delmas is a ball hawk

"His (Delmas) knees were chronically an issue for him and limited him to typically one day of practice a week in 2013. The plan was instituted, though, to make sure Delmas would hold up throughout the season and he played in every game for Detroit and had a career-high three interceptions."

hes not mark. but big upgrade

Delmas could be insurance in case Miami don't get Byrd.

It makes sense.

Still try to sign Byrd and if we can get him we can just cut Del as or keep him as a back up

Between Byrd, Ward, and Whitner, I'd be happy with any of them. But Delmas? Not so much. Hopefully there are other plans lingering at Safety.

Toby Gerhart, most probably, won't be signing again with Green Bay. Averaged 7.6 yards a carry last year in limited action and is a 'big back'. Playing behind Peterson doesn't allow for much action. Will be turning 27 this year and has very low mileage. Can pass protect and catch passes out of the backfield. Someone to think about and has had no injury issues of any note. Sounds spot on as to what we're looking for.

Albert $10 million? I would bet my money he signed right at $9 million, at most. He lives in Miami, loves Miami, so may have taken "a small pay cut" to play in Miami.

He could have held out longer in free agency if it was all about "just getting more money". Wouldnt shock me if we find he signed for between $8.5 and $9M. Taking a pay cut to play in the city where he really wants to be.

Remember, there's no State income tax in Florida either.

ben tate i would like to see signal, but toby would be cheap

I doubt we've seen the last of Dimitri Patterson. I could see Miami bringing him back in. Dimitri may need to go and let some teams kick his tires, but groin issues are one of those injuries you gotta allow to run it;s course and hope you don't re injure it.

I say Miami brings him back on a one year "show me" deal for $1.5 to $1.7. They need the insurance and Patterson when healthy is a damned good CB.

report is 10 per sam

patterson is worthless, if hes never on the field why would we want him

Signal, good points on Gerhart. He would quickly become the only RB on the Phins roster who could pass block.

give delmas a year on grass...F that dome crap.
+ prolly quit on that Detroit team anyways...

no way to pay 2 safeties that kind of money with Byrd & Jones.

$10MM...wow. we all knew fins had to overpay...that's why they saved their money...its a "rainy day" folks.

Clemmons was a bum Delmas is like 200 percent better you dudes are nothing but crackers

marc delmas sucks, always has watch him play

Just sit back and enjoy the rebirth of a franchise

im not gonna hate on clemmons, but PFF is OFF a lot. not putting a lot of stock into that.

ESPN needs DBR (like QBR means jack!)


I believe we have seen the last of Patterson. Guy had like 4-5 picks in 4-5 games. Im sure there's a team out there that will roll the dice on him staying healthy in 2014, and pay him more than we're willing to pay.

We just paid $3.5M for the damaged Delmas. So, Patterson will probably get 3.5 to 4M. I believe the Dolphins are done with Patterson.

Leroy Hoard, Minnesota Vikings

If the Phins don't sign Linval Joseph at DT, I think they really need to resign Soliai:
7. Paul Soliai

2013 Grade: +11.1
2013 Snaps: 526

Summary: Soliai is the only pure nose tackle/1-technique to make this Top 10, but calling him a run stuffer would be selling the tackle short. Soliai mainly played on run downs for the Dolphins, but his 5.0 pass rushing productivity beat out the likes of Dontari Poe and Damon Harrison. A seven-year veteran, Soliai has graded negatively just once in the PFF Era (2009). He may not come in and be a game changer for a team, but he can certainly shore up a team’s run defense in a hurry. His cumulative run defense grade in the last four years is +22.1, and that came spread across two years in a 3-4 and two years in a 4-3. Soliai’s scheme versatility will be attractive, but it will be interesting to see if he matches the two-year, $12M deal he signed back in 2012.

hoping he brings some Y.Bell action back to the Fins...ive been missing that for a while. I miss that guy. fins need SOMEONE to hit people!

I am sure we need a Bruising Power back.
Who? I am not certain as I admittedly don't watch college ball.
I am certain we need to draft him though. If a f/a RB couldn't get it done with his current team, given ones avail they're not coming to Miami especially with our current Oline issues & transforming their career.
I say HYDE based on limited highlight film & what I've read BUT the last thing I'd want is a R Dayne if that's a good comparison.
I'm open to whatever back can get it done but we can't wait till later rounds to grab one, too risky!
As stated before 54% of all SB running backs in last 12yrs were drafted in 1st two Rounds.

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