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Dolphins decline to play tag

Last season the Dolphins made Randy Starks their franchise player. The Dolphins also used their franchise tag on a tackle in 2011 when they used it on Paul Soliai.

So former general manager Jeff Ireland used the franchise tag twice in the last three seasons -- both times on a defensive tackle.

Change is afoot, folks.

This year new GM Dennis Hickey had the chance to use the tag on either of the two DTs because both pending free agents hit the market and he declined to use it on either.

The Dolphins indeed did not use the franchise or transition tag on any player Monday.

So the Dolphins won't be guaranteeing a huge sum of money on either of their tackles and that seems to be a plus. But that plus has the potential to backfire if the Dolphins lose both their interior defensive line veterans when free agency begins.

That possibility now exists because the team must lock up either Starks or Soliai before March 11 when free agency begins.

The Dolphins continue discussions with both players, according to a league source. But those talks have not advanced to the point a signing is imminent.



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ahhhh you think darkness is your ally. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was a man by that time it was nothing to me but blindness.

They were all over Solia at the combine. The last time around he gave the dolphins a hometown discount and what happens this time, they rewarded a guy that just came in last year. Instaed Solia who has been a warrior and still very highly rank among DT gets to test the market. I have to assume Solia is a little hurt right about now....are you guys so us he is coming back?
Then we have Starks, well, this is same guy that gave our fearless leader the birdie last year, right?
So, when you think about it, there is a good chance we lose the two of them
But no problem, we got the draft, oh wait, that has already put aside to fix an ENTIRE OL
Hello, anyone with me?

When they came asking for the old warrior, the REAL GM, thanks but no thanks

Just look across town, no need to look too far to see how it is really done

Dickey and the Witch,,,pleaaaaaaaseeee

signing brent grimes is a good thing. go hickey! that's the news of the day. any other talk about our dts is done by people who don't know what they're talking about-- sorry armando, but i'm not just talking about the riff raff commenters here.

Hey Tucci, I agree with you. If we had let either Moore or Devlin qb either the Jets or Buffalo game, we would have made the playoffs last year. Tannehill is a backup at best. The only qb who I know of, who took more than a year to show that he was the real deal is Drew Breeze. He was an exception to the rule. All of the good qbs show high quality passing ability in their rookie season. If I were a head coach, no qb would be my starting qb if he cannot throw the long ball with accuracy. That is a no brainer. This is why the dbs stcked the line and came for blood against Tannehill, because they knew, if Wallace got behind the defense, that Tannehill was going to muck up the easy homerun TD. There are some very good qbs coming out this season. I hope we stag one.

Can someone talk Go gogo off the ledge ?

Brickhouse, the defense stop playing to their ability because they knew that they had NOTHING to look forward too with Tannehill at the helm. No one is going to keep giving their all when they know their qb is going to give the ball right back to the opposition regularly!

sign bond, david bond to a one year contract to wash Tannehills jock strap while THILL proves him wrong and make bond eat his own words.

Bond is not into Oscar meyer weiners. I like the ladies!

Bond, Most high quality QBs coming out of college that have had big first years throwing the ball have a lot more experiance than T-Hill had coming out. I agree that they should take another QB in the draft if there is a good one avialable to push him or develope for a future pick if T-Hill pans out. Year Three no more excusses for him.

I got the names written down, you will cry and I will remind you of this day

You guys clearly don't remember the early years of marino when they just ran at will throught the middle, they might have been a couple of bad games last year, but for the most part the defense held (even with weak LB against the run). The line had to be doing something right

I am only trying to open your eyes, my fellow Dolphans

a good MI6 is capable of great deception my friend.

gogo, we will be sure to look to you as your guiding light.

Miami is too cheap to pay their best players, and Armando says "that seems to be a plus." HUH????? No, it is not a plus.

I would say sign both BUT both players have no respect for Philbin (can you blame them?) and their play last season reflected it. Philbin didn't completely lose the locker room (see last 2 games) but came close to it.

New assistants might help, we can only hope.

I know one thing If T-Hill and Wallace are not working together in the off season on their timing with the deep ball. I have serious concerns about their commitment to win. That would be very telling.

And a lot of you guys love to point out that we didn't stop the run last season. you know what? Who cares!! Stopping the run doesn't win games. Stopping the opponent from SCORING wins games. We gave up only 20 ppg in part because of the hard work of Starks and Solai. Only 20. If that genius Joe Philbin and his pal Mike Sherman could have found a way to score a mere 21 points a week, imagine where we'd be.


I could see Monroe and Byrd asking for over $10M a year. But I don't see the fins spending that much on a safety.

I like the D.Jackson signing if it comes happen. It breeds competition and his leadership could help.

I would keep Wheeler as the 4th LB. That way you can rotate the LBs.

Then let Wheeler go after the season, when the cap hit won't be so great.

I know one thing

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | March 03, 2014 at 07:55 PM

So far you haven't proven it.

T-Hill played behind a bad O-Line that was 75% of the problem. The other 25% was his pocket awareness. If they are looking for a place on the team for Marino. They should have him work with T-Hill on that. He had probably the best pocket awareness of any QB ever. He had a tenth of the athletic ability T-Hill has. Bring in Danno !!!!!!!!!!

The Dolphins are still going to have 2 DTs. And I expect them to be better than Soliai and Starks.

Ross...want to do something special? Daring? Dramatic?

Promote a blogger to be GM! Stop paying fools to be fools! Dashi is 95% right! And Dashi will work cheaper than Hickey!

Thing of the results! Think of the press!

Dashi for GM is a WIN WIN.

90% Right...

Well it should be up to 92% with my last couple weeks.

Dash, how does one survive on a low wage job? Can you give us some pointers?

As far as I see Mike Wallace, I see him as a long sprinter, the far he runs, the fastest he is.
Thats why (IMO) he is the best going on top of the defenses, he is very good. when the secondary reacts Wallace is going faster, and faster, and ....
And thats why also is difficult to hit him in full stride, but not impossible for Tannehill. I sill have faith as long as they begin to practice togheter.

Dash, I was blown away that you attend $1000 fund raiser dinners. That is freaking awesome!!! You are one high society dude! Have you met the Governor?

If we resign one of the tackles it would be nice, but if not I dont think it will be as important as signing 2 or 3 offensive lineman in free agency. If we can get Monroe (or Albert) and two guards (Schwartz or Asomoah) or maybe a guard and a RT, then that free's up the draft to rpl Solia and Starks. If you sign 2 or 3 o-lineman in free agency then the pick at 19 is either Nix, 'Sheede or Jernigan. Thats another way to go about it. Invest in a veteran o-line and get young and nasty on the d-line.

Good luck Hickster, lets do this!

Does it matter who wins and loses a game? How does it impact ones life? What changes? The players are nothing more than actors in TV show - they make the money and you sit and gaggle.

It's just a game. A meaningless game that has absolutely no bearing on anything. Nothing more.

What if the Dolphins win 7 straight SB's? And so? What does that change? Does it make you richer? Cooler? Do you get a raise? What meaning does any of this have? What bearing does it have on anything? Maybe a few extra hot dog sales at the stadium? A few extra TShirts? So what? What exactly is the big deal?

Pro sports has only one goal. One. The same goal as soap operas and sitcoms. To keep you in front of the advertisers. It is nothing but a ploy to sell products. It has no other intrinsic value whatsoever. If scrabble was more fun, you'd have the NSL instead.

The popularity of sports is in fact a testament to the governments success in dumbing down society to the lowest denominator. Let's face it, the vast majority of sports fans are lower wage raucous cheap beer drinking idiots.

Just look at the beer commercials. They are appealing to their audience.....That is why every guy in every beer commercial is a total dumb fuh doosh bag that values a $1.29 can of bud lite over a hot sexy lady. How ridiculous is that?

Wake up.

It is still your choice...the red pill or the blue pill.

Who cares and why ? The answer to your question is in the dictionary under the word FAN.

FAN is derived from fanatic.


1. a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, esp. for an extreme religious or political cause.

2. a religious fanatic: zealot, extremist, militant, dogmatist, devotee, adherent; sectarian, bigot, partisan, radical, diehard; informal maniac.

And for what? Not even some fictitious religion but for a meaningless game that has absolutely no bearing on anything but the price of SB commercials.

I couldn't find my Lebron jersey Saturday.

Had to wear my Tannehill jersey. No boos from anyone.

Anyway, LeBron is showing the world who's the boss. A game for the ages.

@ Who Cares And Why: you have obviously stumbled onto the wrong blog page , sir.
Kindly make your way back to Martha Stewart's web page , where you'll be welcomed with open arms.

What does it say about a largely low to middle class population that gives all its money and attention to make super rich athletes, even richer? WTF? It's Robin Hood backwards! Rob from the poor and give to the rich!

Do you see how freakin stupid you all are? Do ya?

I didn't think so.

Hey, Martha Stewart was one HOT babe when she was young and doing shampoo commercials!

Who can argue that every single dime spent on sports would be far better spent on charity or improving the nations infrastructure?


Who could argue that every dime spent on stupid Sports would be far better spent on charity or improving the Nations infrastructure?


We have a blogger here named craniator. The scary thing is that he is probably over 15. Just another example of how far the government has dumbed down society to where it is normal for adults to be stuck in adolescence,

Ok, I'm out...and the playground is once again open....Bring your colorful shovels and pails.

@who cares and why. The Anunnaki is going to abduct you and do experiments on your brain. Since you must be an enlightened one.

i think oderick at 25 has finally formed into the guy parcells drafted jordan is not injured and behind now learning a defense and i bet he comes in around 255 and much more a force vernon show out and cam still had 8 1/2 sacks bascicaly missing 3 games and be banged up half the season add tony mcdaniel and draft donald kid from pit and target jon beason hard and get byrd taylor and davis are going to be alot better i'd sign walter thurmond too

Cheapskate Ross wont pay for top players. Thats just part of the reason they stink every year.

i'd offer starks a 3 year deal for 13.50 mill with 4 mill in incentives. we got 36.6 mil after the grimes deal i say we def cut patterson not worth 5.4 mill we got a pro bowler on one side a 2nd and 3rd round guys going into year too and we can keep carroll cheap and wilson is a in betweener. if starks walks i go for tony mcdaniel whos solid and draft that pittsburgh kid whos explosive and reps 36 add him mcdaniel and jon beason if we can number one front 7.... i'd take valdeer over albert but no matter what isay we add any of the 3 collins albert of valdeer and add roger saffold to play RT we can spend 16 mill on both tackles

The Dolphins are still going to have 2 DTs. And I expect them to be better than Soliai and Starks.

Posted by: Dashi | March 03, 2014 at 08:05 PM

Well, I keep expecting to find SOMEONE dumber than Dashi but that aint happening either.

heres how i do trade daniel thomas patterson and martin for a 4th rd pick to the colts that clears about 7 mill conseriding they need a tackle a corner and a back up for richardson all for 1 4th they do it then i shop moore whos 29 to tampa jacksonville or even clevenland who i think with a few more picks and moore could win oakland and minnesota face it moore is better then any free agent and theres only 3 good qb options i think we could get a 3rd for him clear another 4 mill that gives us 47 mill now folllow my train of thought in next thread

The Dullfins are the farm team for the NFL. When anyone gets good they're gone. Its hilarious the con job Ross is pulling off.

now aimed with a extra 3rd and 4th and 47 mill we can get the best LT valdeer or albert saffold at RT go hard for toby gerhart i think hes a beast runner he carried standford and only over shadowed because he ended up behind the best back also get a real fullback steal beason from giants and breka the bank on byrd. byrds jones and grimes especially if taylor can step up can be a top 10 secondary with a top 3 front seven maybe the best past rush. and its a deep draft rds 2-4 we can land the guards plus we got brennan and thomas. i would like to take shot on james joness and keller again too...... if we get a good running back solid line and top 10 defense and cant win 10 games even tho its a tough schedule i think we need ot face we need a new qb ......... and i'd love to take tajh boyd if hes there late 3rd or 4th sammy gets all the credit but i watched him run get beat up show how tough he is throw to all WRs even andre ellington

Trade the entire team for Tom Brady.

i do think tannehill has break out year if keller and gibson can get healthy. they get him a real line miller steps up his game and we bring in toby geihert talk about lighting and thunder and hartlin and clay keep doing there thing and wallace and tannehill should be working on throwing now...... but matt moore pointless hes 29 by the time tannehill would be deemed failed hell be 30+ ........ i think drafting one of these young qbs in the 3rd or 4th like carr boyd my favorite that kid from eastern illonis someone to grooom for a year or 2 to see if there good and if tannehill works we can trade for higher or if he fails hes there

they should sign Henry Mellton if he's healthy...

I'd get Jared Veldheer or Eugene Monroe immediately but Both the Raiders and Ravens aren't letting either go imo... Raiders have just as much cap space n Ravens might not but will try and dump contracts to afford him... Veldheer is a straight beast i doubt Raiders will let him walk... Big money.

mark lee

Any chance you can write above the 4th grade level?

p.s. Guess what, the other team has to want to do the trade. Just because it is good for the fins, doesn't mean it is worth a damn to them.

King James 61 pts tonight

mark lee

Any chance you can write above the 4th grade level?

Posted by: ABC | March 03, 2014 at 11:47 PM

I cant read his crap. You are a better man than me if you can.

MVP 61?

this is the way mark lee writes he goes on and on and runs on sentences and changes topics mid sentence and keeps going without paragraphs or punctuations and babbles this and that and the other thing and he sounds like he is a 4 year old trying to write a book and just follow my train of thought for as long as you can which should be even possible my god has our education system really gone this far down hill that anyone above 10 years old can write this way.

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